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Government Assistance For Parkinson’s Patients In India

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Diagnosis For Parkinsons Disease :

Game-changing Parkinson’s glove | 90 Seconds w/ Lisa Kim

Most individuals with Parkinsons disease are diagnosed when they are 60 years old or older, but early-onset Parkinsons disease also occurs.

  • Difficult to diagnose, early symptoms may be dismissed as normal effects of aging.
  • The Hoehn and Yahr scale and the Unified Parkinsons Disease Rating Scale are used for diagnosis.
  • Tests are used to measure mental capacity, behavior, mood, daily living activities, and motor function. No blood or laboratory tests.
  • Brain scans and laboratory tests are used to rule out other diseases.
  • Diagnosis is based on the medical history and a neurological examination

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Parkinson Disease Symptoms And Diagnosis

Despite recent efforts to develop predictive imaging tests, PD remains a clinical diagnosis. Motor-related complaints or symptoms include tremor, decreased arm swing, shuffling walk, stopped posture, shortened steps, decreased facial expressiveness, stiffness, overall slowing of movement compared to peers, difficulty in rolling over in bed or in rising from a seated position. Autonomic symptoms include constipation, urinary disturbance , hyperhidrosis, nausea, flushing, orthostasis. Non-motor symptoms are highly prevalent, may predate motor symptoms, and may be under-assessed and undertreated.16 These include anxiety, depression, difficulty thinking or concentrating, fatigue, anosmia, and sleep disturbance.

Social Security Disability Insurance

SSDI, often referred to as simply Disability, is assistance intended for those individuals who are of working age and cannot work as a direct result of their medical condition. The SSA does not provide care assistance but instead provides financial assistance that can be used for care. To be eligible one must both have a written diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease and have earned monthly income of less than approximately $1,000.

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Available Treatment For Parkinson’s Disease

As far as Parkinson’s treatment in modern science is concerned, it has no standard treatment for this problem. As per modern science, Parkinson’s treatment varies from patient to patient as per their symptoms. Mainly Parkinson’s treatment includes medication and surgical therapy. In addition, lifestyle modifications, especially complete rest and exercises, are recommended to the patients. Allopathic treatment doesn’t offer an effective cure to the problem. On the other hand, if you choose Ayurvedic treatment for Parkinson’s disease, it can work wonders for you.

What Accommodations Are Required In The Workplace

modulardesignsonline: Government Assistance For Parkinson

Due to lack of awareness about PD, there is a lot of stigma associated with it. Thus many people with Parkinsons Disease choose to hide their disease from their employers and colleagues because of the fear of losing their jobs. Persons who get diagnosed with PD during the prime of their lives have faced hardships at work trying to maintain the same intensity and quality of work that they used to. This has led to many being fired from their jobs, forced to take early VRS or others who left because they just couldnt cope with the added stress and lesser performance.

With the inclusion of PD as a disability in the RPWD Act 2016, we hope to see more people with Parkinsons Disease being supported in the workplace.

Following are some suggestions for employers:

  • Equal Opportunity Policy: Frame an Equal Opportunity Policy in line with the RPWD Act 2016. It will not only provide confidence to the employees to share about their difficulties and seek accommodations, but also help Managers in providing the right support to the employee.
  • Awareness: Create awareness about Parkinsons Disease among employees and employers. It is important to be aware that even though people may have certain visible symptoms like tremor, slurred speech and change in posture and style of walking, mentally they can still be high functioning.
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    Stay Current On Parkinsons News In Canada

    With your support, you inspire the kind of action that will make a profound difference in the well-being of Canadians living with Parkinsons. Together, we will continue the global quest for a cure and create a world without Parkinsons.

    4211 Yonge Street, Suite 316, Toronto, ON M2P 2A9


    From coast to coast to coast, we acknowledge the ancestral and unceded territories of Inuit, Métis, and First Nations Peoples.

