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Types Of Government Contract Vehicles

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Time And Materials Contracts

GSA Fleet Desktop Workshop: Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Contracts

You can think of time and materials contracts as a hybrid between fixed-price and cost reimbursement contracts. This type is not as popular as the first two, since it poses a higher risk of cost uncertainty for the government. But, its applicable in cases when you cant calculate with exact certainty the project costs or map out the timeline accurately at the time the contract is awarded.

Under this arrangement, the government and contractor agree on an hourly labor rate and material costs.Agencies may sometimes also stipulate a not-to-exceed clause to declare the maximum value for the contract. Generally, time and materials contracts are seen as the last resort when the contracting officer deems that the other contract types arent suitable.

In some cases, government agencies may use a variation of this contract known as the labor hour contract. Its the same as the time and material contract, except the government agency will supply the materials instead of the contractor. Thus, labor hour contracts do not include the required materials and only pay for labor costs and profit.

What Are Government Contract Purchasing Vehicles

Government contract purchasing vehicles allow local governments to more easily identify reliable partner resources.

Make Redesigning Your Website Fast and Easy

If you are a government procurement officer, then you know that the purchasing process can be time-consuming and exhausting. Government procurement departments are expected to thoroughly research and compare a variety of potential options before ultimately deciding on the most effective and cost-efficient solution to purchase with their taxpayer dollars. Fortunately, there are programs in place to help local governments to expedite and streamline the procurement process. Government contract purchasing vehicles allow governments to more easily identify reliable partner resources, especially for large-scale information technology projects such as the development of a new website.

Under government contract purchasing vehicle arrangements, local governments are able to buy products and contract with solution providers that have already been vetted by a federally-approved procurement sourcing agency, such as the General Services Administration . The GSA is an independent agency of the United States government that helps to supply products and services to U.S. agencies while utilizing government-wide cost-minimizing policies.

Bid Invitation Using Public Notice

8.1 Wherever practicable, and consistent with sound procurement management, contracting authorities will first invite bids from within the Territory.

8.2 Where the Crown intends to invite bids for government contracts to be performed in the Territory, contracting authorities shall take all reasonable measures to inform Inuit firms of such bids, and to provide Inuit firms with a fair and reasonable opportunity to submit bids.

8.3 Where the Crown intends to invite bids for government contracts to be performed in the Territory, the Bid Invitation process shall take into account the Bid Evaluation Criteria found in article 6.

8.4 Where a contract has been awarded, it is the responsibility of the contracting authority to ensure that the contract document contains appropriate terms and conditions to make certain that sub-contractors to the contractor are also subject to the intent and the specific provisions of the contract.

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More About Gsa It Schedule 70

About GSA IT Schedule 70

  • Contract Number: GS-35F-134DA

The non-competitive approach is only used in certain special circumstances:

  • The need is one of pressing emergency in which delay would be injurious to the public interest
  • The estimated expenditure does not exceed:
  • $25,000 for goods or $40,000 for services and construction contracts
  • $100,000 for architectural, engineering and other services required in respect of the planning, design, preparation or supervision of the construction, repair, renovation or restoration of a work
  • $100,000 for the Canadian International Development Agency service contracts related to international development assistance programs or projects
  • Only one person is capable of performing the work, such as when a supplier owns a copyright or a licence
  • The nature of the work is such that it would not be in the public interest to solicit bids .
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    Key Government Contract Vehicles To Pursue In 2022

    Federal Government Agencies

    If you are a small business eager to take the next step on your business journey with the Federal Government, we have some good news for you: a number of upcoming contract vehicles are lined up for release this year and the next. Many of these opportunities are set-asides for small businesses. If you are not aware of them, dont worry! Weve got you covered. In this blog, we have listed some of the most anticipated upcoming contracting vehicles you need to know about and can pursue success this year.

    A contract vehicle is a streamlined method used by the Government to purchase various kinds of supplies and services that it needs. Contract vehicles are typically managed by a federal agency that manages them centrally to reduce acquisition administrative costs and increase time and resource efficiencies. For government contractors, contract vehicles provide easily accessible opportunities for winning contracts and selling their products and services to the government.

