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Perkscard Questions And Answers

Best Website to Buy Microsoft Office and Windows for Cheap and Securely! | Guiding Tech

Q: How do I sign up?

A: From your mobile phone you can download the free PerksConnect app, create an account and search instantly for deals in your neighborhood, or to register for a free web account, click here.

The state of South Carolina is divided into three areas: North, which encompasses Greenville County and surrounding towns Central, which includes Richland County and surrounding towns and South, which encompasses Charleston County and surrounding towns. When registering and logging in, select the area where you generally shop. Regardless of which area you select, you will be able to search for discounts available in all three regions.

Q: What if I do not have an email address?

A: The system only accepts legitimate email addresses. If you do not have an email address, you can easily set up an email address, at no cost, using any number of private email services.

Q: How do I find businesses in my area that offer discounts through PerksConnect?

A:Open the PerksConnect app or log in to your account. Search deals using your current location or enter a new location using a zip code, city or state. Click on any merchant name to view offer details.

Q: How do I use the offer?

Q: How many merchants are offered in the PerksConnect network?

A: There are literally thousands of business locations throughout the United States.

Q: What do I do if a merchant won’t accept my PerksConnect discount?

A: Please contact the PerksConnect call center .

TicketsatWork Discount Program

Buying Multiple Years At Once

Its possible to buy Microsoft 365 Home or Personal retail for up to five years ahead. Some people do that if they find a very good, but still legal, retail price.

Can a HUP purchaser can buy multiple years at once? The FAQ is silent on that.

In other words, if someone qualifies for Home Use Program discount, can they buy more than one years worth of Microsoft 365? Doing that would lock-in the HUP discount regardless of any future changes to Microsoft 365 and the Home Use Program

If leaving a job and have the funds, it might be prudent to buy up to five years of Microsoft 365 at the HUP discounted price, just to make sure the discount is confirmed.

Wed be interested to hear from any reader to tries to buy two or more HUP discounted years of Microsoft 365 at the one time . Will Microsofts system let you buy many years?

Microsoft Excel 2021 For Mac

Microsoft Excel 2021 is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use spreadsheet application on today’s market. Take your data analysis skills up a notch with all of these new features that were made just for people like yourself!

Excel 2021 extends the limits of what was previously thought possible. You can now go beyond ideas and create complex, professional spreadsheets with ease!

  • Use your data to its fullest. Analyze information quickly and easily. People from any occupation or country around the world can have access to better decision-making skills based on findings from their Excel spreadsheets!
  • New functions. Powerful new functions allow you to manipulate and work with your data in more ways. Newly introduced functions include LET and XLOOKUP in Excel, with many more to come!
  • Dynamic Arrays. No more need for long, messy, and complicated formulas. Dynamic Arrays makes your life easier by bringing complex calculations into a better light thats easier to write and work with.
  • Stability and performance improvements. Excel’s improved performance makes working on large sets easier than ever before, thanks to its faster speed in both calculation and navigation.

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Microsoft 365 Government Protects Your Agency From Cyberattacks

Microsoft 365 Government includes the tools you need to help secure your agency from targeted cyberattacks and empower your IT security teams to be more impactful.
  • Protect, detect and respond to cyberattacks
  • Reduce burden on your team with automated remediation and investigation
  • Meet the enhanced compliance requirements for US government including FedRAMP Moderate, CJIS, IRS 1075 and DISA SRG L2.

Benefits Of Using Office 365 Government Plans

Microsoft Access 2013 License Open Government Microsoft #sku# #barcode ...

These plans can offer benefits for government organizations.

Streamlined business processes and collaboration

The Office 365 government plans can provide efficient tools for holding multi-party HD online meetings with note-taking, screen sharing, and annotation functions. It is only one click to begin a conference call, IM, or video chat.

The government plans also provide calendars and email, Team and Intranet sites, Office Online, and apps for SharePoint and Office. They provide instant messaging and Skype connectivity, online PSTN conferencing, and work from any browser.

You can enhance your business collaboration and processes through its tools for file sharing and storage, constant accessibility, cutting-edge security practices, automatic updates, and 24/7 support.

Security and reliability

It is a fact that government organizations need world-class data security. Exactly, Office 365 can segregate data from commercial data. The platform can offer your organization excellent security and reliability. You dont need to worry about data problems because it has the best security features to give you and your staff peace of mind.

Excellent mobility

These government plans allow government employees to work at an office, home, or remote area with a hassle-free experience. You can also access its features on different devices. Employees who are always on the go can easily work in any setting.

It saves money and time


Functional tools and features

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Discount After Leaving Employment

The Microsoft 365 plan discounts continue even after you leave the qualifying employment.

In the past, leaving the job meant you were supposed to stop using the HUP Office software. If the organization stopped paying for Software Assurance, they had to tell their staff to stop using the HUP Office software .

