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What Is A Government Cage Code

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Creating A System For Award Management Account

What Is a Cage Code for Government Contracting [How Do I Get One & How Do I Find My Cage Code?]

All businesses must have an active registration in the SAM database to do business with the federal government. Registering for a SAM account is as simple as going online and filling in the form or calling 1-866-606-8220. At a minimum, U.S. registrants will need the following information:

  • D-U-N-S®
  • Legal Business Name, and Physical Address matching your D-U-N-S® record
  • Taxpayer Identification Number . Taxpayer Name associated with your TIN
  • Bank routing number
  • Bank account number and account type

Your TIN is either your Employer Identification Number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service , or your Social Security Number if you are registering as a sole proprietor or individual.

Allow 12 to 15 business days after submitting your request for your account to be active in the SAM database. In addition, businesses must have an account at to access their SAM account once it is created. A free account at can be set up here.

Should I Put My Cage Code On My Website

Often, small businesses owners are concerned about sharing their CAGE code on their company website and other marketing material. Go ahead and put your CAGE code on your website it was designed specifically to be a publicly available unique identifier.

Unlike your social security number and your Employer Identification Number which are sensitive information and should not be publicly shared, the CAGE code was designed to be used in the many publicly accessible systems used by the United States federal government.

For example, USA Spending and the Federal Procurement Database System provide data about contract awards made by federal government agencies. This information includes the terms of agreement, amount of the award, and details about the company that won each award. These tools use the CAGE code as a way of keeping the information in sync among the governments systems.

Protect your social security number. Protect your employer identification number. But proudly and broadly share your CAGE code. Thats one way a federal buyer can research you to see if you are procurement ready and evaluate any of your past performance.

Do I Have To Pay To Get A Cage Code

DLA does not charge for CAGE codes. To apply for and receive a CAGE code is FREE.

Companies wishing to sell products and services to the federal government can obtain a CAGE code when they register their company in the System for Award Management it happens automatically if you do not already have a CAGE code.

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Commercial And Government Entity Code Reporting

Definition. As used in this provision –

Commercial and Government Entity code means

An identifier assigned to entities located in the United States or its outlying areas by the Defense Logistics Agency Commercial and Government Entity Branch to identify a commercial or government entity by unique location or

An identifier assigned by a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or by the NATO Support and Procurement Agency to entities located outside the United States and its outlying areas that the DLA Commercial and Government Entity Branch records and maintains in the CAGE master file. This type of code is known as a NATO CAGE code.

The Offeror shall provide its CAGE code with its offer with its name and location address or otherwise include it prominently in its proposal. The CAGE code must be for that name and location address. Insert the word CAGE before the number. The CAGE code is required prior to award.

CAGE codes may be obtained via –

Registration in the System for Award Management at If the Offeror is located in the United States or its outlying areas and does not already have a CAGE code assigned, the DLA Commercial and Government Entity Branch will assign a CAGE code as a part of the SAM registration process. SAM registrants located outside the United States and its outlying areas shall obtain a NCAGE code prior to registration in SAM of this provision).

Do not delay submission of the offer pending receipt of a CAGE code.

How Do I Get A Cage Code We Can Help

CAGE code lookup

If youve been asking yourself, how do I get a Cage Code? We have the answer. Completing your System for Award Management registration is the first step, and once that is complete, you will receive your Cage Code.

If you are just in the beginning stages of your dive into government contracting, heres a quick look at what you need to do and how to get a Cage Code.

Step One Gather Up Some InformationBefore you can register with the System for Award Management database, youll need to collect some basic information. Youll need your DUNS number, your bank routing number, your bank account number and your taxpayer ID number. The three latter ones will be pretty easy to find, just grab a check and a tax form.

For the DUNS number, if you dont know it, you will need to head over to the Dun & Bradstreet website and check to see if your company is registered. If it is, you can request your DUNS number. If not, simply sign up for free and Dun & Bradstreet will provide you with a number.

One important note: At some point in 2020, the government no longer will be using DUNS numbers. The new system SAM Managed Identifier isnt in place yet, but itll be coming up in the near future, so if you are reading this article several months after its posting date, we may be in SAMMI territory already, and youll need to go to and follow the steps needed to attain this identifier.

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Why Do You Need A Cage Code As A Gsa Schedule Contractor

As mentioned before, obtaining a CAGE code is a prerequisite for selling to the government. Your CAGE Code supports the procurement and acquisition processes. In addition to being used here in the U.S., CAGE Codes are used internationally through the NATO Codification System . This could be useful if youre a company that sells products internationally.

