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How Do I Find Government Contracts

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Government Contract And Award Databases

How to Search Contract Opportunities by NAICS and PSC

The General Services Administration is in the process of migrating all of its systems related to government contracts and awards to* On this site, you will be able to do a search of contract or award data by government agency and further filter by fields to find companies that provide scientific support services.

For example, an advanced search of contract data for federal organization of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, NAICS service classification of 54 Professional, Scientific and Technical Services and place of performance of 30329 yielded tens of thousands of results. One recent contract is to Chenega Corp. for professional support, and a check of its career site shows recent job openings for scientist positions at the CDC in Atlanta.

Another cool website called tracks government spending. The site pulls from multiple data sources to provide a snapshot of federal government expenditures via data visualizations and other resources. There is an option on this website to do an advanced search and display all contracts by awarding agency. You can even click on the contract recipient to find out more about the organization, total transactions and agencies it has worked with. This website seems much easier to navigate than others we looked at, and itd be worth the time to explore it further.

Factoring For Fema Loads

Trucking demand is high for months when a natural disaster occurs. Delivering loads for FEMA can be a little more challenging than normal. Depending on which state you are traveling to, some are better prepared than others.

Its important for truckers to be patient when delivering loads to these areas while waiting for instructions. Delivery sites are often crowded with other trucks trying to drop off supplies and sometimes it wont seem as if anyone knows the proper instructions.

Hauling loads for disaster relief will not only earn you a paycheck but will help out those in need during these difficult times.

Government agencies are slow-paying and even if youre working through a broker, payment for loads will still be slow. This is why invoice factoring is a great option for truckers looking for a boost in cash flow when working with government contractors.

Factoring government transportation contracts also guarantees a strong cash flow without any debt. It doesnt matter if you have bad credit history or are just starting out, factoring is flexible and tailored to your trucking businesses specific needs.

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Rates for Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Territories and Possessions are set by the Department of Defense.

Rates for foreign countries are set by the State Department.

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Where Can I Find Government Contracts Online

The federal government publicizes contracting opportunities on different federal government websites. Here are some gov websites where you may find lists of federal contracting opportunities: is a federal government site where federal opportunities valued at $25,000 or more are posted. Previously awarded federal business agreements are also found on the website, which can help you prepare your bid successfully.

Dynamic Small Business Search

The Small Business Administration maintains a federal government site called Dynamic Small Business Search. The site stores and displays all the profiles of businesses registered with the System for Award Management . The website also provides a list of federal contracts reserved for small businesses.


If you feel that your business is not prepared for serving a prime contract, you may still get into federal government contracting by being a subcontractor. Subcontracting with other small businesses or prime contractors will give you a better understanding of how the industry works and help you to get ready for bidding on your first prime contract.

The General Services Administration, commonly known as the Federal Supply Schedule and Multiple Award Schedule , is a website where long-term and large federal business opportunities are found. The GSA was intentionally made to help different federal departments quickly engage with small businesses.

How We Help Your Business Grow

Government Contracts Cartoons and Comics

One-on-one Counseling

UCEDCs procurement specialists will work with you to identify and build relationships with the right federal, state and local agencies that buy your products and services. We also help you develop targeted marketing strategies.

Registrations & Certifications

Well guide you through the complex process of government registrations and assist you in becoming a qualified government contractor. We can also help you with the certification process for small business programs.

Identifying Bid Leads

We match your companys product or service with daily bid notices. Each day, our electronic bid match system scans a list of government solicitations that show what specific agencies are planning to buy. Then we notify you of bids relevant to your individual product or service.

Our team will help you build relationships with government purchasing agents. Youll have greater success if you market your product or service to the right buyer.

Proposal Development

Producing a clear, responsive proposal is key to winning contracts. Well review your proposal as it evolves and recommend ways to make it stronger and more compelling.

Free Seminars

UCEDC offers FREE workshops presented in partnership with federal, state and local agencies to help you better understand their particular needs and identify new opportunities.

Regulations & Military Specifications

Subcontracting Assistance

General Services Administration

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Government Contracts: 10 Questions You Need To Know

Government contracting is an industry where businesses and contractors are left wondering where to start due to its broad procedures and need to know information. That said, we came up with the idea of enlisting down the frequently asked questions and the basic knowledge you need to know about the government contracting industry.

Where To Look For Federal Contracts

There are a number of places to monitor for contract opportunities as the government releases requests for proposals. Use these resources to see the government contracts on which your company could bid.

