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Federal Government Social Work Jobs

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Former Hawaii County housing worker charged with taking bribes

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Skilled Labour And Trades Jobs

Government of Canada careers are by no means limited to professionals and degree-holders. The government is a top employer of people who work in the trades and skilled labour positions. Such positions vary greatly, and again are present within practically all organizations. The following list is by no means exhaustive, but it does stand as a fair representation of the diversity of work available to people in the trades and skilled trades arenas.

Automotive Mechanic

Helping Canadians Through Life’s Big Moments

Working at Employment and Social Development Canada, which includes Service Canada and the Labour Program, gives you the chance to help strengthen Canada’s economy, society and communities.

If you want to:

  • work on leading-edge, transformative service delivery
  • develop innovative policy and programs that have a real impact on Canadians’ lives
  • use a broad range of data sets and analytics to inform decision making
  • continue to develop your professional skills and take advantage of diverse learning and advancement opportunities across program areas and across the country
  • work with people who believe diversity is one of our greatest strengths
  • use your skills, passion and dedication to support Canadians through life’s big moments

You’ve found the place. Join us today!

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Employee Satisfaction At Hhs Has Been Growing Steadily Since 2014 Making It One Of The Best Places To Work In The Federal Government

“What I am most proud of is knowing I directly contribute to the mission by helping HHS hire employees to advance HHS great mission. The employees here are dedicated, who work hard and passionately every day!”

I love how HHS is there to support and help the public to keep them safe. I prefer HHS over the private sector because the focus isnt on making money. Its about helping our citizens researching what we can to help them be the best they can.

Im a caretaker type of personality. I know I dont have the heart or stomach to do the work that nurses do. Im not scientific enough to find the cure for cancer. But supporting the people who do that work is what matters. I can buy the beaker. I can make sure you know what to expect with work overseas. I love participating in something bigger that will help improve the world overall.

My HR role is managing contracts, but my job is to support the CDCs global mission.

Salary Potential In Federal State And Local Government


A recent survey by the National Association for Social Workers determined the following regarding salaries for social workers in the federal government: For social workers who hold a masters degree in social work, a typical salary is in the ballpark of $67,000. Additionally,

  • 10% of social workers earn less than $45,000.
  • 25% earn less than $56,000.
  • 75% earn less than $80,000.
  • 90% earn less than $94,000.

If you are interested in working for the local or state government, below is a comparison of the wages for social workers in state, local and federal governments. Interestingly, the median salary for federal and local government social workers is similar: $67,300 for federal vs. $68,900 for local. State governments pay the lowest median wage: $63,300.

  • Federal: 10% earn less than $55,800 25% earn less than $60,000 median: $67,300 75% earn less than $78,000 and 90% earn less than $90,700.
  • State: 10% earn less than $43,200 25% earn less than $52,000 median: $63,000 75% earn less than $79,200 and 90% earn less than $94,000.
  • Local: 10% earn less than $42.000 25% earn less than $55,000 median: $68,900 75% earn less than $81,000 and 90% earn less than $93,400.

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    Spend #60seconds With Our Students

    My name is Libby

    My name is Nicolas Lauzon

    My name is Wiam

    My name is Jessica Lacombe and I work with the media services and events team.

    I work on the Social Media Team

    I work in Senior and Social Development Communications

    I work for Job Bank

    I work at ESDC in PASRB

    I work in departmental labour relations.

    First day on the job, it was absolutely incredible. I got to meet everyone. Working at ESDC you can see the absolute passion these people have.

    Going in, I think my perception of government work was that there is a lot of like policy analysis and kind of sitting at the desk and reading things. But in communications you’re always on the go things are always changing and you have to create new products.

    My biggest surprise at ESDC was that I’ve been working a lot, very closely, with students, other students. Which I love because we are all in the same boat we are all at the same position at the same time.

    Everyone is really positive. There’s a really positive atmosphere, and that made me feel like I was almost part of a family.

    Because it’s the federal government and it’s bilingual, I noticed that my English really improved over the short time I’ve been here.

    My favourite project that I’ve worked on was going to We Day in Ottawa we were there specifically for this Facebook page, called Leaders Today which is about the youth of Canada.

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    Nancy A Humphreys Institute For Political Social Work

    Founded by professor and former Dean of the University of Connecticut School of Social Work, the Nancy A Humphreys Institute works to expand the growing role of social workers in politics. Dr. Humphreys believes that social workers should seek elected partisan political office and that political social work practice is a legitimate specialization in the profession. The institute offers a two-day Campaign School that teaches social workers about political campaign strategies and how to run successful political campaigns.

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    Telangana Chief Minister Says Over 91,000 Government Jobs Being Notified

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    Federal Student Work Experience Program

    Get valuable and meaningful experience working for the top student employer in Canada! Explore hundreds of career paths and thousands of jobs that the Government of Canada has to offer across the country. Find out about rates of pay.

    Whether you’d work virtually or not, in one or both official languages, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

    You are eligible for this program if you meet these 3 requirements:

    • you are a full-time high school, CEGEP, college or university student
    • you are returning to full-time studies in the next academic year
    • you meet the minimum age requirement in the province/territory of work

    This includes students with physical or emotional disabilities deemed to have full-time status by their academic institution. Adult students registered in education and retraining programs at the secondary level may also be eligible for student employment programs.

    Students who are in their final year of academic study and who are not intending to return to full-time studies are eligible to work part-time up until the time they graduate.