If you need help finding your CAGE Code or if you need help with any other requirements in the GSA Schedule acquisition process, reach out to one of our consultants! Our consultants are well-versed in the government contracting world, and are always here to help you acquire a GSA Schedule contract and help you maintain it.

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Verifying Cage Codes Prior To Award

Contracting officers shall verify the offerors CAGE code by reviewing the entitys registration in the System for Award Management . Active registrations in SAM have had the associated CAGE codes verified.

For entities not required to be registered in SAM, the contracting officer shall validate the CAGE code using the CAGE code search feature at .

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Getting A Cage Code If Youre Not A Government Contractor

In this blog, Ive described getting a CAGE code from the perspective of a new government contractor. The process for them is straight-forward using the System for Award Management as well as being automated.

If you are not a government contractor or seeking federal government grants, you can still get a CAGE code. Instead of using, you would apply directly to the Defense Logistics Agencys Commercial and Government Entity Program Office through their website located here.

According to DLA, in addition to receiving government contracting or grants, you would need a CAGE code for:

  • Facility Security Clearance
  • Assignment of a Department of Defense Activity Address Code

The process to register directly with DLA will take 5-10 minutes and requires minimal information about your company and the reason for applying.

Registrer Or Update A Cage Code

Cage Code Recieved What Is Next John Wayne Government Contracts proposal writing Capabilities Stat

You can obtain or update a CAGE code for your business by going to the DLA website at and filling out the information needed.

Federal government contracts are awarded through the SAM website, a combination of the General Services Administration , Central Contractor Registration , the Online Representations and Certifications Application , and the Excluded Parties List System . Registration to sell products or services to the federal government usually takes 20 to 40 hours, and the government has no obligation to notify you if your information is incomplete or incorrect. Two critical elements of the CAGE Code are: your physical business address and the government entity you want to solicit.

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Those Who Need Cage Codes For A Security Clearance

The procedure for getting a CAGE Code in conjunction with an application for a security clearance are different. Instead of following the steps above, you do not need to apply via SAM.

Instead, fill out DOD Form 2051, Request for Assignment of a Commercial and Government Entity Code. Your hiring agency may have already applied on your behalf ahead of time, or you may need to fill out the form and submit it via the Defense Logistics Agency.

Your business must have no duplicate registrations. Under normal conditions it takes roughly 10 business days to process the CAGE Code application and youll be contacted by phone or email if there is a need for additional information or verification. DLA will send your information to update SAM and make you eligible to compete for contracts or grants.

Government Contracting: Duns Number Sam Registration And Cage Code

For prospective government contractors, the first step in this venture is to ensure your business is properly registered. Registration requirements include obtaining a Data Universal Number System number, registration in the System for Award Management , and obtaining a Commercial and Government Entity code for each unique facility location. Simply put, all three are databases or identifiers that monitor and/or classify businesses based on various data points, such as name, address, and type of products or services the business offers. Government contractors are normally required to obtain all three, and joint ventures must obtain their own, even if the underlying JV members already have them.

Contractors preparing to do business with the government should first obtain a DUNS number. While the DUNS number is required to do business with the government, it is not maintained by the government. The DUNS number was privately developed by Dun & Bradstreet for its credit reporting business and the DUNS database is still managed by D& B. DUNS numbers are required by many businesses and governments as a prerequisite for contracts, grants, and loans. Once an entity obtains the nine-digit unique identifier, it can used to evaluate potential partners in the DUNS database as well as begin the SAM registration process.

Vandeventer Blacks government contracts team is standing by to assist companies with navigating the federal procurement process.

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Understanding The Gsa Schedule Game

The GSA contracting is a complex game with long and sometimes unobvious rules. If you want to understand the GSA Schedule game better, please subscribe to our GSA blog. Make sure to dive deeper into our articles, where we discuss ins and outs of the GSA contracting process, explain terms, give advices and share our 12 years experience with you!

What Is A Cage Code And Why Do Government Contractors Need One

What is a CAGE Code?

A CAGE code is a five-character alpha-numeric, unique identifier assigned by the Defense Logistics Agency . CAGE codes are assigned to businesses, organizations, etc. that wish to pursue contracts or grants from the United States federal government.

In my 20 years as a government contractor, I knew enough to have my CAGE code, but never understood its purpose, especially when you consider the other unique IDs businesses use.

In researching this article, Ive realized the value and purpose of a CAGE code, where it is helpful to the government and how it ties together with the other unique identifiers used in federal government contracting.

