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Ventura County Government Center Traffic Tickets

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Appointment Retention And Removal

How to resolve a ticket issued in Hennepin County

Originally, after appointment by the Governor incumbents ran in potentially contested head-to-head elections. However, after a particularly bitter contest in 1932, the California Constitution was amended to provide for the present retention election system, where the voters are given the choice to retain or reject a candidate. To date no incumbent has been denied retention.

To fill a vacant position, the Governor must first submit a candidate’s name to the Commission on Judicial Nominees Evaluation of the , which prepares and returns a thorough confidential evaluation of the candidate. Next, the Governor officially nominates the candidate, who must then be evaluated by the Commission on Judicial Appointments, which consists of the Chief Justice of California, the Attorney General of California, and a senior presiding justice of the Court of Appeal. The Commission holds a public hearing and if satisfied with the nominee’s qualifications, confirms the nomination, which enables the nominee to be sworn in and begin serving immediately.

Like all other California judges, Court of Appeal justices are bound by the California Code of Judicial Conduct and can be removed prior to the expiration of their terms by the Commission on Judicial Performance. In order to protect judicial independence , the CJP generally only initiates removal proceedings in cases of severe or extensive judicial misconduct.

Where And How To Get Ventura County Divorce Records

The Records Division of the Ventura County Superior Court keeps all divorce records in Ventura County. To obtain a copy of a divorce record, prepare a written request, and send it by mail or in-person to:

Ventura Courthouse

2100 East Thousand Oaks BoulevardSuite A

Applicants can also submit the form with payment and a valid ID by mail to:

County Clerk and RecorderLocation #1260Ventura, CA 93009

The Clerk-Recorder charges $15 for a marriage certificate. Accepted payment methods are cash, check, and debit/credit cards .

Location Of All Courts In Ventura County

Ventura County has three Superior Courthouses, namely the East County Courthouse, the Juvenile Courthouse, and the Ventura Hall of Justice. Their contact information and locations are below:

Ventura County Superior Court – East County CourthousePhysical: 3855-F Alamo Street, Simi Valley, CA 93063Mailing: P.O. Box 6489

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Everything You Need To Know About Ventura County Traffic School

Want to know more about the Ventura County Traffic School process? Best Online Traffic School is here to help.

Our top priority is to help you make your traffic citation a thing of the past. Below youll discover useful information, links and resources to tell you everything you need to know about the Ventura County traffic school process.

If you have any questions whatsoever, dont hesitate to reach out! We want to make your experience as quick and painless as possible and are happy to help you however we can.

From S 101/los Angeles

Ventura Courthouse &  How to Fight Your Ticket

From Hwy. 101, take the California St. exit . Turn left onto S. California St. for 1/2 block. and take a right onto Harbor Blvd. Turn left onto Figueroa St. Ample Parking is available at the nearby downtown district and the Finish line area is just South of the Fairgrounds on the Promenade beachfront path. Check out all Downtown parking information!

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What Are The Closest Stations To Ventura County Superior Court

The closest stations to Ventura County Superior Court are:

  • Ventura County Government Center is 160 yards away, 3 min walk.
  • Ventura County Government Center is 405 yards away, 6 min walk.
  • Telephone & Lark is 436 yards away, 6 min walk.
  • Ventura County Government Center is 523 yards away, 7 min walk.
  • East Ventura Metrolink Station is 2722 yards away, 32 min walk.
  • Got A Traffic Ticket In Ventura County

    Getting a traffic ticket isn’t an experience that people usually enjoy. While traffic deaths in Ventura County fell between 2011 and 2012 , injuries from traffic crashes have increased. More than 3.600 people were injured in traffic crashes in 2012. Can you imagine what the highways would be like without traffic law enforcement?

    If you got a traffic ticket in Ventura County, you may have the option of taking an online defensive driving course. Completing the course can keep points off your driving record and help to avoid auto insurance increases.

    To see if you are eligible and to receive permission from the court to attend traffic school, contact the Ventura County Superior Court.

    To start your online traffic school course, select the courthouse designated on your ticket below:

    Start Here!

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    What Are Ventura County Criminal Records

    Ventura County criminal records are official files documenting information about the criminal history and activities of persons within the county. Ventura County criminal records are also called rap sheets. It contains the records subject details, arrest reports, indictments, convictions, and sentences. The California Department of Justice is the main repository for criminal background checks and records for the counties in California. Individuals can get copies of their own criminal records only. It is only law enforcement agencies and employers that can carry out background checks for residents of the state.