    Note: Preference will be given to Canadian citizens and permanent residents who meet the job requirements.

    If you have special assessment needs, we want to make sure that you have the support you need to fully demonstrate your abilities. If youre contacted for a test or interview, ask the person contacting you for accommodation measures. This information will be kept confidential.

    Where Can I Work With A Degree In Social Work

    A common question that soon to graduate students of Social Work will ask is Where can I work with a degree in Social Work? While some will take the road of becoming Licensed Clinical Social Workers , many do not want to open their own practice or are not interested in the counseling branch of Social Work. Some also want to begin working immediately once they have earned their Bachelor of Social Work instead of staying in School to attain their Master of Social Work degree.

    For those who are interested in working at a nonprofit, it is simply a matter of finding a non-profit that is hiring and whose mission aligns with your ethical and moral compass. There are also jobs within private industries on occasion for Social Workers to do things like work in compensation such as in the case of a product malfunction.

    The overwhelming majority of Social Workers will however work for government at either the state or federal level. For those Social Workers who decide to work within a government framework it is important to consider what kind of agency one wants to work for and to ensure that they want to work within the context of that agencys stated objectives.

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    The New Social Worker

    THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER®, the social work careers magazine, has been published since 1994. Each issue provides practical articles on social work students, social work ethics, field placement, practice issues, practice specialties, technology in social work, book reviews, and more. The quarterly magazine for social work students, recent graduates, and others interested in the social work profession was founded by Linda May Grobman, MSW, ACSW, LSW.

    Where Can I Work As A Social Worker

    Social Security Administration  HIRING SOON!

    Because social workers serve a diverse variety of populations, they work in many different settings and locations. Each social worker’s place of employment depends on the industry in which they work and the population they serve. For instance, a mental health social worker may work in a psychiatric hospital or rehabilitation center, while a geriatric social worker may work in a senior living center, hospital, or community center.

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    Va Social Work As A Career

    Social workers are an integral part of VA health care. In this large and complex system, social workers are often the thread that pulls a treatment plan together and the one leading linkage and referral processes with community partners and engaging with Veterans groups and organizations on efforts to strengthen services. Social workers contributions with these efforts are valued, acknowledged and necessary. The wide range of opportunities within VA allows for social workers to experience many different jobs/positions throughout their careers. We are in small clinics in rural communities as well as in large medical centers in metropolitan areas.

    Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services

    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is the federal organization that works in partnership with local and tribal governments to administer Medicare, Medicaid and State Childrens Health Insurance Program to those who are eligible. One of the missions of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services it to act in a regulatory capacity to ensure that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Acts regulations are fulfilled by those who are regulated by this law. Certain quality of standards must be met by Nursing Homes and clinical laboratories and this regulatory capacity is also held by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The primary mission of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is to oversee and regulate the disbursement of Medicare and Medicaid benefits. As such, most jobs at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will be within the auspices of administering those programs. This mission is fulfilled by reviewing the work of each states Department of Human Services eligibility workers to ensure that the Medicare, Medicaid and State Childrens Health Insurance Programs are correctly applied and benefits released in a timely fashion to those eligible. Based in Baltimore, MD, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services also have regional offices as part of its oversight mission.

    Potential Jobs with a Bachelor of Social Work Degree: Health Insurance Specialist, Quality Control Reviewer

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    Join A Team That Is Changing Lives

    Remarks by Chair Powell at the Reservation Economic Summit 2022, May 24, 2022

    CSC social workers are involved in a wide range of tasks for offenders with mental health and co-occurring disorders, including:

    • Comprehensive assessments: of offenders, their families, and communities to identify offenders needs, strengths, ability to cope and any support networks they may require.
    • Therapeutic counselling and intervention: including professional advice and consultation to other health and non-health staff
    • Program delivery: delivery of correctional programs for offenders incarcerated in federal institutions or on conditional release in the community to reduce the likelihood of re-offending.
    • Education: to provide offenders and their families with education and to promote awareness of mental health and mental illness issues and services.
    • Discharge planning: to assess offenders needs, identify resources and co-ordinate discharge plans facilitate referrals and applications to government or community agencies advocate for offenders equitable access to services assist offenders and their families prepare for transitions and engage in relapse prevention.
    • Community capacity building: to develop partnerships within the community to coordinate services, identify and address gaps in services and advocate for resources.

    As a CSC social worker, you will work in a variety of settings, including federal institutions, mental health treatment centres, and in the community.

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    Social Worker Care Giver Positions

    The federal government is hiring a large number of Social Workers and caregivers, mostly at the Veterans Administration. These high paying job opportunities are available for those who know how to apply and tap this lucrative job market. Jobs are available at thousands of locations with excellent career advancement opportunities?

    This article features positions that engage in professional casework in the specific sense that their first purpose is to provide direct social work services to individuals and families. The term casework is used to designate practice associated with service to individuals and families as distinguished from methods of problem solving and prevention associated with group practice, work with community organizations, administration, consultation, research, etc.

    We help those seeking federal employment explore occupations and navigate the application process. Plus, we link you to current job vacancies and provide resume/application guidance, including sample federal style resumes.

    Social Worker Caregiver Careers

    There are currently over 529 vacancy announcements, some with multiple positions, advertised nationwide in this occupational group. The federal government employs 18,884 in this occupation of which 111 work overseas. The Department of Veterans Affairs is the largest employer with 16,772 followed by the Department of the Army with 1,185. HHS employs 125.

    Basic Requirements:

    Typical Job Titles:

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