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Government Jobs In Data Science

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Government Of India Will Fund 100 Startups

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Recently, the central government of India announced that it plans to directly fund 100 startups to use natural language translation techniques in various languages. In addition, the government will also use this platform for its purposes, such as translating videos of technical education lectures and others.

What Youll Need To Apply

  • Unofficial transcripts for all degrees
  • Cover letter in which you specify your qualifications for this position. Please address why you want to work in this role and what differentiates you from other applicants.
  • A writing sample, five pages MAXIMUM, single spaced, technical or analytic paper that focuses on your current area of expertise or interest and is related to your interest in positions at CIA. You can excerpt longer papers.

Top Data Science Government Jobs In India Apply Now

Neha Kaushik1. Data scientist at THSTI | HaryanaDetails –

  • He/she should be between 18 to 54 years old
  • Candidate should have basic qualifications like 10th class, ITI, MBBS, PG Degree/Diploma
  • They should clear written tests, interviews and document verification

2. Senior Data Scientist at ReBIT | MumbaiDetails –

  • He/she should have 5-8 years of relevant industry experience
  • He/she needs critical thinking and problem-solving skills for interpreting data
  • The candidate should possess a B.Sc/B.A/B.E/B.Tech/M.C.A in computer science, engineering or mathematics or statistics
  • The candidate should be able to technically lead/guide a team of 3-5 data scientists while contributing individually

Details –

  • The candidate should be less than 62-years of age
  • He/she should have a minimum experience of seven years for graduates and five years for postgraduates in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • The candidate is expected to hold a bachelors degree in computer science/engineering/mathematics/statistics.

4. Data Analyst at Reserve Bank of India | New DelhiDetails –

  • Eligible candidates after checking all the details can apply for the RBI requirement
  • The candidate is expected to own a postgraduate degree in mathematical statistics, mathematics, econometrics, statistics, economics, finance, computer science or B.Tech/BE in Computer Science

Details –

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How Data Science Help Government

The government, more than any other sector, is in desperate need of analytical minds, innovative ideas, and the fortitude to sort through and make sense of large data sets. Government agencies rely largely on qualified data scientists to assist them to make educated and far-reaching choices that influence the lives of millions of people as one of the largest data collectors in the countryfrom census data to national security intelligence.

A data science profession in government may be the appropriate choice for you if the prospect of applying your data science talents to contribute to a country’s health, prosperity, and security pique your interest.

Data Scientist Government Jobs

5 jobs that could weather a recession, according to PayScale
  • Disability confident
Overall Purpose: We are seeking a highly motivated and enthusiastic Data Wrangler/Data Scientist to join the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortiums PostedPosted 14 days ago·
  • Additional job details
  • Disability confident
  • Details Reference number 251068 Salary £38,046 – £41,053 A Digital Allowance is available for exceptional candidates, based on an assessment of skills andPostedPosted 3 days ago·
  • Additional job details
  • Disability confident
  • Details Reference number 247177 Salary £32,640 – £36,510 Job grade Higher Executive Officer Contract type Permanent Business area CO – Cabinet Office AnalysisPostedPosted 12 days ago·
  • Additional job details
  • Disability confident
  • Details Reference number 251589 Salary £55,400 – £74,600 London: £60,800 – £74,600 / National £55,400 – £71,900 Job grade Grade 7PostedPosted 3 days ago·
  • Disability confident
  • Overall Purpose: We are seeking a highly motivated and enthusiastic Senior Data Wrangler/Data Scientist to join the Data Coordination Centre for thePostedPosted 14 days ago·
  • Temporarily Remote in Cardiff CF10£60,800 – £74,600 a year
  • Temporarily remote
  • As a Senior Data Scientist at DIT, youll work closely with customer facing staff and technical colleagues to deliver cutting-edge data science products toPostedPosted 3 days ago·
  • Temporarily Remote in Darlington DL1£38,158 – £44,033 a year
  • Temporarily remote
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    Government Data Scientist Salary

    Data scientists are in high demand, with state governments competing with top technology companies for talent. Research firm McKinsey said in 2015 that the coming years would see more demand for data scientists than supply, predicting that the United States alone would face a shortage of 140,000-190,000 people with analytical expertise, and a shortage of more than 1.5 million data-literate people who have the skills to understand and make decisions based on big data. This means there has never been a better time for the analytical, curious, and civic-minded to consider specializing in government data science.

