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Government Rebates On Central Air Conditioners

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Tax Payer Relief Act Of 2012

Mass Save rebates offer big savings for energy efficiency

As part of the recently passed American Tax Payer Relief Act of 2012, Congress modified and extended its energy efficiency tax credits for appliances, new homes and retrofits to existing homes, which includes the 25C heating and cooling equipment tax incentive for 2012 through 2016. Thanks to the federal legislation retroactively extending previously available tax credits, homeowners may be eligible for a tax credit if they purchase certain types of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, water heating equipment, or make other energy-related improvements to their homes between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2017. The new legislation extends the cumulative cap of a $500* maximum tax credit.

Who Is Eligible For This Program & How To Apply

The qualifications are fairly straightforward. In the easiest terms, you must be the homeowner and live in the home . The home must also be preexisting.

This means that rental properties and new construction do not qualify for the tax credit. The system must also have been purchased between 2017 and 2021 and installed within 90 days of purchase.

Note that if the legislation does pass to extend the dates to 2026, the date-specific qualifications may change.

If you have a qualifying unit and pay annual income taxes, you must file for your tax credit. A single form must be filled out and submitted with your tax return. Instructions for filling out the form can be found here.

Note that this is a tax credit, and not a tax deduction. A deduction lowers the amount of taxable income. For example, if you have an income of $35,000 and a tax deduction of $500, your total taxable income becomes $34,500.

A tax credit lowers the amount of taxes you have to pay. For example, if you are required to pay $1000 in taxes and have a tax credit of $300, you then only owe $700. If you get a refund instead of owing, you can still qualify for the tax credit as long as the amount of taxes you have paid throughout the year is higher than the credit you are claiming.

If you do not pay taxes, you cannot claim the tax credit.

You must also have the Manufacturers Certification Statement on hand. You are not required to submit this certificate .

What Opportunities Are Available And How Much Rebate Can You Expect



*Discount or rebate will vary these figures are based on a certificate price of $60 and the average efficiency of products improved under the program. The final price could be higher or lower. Final price will depend on several factors including certificate price, type and size of upgrade, location, installation costs and administrative costs by Accredited Provider.

Inefficient ducted air-conditioner



*Discount or rebate will vary these figures are based on a certificate price of $60 and the average efficiency of products improved under the program. The final price could be higher or lower. Final price will depend on several factors including certificate price, type and size of upgrade, location, installation costs and administrative costs by Accredited Provider.

Plug in electric heater or wood fired room heater

All sizes


*Discount or rebate will vary these figures are based on a certificate price of $60 and the average efficiency of products improved under the program. The final price could be higher or lower. Final price will depend on several factors including certificate price, type and size of upgrade, location, installation costs and administrative costs by Accredited Provider.

Refrigerative air conditioner


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Types Of Programs At Dsireusaorg

Some of the most common programs youll find when searching the site include:

  • The programs apply to heating and air conditioning equipment, thermostats, Energy Star appliances and LED lighting. Heres an example from Commonwealth Edison of Illinois that offers credits up to $600 for an 18 SEER heat pump or AC, for example, and $400 for a 16 SEER unit.
  • Net metering, or net energy metering for solar. According to EnergySage, NEM is, A solar incentive that allows you to store energy in the electric grid. When your solar panels produce more electricity than you need, that energy is sent to the grid in exchange for credits.
  • Weatherization of your home or business to improve insulation and heat loss or gain. Some cover energy-efficient heat pumps and furnaces too. This one applies to low-income residential and tribal governments.
  • Solar photovoltaics
  • Low-rate loans for purchasing energy-efficient equipment

Local Government Loans Or Incentives

Air Conditioning Systems: Government Rebates For Air Conditioning Systems

Depending on where you live, different states, cities, and counties offer incentives or subsidized loans geared toward building maintenance. In Austin Texas, for instance, local energy company Austin Energy offers a database of available rebates and incentives for energy-efficient air conditioning systems. You can see if your area is offering something similar by visiting your local governments website or calling your countys office.

Find today’s best prices for your home improvement project.

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About The Federal Tax Credit For Heating And Air Conditioning Systems

As part of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018, many of the residential high-efficiency tax credits were extended through December 31st, 2021. These credits are also eligible for customers that purchased qualifying equipment dating back retroactively to January 1st, 2018.

As part of the program, homeowners may qualify for a tax credit that is equal to 10% of the installed amount of the qualified heating and cooling equipment, up to a $500 maximum. While the tax credit technically lasts until the end of 2021, the amount you can write off does gradually decrease as time gets closer to the cut-off date.

Federal Tax Credits Then And Now

In 2009, homeowners were facing falling real estate values that put many underwater on their mortgage. Congress and the President passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to offer some relief.

The Act included significant tax credits for the installation of energy efficient residential and commercial HVAC equipment, solar and wind energy equipment and even some building materials that improved a homes energy efficiency. You could get the equipment at a discount, and then enjoy lower energy bills too. It made sense.

Are federal HVAC tax credits still in effect?

Yes: for geothermal heat pumps, solar and wind are in effective until December 31, 2021.