    Whats The First Thing I Should Do When Looking For A House

    Courthouse confusion continues: Court clerk claims it’s ‘racist’ to ask ‘why?’

    The first thing you should do before searching for rental homes is decide on an ideal budget. Consider how much of your income goes towards bills and what you have left over at the end of each month. Also, remember that when first moving in, you will need to account for at least a deposit and first months rent.

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    How Do I Visit An Inmate In Ventura County Jail

    Ventura County has three jail facilities, namely East County Jail, Pre-Trial Detention Facility, and Todd Road Jail. Persons are allowed to visit pre-trial inmates at the East County Jail between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. As for housed inmates at the East County Jail, visiting hours are between 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m from Monday to Friday and 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Saturday and Sunday. To visit an inmate at the East Valley Jail, call 494-8242.

    Interested persons should check visiting information for either of the other two jail centers they intend to visit:


    How The Ventura County Traffic School Process Works

    Have you recently received a ticket in the Ventura County area? Then heres what you need to know:

    After receiving your ticket, the court will process your ticket within two to three weeks. During this time you may or may not receive a courtesy notice. However, you will still have to settle your case by the appearance date. You can do this online, over the phone or by mail.

    If you receive a courtesy notice, it will include information such as:

    • Your bail amount
    • Your eligibility for traffic school
    • How to request traffic school
    • Whether or not you have to appear in court
    • How to pay your fine

    Please note: You will want to make sure you are eligible for traffic school before you sign up for any traffic school online.

    For more information on how traffic school works, you can click here.

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    Fastest Course Allowed By Law

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    “When it comes to traffic school… this is the one!!!!!”- Jennifer V. Riverside, CA

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    Pilot Program To Avoid Court Appearances

    Ventura Traffic Court &  How to Beat Your Ticket ...

    Lawmakers and court officials have taken some recent steps: They have eliminated license suspensions for failing to pay traffic tickets and developed payment plans.

    The court system also developed a pilot project that makes it easier for low-income motorists to request a traffic ticket fee reduction. A website called MyCitations allows motorists to request a reduction online. The courts can consider a drivers income and other information on their ability to pay before deciding whether to lower a penalty.

    The virtual ticket system was created so that motorists wouldnt have to appear in person at a courthouse if they wanted to get their ticket debt reduced.

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    Where And How To Get Ventura County Birth Records

    The Ventura County Clerk-Recorder manages birth records from 1873 to date. A birth record can be requested in person and mail. Simply fill out the Birth Certificate Application form , include a copy of a valid ID and payment, and submit to:

    Government Center

    Location #1260Ventura, CA 93009

    The Clerk-Recorder charges $21 for a death record. Cash, check, and debit/credit cards are acceptable.

    Ventura County Record Availability

    In line with the California Public Records Act, citizens have full access to Ventura County public records. These public records include Ventura County arrest records, court records, criminal records, and vital records. Various government officials at the state and county levels generate and disseminate copies of these public records. Finding and accessing Ventura County public records is fairly difficult. In cases where a requester is experiencing further difficulty in obtaining a public record, consider using the search options on State Records.


    Ventura County Traffic Tickets Lawyers

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    Being Dropped Off Or Driving Yourself To The Full Marathon Start

    Head North on Hwy 33 until Hwy 33 and Hwy 150 branch away from each other. Take slight Right onto Hwy 150. Continue into Downtown Ojai. Road closure for eventstarts at Ventura St. Take Left onto Ventura St and immediate Right onto Matillija St. Athlete drop off zone is between Signal St and Montgomery St. Do not park, simply let runners out and continue driving. Be courteous to other runners anddrivers. DO NOT PARK in drop off zone for any reason!!!! Then turn left onto Montgomery St followed by a left onto Grand. From there follow detour signs to get back to Ventura.

    Driving yourself is NOT RECOMMENDED. There is extremely limited parking near the start line in Downtown Ojai. Hwy 150 will be closed to traffic in both directions from Signal St to Gorham Rd. with detours in place. If you plan to drive yourself, or are a spectator, parking is on a first come first serve basis and is in the residential area North of Hwy 150. Pay attention to all parking signs as Mountains 2 Beach and its affiliates and sponsors are not responsible for parking tickets or towing. Note- if you drive yourself to the start line, you must find your own way back to your car after the event.

