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Entry Level Federal Government Jobs

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Reading Federal Job Announcements

US Government Jobs Finder – Search Entry Level Federal Government Jobs

While browsing positions, focus first on whether you meet basic qualifications. When first reviewing job announcements, pay attention to the following sections:

  • Who may be considered: Review this item in the overview section to ensure you are eligible for this position.
  • Qualifications and evaluations: This will give you an idea if you have the qualifications to excel in this position. Applications will only be considered if you meet the min qualifications.
  • How to apply: Missing documents or incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Make sure you understand what the application entails and follow directions closely to ensure your application is complete.

After you find a few positions that fit what you are looking for, it is critical that you read the position description closely. Even if the description seems unusually long, a careful reading will save you time and energy in the long run.

Civilian Jobs With The Department Of National Defence

The Department of Defence is a major employer within the Canadian government. Of course they recruit and employ members of the armed forces , but they are also a major employer of civilians. The Canadian Department of National Defence offers positions in almost every major category of employment examples include:

Aircraft Maintenance Water, Fuel and Environment Technician Welder

The Canadian Department of National Defence is the largest federal employer in the country. The DND has the largest pool of employees and personnel, both military and civilian, and maintains the largest departmental budget. It is an organization with myriad opportunities and positions, currently employing nearly 24,000 civilian support personnel in almost 70 available roles that support our military.

Shortcut To Matching Your Qualifications: Cracking The Gs Code

The coding systems used to classify jobs vary by agency, but the most common system is the General Schedule . The GS assigns every job a grade level from 1 to 15, according to the minimum level of education and experience its workers need. Jobs that require no experience or education are graded a GS-1, for example. Jobs that require a bachelor’s degree and no experience are graded a GS-5 or GS-7, depending on an applicant’s academic credentials and an agency’s policies. The table below shows the GS levels for entry-level workers with different amounts of education and little or no work experience.

College degrees only qualify you for a particular grade level if they are related to the job. For occupations requiring general college-level skills, a bachelor’s degree in any subject can qualify you. But other occupations require a specific major.

Related: To apply for jobs that match your skills, visit the Military Skills Translator.

After gaining work experience, people often qualify for higher GS levels. In general, 1 year of experience related to the job could raise your grade by one GS level in most clerical and technician positions. In administrative, professional, and scientific positions, GS level increases in increments of two until you reach a GS-12. After that, GS level increases one level at a time. With each additional year of experience at a higher level of responsibility, your GS level could continue to increaseuntil it reaches the maximum for your occupation.

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General Tips For Applying

10 Best Entry

The federal hiring process follows firm guidelines when submitting applications. It is crucial that applicants take the time to research the roles for which they are applying and ensure that their application materials meet the requirements of the position. Below are steps outlined to provide guidance in creating a federal resume. I highly encourage students applying for federal positions to make an appointment with me to ensure application materials are ready for submission.

Plan & Prepare: It is important to clearly read instructions in the vacancy announcements. Researching agencies, positions and responsibilities can help you craft your experiences in the best light. This will also serve you well if selected for an interview.

Customize: your resume to the position. It is important to highlight qualifications, relevant work experience, extracurricular activities, skills requirements, etc.

  • CCAR Method: As you craft your position descriptions, use the CCAR method to highlight your accomplishments and tell your story. Action and Result are the most important and allow the reader to see YOUR direct impact in a role and in the organization.
  • Challenge
  • Action
  • Result

Format: Federal resumes typically have a lot of information on them, as the opportunities require much more detail than the standard resume. This information needs to be formatted in an organized, clear way so that hiring managers can review a resume quickly and easily find necessary information.

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The Presidential Management Fellows Program

The PMF is a paid, entry-level leadership development program for candidates with a professional or graduate degree.

Presidential Management Fellows receive prestigious two-year appointments that include 160 hours of training and at least one 4 to 6 month assignment at a federal agency . Appointments can potentially be converted into permanent positions after the fellow successfully completes the program.

Eligibility: Graduate students from any discipline expected to complete a degree during the current academic year, or who have received a degree no more than 2 years prior to the opening date of the application window, are eligible to apply. Since 2014, the program has expanded to include additional opportunities for graduates in the STEM fields.

Application deadline: Fall

More details: To find more information and to apply to be a PMF, visit

Entry Level Government Jobs With No Experience Needed

  • Entry Level Government Jobs with No Experience Needed
  • Stability, a generous benefits package, great career prospects, and encouraging salaries are the attributes commonly associated with working for the federal government. The growth rates for federal government jobs make them a good choice for someone who takes their career path planning seriously. A variety of federal government entry level jobs gives the applicants an opportunity to start building their career in the governmental sector right after graduation. After all, the benefits offered by these positions are worthy of competing for them.

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    Why Park Police Officer May Be A Good Entry Level Federal Job/Pros and Cons

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    Interested In Working For The Federal Government

    The federal government offers a range of experiences in virtually every field. They have jobs that match almost any interest and are our nations largest employer. Some agencies are even able to offer student loan repayments, signing bonuses, flexible work schedules, competitive salaries, retirement, and healthcare. In addition to jobs there are also internship opportunities available.