No: Federal tax credits for standard heat pumps, air conditioners, furnaces and boilers have ended.

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Air Conditioner Prices By City & Region

At Furnace Prices, we understand that the replacement cost of an old unit or the cost of a new high-efficiency air conditioner is at the forefront of consumers minds. To that end, our experts have compiled a breakdown of pricing that you can expect to pay for a new central air conditioner.

The prices below assume a unit with moderate energy-efficiency and typical installation. Higher end models, with higher SEER ratings or more complicated installations will obviously increase the final price of your air conditioner.

*PLEASE NOTE: These are only estimates. Things like the brand, model, BTU cooling output/size , efficiency rating of air conditioner, neighbourhood in which you live, local cost of living, local licensing requirements or variations in safety codes, variance from one company to another, differences in installation costs at your home, and distance from a major urban centre can influence the final price you pay. Increased competition between HVAC contractors in larger cities for instance, can also affect price.

Pricing includes cost of installation, and removal of your old unit is usually free of charge or included by most contractors.

Air Conditioner Tax Deductible Example

Staying Cool with Xcel Energy’s AC Rebate Program

Lets look at an example of how tax deductibles work. These are covered by Sec. 25C Nonbusiness energy property internal revenue code which states the following:

In the case of an individual, there shall be allowed as a credit against the tax imposed by this chapter for the taxable year an amount equal to the sum of 10 percent of the amount paid or incurred by the taxpayer for qualified energy efficiency improvements installed during such taxable year.

Basically, you can get 10% off your air conditioner. Further reading of this HVAC tax credit document explains that you can get $50 $300 tax credits. In specific cases, you can get up to $500 tax credits for new energy-efficient air conditioning systems.

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Up To $1800 In Rebates From Ameren Missouri

Ameren Missouri rebates have always been great. Ameren Missouri continues to offer aggressive incentives to homeowners looking to upgrade their HVAC systems in order to improve their energy efficiency. Superior works closely with customers to communicate which type of equipment qualifies for these incentives. Current heating and air conditioner rebates include:

  • Up to a $650 Rebate On Central Air Conditioners
  • Up to a $900 Rebate On Air-Source Heat Pumps
  • Up to a $1,800 Rebate On Geothermal Heat Pumps
  • Up to a $50 Rebate On Smart Thermostats

In order to qualify, you must be an Ameren Missouri customer and live in a single-family home.

Free Air Conditioners For The Disabled

In 2022, the government will provide free air conditioning to people with disabilities who qualify under four similar avenues. Additionally, individuals with disabilities are more likely to suffer from excessive heat and to be the head of low-income families.

  • Most disabled individuals eligible for SSDI and SSI benefits frequently meet the eligibility requirements for the three government grant programs mentioned here: WAP, LIHEAP, and the Energy Star program.
  • Two government-supported health insurance plans are available to disable and chronically ill individuals with respiratory and heart conditions that might pay for the costs of well-documented medical treatment.
    • The Medicaid program covers disabled people with SSI benefits and those with SSDI benefits.
    • In the twenty-four months following the onset of the disability, Medicare will cover SSDI recipients.
    • Those who qualify for Medicare and Medicaid meet the income and resource requirements.
  • In addition to the local and state governments offering free cooling programs, government agencies also raise money for disabled people.
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    What Kind Of Ongoing Costs Can I Expect Once I Purchase My Air Conditioner

    Once youve made the initial investment of purchasing a new, high-efficiency air conditioner you should set aside room in your budget for occasional maintenance. Annual maintenance might typically cost $100-$250 for an inspection and tune-up.

    While a tune up may not always be necessary, some manufacturer and labour warranties from the contractor who installed the unit may require you to have your system serviced annually to maintain coverage.

    In addition, youll obviously have to consider the added electricity costs which we examine in the next section.

    What Our Clients Are Saying

    Exclusive York HVAC System Rebates

    “Cody, Jason and Scott worked hard to give us a new heating system. Cody impressed us with his patience and his attention to detail in answering our questions. Jason and Scott worked an extra-long day in an extra-tight space to fit a furnace and water-heater combo in our small semi. When faced with a task that was not their responsibility, rather than delaying the job they rolled up their sleeves and embraced the unexpected. They were cheerful and hard-working that whole long cold day, and their efforts paid off in a great result. We recommend them enthusiastically.”

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    Whats Next For Energy Efficiency Tax Credits

    According to Todd Washam, vice president of Public Policy and Industry Relations for the Air Conditioning Contractors of America, if all goes well, Congress reinstatement of these credits will be only a stepping stone.

    This is a temporary victory, he said. Our goal is to see it extended through 2026.

    The ACCAs bigger push the Home Energy Savings Act they helped get introduced as a bill. If it goes through, this act will increase the lifetime cap on credits from $500 to $1,200.

    And, many of the $300 credits would double as part of an incentive for homeowners to invest in multiple energy-efficiency replacements and projects.

    A significant difference, however, would be the requirement that contractors install the equipment according to ACCA standards.

    Although it may sound like an extra layer of red tape, its a move that, according to Washam, provides better savings in the long run.

