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How To Get A Government Travel Card

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A limited number of employees may be eligible for an advance of funds through the direct deposit process via the automated travel system. However, those having a Government-issued travel charge card are not entitled to a cash advance. Rather, they should use their travel card to withdrawal monies at a ATM while on TDY travel. Travel advances should be withdrawn not more than two business days prior to the trip. These cash advances are limited to 60 percent of the M& IE rate for the TDY location. Cash obtained from the ATM in amounts greater than required for the travel duration are considered excessive cash advances and are subject to disciplinary action.

Usda Travel Charge Card Program

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer , Financial Planning and Policy, Fiscal Policy Division, Travel Section, along with representatives from agencies across USDA, is responsible for establishing and implementing travel policy and procedures as well as managing the USDA travel charge card program.

State Of Iowa Purchasing Card Program

Welcome to the State of Iowas Purchasing Card Program, a commercial credit card program administered by the Department of Administrative Services Central Procurement to facilitate the acquisition of goods and services by State agencies. Purchasing cards are used in accordance with procurement and accounting statutes and administrative rules specified in the Code of Iowa, Iowa Administrative Code, and DAS policies and procedures. This is the official resource site for Pcard information for State employees.

Contacts & Resources

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Benefits Of The Hhs Travel Charge Card

  • Worldwide acceptance
  • FICO score improvement and sustainment for cardholders
  • Built-in travel insurance and emergency assistance
  • Eliminating the need for travelers to use their personal charge card
  • Travelers no longer need to carry large sums of cash
  • Ability to monitor transactions and pay bills online
  • Improved control and oversight in travel spending
  • Agency/Organization Program Coordinator management and annual recertification

What Are The Benefits

Citi Government Travel Card Online Account
  • Avoid long line-ups and save time by:
  • using automated self-serve NEXUS kiosks when entering Canada at nine major international airports and U.S. Global Entry kiosks for entry into the U.S.
  • receiving expedited clearance through security screening lines at major and select mid-sized airports in Canada
  • receiving expedited clearance through the U.S. Transportation Security Administration Pre-Check lines at over 200 participating U.S. airports. Visit NEXUS Air for more information.
  • Enjoy a simplified entry process using dedicated vehicle lanes at 21 designated land border crossings. Visit NEXUS Land for more information.
  • When arriving to Canada by boat, report by phone to a Telephone Reporting Centre at more than 450 marine sites across Canada. Visit NEXUS Marine for more information.
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    How To Use Your Card

    You can use your card to access medically necessary state-provided healthcare when youre visiting an EU country.

    Medically necessary healthcare means healthcare that cannot reasonably wait until you come back to the UK. Whether treatment is necessary is decided by the healthcare provider in the country youre visiting.

    Medically necessary healthcare includes things like:

    • emergency treatment and visits to A& E
    • treatment for a long-term or pre-existing medical condition
    • routine medical care for pre-existing conditions that need monitoring
    • routine maternity care, as long as youre not going abroad to give birth
    • oxygen therapy and kidney dialysis

    Youll need to pre-arrange some treatments with the relevant healthcare provider in the country youre visiting for example, kidney dialysis or chemotherapy.

    Not all state healthcare is free in the EU and you may have to pay for services that you would get for free on the NHS.

    Your EHIC or GHIC is not a substitute for travel insurance. It may not cover all health costs and never covers repatriation costs. Make sure you have travel insurance as well as your card.

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    Can I Buy Food With My Government Travel Card

    Travelers can use their travel card at ATMs to obtain the money needed to pay reimbursable travel expenses. Do not use the T& Cs to pay for meals for your spouse/family/friends that are not listed on official travel orders. Do not use the GTCC after the TDY is finished, only when you are on the move.

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    What Credit Score Do You Need To Get A Government Travel Card

    660The individual cardholder is responsible for paying the full undisputed amount shown on the billing statement when due, regardless of the status of their travel reimbursement. A. Standard T& Cs. Standard cards are issued to people with a qualifying credit score .

    Should I use my government travel card?

    You must use the card only for authorized expenses incurred under official travel orders approved in the agencys travel management system. Possession of the card does not exempt you from using HHS Travel Management Centers or government-contracted carriers, if any.

    Us Bank Corporate Travel Card

    Mandatory Use of GTCC During PCS
    • ATM access for cash while in travel status
    • Insurance coverage
    • Full primary collision insurance on car rentals
  • Customized card showing UW affiliation to enhance employee identification and tax savings.
  • Any UW employee who travels on UW business at least once per year is encouraged to obtain and use the card for payment of their travel expenditures. The card is not intended to be used as a retail, revolving credit shopping card.