Its very interesting, if not downright strange, part of the new Home Use Program. But theres no question that its real because its in the Microsoft Product Terms themselves:

Microsoft 365 Home or Microsoft 365 Personal subscriptions acquired through the Microsoft Home Use Program website may currently be renewed at the then current Microsoft Home Use Program price regardless of employment or Customers SAM coverage status

Staff who have the HUP discounted Microsoft 365 can get it for the foreseeable future, whether they still work for that organization or not. Even if the company drops Software Assurance , the already signed-up employees still get their HUP discount.

Ms Office 365 Government G5

The MS Office 365 Government G5 is available at $35.00 monthly. It has desktop-supported apps, including MS PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, and Excel. Also has Access for PC only. It also offers unlimited storage for OneDrive and a 100 GB mailbox with a calendar and contacts in Exchange.

This plan can offer you collaboration features like Teams, SharePoint and Audio Conferencing, Cloud PBX, and voicemail. You dont need to worry about security, safety, and compliance with this plan. Thus, it comes with advanced eDiscovery with integrated analytics and integrated predictive coding. The plan also has advanced protection from malware attacks and phishing.

Government G5 has encryption and do-not follow features and eDiscovery capability with in-place export, search and hold. With this plan, you can also access analytics and management capabilities such as MyAnalytics & Power BI Pro, Business Intelligence, Office Graph, and app management with Telemetry, Group Policy, and Shared Computer Activation.

Here we go, so that is the comparison of the various Office 365 government plans you can choose based on your specific needs. All these government plans come with 24/7 support through chat, phone, and email.

The plans also have free end-user support, annual commitment, savings on the costs, and fully automatic updates. It can also have regular data backups, reliability and security, and Tier-1 partner expertise.

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Microsoft Office Discount For Non

No Longer in the Military? You may be eligible if your current employer participates in the Home Use Program. There are over 40,000 companies and organizations worldwide that participate in Microsofts Home Use Program. This includes many large companies, government organizations, and more.

To see if your company participates in the program, simply visit the Microsoft Home Use Program website, enter your company email address, and verify eligibility. .

Microsoft Office For Military Faq

The Cheapest, Legal Way to Buy Microsoft Office in 2020

Is Microsoft Office free for military?

No, Microsoft Office is not free for military. Microsoft Office offers a 30% off discount to military servicemembers.

How do I get Microsoft Office military discount?

The easiest way is to use the Microsoft Home Use Program and your military email address. You will enter your military email address on the Microsoft Office for military page. Then forward that email from your military email to your personal email. Click the link inside the email and complete the sign up process on your home computer. 30% off for active duty military servicemembers.

How much is Microsoft Office for Military?

Microsoft Office is $69 per year for US military servicemembers. This includes active duty and families. This is 30% off from the regular $99 per year Microsoft Office.

How much does Microsoft Home Use program cost?

$69 per year is the cost of the Microsoft Home Use Program. This is a 30% discount from the regular $99 per year price for Microsoft Office.

Do you have to pay for Microsoft Office every year?

Yes, Microsoft has moved to a subscription basis for their Microsoft Office products. This includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and many other programs. The advantage is they are all cloud based now so you can access on any computer and share with many users.

Can I download Microsoft Office for free?

No, you cannot download Microsoft Office for free. The regular price is $99 and the military discount is $69 per year.

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Ms Office 365 Government F3

This F3 plan is available for about $4.00 per month. It comes with web-based applications, including MS OneNote, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

The plan has OneDrive and Exchange for email and storage. OneDrive offers 2 GB for each user, and for Exchange, it has a 2 GB mailbox with contacts and a calendar. The Government F3 plan also has collaboration features, including SharePoint and Teams.

Lets see Office 365 G1,G2 and G3 Plans details and pricing structure

What Happened To The Home Use Program

The Microsoft Home Use Program is still available. The name of the program has changed to the Microsoft Workplace Discount Program. Any previously purchased discounted products are not affected by the change in the program name. You’ll continue to receive discounted rates on qualified subscriptions, provided you keep auto-renewal turned on.

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Choose The Best Office For You

Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student for Mac is perfect for students of any kind, as well as small business owners and entrepreneurs wanting to take the work-life balance on a more personal level. With its great features that will never leave you behind in class or at your desk without help, there’s no reason why everyone shouldnt have this suite on their Mac!

The Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student for Mac deal is perfect for people who want to use the essentials in an affordable way. You’ll get lifetime access, and all the latest features without having monthly or annual fees attached!

Of course, this edition comes with some restrictions, so make sure you understand what they are before making a decision on whether it’s the right choice for your needs. If saving money isn’t one of them, then we suggest checking out our other offers as well, like Office 2021 Professional.

System Requirements

Here are the minimum system requirements for installing this suite. We recommend exceeding these in order to guarantee yourself an enjoyable experience with Office 2021 Home & Student for Mac:

Product Review

Microsoft Office Military Discount 2022

Microsoft Visio Professional 365 Open Government Microsoft #sku# #barc ...

The Platinum Card® from American Express card is annual fee waived for military. Terms apply.

Military Money Manual has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Military Money Manual and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the authors alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. Thank you for supporting my independent, veteran owned site.