  • The Contract Opportunities Search Tool on This is the official database of federal contracting opportunities. You will need to create a profile to bid on contracts through this portal: have your DUNS number ready as well as your NAICS codes.
  • The Dynamic Small Business Search : This is a database that government agencies use to find small business contractors for upcoming contracts. Its maintained by the SBA. You can also use the DSBS to find a small business with which to partner.
  • This website is where government agencies are required to advertise all contracts over $25,000.
  • The GSA Schedules Program: This program connects government buyers with contractors. When you get on the GSA schedule, it means youve been approved to do business with the government.
  • SubNet: This is a database of subcontracting opportunities, where a large enterprise looks to partner with a small business on a government contract. This could be a good option if youve never worked on a government contract before and want an enterprise with experience to show you the ropes.

Want to read more?

To stay on top of all the news impacting your small business, go here for all of our latest small business news and updates.

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How To Bid On A Federal Government Contract

Follow these steps to get your NAICS code and become eligible to bid on federal government contracts.

By: Emily Heaslip, Contributor

To compete for the often lucrative contracts with the U.S. government, you must complete several steps to make your business eligible.

The U.S. government is the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world, awarding hundreds of billions of dollars in federal contracts each year. Contrary to popular belief, these contracts often go to small businesses. The government is not only legally required to consider bids by small businesses, but it also has set a goal to award at least 23% of all federal contracts to smaller ventures.

If youre interested in competing for some of these often lucrative contracts, follow these steps to prepare your business to bid on a government contract.

Types Of Government Contracts For Small Business To Help You Grow

How to Search

The United States government is known to be the worlds largest buyer of products and services. From a tiny piece of a paperclip to the huge types of machinery, the federal agencies purchase almost everything even research and technical assistance.

However, the federal government does not purchase anything without a concrete process and preferential consideration. That is why the federal procurement data system is brought to life!

A business or enterprise that successfully sell their companys products or services is enlisted as one of the prime contractors. But the question is, is anyone eligible to be part of the contracting community?

Yes! whether large or small business, as long as they provide the needs of the procuring federal agencies they are qualified to work with any government agency.

If you are reading this, you probably own a small business and wondering whether you can win any government contract. Make sure you read along because you are about to learn the government contracts for small businesses and how to win your first government contract.

  • Complete your SBA profile
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    How Do I Find Government Contracts On Sam

    As mentioned above, the System for Award Management or SAM is an official government organization website that secures the available federal contracting opportunities. To find the list of opportunities, just head over to their home page and click Contract Opportunities. One good thing about this website is that you can request an analysis report to overview previously awarded contracts.

    How Does The Government Ensure Fair And Reasonable Prices When Acquiring A Process Such As Agile Software Development

    The Government may determine whether prices are fair and reasonable in a contract utilizing an Agile software development methodology by requesting and evaluating pricing of the effort as a unit of measure that is equivalent to the proposed sprint/release cycle and demonstrating the correlation between the proposed technical solution in the PWS and the pricing.

    COs must obtain the type and quantity of data necessary to establish a fair and reasonable price. Generally speaking, competition drives reasonable prices. The Government ensures fair and reasonable prices by looking at the prices per sprint cycle, the team size, and if applicable, the labor category rates used to build the team â whether they are in line with other rates in this industry. Expected âthrough-putâ and determination of specific services all factor into the offerorâs price for an IT contract utilizing Agile processes. The Government can compare the proposed prices received in response to the solicitation to the historical prices paid by the Government or private sector for the same or similar Agile process, or compare proposed prices with prices obtained through market research. See Appendix C: Sample Language for Government Contracts for Agile Software Development Services.

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    Transportation Payment And Audit Regulation

    47.103-1 General.

    Regulations and procedures governing the bill of lading, documentation, payment, and audit of transportation services acquired by the United States Government are prescribed in 41 CFR part 102-118, Transportation Payment and Audit.

    For DoD shipments, corresponding guidance is in DoD 4500.9-R, Defense Transportation Regulation, Part II.

    Under 31 U.S.C. 3726, all agencies are required to establish a prepayment audit program. For details on the establishment of a prepayment audit, see 41 CFR part 102-118.

    The agency designated in paragraph of the clause at 52.247-67shall forward original copies of paid freight bills/invoices, bills of lading, passenger coupons, and supporting documents as soon as possible following the end of the month, in one package for postpayment audit to the General Services Administration, Transportation Audit Division , Crystal Plaza 4, Room 300, 2200 Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA 22202. The specified agency shall include the paid freight bills/invoices, bills of lading, passenger coupons, and supporting documents for first-tier subcontractors under a cost-reimbursement contract. If the inclusion of the paid freight bills/invoices, bills of lading, passenger coupons, and supporting documents for any subcontractor in the shipment is not practicable, the documents may be forwarded to GSA in a separate package.