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    What Is A Government Travel Charge Card

    A GTCC is a commercial credit card offered to DoD personnel to pay for costs related to government-specific travel. For military members, this may include Permanent Change of Station moves and temporary duty assignments so that the service member doesnt have to pay for work-related expenses out of pocket.

    Currently, credit cards issued under the GTCC program are from the commercial partner, Citibank. However, the program itself is managed by DoD program coordinators within the Defense Travel Management Office , who provide troubleshooting assistance to service members and federal employees. While Citibank issues GTCC credit card statements, DTMO set policy regarding GTCC use. It is the main agency that does so.

    What Are The Steps Of Getting A Citi Travel Card

    When its time to get a GTCC youll be notified by email from your Agency Program Coordinator or supervisor. Youll then need to complete, sign and stamp the application form, and pass it to your supervisor for their approval. Make sure you leave enough time for the application process as there are several approval steps which need to be carried out by your APC and Citi.

    Once your card is ready youll need to set it up with a PIN and check it has been activated by your APC.

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    Who Can Apply For A Uk Ghic

    You may be eligible for a UK GHIC if you meet 1 of the following criteria:

    • youre legally living in the UK and you do not have healthcare cover provided by an EU country
    • youre living in the EU with a registered S1, E121, E106 or E109 form issued by the UK
    • youre living in the EU with an A1 document which is issued by the UK
    • youre a family member or dependant of an entitled individual already listed

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    What Is The Government Travel Charge Card And How Does It Work

    Citi Government Travel Card Login Page

    The US government contracts with major financial institutions to provide charge cards to over 560 Federal Agencies and tribal governments¹. These GTCC cards can then be used for essential work related spending, meaning that individuals shouldnt find themselves in financial difficulties or struggling with cash flow while they wait for expenses to be repaid. Instead, use the GTCC when you have to incur expenses for work then complete your travel voucher after returning to the US to reclaim the funds and pay off the card.

    Government Travel Cards have a number of advantages compared to regular credit cards. Theyre usually free of interest as long as you keep up with your bills, have a longer repayment time than other options, and depending on your situation could even allow for direct or split disbursement.

    Various different GTCCs exist, which are issued according to your role level and personal circumstances. This guide walks through all you need to know about getting and using the Citi Government Travel Card. You can manage the Citi GTCC using an automated phone banking service, making it simple to check transactions, pay your bills or change your PIN.

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    Build Credit For Tomorrow17

    Our credit-building cards let you spend just like you would with a traditional credit card. The main difference is youâll need to make a refundable security deposit from $300 to $5,000, to set your credit limit. Spend within your limit and pay your bill when itâs due. Over time, this will help build your credit and you may be able to graduate to a traditional card.

    Enjoy no annual fee and credit-building17 benefits.


    Centrally Billed Account Program

  • A corporate travel card account set up for travelers who do not have an individually billed account to use for official IRS travel expenses . One CBA account is established for each IRS business unit.


    Centrally Billed Account Guidelines

  • The CBA is a credit card account that travelers can use to charge common carrier transportation expenses and is available to:

  • Employees when issuance of the government contractor-issued travel card would adversely affect the IRS mission or put the employee at risk.

  • Employees who are not eligible to receive a government contractor-issued travel card.

  • New employees who have not yet obtained their own travel card.

  • Invitational travelers.

  • Employees who have received a written exemption from the mandatory use of the travel card from the director, Credit Card Services and

  • Relocating employees and family members may use the CBA for house-hunting trips and en- route travel if the employee does not hold a government credit card.

  • A traveler who has a travel card cannot use the CBA unless they meet one of the following exceptions:

  • Incur foreign travel transportation costs.

  • Have a suspended or cancelled travel card account.


  • The CBA can only be used for purchasing common carrier transportation tickets and related fees for official IRS travel while employees are in travel status away from their official station. Authorized uses are as follows:

  • Airline tickets

  • CGE fees for transportation ticketing


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    The Good Things About The Government Travel Card

    Service Members Don’t Have To Use Their Own Money

    The government travel credit card program means that military members are no longer using their personal funds or credit cards for government travel. This can be a significant hardship, especially for larger expenses or times when repayment is delayed.

    Claims Money Goes Right To The Card

    With other programs, there is the potential for travel claims money to become intermingled with the service members personal funds. With the government travel credit card program, the service member can direct that travel claim reimbursement be paid directly to the card issuer.

    The Government Gets a Rebate

    Much like the rewards credit cards that you may have, there is a rewards aspect to the government travel credit card. Each agency or department receives a rebate based upon the total amount of travel expenses that are charged to the government card.