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    The Rights Of Persons With Disabilities Act 2016

    The RPwD Act, 2016 was enacted on 28.12.2016 which came into force from 19.04.2017. The salient features of the Act are:-

  • Responsibility has been cast upon the appropriate governments to take effective measures to ensure that the persons with disabilities enjoy their rights equally with others.
  • Disability has been defined based on an evolving and dynamic concept.
  • The Act covers the following specified disabilities:-
  • Physical Disability
  • Sickle Cell Disease
  • Multiple Disabilities
  • Additional benefits have been provided for persons with benchmark disabilities and those with high support needs.
  • Every child with benchmark disability between the age group of 6 and 18 years shall have the right to free education.
  • 5% reservation in seats in Government and Government aided higher educational institutions for persons with benchmark disabilities.
  • Stress has been given to ensure accessibility in public buildings in a prescribed time-frame.
  • 4% reservation in Government jobs for certain persons or class of persons with benchmark disability.
  • The Act provides for grant of guardianship by District Court or any authority designated by the State Government under which there will be joint decision making between the guardian and the persons with disabilities.
  • Broad based Central & State Advisory Boards on Disability to be set up as policy making bodies.
  • Creation of National and State Fund to provide financial support to the persons with disabilities.

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    Deep Brain Stimulation: Awake Surgery For Parkinsons Disease Patients

    Deep Brain Stimulation is a neurosurgical procedure that involves implanting electrodes that produce electrical impulses to regulate abnormal impulses. The surgeon places a pacemaker-like device under the skin in the upper chest that controls the amount of stimulation.

    Apart from Parkinsons disease, DBS also treats several neurological conditions like:

    This surgery wont treat your disease completely, it may help relieve pain symptoms. Although the symptoms wont go away completely, medications may still be required to treat some conditions.

    DBS isnt a solution for everyone. Therefore, it is important to discuss with your doctor about life post-surgery.

    Nership With A Specialist

    Parkinson’s Disease Exercises: LSVT BIG Movements

    Neurologists, particularly those who specialize in movement disorders, can be helpful at all stages of PD patient care. They have clinical experience with the various causes of parkinsonism and phenotypes of PD. As the disease progresses, partnering with a specialist is helpful for both the increased complexity of PD management, consideration of DBS, and to assure that proper management of non-PD medical illnesses can continue.

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    Parkinsons Disease Disability Benefits In Canada

    Parkinsons disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects the bodys nervous system, compromising movement. Symptoms of Parkinsons disease are gradual, often starting with an almost unnoticeable tremor in one hand. Its arguably the most well-known sign of the disorder, though Parkinsons can also cause stiffness or slowing of movement.

    Besides the hand tremor calling-card, Parkinsons symptoms can also include:

    • Slowed movement
    • Writing changes

    A person with Parkinsons nerve cells in the brain slowly break down or die. Many Parkinsons symptoms are due to the loss of those neurons, which produce a chemical messenger in your brain called dopamine. Low levels of dopamine lead to abnormal brain activity, making Parkinsons a potential risk.

    The cause of Parkinsons disease is still unknown. Two factors that seem to be linked to the disorder include genetics and environmental triggers .Left untreated, Parkinsons can lead to an array of complications, the most common being:

    • Difficulty thinking

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    • Monthly Fee from 21,000 or 700 per day

    • One time processing fee 2500

    • rTPCR Test 700

    • Monthly Fee from 24,000 or 800 per day

    • One time processing fee 2500

    • rTPCR Test 700

    • Monthly Fee from 36,000 or 1200 per day

    • One time processing fee 2500

    • rTPCR Test 700

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    How Many Canadians Live With Parkinsonism And How Many Are Newly Diagnosed Each Year

    Based on the latest estimates available , in 20132014, approximately 84,000 Canadians aged 40 years and older were living with diagnosed parkinsonism and 10,000 Canadians were newly diagnosed with this condition . The age-standardized prevalence was 1.5Footnote i times higher among males than among females , and similarly the age-standardized incidence was 1.7Footnote i times higher among males than females . The epidemiological burden of parkinsonism increases with age. In 20132014, when comparing estimates among Canadians aged 85 years and older vs. those aged 40-44 years, the prevalence of the condition was 169Footnote i times higher in the older age group , while the incidence was 48Footnote i times higher in the older age group .