    Currently, half of HVAC equipment today is not installed correctly, he said, citing statistics from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Those systems will only operate at 60 percent of their labeled efficiency.

    Making sure all new systems are installed correctly, Washam continued, Means consumers see the benefit and taxpayers are getting their moneys worth.

    And, Pennsylvania also released new LIHEAP funds this year to combat rising energy prices.

    • 1115 W Gillam Ave Langhorne, PA 19047
    • Phone: 215-245-3200

    What Is The Yearly Cost Of Owning A Central Air Conditioner

    Apart from the initial purchase cost, most Canadians can expect to spend $300 $1000+ per year to operate a central air conditioner, including electricity bill costs. Obviously, a number of factors like electricity rates and usage will affect what you end up paying.

    Most homes will probably be in the low to middle end of that range, with the largest homes tending to be at the higher end.

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    List Of Rebates For Different Types Of Air Conditioners

    If you read our article about types of air conditioners, you know that there are at least 10 types of AC units.

    For these AC units, there are 100s of different rebates, tax deductions, and so on. The primary source of these programs is the Energy Star rebates finder.

    Here are the links for rebates for a specific type of air conditioner.

    Do I Need A Permit For An Ottawa Ac Installation

    Why Not to Buy a Portable Air Conditioner | Consumer Reports

    Another reason why the quality of contractor is just as important as how respectable the brand name is comes from permits being required to install new or replace old HVAC units in the province. The specifics can be found here, but permits and inspections are a very important part of making sure your install goes as perfectly as possible.

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    Federal Tax Credit For Hvac Systems: How Does It Work And How To Claim

    Heres the deal. So you bought a new HVAC system in 2020 and you heard you might be able to get a Federal tax credit. But how do you go about it? The great news is you can claim it when you file your income taxes in 2021, so now is the time to act!

    The best part? For qualified HVAC improvements, homeowners might be able to claim 25c tax credits equal to 10% of the install costs .

    If youre unsure of how to get the tax credit you might be eligible for, dont worry, weve got you covered. Read on through this post to learn about the eligibility criteria of the federal tax credit scheme for high efficiency HVAC systems, and find out how you can claim some money back.

    Buy One Get One Free Deals

    Finally, everyone can tap into private grants by shopping around for special promotional offers by HVAC companies. The secret is to schedule the installation during their offseason when their technicians are not busy with emergency breakdowns.

    • Emergency furnace repairs spike in the cold winter months
    • Hot summer months overheat emergency A/C calls

    Buy a furnace to get an air conditioner free promotions pop up in the Fall after the summer heat fades and HVAC technicians have idle time. Also, the companies need to move leftover cooling units.

    Buy an air conditioner unit get a furnace free promotions work oppositely. HVAC companies want to rid themselves of leftover heaters in the Spring while their technicians have more spare time for installations.

    Therefore, predictable weather patterns could save you a bundle, making the math work even better on the lifetime ownership costs for replacement HVAC equipment.

    Search the Site

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    Incorporate Federal Acquisition Regulation Language In Contracts

    These mandatory requirements apply to all forms of procurement, including construction guide and project specifications renovation, repair, energy service, and operation and maintenance contracts lease agreements acquisitions made using purchase cards and solicitations for offers. Federal Acquisition Regulation Part 23.206 requires agencies to insert the clause at FAR section 52.223-15 into contracts and solicitations that deliver, acquire, furnish, or specify energy-consuming products for use in federal government facilities. To comply with FAR requirements, FEMP recommends that agencies incorporate efficiency requirements into technical specifications, the evaluation criteria of solicitations, and the evaluations of solicitation responses.

    Requirements to purchase energy-efficient products can sometimes be perceived as in conflict with other acquisition requirements, including Buy American, Small Business, or other set-asides. These requirements are not mutually exclusive. If you run into problems trying to meet multiple procurement requirements, please reach out to FEMP for assistance.

    What Is A Federal Energy Tax Credit


    A tax credit is any amount that a taxpayer can subtract from the amount of taxes owed to the IRS. Dont get credits confused with deductions. While deductions lower the amount of taxable income, a tax credit reduces the amount of tax owed.

    In the case of energy tax credits, you can claim a federal tax credit if you make improvements to your home or have installed appliances that increase energy efficiency. If you make home improvements that increase energy efficiency before January 1, 2024, you are eligible to claim these credits as long as you follow the proper procedures when you are filing your taxes.

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    Discover More Exclusive Rebates & Promotions

    Find out what rebates or perks your home is eligible for.


    Get up to $5000 back for home energy upgrades including: insulation, air sealing, window replacement, heating and cooling, hot water and more. Take advantage of this program while you can.


    The Home Energy Loan Program is offered by the city to help you improve your homes energy efficiency and save money. Combine HELP with other home efficiency rebate programs for even more savings.


    Retroactive to December 1, 2020, up to 700,000 Canadian homeowners are eligible for grants of up to $5000 and up to and additional $600 to support the cost of an EnerGuide home energy evaluation.


    Available to all Enbridge gas customers, whether you rent or own you may qualify for a FREE smart thermostat, draft proofing, and attic insulation top-up to increase your homes efficiency and decrease your carbon footprint.

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