    The salary of a data scientist is typically determined by education, years of experience, location, and organization type. As of 2020, the average salary of an entry-level data scientist in government is around $91,074. The average salary of a senior-level data scientist in government is around $122,991.

    Dont forget to check out Springboards guide on how to become a data scientist with no experience.

    Since youre hereCurious about a career in data science? Experiment with our free data science learning path, or join our Data Science Bootcamp, where youll only pay tuition after getting a job in the field. Were confident because our courses work check out our student success stories to get inspired.

    About Sakshi Gupta

    Global Hackathon On Artificial Intelligence

    Think Tank of India, NITI Aayog launched the Global Hackathon on Artificial Intelligence in late 2018.

    NITI Aayog joined Singapore-based AI startup Perlin to launch ‘AI for All Global Hackathon.

    Although the announcement was made in December 2018, the hackathon was held in January and March 2019. The hackathon ran in two phases, with the first phase ending on 15 January 2019 and the second phase ending on 15 March 2019.

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    A Powerful Force In Government

    How has the Federal Government leveraged data to produce meaningful change?

    See how NOAA and other Federal agencies worked together to build a tool that uses data-driven tools to boost climate resiliency. Here, you can find data related to climate change that helps inform and prepare Americas communities, businesses, and citizens. Its impact:

    Through the release of Arctic-themed climate data, the U.S. is demonstrating its leadership in sharing free and open climate-relevant information while also encouraging public innovation and partnerships with private sector entities that are interested in leveraging this data.& dash Secretary Sally Jewel

    What does it take to have a career in data science in the Federal Government?

    Government Agencies Hiring Data Science Professionals

    Workforce Bound: Computer Technology
    • United States Department of Transportation
    • Environmental Protection Agency
    • Department of Homeland Security
    • Food and Drug Administration

    Data science is a global and rapidly growing industry. From nursing and public health to marketing and law enforcement, data science has infiltrated every industry. This has resulted in a tremendous demand for well-trained data science professionals. Government data science jobs are available in most of the departments and agencies of the federal government. The government hiring process is fair and transparent and they provide an equal employment opportunity for all.

    Forbes shares how government agencies frequently hire data science professionals for a wide variety of job functions. Here are ten government agencies that hire data scientists.

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    Personal Data We Collect About You And Why

    In this Section we set out general categories of personal data we may collect and the purpose for using your personal data, including the personal data collected and processed over the past year. We collect and process personal data to provide you the Services, fulfill our contractual responsibility to deliver the Services to our Customers, fulfill your requests, and pursue our legitimate interests and our business and commercial purposes. We also automatically collect data during your usage and collect other personal data about you from other sources. Your personal data will only be collected and used for purposes stated herein, where you provide additional consent, or as required by law or regulation – including national security or law enforcement requirements.

    Information Provided by You.

    We collect personal data from you directly when you visit our Services from either your computer, mobile phone, or other device, attend one our events, or communicate with our personnel. The categories of personal data we collect from you, including over the past year, involve the following:

    You may voluntarily submit other personal data to us through our Services that we do not request and are not required for the relevant data processing activity. In such instances, you are solely responsible for such personal data.

    Information Collected Automatically.

    Information from Other Sources.

    Information Collected When Using the PowerLine Application

    Government Data Scientist Job Roles/responsibilities

    Most data scientists bring to the table technical skills such as knowledge of probability and statistics, data visualization, machine learning and AI, and proficiency with Python and SQL. In government, many positions also require sector-specific domain knowledge, such as agriculture, climate, consumer affairs, defense, economics, environment, education, and housing and urban development.