    Figure 1: Prevalence of diagnosed parkinsonism, including Parkinsons disease, by sex and age group, Canada, 20132014

    Figure 1: Prevalence of diagnosed parkinsonism, including Parkinsons disease, by sex and age group, Canada, 20132014

    Age group
    44.7 55.1

    Note: The 95% confidence interval shows an estimated range of values which is likely to include the true value 19 times out of 20. Data source: Public Health Agency of Canada, using Canadian Chronic Disease Surveillance System data files contributed by provinces and territories, July 2017.

    Projected Cohort And Study Sites


    The GAP-India study revolves around a network of clinical sites in India organized in a hub and spoke manner. Patient recruitment at each nodal or sub-center will be supervised by a neurologist with specific expertise in Movement Disorders. Subjects will be enrolled at all the sub-centers and the four nodal centers . The nodal centers are all high-volume academic centers with established movement disorders programs. The sub-centers include additional public sector teaching hospitals, larger multispecialty hospitals, and neurology clinics in the private sector.

    Genetic evidence indicates that most Indians descended from a mixture of two divergent populations: Ancestral North Indians and Ancestral South Indians and almost all the current inhabitants are admixtures of these two broad groups to varying extents . Within the population, allele frequency changes between subgroups are larger than in European populations, owing to founder effects maintained by a transition to endogamy about 1,9004,200 years ago . The 1,000 genomes project contains about 500 genomes from the Indian subcontinent , from five diverse linguistic groups, yet the Ancestral North Indian component is prominent in this dataset . Within the linguistic groups too, population substructures were evident suggesting that careful matching of cases and controls from within the same ethno-linguistic groups is necessary to avoid false positive associations.

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    Get Low Cost Parkinsons Disease Treatment In India

    We offer free assistance to international patients to find best medical treatment in India. We offer low-cost, world-class medical treatment in India, coordinated by a team of experienced service industry professionals

    Please post a query to know about low cost treatment options at top India hospitals

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    Sample And Genetic Marker Quality

    Firstly, all samples and SNPs with missing rate> 1% will be excluded. Concerning genetic marker quality, we would exclude SNPs with MAF < 0.01 and HWE p-value < 1 × 1010 in cases as well as HWE < 1 × 106 in controls . Allele frequencies will be checked with Indian sub-populations represented in the Haplotype Reference Consortium . Furthermore, allele frequency consistency across different batches of genotyping datasets will be checked to rule out the batch effect.

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    Medical Treatment For Parkinsons Disease :

    • Drugs increasing level of dopamine, Levodopa
    • Dopamine agonists mimic the effects of dopamine in the brain. They are not as effective as levodopa, but they last longer.
    • Drugs affecting other other neurotransmitters
    • Medications helping the control of non motor symptoms like parkinsons disease related depression
    • Levodopa combined with carbidopa for lower dosage of Levodopa to reduce side-effects
    • Medical treatment is effective in reducing tremors, bradykinesia and rigidity but not replace ne rve cells and progression of the disease

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    Exercise And Healthy Eating

    Neurology – Topic 13 – Parkinson’s disease female patient

    Regular exercise is particularly important in helping relieve muscle stiffness, improving your mood and relieving stress.

    There are many activities you can do to help keep yourself fit, ranging from more active sports like tennis and cycling, to less strenuous activities such as walking, gardening and yoga.

    You should also try to eat a balanced diet containing all the food groups to give your body the nutrition it needs to stay healthy.

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    Medicines For Parkinsons Disease

    Medicines can help treat the symptoms of Parkinsons by:

    • Increasing the level of dopamine in the brain
    • Having an effect on other brain chemicals, such as neurotransmitters, which transfer information between brain cells
    • Helping control non-movement symptoms

    The main therapy for Parkinsons is levodopa. Nerve cells use levodopa to make dopamine to replenish the brains dwindling supply. Usually, people take levodopa along with another medication called carbidopa. Carbidopa prevents or reduces some of the side effects of levodopa therapy such as nausea, vomiting, low blood pressure, and restlessness and reduces the amount of levodopa needed to improve symptoms.