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How Do I Apply For A Cage Code

A Commercial and Government Entity, or CAGE, code is a federal identification number for businesses that contract with the government. All companies that want to do business with the federal government must obtain a CAGE code. It is tied to a company profile that contains basic information, which government agencies use to quickly determine if a company is a good fit for a particular contract before reading a bid proposal. The government provides CAGE codes after a business owner registers as a contractor on the Central Contractor Registration.


Gather the appropriate documentation. You must provide your Employer Identification Number or Tax ID number and a Data Universal Numbering System number . You can obtain the EIN or TIN form the Internal Revenue Service website. You can obtain a DUNS number from the Dun & Bradstreet website.


Go to the Central Contractor Registration website. Click the “Start New Registration” button.


Enter your name, the company’s DUNS number, the Doing Business As of your company and the address. Click “Continue Registration”



Dun And Bradstreet Number

A 9-digit data universal numbering system number created by Dun and Bradstreet is required to obtain a CAGE code. Dun and Bradstreet maintains profiles of 250 million businesses internationally. A business profile consists of the business name, phone number, address, type of service, and credit information about the nonprofit or for-profit entity. A Dun and Bradstreet Number is required to apply for federal government grants.

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What Is A Cage Code

GSA Schedule | Government | 3 Min Read

As a GSA Schedule contractor, you are given a multitude of codes that signify your industry, business size, unique identification, and location. One of these essential codes is the CAGE Code. The Commercial And Government Entity Code, or CAGE Code, is a five-character ID used frequently in the government as an identifier for suppliers to the federal government. Why is it important for GSA Schedule contractors? Let’s cover what a CAGE Code is, why it’s important, and how you can get one.

For Us Located Sam Registrants:

Cage Code & Military Alphabet Corporate and Government Entity Code John Wayne Government Contracts

You do not need to have a CAGE Code prior to registering in the System for Award Management . Once you submit your Entity Registration for processing, SAM will send your entity information to the DLA for CAGE Code assignment. Once the DLA assigns the CAGE Code, SAM will receive and apply the code to the Entity Registration.

If the DLA needs any additional information for the assignment of your CAGE code, your Government Business Point of Contact will receive an email notification from the DLA. Please follow the instructions in the email to provide any requested information.

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Commercial And Government Entity Codes

A Commercial and Government Entity Code is a five-digit identifier assigned to a business by the Department of Defenses Defense Logistics Agency which allows the business to sell goods and services to the federal government. More than 1.9 million businesses are represented by CAGE codes internationally. The CAGE code identifies a business, or its subsidiary, at a specific location. CAGE codes are assigned in the System for Award Management , created in 2012. The CAGE code is used in government systems awarding contracts, purchasing, or for security purposes.

Getting A Duns Number

You can apply for a Data Universal Number by calling 1-866-594-2464 or by applying at the official site of Dunn & Broadstreet. This process takes a minimum of 30 business days for a DUNS Number to be processed and assigned. You may be offered the ability to expedite the process to a 24 hour periodfor a fee.

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For Internationally Located Sam Registrants:

NATO Commercial and Government Entity Codes are CAGE Codes for entities located outside the United States and its territories. Assignment of NCAGE Codes is part of the NATO Codification System , and is required for all foreign entities before completing a SAM registration. Prior to requesting a NCAGE Code, please review the US Instructions for NSPA NCAGE document. You may apply for a NCAGE Code using the NATO Codification Tool.

Commercial And Government Entity Code

How to do Business with NSWC Port Hueneme

The Commercial and Government Entity Code, or CAGE Code, is a unique identifier assigned to suppliers to various government or defense agencies, as well as to government agencies themselves and various organizations. CAGE codes provide a standardized method of identifying a given facility at a specific location.

CAGE Codes are used internationally as part of the NATO Codification System , where they are sometimes called NCAGE Codes.CAGE codes are referenced in various databases of the NCS, where they are used along with the supplier’s part number to form a reference which is held on the National Stock Number record. This reference enables users of the NCS to determine who supplies any given part.

The information associated with the entities – name, address, phone numbers, etc. – is catalogued in the H4 and H8 Handbooks. The National Codification Bureau of each NATO or NATO-sponsored Nation is responsible for maintaining the CAGE code information for entities in these respective countries. There are on the order of 3 million entities in this catalog, of which around 2.6 million are US entities.

Within the US, any organization wishing to be a supplier to the DoD is issued a CAGE Code by Defense Logistics Information Service , the organization serving as the US NCB. An entity issued a CAGE code must renew it every five years.

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