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Federal Government Jobs Without Degree

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Secretary And Administrative Assistant

Why are Americans choosing to quit their jobs in record numbers?

Average salary: $30,327 per year

This is one of the easiest government jobs in terms of requirements and responsibilities. However, it might not be the easiest to find since the job outlook for this position predicts a small decline in the next ten years. Normally, a bachelors degree would be enough to apply for the job. What also makes this position desired by many recent graduates is that little time is needed to master all the skills involved in the job.

Federal Jobs For Military Veterans

A common misconception about high-level federal jobs, such as SES positions, is that time spent in the military automatically improves your chances of being hired for such positions. While the Veterans Preference Act can give veterans the upper hand in certain circumstances when applying for government jobs, the advantages apply only if they meet certain eligibility conditions. Moreover, the Veterans Preference Act does not apply to SES positions.

If a veteran meets the Veterans Preference Act eligibility conditions, they are most likely to benefit from it if the swath of candidates for the given federal job have equal qualifications and the hiring race is neck-and-neck. With that in mind, the eligibility requirements to qualify for the Veterans Preference Act benefits include:

1. Veterans who have a disability related to their military service

2. Veterans who served in specific military campaigns or during specific periods

3. Veterans who received various awards and badges for their service, especially Purple Hearts

How Do I Get A Job In Public Health

Steps to Pursuing Public Health Degrees & Careers

  • Obtain a bachelors degree in public health or a related concentration. The bachelors degree is the bare minimum for some public health professions.
  • Get a masters degree in public health.
  • Gain work experience.
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    Benefits Of An Ses Career Path

    The SES career path is highly sought after for numerous reasons. Not only are you handsomely paid but you also have the opportunity to have a lasting impact on the health, education, security and living standards of people within the United States and the world at large. With that in mind, here are some other benefits of the SES career path:

    • Membership into the highest levels of government in the world
    • Work with some of the brightest minds and influencers
    • Given a platform where you can translate your visions into reality
    • Tasked with advancing the Presidents objectives
    • Able to improve government on various levels
    • Numerous training and collaborative opportunities with other visionaries
    • Low rates of job insecurity

    Additionally, SES positions typically have attractive benefits packages, which includes 90 days of paid leave, one week of home leave for every four months of service, reimbursement for up to 50% of the price for professional liability insurance and excellent health insurance, life insurance and savings plan programs.

    Find Out If Those Dream Companies Are Hiring

    PHFMC Jobs 2021

    Now that you have your 20 Dream Companies written down, it is time to find out if they are hiring.

    You can do an online search for those dream companies job postings on their website.

    You can also visit a few of these veteran-specific job boards to find out if your dream companies are hiring:

    For each of the job posting sites, set up a profile with your skills. Sign up to receive daily or weekly updates on new job listings by your dream companies.

    is another job resource site, as well as networking.

    You can take a few minutes to set up a Linkedin account and allow it to work in multiple ways for you. Heres a great to help build your profile and have it work in your favor.

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    Entry Level Security Jobs

    Security is a career field that places a high priority on military experience. A personal experience from the author of this article is a good example. Your author was hired into a corporate retail chain store loss prevention program on the strength of a 13-year Air Force career but with no degree.

    Loss prevention is basically anti-shoplifting and store security and this kind of entry-level work started at $17 an hour.

    Another type of entry level security job is the small-town entry-level patrol option. Job listings for Entry Level Patrol Officers in the college town of Bloomington, Illinois have the following requirements:

    • Be a U.S. citizen
    • Have a high school diploma or equivalent
    • Be legally able to possess a firearm

    An international security firm called G4S advertises entry-level security jobs as having the following requirements:

    • Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent
    • Must have a valid and current drivers license
    • Must pass any State-required training or other qualifications for licensing

    Can You Get A $100k+ Federal Job Without A Degree

    Yep, you can and where can you find them? On Just follow the steps below.

    1) Go to

    2) In the What field, type: This job does not have an education qualification requirement < Dont put quotes.

    3) In the Where field, type: the United States < Dont put quotes.

    Or just click here.< I just did the search myself and linked it, to make it even easier for you!

    Youll get a ton of jobs like the ones below.

    Stay connected with me for more career advice and more job alerts, subscribe to my newsletter below, , , , , etc. I want to see you succeed!!!

    NOTE 1: These jobs may expire or get removed by the time you read this blog tip, apply quickly if you are at least 50% qualified. Hopefully, your resume is quantified already, and make sure that it includes all the key government items.

    NOTE 2: I created a JOBS FOR YOU PAGE here, where you can find all sorts of jobs that fit you!

    • No Experience, Will Train
    • Government Jobs
    • $100K-$400K Jobs

    INVESTIGATION AND INQUIRIES SPECIALIST$77k $100k/yr U.S. Citizenship Occasional travel No Security Clearance Required, No Drug Test Implements and manages all phases of the center/wing complaints resolution and fraud, waste, and abuse programs must have at least one year of specialized experience at the next lower grade GS-11, or equivalent in other pay systems. Examples of specialized experience include implementing and managing all phases of complaints resolution and fraud, waste, and abuse programs.