    People living with Parkinsons disease should never stop taking levodopa without telling their doctor. Suddenly stopping the drug may have serious side effects, like being unable to move or having difficulty breathing.

    The doctor may prescribe other medicines to treat Parkinsons symptoms, including:

    • Dopamine agonists to stimulate the production of dopamine in the brain
    • Enzyme inhibitors to increase the amount of dopamine by slowing down the enzymes that break down dopamine in the brain
    • Amantadine to help reduce involuntary movements
    • Anticholinergic drugs to reduce tremors and muscle rigidity

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    The National Policy For Persons With Disabilities 2006

    Recognizing that the Persons with Disabilities constitute a valuable human resource for the country and that a majority of such persons can lead a better quality of life if they have equal opportunities and effective access to rehabilitation measures, the Government, with a view to create an environment that provides such persons equal opportunities for protection of their rights and full participation in society, formulated and brought out the National Policy for Persons with Disabilities.

    2. With focus on Prevention of Disabilities and Rehabilitation Measures, the Policy provides for the following:-

    I. Prevention of Disabilities

    II A. Physical Rehabilitation Strategies :

    • Early Detection and Intervention

    III. Provisions for Women with Disabilities

    IV. Provisions for Children with Disabilities

    V. Barrier-free Environment

    VI. Issue of Disability Certificates

    VII. Social Security

    VIII. Promotion of Non-Governmental Organizations

    IX. Collection of regular information on Persons with Disabilities

    X. Research

    XI. Sports, Recreation and Cultural life

    XII. Amendments to existing Acts dealing with the Persons with Disabilities

    4. Accordingly, the principal areas of intervention under the Policy are : Prevention, Early-detection and Intervention Programmes of Rehabilitation Human Resource Development Education of Persons with Disabilities Employment Barrier free-environment Social Protection Research Sports, Recreation and Cultural Activities.

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    Help Them Feel Normalcy

    A disease like Parkinsons can interfere with the normalcy of someones life. Because people may focus so much on the disease and its symptoms, your loved one may start to lose their sense of self.

    When you talk with your loved one, dont constantly remind them that they have a chronic disease. Talk about other things like their favorite new movie or book.

    Dbs System Consists Of Three Implanted Components :

    The American Parkinson Disease Association Launches Innovative ...
    • Lead A lead consists of four thin coiled insulated wires with four electrodes at the lead tip. The lead is implanted in the brain.
    • Extension An extension connects to the lead and is threaded under the skin from the head, down the neck and into the upper chest.
    • Neurostimulator The neurostimulator connects to the extension. This small, sealed device, similar to a cardiac pacemaker, contains a battery and electronics. The neurostimulator is usually implanted beneath the skin in the chest below the collarbone . Sometimes called a brain pacemaker, it produces the electrical pulses needed for stimulation. These electrical pulses are delivered through the extension and lead to the targeted areas in the brain. The pulses can be adjusted wirelessly to check or change the neurostimulator settings.

    The doctor may advise few antibiotics to prevent infection. The patient may need to visit the doctor several times after the surgery to adjust the stimulation with the help of programming. The doctor may prescribe a detailed medication plan to the patient. The patient should take some precautions after the surgery and follow the instructions given by the doctors. He/she should take care of the incisions and the surgical region on the head, by keeping it dry and covered. Heavy physical activities and lifting heavy weights should be avoided for few weeks after the surgery. Regular follow-up with the treating doctor should be done.

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    Parkinsons Disease Treatments Covered

    Parkinsons disease can come with a wide range of motor and nonmotor symptoms. The symptoms of this condition can be different for different people.

    Since it is a progressive disease, symptoms can change over time. Medicare covers a range of different treatments, medications, and services that you may need to manage Parkinsons disease throughout your life.

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