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How To Apply For Federal Government Jobs

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How to Apply for Federal Jobs

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Find Government Jobs Online

The best way to find government jobs is by searching through online databases. Here are the steps you should follow to find government jobs in the area youd like to work:

  • Go to Indeeds Job Search page.

  • Type Government into the keyword section, then fill in your desired location.

  • After clicking Find Jobs, youll be shown a list of results. You can then narrow your search further using the filters on the left side of the page.

  • If you have a specific job in mind, type it into the keywords box and conduct another search. For example, you could search for government accountant or corrections officer.

  • Another option you have is searching through the job postings by specific government agencies. For example, if you want to work for the State Department, go to their website and see what jobs they have available. Most agencies keep their list of job openings updated regularly, so you can check back often to see if a new job has opened.

    Overview Of The Statement Of Merit Criteria For Federal Government Job Applications


    Now that you have identified a job for which you want to apply, you have to go through the job poster and see what the qualifications are and assess whether or not you meet the essential qualifications.

    With every Federal job poster comes whats called a Statement of Merit Criteria . This is the part of the job poster that clearly lays out all of the essential qualifications, asset qualifications, operational requirements, knowledge requirements and abilities. But lets not get ahead of ourselves.

    First thing you need to do is read the entire job poster and Statement of Merit Criteria to establish what exactly the hiring manager is looking for.

    Lets start at the top and break it down:

    As you can see, the Statement of Merit Criteria can seem very complicated. But it doesnt have to be. If you know how to read and interpret the job poster, it can be straight forward. And that is what we will do as we continue with this post. We will break down each of the components so you know exactly what to expect as you continue.

    Step 3:

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    Final Checks To Accept A Federal Job Offer

    To be hired for any federal job, you must expect to have a background, criminal and credit investigations. If your position exposes you to sensitive information, you will most likely also be required to get a security clearance. Obtaining a Security Clearance Even if you have been offered and have accepted a federal agency position, you need to remember that the job offer is conditional. Final job offer is contingent on your passing all the necessary background investigations. Different agencies will require various levels of background and security investigations. The different levels of security investigations are confidential, secret and top secret. The level that you are required to pass will depend on your exposure to classified information. Each level of security clearance is measured by how much damage a breach could inflict on national security.

    • Confidential Security is the lowest level and needs to be re-investigated every 15 years.
    • Secret Security addresses unauthorized divulgence that could lead to serious damage to our nation and needs to be re-investigated every 10 years.
    • Top Secret Security is designed to protect against exceptionally dangerous conditions for the country and needs to be re-investigated every 5 years.

    How Do I Know A Job Is Open To Veterans

    In the job announcement look for the This job is open to section. When a job is open to Veterans youll see this icon: Veterans A white shield on a green circle There may be other groups listed that can also apply.

    You can also select the Veterans filter in search. Your results will display all jobs open to Veterans.

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    Check To See If You Have Been Referred

    Once the job announcement is closed, the hiring agency will review your application.

    Applicants typically will then be placed into qualification categories:

    • Qualified
    • Best qualified

    These quality categories can be thought of as bronze, silver, and gold.

    When your application has been put into a qualification category, the hiring agency may update your application status to reviewed, but not all agencies provide this level of detail on the status.

    The hiring agency will then send the highest qualified applicants to the hiring official, and those applicants may see their application status updated to referred. Applicants not being considered further will see a not referred status.

    Where We Are A Service Provider

    How to apply for a federal job with the CFPB

    Our Customers are organizations such as federal, state, local, tribal, or other municipal government agencies , private businesses, and educational institutions , who use our Services to evaluate job applicants and manage their relationship with their personnel. When we provide our Services to our Customers, the Customer generally controls and manages the personal data, and we process personal data as a data processor or service provider. Our legal obligations as a processor and service provider are set out in our Customer contracts and policies.

    For instance, if you apply to a job or your employer utilizes our Services to manage their relationship with you, the personal data collected about you is generally controlled by the employer . This Policy does not describe the processing of your personal data by our Customers, and we encourage you to visit the Customers privacy policy for information about their privacy practices. For example, if you applied to a job at a local state agency, you should contact that agency with any questions you may have relating to the personal data processing by that state agency within our Services.

    Where we serve as a data processor, our Customer contracts and policies require us to either instruct you to contact our Customer, or redirect your inquiry to our Customer

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    Employment Equity: Count Yourself In

    The Government of Canada hires people from a wide variety of backgrounds, not just because its the right thing to do, but because it makes the public service even more talented, inclusive and diverse. Self-declaration is voluntary, but by self-declaring as a member of one of the 4 employment equity groups, youll be considered for job opportunities where belonging to one of these groups is a requirement. Your information will be kept confidential.

    Join us in building an accessible, inclusive and barrier-free public service. Learn more about employment equity and how the Public Service Commission of Canada is building a representative public service.

    How To Find And Apply For A Federal Government Job

    So lets talk about actually finding that job.

    How do you position yourself to successfully getting your foot in the door.

    • Register. Go on line to and register a profile.
    • Search. Once you have registered, you can streamline your search to specific job types, salary ranges, locations, etc. and then save your search so you dont have to keep updating that information.
    • Monitor. Continue to check your account on a daily basis to ensure that you dont miss any opportunities.
    • Network. Reach out to anyone you know who has a government job to see if there are any job shadowing opportunities or other avenues to get in.
    • Educate. Understand what the requirements are for the positions in which you are interested. Do you have the required education and training? If not, this is a good time to upgrade your qualifications so when the right job becomes available, you will be ready.

