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Government Surplus Auctions New Jersey

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What Items Can Be Found In Government Auctions

How NJ Police Are Using Surplus Military Equipment

These sales are federal, state, and local. The items for sale range from automobiles, planes, paintings, jewelry, clothing, boats and much more. Some are online auctions, some you might have to personally attend. Some of the items are very valuable and expensive. Did you know that if you sell drugs youre supposed to pay taxes on that income. If you dont, the IRS can confiscate your property. We wanted to add that because its kind of funny.

Most of the online sales websites require you to register. Many of the sites have mailing list that you can sign up for to receive new sales offers directly to your email.

How often are there government auctions?

Theres no set schedule for all government auctions. There are many federal agencies that have sales of personal and real property. States have their sales, and local municipalities have theirs. With the right information you can attend sales weekly, some sales are online, or you can attend sales offline.

Weve noticed recently that there are many sales of real property in Texas, Ohio and Florida.

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Auction Surplus state and government sales

We thank you for visiting our siteand we hope that you do join us in the real estate investing circle. Were the source for government foreclosures, bank foreclosures, auctions, grants, real estate investing and tax lien certificates. Weve compiled some of the best information on or offline.

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Vehicle Surplus Auction – State of New Jersey
New Jersey Surplus Vehicle Auction
Auction List Services – Monmouth County Auction











Vehicle Surplus Auction – State of New Jersey
New Jersey Surplus Vehicle Auction
Auction List Services – Monmouth County Auction
Government Surplus Equipment Auction- Palmyra NY

Toms River Nj Shorebeatyour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

The mayor of Ocean Gate borough was hit Friday with corruption charges after prosecutors say he kept public parking meter revenue for himself, pocketed the proceeds of the disposal of surplus items on a governmentauction website as well as sold the town’s furniture through Facebook.


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Need An Old Cop Car Nj Towns Auctioning Surplus Lost Items

When municipalities no longer have use for certain police cars, or lost-and-found items have been “lost” for too long, one option they have is to pass it along to you at a price.

At any given time across New Jersey, local governments have items up for bid, from office equipment to dump trucks. And by law, as a resident, you have to be notified of the sale.

Government surplus auctions may occur in person, but a number of municipalities have gone digital and post their items on sites like Municibid and GovDeals.

“It’s no different if you have an item in your home and it still has value to someone else, but you no longer have use for it,” said Lori Buckelew, assistant executive director of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities. “It’s a way for a municipality to sell an item no longer needed for use and recoup some of the value.”

These auctions weren’t always permitted, Buckelew noted. The approach started out as a pilot program decades ago.

According to Municibid, government surplus auctions “have taken the thrifting scene by storm.”

As of Monday afternoon, the site had more than 50 New Jersey-based listings. A Ford F350 used as a Department of Public Works vehicle, for example, is up for grabs from the borough of High Bridge, and bidding will begin in early September.

One lucky bidder in New Jersey, Municibid said, recently spent a few hundred dollars on seized property in a government auction and discovered a necklace worth $7,000 as part of his haul.

Police Seizure And Tow Impound Auctions In Ny And Nj

New Jersey State Auto Auction Becomes an Certified Female ...

Impound auctions, surplus auctions, and police auctions are a great way for a patient buyer to get a very good deal on a car. These types of auctions do not typically allow you to much time to look over the vehicles for sale so it is important to at least have some car mechanical knowledge to bid and participate. Police auctions also tend to have smaller inventories and less cars for sale than typical public car auctions.

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Where To Find New Jersey Government Auctions

Those interested in New Jersey government auctions can find helpful information listed on their website. Included are notices for upcoming auctions, vehicle listings along with purchase prices, location details, and contact information. Potential buyers can also find New Jersey items being auctioned on Municibid.

Who Can Buy New Jersey Government Surplus

Majority of the items listed on New Jerseys auction are open to the public, the entire public, not just New Jerseyites. However, there are occasions where select materials, such as police items, are only sold to other police.

These state specific auctions are a great way for people who live locally to find affordable and useful items for their home or business. People from out of state are welcome to bid, but will have to accomodate for picking up items if their bid is successful.

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Video Result For New Jersey State Surplus Auction

Vehicle Surplus Auction – State of New Jersey
New Jersey Surplus Vehicle Auction
Government Surplus Vehicle Auction












Vehicle Surplus Auction – State of New Jersey
New Jersey Surplus Vehicle Auction
Auction List Services – Monmouth County Auction
GovDeals – KDKA Pittsburgh – Pennsylvania State…

Take A Look Inside A New Jersey Government Surplus Auction

‘New Jerseys Neverland Ranch’ Up For Auction

With New Jersey experiencing a car shortage, maybe you can check out the next government automobile auction.

TRENTON, NJ Have you ever been to a government surplus vehicle auction? Have you ever wondered if you can actually get good deals at one? East Coast Classics took a look at one here in Trenton New Jersey.

The auction was held on July 10th. The next auction will be on August 7th at the NJ Distribution Center on Stuvesant Avenue in Trenton.

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Cool Items Sold At New Jersey Government Auctions

Every New Jerseyite should be asking one question. What are New Jersey government auctions? As with any other state, the New Jersey government employs a number of vehicles and heavy equipment when managing their municipality. This includes police cruisers, dump trucks, snow plows, and more. Eventually, these vehicles go out of date and the government upgrades to the latest versions.

Police rotate vehicles after reaching specific criteria like mileage. The Department of Public Works also rotates through equipment, switching to smaller or bigger equipment as needed. Sometimes they contract work instead of keeping and maintaining vehicles themselves.

Additionally, the government sells off items like repossessed or stolen cars. In order to get rid of this surplus, the New Jersey government relies on auctions, both in-person and online.

Government Surplus Real Estate Auction

90+ Parcels Throughout Trenton

Residential Buildings, Residential Lots, Multi-Family Opportunities, Redevelopment Sites and Commercial Sites

Renovation Opportunities throughout the city for Investors, Developers and End-User buyers.

10 REDEVELOPMENT SITES: Commercial and Residential Sites Former Cook School, Former Church, Mixed-Use, and Commercial Opportunities

25 COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL LOTS: Stand-Alone or Adjacent Lots Packaged Together

48 RESIDENCES/STRUCTURES: Rehab Opportunities for Investors, Builders and Rehab Specialists

10 FIVE YEAR OWNER OCCUPIED: Opportunities for the End User Buyers

Trenton is the State and County Capital and offers History, Culture, Entertainment, Industry, Arts and Education. National and Local Economic Incentive Programs are available to help you invest in the Capitol City.

35 Christoph Avenue has been removed for the Public Auction. 39 Christoph Avenue is valid, separate and apart from 35 Christoph Avenue.

For a list of properties and google map of property locations visit the Trenton auction page.

Questions? Call 888-299-1438 or email

Take the next step!

Join the bidders club, click on the acknowledgement email link, then click on the large red button on the left side of the auction page to download the property information package.

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