    Data scientists in government often spend a lot of time cleaning data and getting it to a usable state because, compared to other sectors, a significant amount of government records are either originally handwritten or exist in an analog form. This presents exciting opportunities for data scientists to apply models and machine learning algorithms to datasets that havent previously been wrangled.

    Other responsibilities of data scientists in government, depending on the agency, include:

    • Analyzing spending data to identify and prevent waste, fraud, and abuse
    • Using business intelligence to help government at all levels make better financial decisions
    • Working with researchers in studies and tracking findings that could determine the course of new drugs and consumer goods
    • Collecting and analyzing defense intelligence to improve defense systems
    • Working with state and local departments to coordinate data gathering, analysis, and modeling
    • Creating maps and visualizations to explain data findings
    • Developing and communicating recommendations rooted in data to non-technical members of government

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    Training For Data Science Professionals

    Data science requires a lot of education. Indeed, seven in eight data scientists have a masters degree, and nearly half have doctorates. Computers are improving faster than textbooks can keep up, so data scientists must be not only on-point with their applied knowledge but also creative in their applications of that knowledge.

    Data scientists dont only study computers and their data applications. Many study probability and statistics and other fields in mathematics. Others are social scientists who apply math to the tracking of trends. Still others, particularly those who work for the intelligence or law enforcement branches, track and study the patterns of criminal behavior in an effort to predict the outcome of various strategies to curtail or even to prevent crime.

    Some other important technical skills data science candidates need are:

    • machine learning
    • big data management
    • advanced statistical analyses

    Those who focus on computer applications generally rely on the programming language called R. Its a specially designed language for data scientists, who must be familiar with its processes and applications no matter their focus.

    The Following Are A Prerequisite For An Aspiring Individual To Get A Data Science Job In Government Sector

    Edo jobs trains over 500 youths on data science
    • Intern at any company that specializes in data science.
    • Take online data science classes as well as courses in statistics, probability, and linear algebra.
    • Learn the fundamentals of NLP, data extraction, computer vision, bioinformatics, and speech processing, among other topics.
    • Investigate the fields of optimization, information theory, and decision theory.
    • Obtain any professional qualification in data science.
    • Try database management, data analysis, or database design.

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    What Exactly Is Data Governance

    The first step is to understand what is data governance. Data Governance is an overloaded term and means different things to different people. It has been helpful to define Data Governance based on the outcomes it is supposed to deliver. In my case, Data Governance is any task required for:

    • Compliance: Data life cycle and usage is in accordance with laws and regulations.
    • Privacy: Protect data as per regulations and user expectations.
    • Security: Data & data infrastructure is adequately protected.

    Data Scientists Have Massive Roles To Play In The Government Sectors Including The Following Responsibilities:

    • Identifying and preventing wastage, fraud, and abuse through analyzing spending data.
    • Leveraging business intelligence to assist all levels of government in making better financial decisions.
    • Collaborating with researchers on studies and keeping track of results that could influence the development of new medications and consumer products.
    • Defense intelligence collection and analysis to improve defense systems.
    • Coordinating data collection, analysis, and modeling with state and municipal departments.
    • To explain data findings, use maps and visuals.
    • Developing and presenting data-driven suggestions to non-technical government officials.

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    What Are The Top Data Science Job In Government At The Global Level

    Data science is a worldwide sector that is rapidly expanding. Data science has permeated every profession, from healthcare and public health to business and law enforcement, resulting in a huge necessity for well-trained data science professionals. Government data science careers are accessible in nearly all of the federal government’s departments and agencies.

    CIA: The CIA is one of the most difficult federal agencies to work for, yet it gives data scientists plenty of chances to influence the result of regional, national, and events around the world. Data scientists working for the CIA face major challenges in their daily duties, ranging from diplomatic stability analysis to counterterrorism, and must frequently work quickly to analyze data and issue findings in order to provide guidance to other agencies, along with other law enforcement agencies. The CIA offers competitive pay and benefits, as well as a government pension.