    The key to getting ahead of the competition, and winning a contract vehicle is to start preparing as soon as possible.

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    Medical Q Coded Support And Services Next Generation

    The Medical Q-coded Support and Services Next Generation is the follow-on for the Defense Health Agencys MQS contract for small businesses with an estimated dollar value of $7.5B. The scope of the IDIQ is to provide for professional medical, dental, and medical support services for the Department of Defense Military/Dental Treatment Facilities located within the 50 United States, the District of Columbia , Puerto Rico and Guam. This contract vehicle will provide personal or non-personal medical services to improve the medical staff at DoD Military Treatment Facilities with qualified Health Care Workers .

    MQS2-NGs predecessor, MQS, currently is the Defense Health Agencys five year IDIQ contract that provides qualified credentialed and non-credentialed HCWs in the following market segments:

    How you can benefit from MQS2-NG

    With an estimated dollar value of $7.5B, MQS2-NG can offer considerable profits to small businesses as it brings together additional services for providing comprehensive solutions to address the unique needs of a given geographic area.

    Latest Developments

    The government has issued a Request for Information to research vendor capabilities and analyze the feedback from the industry based on which the RFP will be published. The RFP was anticipated to be released around January 2022, with the award date sometime around November 2022.

    What Is In These Contract Vehicles For You

    Each of these contract vehicles is a golden opportunity to work with the Federal Government, make a mark in the government marketplace, and take your business to the next level. Our teams closely monitor these contract vehicles and track all their latest developments.

    Bidding for large-scale contract vehicles such as these entails a lot of administrative and resource-intensive exercises for small businesses. iQuasar can help you prepare and guide you through the process of developing a winning proposal. iQuasar supports Small Businesses in bidding for contract vehicles, including GSA MAS, OASIS, GSA FSS, Alliant SB, 8 STARS, HCaTS, Navy SEAPORT-E, CATS+, MOBIS, RMAS, other GWACs, and NIH CIO-SP3 & CIO-SP4. Our team is well-acquainted with the Federal Market and is proactively helping Small Businesses in preparing for it.

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    What Are Government Contract Vehicles

    GSA Schedule | Contracts | 6 Min Read

    Youre considering government contracting and it seems like the deeper you dive into the subject the longer the list of acronyms and abbreviations you come across becomes. No worries! Below is a guide to the government contracting vehicles that you will come across in your research.

    Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity Contracts

    Service Contract Reports (SCRs) Overview

    Also known as IDIQ contracts, these types of government contracts are commonly used for government-wide multiple purchases, such as GSA Schedules. By definition, IDIQ government contracts are used when government agencies are unable to determine how many products they need to procure and how long the contractor has to perform their services for a specific period.

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    What Qualifies As A Small Business For Government Contracts

    Before a small business gets considered for government contracts, there are factors needed to determine set by an official government organization called Small Business Administration . The SBA sets many different factors, but they may vary depending on the industry a small business is working in, but business size can be crucial.

    To identify whether your small business meets the business size standard, you can use the SBA Size standards tool. To use this tool, you simply need to encode your NAICS code and the number of employees working for your business, both full-time and part-time.

    The SBA also offers contracting assistance and small business programs to help small businesses in certain socio-economic classes. The following are some of the contracting programs that may be eligible.

    The Government Contracts Regulations

    10.1.1 As required by Section 5 of the Government Contracts Regulations, the contracting authority is to solicit bids before any contract is entered into. The competitive approach in determining a contractor should therefore be the norm. Because it is not always possible, practical, or cost effective to seek bids for every proposed contract, Section 6 of the Government Contracts Regulations permits certain exceptions.

    10.1.2 Departments and agencies should not accept bids from one another or from the provinces, municipalities, territories or Crown Corporations unless the department, agency or Crown Corporation bidding is authorized by policy or statute. Departments and agencies may, pursuant to section 3 of the Contracting Policy, arrange transactions that involve the transfer of goods, services or real property between departments, Crown Corporations, provinces, municipalities and the Territories.