    Once you identify the job for which you want to apply, then the real work begins.

    You will require a professional, targeted resume clearly outlining how you meet the essential qualifications.

    You will also need to prepare for any tests that may be implemented, and of course, get yourself ready for the interview.

    • If you would like to complete my free interview worksheet, please go to This worksheet will help you begin the process of preparing for your next interview.
    Step 2:

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    Pass Your Interview With Flying Colors By Being Prepared


    If you do get called for an interview, first take a moment to be proud! Statistics show that each corporate job opening attracts approximately 250 resumes, yet only four to six applicants will be called back for an interview.So how can you prepare for your job interview and put your best foot forward?

    If you plan ahead, you can avoid some of the most common interview mistakes. Do your homework in the days leading up to the interview so you can let your expertise shine:

    • Know where youre going: Make sure you understand how to get to the interview location and how long it will take you to get there.
    • Be on time: Punctuality is important for an interview. If youre going to be late, call the interviewer immediately.
    • Do your research: Study the agency to which youre applying so you can speak knowledgeably about it during the interview youre bound to be asked what you know about the agency.
    • Prepare paperwork: Bring extra copies of your resume, any relevant work samples and any application materials that youve been asked to complete and bring.
    • Exude confidence: Use confident body language, including eye contact, warm smiles and firm handshakes.
    • Interact: Always come prepared with smart questions about the position and agency.
    • Follow-up: After your interview, be sure to send a thank-you note to all who interviewed you. You may consider sending an email, a handwritten note or a formal card. Your interview will help you determine the best method for follow-up communications.

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    Government Jobs That Train You

    When you have nothing but a diploma at your disposal, applying for the first federal jobs might seem to be an extremely difficult task with low chances of employment. However, thanks to the numerous training programs provided by the governmental sector employers, you should not be discouraged by your lack of work experience. When looking through announcements for entry-level federal government jobs, make sure you read all the information provided carefully. As a rule, the details about training programs involved in the job will be included in the announcement text.

    The federal government offers a variety of programs and resources to put your best foot forward in a new field. You just need to know where to search for new prospects and possibilities. Here are a few places to start:

    1. Job Corps a job training program for adults ages 16-24.

    2. CareerOneStop offers several training programs, colleges and universities.

    3. United States Department of Labor has a Trade Adjustment Assistance for Workers provides you with an opportunity to get support, skills and credentials to become reemployed, in case if you lost your job due to overseas competition or other circumstances.

    4. Also, the Labor Department has a list of apprenticeship programs around the country with paid job training in such industries as healthcare, information technology, transportation, construction and so on.

    Testing Interviews And Accommodation Measures

    After youve applied, if youre screened in, you may be asked to write a test or series of tests. You may also be invited to an interview. Let the person inviting you to the test or interview know, as soon as possible, if you think assessment accommodation measures could make tests or interviews more accessible to you.

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    One Application Thousands Of Jobs

    Create an account, upload your resume, and start applying for jobs. is the largest public sector job board in the country with thousands of open positions looking for qualified candidates like you. Automatically save your applications in a centralized place so you can keep track of where you’ve applied and check the status of your submission.

    Create Your Usajobs Account

    Three Steps to Get Referred to the Selecting Official for Government Jobs using USAJOBS

    If you dont already have a USAJOBS account , create one. You must have complete a profile to apply to any job on USAJOBS. Because this will be used for all job applications, it is important to be accurate and thorough.

    With a USAJOBS account and profile you can:

    • Save jobs that interest you to review or apply later.
    • Set up and save automated job searches.
    • Upload your resume files, or use the USAJOBS resume builder to create one. USAJOBS allows you to store up to 5 resumes in the system.
    • Upload and save required documents.
    • Apply to job announcements posted on USAJOBS.
    • Review and track your application status.

    On any given day, USAJOBS includes as many as 10,000 job announcements. Announcements are posted daily, so it is important that you look at USAJOBS frequently.

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    Current Federal Governments Job Positions

    The Government of Nigeria with the assistance of the UNDP has secured funding through the Global Environment Facility to implements projects that would foster sustainability and resilience in Nigerias agricultural production.

    The goal of the five-year project is to enhance the long-term sustainability and resilience of food production systems in Nigeria, building greater community resilience to climate risks and other shocks that drive food insecurity.

    The project is seeking qualified individuals to be recruited in the Project Management Unit .

    1. Federal Economy Agencies Jobs in Nigeria

    Tailoring Your Federal Resume To The Job Announcement

    Tailor your federal style resume and application to the core duties and responsibilities listed in the job announcement. Those who take the time to develop a comprehensive and properly formatted tailored application package, will improve their rating and get the attention of the selecting official.

    Suggestion: You can apply for most jobs online using an agencys resume builder. It is best to draft your work experiences and take time to tailor them to the job announcement offline using a word processor. This will give you sufficient time to collect all of the information you will need for the application. Tailor your work experience write-ups to the jobs required skills, abilities and qualifications. Spell check your work and then copy and paste your write-ups into the resume builder.

    Read the job announcementthoroughly for the position you are applying for and pay attention to the required Duties and Responsibilities. Look for special skills or other evaluation factors that are needed. Highlight the key duties and responsibilities and then incorporate them frequently in your work experience, occupational questionnaire and KSA write-ups. You must provide specific examples of the work experience you have that is relevant to the job you are bidding on.

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