Microsoft offers a great military discount on the Microsoft Office 365 Home and Personal. Normally, the Home package costs $99/year, but you can get it for $69/year through the Microsoft Home Use Program.

Microsoft recently changed the name of Office 365 to Microsoft 365. The Microsoft 365 military discount is still the same 30% off.

Active military servicemembers can get the entire Microsoft 365 package for just $69/year, a 30% discount.

Activate your military discount on Microsoft Office through this link.

The 365 Home suite comes with the entire Office collection, not just the basics. You can also share the account with up to 6 family members, which is great for school kids.

You get the full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access as well as OneDrive cloud based storage with 1 terabyte per user .

Office 365 Home is compatible with Windows 10, iOS, Mac, PC, and Android. Since it’s cloud based, you can use it on any internet connected device.

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Save 10% With The Microsoft Military Discount

The Microsoft Military Discount Program offers discounts on many Microsoft products, including software, computers, the X-Box, and much more. This program is available to current and former military members and their families. You can visit the Microsoft military discount page to learn more .

Clothing & Retail Discounts

Adidas: Government employees who are subscribed to ServicePlus can get up to 25% off their purchase at Adidas Canada .

: Canadian government employees can get a 10% discount on select apparel at Marks Work Warehouse when they sign up for ServicePlus .

The Brick: The Brick offers discounts on select furniture purchases to Canadian government workers who are members of the ServicePlus benefits program .

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Microsoft 365 Prices With Hup

For US customers the Home Use Program 30% discount works out to:

Microsoft 365 Family usually $99.99 Home Use Program price approx.. $69.99

Microsoft 365 Personal $69.99 HUP price approx. $48.99

For European customers we know the exact prices .

The 30% Home Use Program discount prices are:

Microsoft 365 Family 99 Home Use Program price 69.30

Microsoft 365 Personal 69 HUP price 48.30

Monthly Microsoft 365 options

There are also monthly payment options .

Like other Microsoft 365 monthly payment options, they are very bad value and only good for very short term uses.

About Office 365 Government Environments

How to Purchase Genuine Microsoft Office with 30% OFF -2022

Office 365 Government plans are monthly subscriptions and can be licensed to an unlimited number of users.

  • The Office 365 GCC environment provides compliance with federal requirements for cloud services, including FedRAMP High, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement , and requirements for criminal justice and federal tax information systems .

  • The Office 365 GCC High and DoD environments deliver compliance with Department of Defense Security Requirements Guidelines, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement , and International Traffic in Arms Regulations .

In addition to the features and capabilities of Office 365, the organizations that use Office 365 Government benefit from the following features unique to Office 365 Government:

  • Your organization’s customer content is logically segregated from customer content in Microsoft’s commercial Office 365 Services.

  • Your organization’s customer content is stored within the United States.

  • Access to your organization’s customer content is restricted to screened Microsoft personnel.

  • Office 365 Government complies with certifications and accreditations that are required for US Public Sector customers.

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Data Migrations Performed By Fasttrack

Customers who choose the FastTrack migration benefit will need to grant access to the team managing their data migrations. These personnel are US citizens and undergo the following background checks before performing migrations for customers of Office 365 US Government services.

Background screening

Service Availability For Each Plan

Each Office 365 plan includes a number of individual services, such as Exchange Online and SharePoint Online. The following table shows the services that are available in each Office 365 US Government plan.

Office 365 service
No2 No2

1 Not included but can be purchased as a separate add-on. Project Online includes Project Online Desktop Client as a part of the subscription.2 Yammer Enterprise is not a component of Office 365 US Government, but may be acquired at no cost as a standalone offer for each user licensed for Office 365 in GCC. This offer is currently limited to customers that purchase Office 365 GCC under Enterprise Agreements and Enterprise Subscription Agreements. Yammer is not available in GCC High or DoD.3 Calling Plan is an add-on .4 Not included but can be purchased as a separate add-on. Visio for the web includes the Visio desktop app as a part of the subscription.

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If An Employee Subscribes To Microsoft 365 Through The Microsoft Workplace Discount Program How Does This Impact Our Organization’s Microsoft 365 Business Subscription And Device Limit

Installs made through the Workplace Discount Program have no impact on your organization’s Microsoft 365 business subscription. When employees activate Microsoft 365 on their personal devices, they use their personal Microsoft account, not their work account. Your organization’s IT administrators don’t manage or support any purchases made through the Workplace Discount Program.

Technology Discounts For Federal Employees

How Much Do Microsoft Employees Get With Discounts

Federal employees can enjoy excellent discounts from leading cell phone carriers such as T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, and AT& T on both accessories and phone service. Often, the discounts range between 5%-20%, and most companies are willing to combine special offers with discounts. Be advised, though, most of these offers are mainly available to new customers.

Similarly, multinational computer outlets such as Microsoft, Lenovo, HP, Dell, and Apple offer federal employee discounts and have regular special offers on various computers and accessories. For instance, federal employees are entitled to Microsofts Home Use Program for less than $10 by factoring discounted computer packages.

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