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    The Federal Contract Award Data Hierarchy

    • LEVEL 1: Federal Contract AwardsThe bottom level of the contract data hierarchy where funds are obligated.
    • LEVEL 2: Federal Contract IDV AwardsThe middle level of the contract data hierarchy – the Indefinite Delivery Vehicle level – which contains parent contracts assigned to a vendor, under which they can receive awards.
    • LEVEL 3: Federal Contract VehiclesThe top level of the contract data hierarchy — the Multiple Award Vehicle level — which contains named Federal Supply Schedules, Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts, Indefinite Delivery Contracts, and Blanket Purchase Agreements.

    Federal ContractContract IDVFederal Contract Vehicle

    Level : Federal Contract Idvs

    U.S. Military
    • Federal Supply Schedule IDVsGSA schedule IDV contracts. Each is awarded to a specific vendor and falls under one specific Master GSA Federal Supply Schedule. Every FSS IDV has a parent Master Vehicle.
    • Indefinite Delivery Contract IDVsAgency-specific IDVs that can be used for a variety of product and service categories, also known as Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity contracts . IDC IDVs may or may not have a parent Master Vehicle.
    • Blanket Purchase Agreement IDVsAlso usually Agency-specific and are more often used for single-award purposes. They typically dont require the government to engage in as much competition to issue task orders once the BPA is awarded. BPA IDVs may or may not have a parent Master Vehicle.
    • Government Wide Acquisition Contract IDVsAlso managed by the GSA and operate in much the same way, these are large IT-related acquisition IDVs. Every GWAC IDV has a parent Master Vehicle.
    • Other Transaction IDVIDVs not covered by the types listed above.
    • Basic Ordering AgreementA purchase order which a customer places with its supplier to allow multiple delivery dates over a period of time, often negotiated to take advantage of predetermined pricing, normally used when there is a recurring need for expendable goods

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    What Is Government Contracting

    So, what is government contracting? This is a process where you enter into an agreement with a government agency to perform a task or sell your goods or services. The government is like any other business entity, it needs products and services to operateand who better to ask than the public for help? In doing this, they address their needs and support the economy.

    Given the volume of transactions that the US government makes each year, it shouldnt be surprising that many businesses want to bid for their contracts. Many small businesses, in particular, like to engage in government contracting since its lucrative. They can earn significant revenues if they nail the process down.

    In fact,government agencies, in order to ensure equality, often allocate a part of their contracts for small, minority-owned, and women-owned businesses. This is a great opportunity that is often avoided by small businesses due to the perceived level of complexity. The real question should be, How can I succeed at landing a government contract? First, youll need the appropriate government contracting certifications. Make sure to check how to certify your business to ensure you can work with the federal government.

    Get the information here, on how we became a top company for government contracting.

    Advanced Expeditionary Warfare Development

    Advanced Expeditionary Warfare Development , also known as ARL IV, is an IDIQ to support Army Red Team efforts and other activities that provide timely response toward enhancing Army Expeditionary Forces, Joint Warfighters with Army Components and organizations that encounter and influence agile/adaptable threats.

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    What Are The Types Of Government Contracts For Small Businesses

    If you think the road to becoming a full-fledged government contractor is tough, wait until you hear about the journey to competing for federal contracts as a small business. Going against established government contractors and huge corporations is an uphill battle for every small business owner.

    Fortunately, the United States government recognizes this struggle within the industry. It has launched different programs and policies to help level the playing field, such as small business set-aside contracts.