    Do More With The Mobile Banking App

    GSA SmartPay Strategic Solutions Video Series/ #2 Tax Advantage Travel Card Account
    • Set customizable alerts
    • Snap a photo to deposit a check, and get instant confirmation
    • Use your fingerprint or Face ID for quicker access on the go

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    C Reimbursable Charge Card Fees

    When an employee leaves the NIH, the Government-issued charge card must be submitted to the employees Administrative Office. It is the employees responsibility to notify the contractor, e.g., card-issuing bank, of separation and reconcile all outstanding bills. If the employee is taking a position with another Federal Agency, another application must be processed for a Travel Card to be issued under the new agency. . If the employee remains with the NIH but transfers between ICs, proper steps must be taken by both IC Travel Credit Card Coordinators and the e.g., card-issuing bank to place the employee in the appropriate account.

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    Conversion Rates For International Travel

    Conversion rates are determined on the day U.S. Bank receives the transaction. U.S. Bank calculates the rate by averaging the government mandated rate and the wholesale market rate. The cardholder will see an exact conversion rate on his or her monthly statement. To receive an approximate conversion rate or U.S. dollar amount on a posted transaction, contact U.S. Bank Customer Service.

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    Is It Possible To Use An Uber With A Government Travel Card

    Uber is now officially available to federal employees for travel. Employees of the federal government who travel for work will be relieved to learn that they may now utilize ride-sharing services while on official government business. This week, President Trump signed the Modernizing Government Travel Act (H.R.

    What Is The Gsa Smartpay Travel Account

    Citibank Government Travel Card Online Login

    The GSA SmartPay Travel Account can be used for official government travel and travel-related expenses.

    Travel and Tax Advantage Accounts:

    • Accounts may be either VISA or MasterCard.
    • Visa brand accounts will begin with 4486, 4614, 4615, or 4716. MasterCard brand accounts will begin with 5568 or 5565.
    • Accounts may be issued by Citibank or U.S. Bank.

    Travel cards may have two different designs:

    GSA SmartPay Travel Account Prefixes include

    • Visa: 4486, 4614, 4716
    • MC: 5565 and 5568

    Federal government travelers using IBA Travel Accounts will be exempt from state taxes only in select states and a state tax exemption form may be required. To determine whether the GSA SmartPay account is a CBA or an IBA, refer to the 6th digit of the account number.

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    Government Travel Charge Card Program

    The Government Travel Charge Card Program is something new recruits wont learn about until it is required of them to carry it, but this DoD-wide program is an important part of an individual military members financial readiness, as the military calls it.

    What do you initially need to know about GTCC before and after signing up? Before signing up, its critical to remember that the travel card is only for official travel and cannot be used for personal reasons at any time.

    The most important thing AFTER signing up is to stay current on the latest policies and procedures associated with use of the travel card. If you assume that last years cash advance limit is the same this year, for example, you may end up in an awkward position if you try to pull that cash advance and hit a newly imposed limit you werent expecting.

    And thats not all you will need to stay current about policies related to things like upgrades, frequent flyer mile offers that may be associated with the use of a charge card while flying, etc.

    How You Stay Current On Travel Card Program Changes

    It is never safe to assume that terms and conditions remain the same on any credit card from one year to the next. You should view your credit card terms and policies as one year winds down and another begins just in case changes may be coming.

    The DoD also has a built-in protection against some being caught unaware of new policy changes. Thats why you are required to sign the legally binding DoD Statement of Understanding when you get your card for the first time.

    You will also have to re-verify this document when you PCS and inprocess into your new unit, AND you will re-sign the paperwork every three years, regardless.

    Joe Wallace is a 13-year veteran of the United States Air Force and a former reporter for Air Force Television News

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    What Items Can Not Be Charged To My Gtc

    The military is pretty clear about some things that definitely can not be put on a GTC. These include:

    • Personal expenses not part of the PCS move
    • Childcare, even if for a PCS purpose
    • Airfare must be booked through the appropriate office for your branch of service
    • Entertainment of any kind
    • Medical expenses, even if they happen during the PCS
    • Any personal travel days during the move/leave en route
    • Personally-procured move expenses depending on your branch

    Just be smart about things. If its not going to be covered by temporary lodging allowances, MALT and per diem, or DLA, dont put it on the card.

    The Government Travel Charge Card, or Government Travel Card, can make PCS moves less financially stressful but only if you dont spend more than the amount of your travel allowances. You can use the simple PCS allowance tracker in this article to make sure that doesnt happen.

    Sending you good PCS vibes!!

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