    The name and address of the specified agency

    The name and address of the contracting office

    47.103-2 Contract clause.

    Types Of Government Transportation Contracts For Disaster Recovery

    Appendix 2: Sample of contracts

    There are tons of government agencies that exist and trucking companies can be hauling freight for anyone of them when it comes to disaster relief. If truckers want to pick up government contracts during these desperate times, they should look into bidding on transportation contracts within the following agencies:

    • Department of Health and Human Services

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    Work With A Dc Fractional General Counsel On Federal Government Contracts

    A DC fractional general counsel helps you with every aspect of federal government contracting. From preparing your internal operations and accounting to submitting proposals and completing the work. Contact Steve Thienel today to see how you can benefit from the guidance, support, and legal advice of an experienced general counsel.

    Search For Jobs At A Specific Agency

    Though most federal agencies post their jobs on USAJOBS, some post jobs on their websites. If you want to work for a specific agency, find its website through the A-Z Index of Government Agencies.

    There is never an application fee or a testing fee to apply for a government or U.S. Postal Service job.

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    Lease On With A Company

    Leasing on with a trucking company that needs additional capacity can be an excellent way to move from being a company driver to an owner-operator. In this arrangement, you own your authority, but the company is responsible for finding your next load. They may even cover some expenses for you, such as fuel and insurance.

    There are some downsides to this arrangement. You dont have as much independence as the company will tell you the days and times you have to work. Youll have to take loads from the company, which can also limit your ability to earn money elsewhere, and youll need to agree to their payment terms. It can still be a more reliable way to find loads, especially if youre starting as an owner-operator.

    So What Is The Difference Between A Partnership And A Contractor

    Service Contract Reports (SCRs) Overview

    Their distinction is based on their involvement in any existing project or contract. Contractors simply do their work and everything specified in the contract and then go at the end of the day, forgetting about the project you worked on together. While working together, the partners take genuine ownership and interest in the project and treat it as if it were their own business.

    In government contracting, whether you are a partner or a contractor, the project results still belong to the government agency with which you worked, and you will most likely not gain any acknowledgment from it. However, this could still help your small business develop more connections and recognition in the future, making it easier to big and win government open opportunities.

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    The List Of Uk Tender Publishing Portals

    For businesses looking for UK-based public contracts, these are the websites you can use:

    • Contracts Finder: Use this website to search for UK contracts worth over £10,000.
    • Find a Tender: For UK contracts worth over £118,000.
    • Sell2Wales: This details all Welsh public procurement opportunities.
    • Public Contracts Scotland: The national advertising website for Scottish public sector agencies to post OJEU contracts.
    • eSourcing NI: The electronic tendering site for public contracts available in Northern Ireland.
    • myTenders: An online independent procurement site that lists both low and high-value tender notices.
    • Digital Marketplace: This lets private companies provide people, technology or user research services for digital projects.

    Public sector organisations may also advertise tenders specific to them on their own websites. These are usually low-value contracts and can also be published on third-party vendors, such as myTenders.

    There are also Procurement Frameworks you can use to search buyers, such as:

    • Crown Commercial Service : Sponsored by the Cabinet Office, the CCS brings together policy, advice and direct buying to find contracts and suppliers.
    • YPO: The YPO is a publicly-owned central purchasing body. Suppliers can register through the YPO to be considered for public contracts.
    • ESPO: Similar to YPO, ESPO also helps public sector organisations with their purchases. Suppliers can also register as an ESPO member to be considered for contracts.

    Where To Conduct Market Research For Government Contract Data

    Have you ever had a meeting with a prospect that didnt go the way you had hoped? Or worse, you think the meeting went great, but then you never hear from the prospect again or they wont take your calls? This is a very familiar scenario for government contractors and there are several reasons why this happens. One reason is not having government contract data and market intelligence to properly communicate and position the value you provide. Most government contractors use a bid matching system.

    Government contract data increases the chances of winning a contract. Im amazed at how many companies wing it when it comes to prospect meetings. Many government contractors walk into meetings with a plan to deliver their capability statement talk about their company, products, services and ask do you have any contracts we can have? This is a recipe for disappointment that makes you look and sound like every other contractor.

    Winning government contracts requires more than FedBizOpps or even the most advanced bid-matching tools.

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