    One Acquisition Solution For Integrated Services

    Why Ford Dominates The Market For Police Vehicles
    • Pool 1: Engineering and Consulting Services
    • Pool 3: Engineering for Aerospace and Military Systems
    • Pool 4: R& D in Nanotechology and Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences R& D in Biotechnology
    • Pool 6: Research and Development in Aircraft

    OASIS is designed to address the need for a full range of service requirements that integrate multiple professional service disciplines and ancillary services/products with the flexibility for all contract types and pricing at the task order level. The six core functional disciplines of OASIS are

    • program management,

    OASIS is a family of 7 separate government-wide multiple award, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity task order contracts that span 28 North American Industry Classification System codes and 6 NAICS code exceptions under the economic subsector 541, Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services. Each of these contracts is divided into pools.

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    Why Hire Federal Contractor Registry

    At Federal Contractor Registry, we offer complete SAM registration services for just $597, and that prize includes many value-added items that other registration services just don’t provide. Here’s what we provide to each of our clients:

    • 100% accurate SAM Registration & Setup
    • We save you time and allow you to focus on your business and generating revenue
    • We can help you procure the new SAM Unique Entity ID
    • We can help with the SAM Notarized Letter requirement
    • We can help with SBA Registration

    We introduce Super 8a Contractors to other Federal Contractors in the FCR Network

    Level : Federal Contract Awards

    Direct Contract Awards

    • Definitive ContractsTypically competitively awarded contracts for non-commoditized products and services.
    • Purchase OrdersAwards through simplified acquisition processes for commoditized products and services, often sole-source awards, but can also be competitive.

    Task Order Awards

    • Delivery OrdersTask orders awarded under Federal Supply Schedule IDVs, Government Wide Acquisition Contract IDVs, and Indefinite Delivery Contract IDVs.
    • BPA CallsFunction exactly like Delivery Orders but occur under Blanket Purchase Agreement IDVs only.

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    Nasa Solutions For Enterprise

    NASA SEWP is a multi-award GWAC vehicle focused on commercial IT products and product based services. The statutory authority allowing usage of the SEWP contracts by the entire Federal Government is NASA’s designation as an Executive Agent by OMB based on the Information Technology Management Reform Act of 1996, now the Clinger Cohen Act. For more information on the procurement of utilizing SEWP contracts, view the SEWP Procurement Information Brochure.

    Reimagine Move Fast And Drive Change So You Can Design And Deliver The Next Generation Of Services And Mission Capabilitiesat Speed At Scale

    6.1. Introduction to the Basic PPP Project Structure

    Accenture Federal Services contract vehicles make it easy for current and prospective government clients to leverage an extensive array of Accentures information technology and professional services. Contracts include Government-wide Acquisition Contracts , GSA Schedules, and agency-specific Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity contracts . We bring a breadth of global capabilities and over 30 years of experience serving the federal government to help clients quickly solve their needs fastthe first time.

    • Information Technology SINs: 54151S, 54151HACS, 54151HEAL, 541422, 518210C
    • Human Resources SINs: 541612HC, 541612LOB
    • MOBIS SINs: 541611, 611430
    • Order Level Materials: OLM

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    Agreement On Internal Trade

    8.8.1 The AIT is an agreement on Canadian internal trade, which aims to reduce barriers to trade within Canada. It was signed by the 10 provinces and2 territories and came into effect on July 1, 1995. Chapter 5 of AIT is intended to create a system that will allow fairness and equal access to government procurement for all Canadian suppliers in order to reduce cost, and develop a strong economy.

    8.8.2 Deleted.

    Indefinite Delivery And Quantity Contracts

    Indefinite delivery and quantity contracts are used when the government isnt sure of the quantity of supplies or services to get or when theyll need them. Theyre often used for projects with a recurring need, such as construction or electrical work.

    Contracts under this arrangement occur through a series of task orders or delivery orders. It usually lasts anywhere between five to ten years, during which the government will issue task orders whenever the need arises. Each task order will then define the quantity and delivery location for the specific job.

    Due to the nature of this contract, the bidding process works a bit differently. Usually, the agency will select many businesses to choose from for future orders. Since the main contract doesnt include a fixed quantity or delivery time, contractors will need to provide a minimum quantity of supplies or services, a ceiling price, and a set timeline for delivery in their bid. This allows the government to filter through their options whenever they have a new order to place.

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