    Ventura County Government Center Shuttle

    Robert L. Anderson Remodel and South County Courts Construction Groundbreaking

    This shuttle option picks up at the Ventura County Govt Center located at 800 S Victoria Ave Ventura CA 93009. This is approx. 7 miles from the event finish line. You will be taken from the Govt Center to the event start line where you will then run to the finish. There are two shuttle times leaving at 4:00 am and at 5:00 am. THE LAST SHUTTLE WILL LEAVE AT 5:00 AM!!! Be sure to arrive at least 30 min prior to your shuttle time to give you enough time to find a space, and walk to the shuttles.

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    Note There Is No Participant Race Day Parking At The Ventura County Fairgrounds

    The Fairgrounds lot will be open to spectators and family but not for athletes in the early hours of the morning. It also is not free…. We recommend all spectators and family utilize downtown Ventura parking options

    There are ample pay locations available in Downtown that are not enforced until 10 AM on Sundays. So if you will be done with your event before 10 AM, please use a pay spot.

    Where And How To Find Ventura County Inmate Information

    The Ventura County Sheriffs Office keeps all inmate records for individuals in all of the countys jails. It provides a helpful inmate locator on its website. Visitors can search for inmates by name and booking number. The Sheriffs Office also makes provisions on the website for sending emails to inmates.

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    Ventura County Traffic Court Extensions

    Worried that you might miss your case or traffic school deadline? The Ventura Traffic Court may grant a one-time 28-day extension for eligible citations.

    The easiest way to do this is to request an extension online, which you can do by following this link.

    Other options for requesting an extension are:

    From N 101/santa Barbara

    Police investigate officer

    From Hwy. 101, take the Ventura Ave. exit . Turn right onto E. Thompson Blvd. Take Thompson Blvd. .2 miles and turn right onto Figueroa St. After crossing the Amtrak tracks, the road will become Shoreline Dr. Ample Parking is available at the nearby downtown district and Finish line is just South of the Fairgrounds on the Promenade beachfront path. Check out all Downtown parking information!

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    Ventura County Courthouses: Ventura Ca

    Ventura Courthouse Location:800 South Victoria Avenue, Room 118Ventura, CA93009

    Submitted, a representative from Ticket Snipers will contact you shortly.

    Interactive map to the Ventura Courthouse:Other Courthouses in Ventura County we service

    The services of Ticket Snipers are provided by a registered and bonded Legal Document Assistant. A Legal Document Assistant cannot provide legal advice and can only provide self-help services like preparing, completing, or filing legal documents or forms at your specific direction and supplying you with attorney-approved written material for your self-help needs. If you choose to use this site or services provided by Ticket Snipers you agree that the information provided on this website and information given by Ticket Snipers representatives, employees or agents is not legal advice and no Attorney-Client relationship is created. Ticket Snipers is not a law firm, does not practice law, does not give legal advice and the representatives, agents and principles of Ticket Snipers are not acting as your attorney. Instead, you are representing yourself in any legal matter you undertake with the use of Ticket Snipers’ services regarding your traffic ticket or citation.

    Common Ventura Traffic Tickets

    Speeding Tickets

    The lights are flashing, the siren is blaring and you just handed the traffic officer your license, registration and proof of insurance. All because you were driving over the speed limit. Again! It doesnt feel great does it? Dont despair though, getting caught is always a wakeup call but the good news is that fighting a speeding ticket is not too difficult under the right circumstances.

    Red Light Tickets

    Fighting a red light ticket may be easier than youd ever think! But first, youll want to make double sure that all of the information reflected on the ticket is actually accurate. Unfortunately, with the rise of fraud and identity theft, there have been some cases of con-artists mailing out falsified tickets. Check your name, address and vehicle information closely for anything that seems missing or incorrect. Once youre sure it is a legitimate document, you can begin to examine various forms of defense and move forward with contesting a red light ticket.

    Cell Phone Tickets

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    Ventura County Traffic School Fee

    If youve received a ticket, then youll have to pay an administrative fee to the court before attending traffic school.

    This fee will be the bail amount plus an additional $68 Ventura Court Traffic School Administrative Fee. Make sure to pay the court directly and not us or any other traffic school!

    You can pay your traffic ticket fees through the following options:

    Ventura County Traffic School Links & Resources

    Exposed Personal Information In Traffic Records Concerns Commissioner’s Office

    Want more information on everything related to Ventura Traffic School? Weve compiled an assortment of helpful links below for easy access.

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