    Tips for Applying:

    • Set up an account in gov and utilize the advanced search option. Create a saved search this allows you to create a tailored search and to receive e-mails about job openings in your specific field. Some of these positions are only open for 4 days so you need to stay up to date with listings.
    • Your resume has no page limit for federal positions and can be quite lengthy two-to-five pages in length for an entry-level job.
    • Many of the structural recommendation from the Career Services resume requirements still apply
    • List high school and unrelated jobs, not as much detail
    • Month and Year is a minimum, but some will require days
    • Salary is usually added, but may be optional
    • Years of experience is based on 40hr work week
    • Add special hiring authorities

    Skilled Labour And Trades Jobs

    Government of Canada careers are by no means limited to professionals and degree-holders. The government is a top employer of people who work in the trades and skilled labour positions. Such positions vary greatly, and again are present within practically all organizations. The following list is by no means exhaustive, but it does stand as a fair representation of the diversity of work available to people in the trades and skilled trades arenas.

    Automotive Mechanic

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    The Federal Bureau Of Investigation

    The FBIs Honors Internship Program is a 10-week, paid summer internship, and is open to graduate students in any discipline . The Visiting Scientist Program seeks STEM applicants who have an interest in forensic science and developing their laboratory skills.

    Opportunities include the Boards Cooperative Education Program and dissertation fellowships.

    Acquisition Professional Career Program

    Entry Level Government Jobs

    Acquisition Professional Career Program is an entry-level program for college graduates designed to develop future Department acquisition leaders for the more than $20 billion worth of goods and services annually in support of the Department’s mission, the third largest procurement budget in the federal government.

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    Secretary And Administrative Assistant

    Average salary: $30,327 per year

    This is one of the easiest government jobs in terms of requirements and responsibilities. However, it might not be the easiest to find since the job outlook for this position predicts a small decline in the next ten years. Normally, a bachelors degree would be enough to apply for the job. What also makes this position desired by many recent graduates is that little time is needed to master all the skills involved in the job.

    Government Of Canada Careers

    The number of Government of Canada careers alone is a compelling reason for many people to put the federal government at the top of their job search list. In the previous section, we introduced you to the many types of jobs that are offered through the Canadian Public Service. Further, we clarified that government jobs in Canada are not limited to clerical or office positions and that they encompass almost as many positions and professions as are available in the private sector.

    Given the enormous range of positionsmore than in any other sectorlets look at the major categories that CA government jobs fall into. Exploring these will provide a deeper look at the Canadian government job sector and offer a clear view of the vast opportunities that are available.

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    How To Find Federal Jobs

    As the main destination for federal jobs, has around 30,000 vacancy announcements on the site at any given time.

    However, navigating the website and understanding job listing information can be a battle. With a little help decoding the language used to describe the types of jobs that the government has available, you’ll be well on your way.

    Create aUSAJOBS.govAccount

    To gain full access to, create your own account. Simply create a username and password, and once you are logged in to your main account page, you can:

    • Save your searches and edit your profile
    • Create and upload multiple resumes
    • Create and upload application materials
    • Track the status of your applications

    Search for Positions offers a variety of ways to search for current job openings. The easiest way to look through this database is to perform a broad keyword search and then refine your results according to your preferences.

    To start you may want to refine your search results by:

    • Agency: If you have a few agencies in mind, refine your search by selecting one or more agencies or offices.
    • Grade: Selecting a GS grade level is an easy way to focus on positions that match your experience level. The GS is separated into 15 grades . Below are general guidelines to help determine what GS level to search:
    • GS-05 = bachelor’s degree
    • GS-07 = bachelor’s and 3.0 GPA or higher
    • GS-09 = master’s degree
    • GS-11 = doctorate

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    Funding From Gas Tax Has Caltrans Hiring Entry-Level Workers

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    The Recent Graduates Program

    The OPMs Recent Graduates Program places successful applicants in a federal agency for one year, providing them with training, professional development, and mentorship opportunities. Appointments may be converted into permanent positions after participants complete the program.

    Eligibility: Recent graduates who have completed their degree within the previous two years are eligible to apply. Veterans who serve in the military during the two years after their graduation have four additional years to apply. Note that students from vocational, technical, undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs are eligible, so qualifications vary.

    The OPMs Recent Graduates and Internship Program positions are all posted on USAJobs.

    Application deadline: Varies by position.

    More details: Find information about the program on the OPM website. To find open positions, visit USAJOBS and filter by the recent graduates appointment type.

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    Opportunities Within Excepted Agencies

    Excepted service agencies have their own hiring and evaluation procedures, and they are not required to post every open position on the USAJobs site. USAJobs does, however, provide a handy list of excepted agencies .

    The following is far from exhaustive, but here are a few professional development opportunities offered by excepted agencies:

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