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    Get A Government Job Without A Degree

    It is possible to get a government job without a degree. Government jobs are often in demand, as they offer competitive pay and good benefits. Finding a government job that does not require a degree may take some additional research. This article discusses how you can find a government position without a college degree, as well as a few top government positions that you might consider.

    Top 20 Highest Paying Careers Without A Degree

    8 High-Paying Jobs That Don’t Require A College Degree

    1. Transportation & Distribution ManagerEntry-level Education: High school diplomaMedian Income: $94,730Job Growth: 6%Transportation and distribution managers plan, direct, and coordinate a variety of activities related to the transportation, distribution, and storage of various materials and products. This career offers a strong median salary, and the job growth is right around the national average. To work in this management position requires at least a high school-level education. However, working up to five years in the industry is necessary for advancement, but no on-the-job training is required.

    2. Power Plant OperatorsEntry-level Education: High school diplomaMedian Income: $85,950Job Growth: -16%This science and engineering career hosts experienced professionals planning and directing the operations of power plants, ensuring plants not only produce power, but provide that power to the appropriate locations and clients. The career provides a high median salary, but the obvious negative is the job reduction. Between 2019 and 2029, the demand for this career is expected to drop by 16%, and there will be fewer jobs. However, with long-term, on-the-job training, a high school graduate can enter one of these highest paying jobs without a degree.

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    What Education Do You Need To Get A Government Job

    Without a degree, you can get government jobs with General Educational Development or a high school diploma. A few government jobs have no formal education requirement, but they can be rare. Its also helpful to have experience in finance or engineering through vocational schools.

    Even though you have no degree, if you want a government job, you must pass the civil service exam. You can achieve this through self-study or with the help of others. Study guides for the test may also help.

    How To Prepare For The Interview

    Getting screened in for an interview is a huge accomplishment and if youre at this stage, youve no doubt experienced a whole new set of nerves and questions that have popped to mind.

    Interviews, and preparing for them properly, requires more time than we have here, thats why Ive put together a separate free resource called the Federal Government Interview Preparation Worksheet. It will help you formulate key information about who you are and why you would be a good fit for the job so youre ready for the big day!

    Federal Government Interview Worksheet

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    What Does Automation Mean For Government Jobs

    While there is no way of knowing exactly how automation and the digitization of our modern society will affect government jobs, it is certain that it will in some way, in addition to the ways that it already has. Departments of the government and federal jobs that have already been affected by automation include accounting, transportation, postal service and library jobs. Furthermore, a study published by Oxford University estimates that 47 percent of government jobs are at risk of automation, especially those that involve highly repetitive tasks.

    On the other hand, some departments and federal jobs stand to benefit from increased automation, such as cybersecurity and information services.

    That said, it is inevitable that automation will make forays into federal government operations, so it is a good idea to prepare yourself for what that might look like and adjust your skill-set accordingly. Some things that automation cannot replace, at least anytime soon, are soft skills like interpersonal exchanges and creative collaboration. As such, it is highly beneficial to develop those irreplaceable skills now and continue to as you consider federal employment.

    At the same time, you will want to develop skills that are bound to become more relevant in a digital landscape, such as digital literacy, data-driven mindsets and intercultural awareness and competency.

    Social And Human Service Assistant

    Without marketable skills, graduates stare at bleak job prospects

    Social and human service assistants perform roles in social work, such as rehabilitation, psychology, and others. Some work for non-profit organizations and state and local governments. Their clients include various types of people. They usually work full time, while some work night and weekend shifts.

    Instead of on-the-job training, social and human service assistant roles only require a high school diploma. They dont need to have a postsecondary non-degree award. Many individuals who aspire to become licensed social workers use the role as a stepping stone.

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    As Women Return To Jobs Remote Work Could Lock In Gains

    Mothers of small children still lag fathers in returning to the workplace.

    According to the nonprofit group Opportunity at Work, which advocates for minorities and people who come to work with varied backgrounds, some 51% of Black workers, 55% of Hispanic workers, 66% of rural workers of all races and 61% of veterans fall into the STAR category.

    And so you have this well-qualified, well-trained labor pool that was bumping up against a requirement that just wasnt necessary for a large number of our jobs, Farren said in a phone interview.

    Jobs That Dont Require A Four

    Having a college degree has traditionally been one of the best ways to get into a high-paying career or at least set yourself up with the potential to make the most money.

    Still, its no secret that college isnt the only path, and its also not the most accessible option for everyone.

    As a former teacher, Ive been able to help several juniors and seniors determine realistic career paths following high school. To my surprise, many of those students were better suited for financial success in trade jobs for which theyd already built experience and a passion.