    FBI: Data scientists working at the Federal Bureau of Investigation have a wealth of opportunities to put their abilities to use, many of which are quite difficult. Law enforcement data scientists analyze and quantify massive volumes of data on everything from white-collar crime to kidnapping rings for children. Data scientists working for and with the FBI are well rewarded, with excellent benefits and annuity options, like with most government institutions.

    India Will Use Ai And Supercomputers To Improve Weather Forecasting

    5 Best Government jobs after life science graduation in India

    In an International Workshop on Prediction Skills of Extreme Rain Events and Tropical Cyclones: Current Status and Probability and Annual Climate Change, Dr. M. Rajeevan, Union Secretary, Earth Sciences, announced the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    Helps in improving the understanding of weather and climate phenomena and their forecasts. Currently, the ministry is working on expanding the existing supercomputing facility to 100 petaflops in the next 2 years.

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    How To Get A Government Job As A Data Scientist


    The world now runs at an unprecedented rate with the evolution of technology backed by the internet and the ensuing internet of things . With the increasing adoption of innovations across varied sectors, the government sectors have also joined the crowd.

    A growing number of government organizations have shifted towards electronic databases from paper records. Thus, the demand for scientists is ever-growing to make intelligent exploitation of the ever-growing data adoption and its application.

    To get a data science job in government entails knowing the intrinsics of how data science is applied in the governmental sector.

    Chatbot To Register Home And Marriage

    A few months back, Telangana’s Department of Information Technology, Electronics, and Communications announced that the department is working on chatbots that will work on Robotic Process Automation . The chat will draw out details like the locations of Sub-Registrar Officers and fees for and society registration.

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    Why Is Data Governance Hard

    Compliance, Privacy, and Security are different approaches to ensure that data collectors and processors do not gain unregulated insights. It is hard to ensure that the right data governance framework is in place to meet this goal. An interesting example of an unexpected insight is the sequence of events leading to leakage of taxi cab tipping history of celebrities.

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    Data Analyst Vacancies In Central Government Govt Jobs For Data Analyst Vacancies On 20govtcom

    Computer Science Jobs and Career Outlook

    Latest Employment News for Data Analyst Vacancies in Central Government. Apply Online for Data Analyst Recruitment Vacancy in Various Govt departments. Upcoming Govt Jobs for Data Analyst Vacancies in banks, health organization, technical field, data science sector, Technology and IT organization under central government.

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    How To Become A Data Scientist

    You can apply for various data science jobs as a fresher or an intern after you have the prerequisites given below.

    • The most important thing to start a career is to have a bachelor’s degree in Data science or any related field. Check:Bachelors in Data Science
    • You should have a strong background in Mathematics and Statistics to be successful.
    • Those from other fields can also pursue a career in data science, however be sure to take recognised Data Science Certifications and get certified along with the required skills.
    • Here are some of the skills which you need for data science jobs Python, Statistics, Data Collection, Data Cleaning, Acquaintance With EDA, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
    • You should also learn how to deploy an ML model and perform real-world testing.
    • You should also learn non-technical skills including communication skills, task management, business understanding, teamwork, etc.


    The Government Of India Is Pushing Investments Through The Following Areas To Establish An Ai Ecosystem

    • Digital India: Double allocation of INR 3,073 crore to further research in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence , and the Internet of Things , among others.
    • National Program on AI: Set up by NITI Aayog at IIT Chennai. The research will focus on encouraging Big Data, cybersecurity, and Robotics are some of the initiatives that will help promote Industry 4.0.

    This information might not clarify the specific profiles of the govt jobs in ai. But these initiatives and schemes launched by the govt. will help you analyze the potential of the jobs you should target and the areas wherein you can focus your knowledge.

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