    In this article, Ill take a close look at 12 high-paying jobs that dont require a four-year college degree.

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    Pay Transparency Laws Raise Womens Salaries

    Multistate companies are finding ways to circumvent the laws.

    A survey last year by ICMA-RC, a public sector retirement management company now known as Mission Square Retirement, described public sector recruiting as difficult, particularly in health care, corrections, policing, skilled trades and engineering.

    From a competitiveness standpoint, public sector employers often have difficulty competing with private sector firms, which may have more flexibility to offer higher salaries to meet market demand, the report said.

    It also found that the high number of retirements caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to the large number of job openings, making it even more imperative that governments attract more workers. Some governments also have gone to remote work or split schedules to accommodate workers.

    Search For Jobs At A Specific Agency

    How apprenticeships can bridge the employment gap for workers without college degrees

    Though most federal agencies post their jobs on USAJOBS, some post jobs on their websites. If you want to work for a specific agency, find its website through the A-Z Index of Government Agencies.

    There is never an application fee or a testing fee to apply for a government or U.S. Postal Service job.

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    Leaving Private Sector For Federal Service

    When leaving the private sector for a job with the federal government, there is certainly a growing curve to expect. With that being said, there are certainly advantages of doing so, both for the individual joining the public sector and the federal department or agency they are joining.

    In general, federal government jobs have significantly different structures than those within the private sector, which will take some time acclimatizing yourself to if you switch from the latter to the former. At the same time, when a qualified and skilled individual enlists in federal service after experiencing success and recognition within the private sector, they can provide fresh insight and innovation into the rigid governmental structures.

    Such insight and innovation do not happen right away, however, as the individual will be most effective if they first take the time to listen to team members and get to know their organization or department. Moreover, government employees tend to stick to their departments much longer than professionals in the private sector. Thus, it pays to get to know the people you will be working with, including their vision for the department or organization, what motivates them and what their talents and skills are.

    Review The Job/vacancy Announcement

    After finding a job you are interested in, review the announcement to see if you are eligible and meet the qualifications. Read the entire vacancy announcement,including the occupational questionnaire, before starting your application.

    Keep in mind that for each job, there are specific qualifications each applicant must meet.

    • Read the Who May Apply section to determine whether you are eligible to apply for the job.In most cases, if you are not a veteran and have never worked for the federal government before, you should only apply for positions open to U.S. Citizens or all sources.
    • Read the Qualifications section to see if you meet the required job qualifications.If you have the requisite experience, you should apply. Although you may qualify for some jobs based on your degree, the government typically values specific work experience over education. If you have both education and experience, apply based on your experience.

    There are some jobs that require either a degree or a certain number of college credit hours the job announcement will spell this out, when education is required.

    NOTE: DO NOT APPLY unless you have the required education.

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    Government Jobs Without A Degree Faq

    Can I get a state job without a degree?

    Yes, you can apply for state government jobs without a degree. Many state government jobs dont require degrees and only ask for a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

    What are the basic requirements of government jobs without a degree?

    Instead of a degree, some employers prefer their candidates to have work experience or training for the role. The requirements vary from state to state, but there will always be government jobs without a degree requirement available for you.

    What is the minimum educational qualification for government jobs without a degree?

    If you do not have a degree, you must have at least a high school diploma or GED and a passing score in the Civil Service Exam to be eligible. Most government jobs without a degree require at least these. Jobs without any education requirements are extremely uncommon.

    Are there any law enforcement jobs that do not require college degrees?

    Law enforcement jobs such as police officers and deputy sheriffs, especially entry-level ones, usually dont require college degrees. However, many people still get degrees before applying because it lets them stand out and bring more skills to the field. Still, you can apply and possibly get a position for these government jobs without a degree.

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    What’s Next?

    Looking For A Federal Government Job Heres What You Need To Know

    Biology Jobs: Government Marine Biology Jobs

    The pros and cons of working for the federal government, plus tips on how and where to start the search.

    As of 2022, there are more than two million federal government employees, most working within the U.S., and some stationed overseas. For recent college graduates, working for the government could offer many opportunities with great benefits. These jobs arent reserved for students with public affairs-related majors, so students can find almost any type of job for every major.

    Of course, a federal government job comes with its pros and cons.

    Why you should consider a federal job

    Competitive benefits: Expect a full package including health, dental, vision, and life insurance and retirement benefits. Youll also have 13 to 26 days of paid time off each year for those earning 26 days a year, this is almost double the 15-day average in the United States.

    Tuition waivers and continuing education: Depending on the agency and availability, some federal jobs will pay you to further your education .

    Location: Commuting to work can be a serious damper on overall work and life satisfaction. Fortunately, government jobs are available all over the U.S. and not always concentrated in metropolitan areas like jobs from many other industries are.

    Job security: Federal jobs typically offer more security than the private sector. If you find a job working for the government, your chances of losing your job are comparably lower.

    Why you may want to avoid a federal job

    Ready to apply?

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