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Government Retirement And Benefits Platform

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The Grb Platform System

3 Retirement Benefits in Canada | CPP OAS GIS, How Do They Work? | Retirement in Canada

The GRB Platform provides you with information about retirement and your benefits. It offers a self-service tool that allows you to view a personalized statement of your benefits and it has a retirement calculator that you may use to perform what-if scenarios. It also provides access to a comprehensive reference library and informational seminars on topics related to benefits, retirement, and financial planning.

New GRB Platform users must complete a one-time registration processes before access is granted. Watch this video for a brief introduction to the GRB Platform and instructions on how to create your account.

Follow the steps below to create your GRB Platform account for the first time:

  • Go to the GRB Platform:
  • Enter DHHSs license number: 3123
  • Enter the following information:
  • Personal Identifier . This is your 10-digit number on the back of your HHS ID Badge
  • First Name
  • What Is The Federal Employees Retirement System And How Does It Work

    Unless you are a government employee, youve likely never heard of the Federal Employees Retirement System , but if you work in the public sector or plan to in the near future, FERS is an acronym you will soon know well.

    The Federal Employees Retirement System, or FERS, is the retirement plan for all U.S. civilian employees. The plan covers all employees in the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of the federal government.

    FERS, however, does not cover military personnel or employees of state or local governments. Employees under FERS receive retirement benefits from three sources: the basic benefit plan, Social Security, and the Thrift Savings Plan, or TSP.

    How Do You Receive Benefits

    The Office of Personnel Management provides helpful information that covers the steps you need to take to prepare for retirement five years prior to the projected date. Once you are within two months of your retirement date, complete the required application found on the OPM website. The responsible agencies will work with you to complete the application and ensure that you begin receiving benefits soon after your retirement date.

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    The Government Retirement Benefits Platform For Non


    Paul: Hello, my name is Paul Thornton and Im an employee of United Benefits and during this segment today were going to actually talk about your GRB platform.

    The GRB platform is a wonderful resource that you can use to do anything from your retirement paperwork to even find out what youre going to be making on retirement in the future. So lets get into it. The most important thing we need to do right now is set up your password so you can get into the GRB platform.

    We have an example here on the GRB platform through IRS, and what would well do there is you actually can go in on this website for the GRB platform to actually set up your password. You can also Google it, so you could actually go out on your internet, hit Google, do GRB platform login. Its going to bring up the same identical information. You can do this from a computer from your home.

    And then after this Im going to show you that you can also do this on your work computer, which is really the easiest way to set up your password for your GRB platform: this Government Retirement Benefits platform. The first thing youre going to do is youre going to be prompted to create a new account and then youre going to be asked for your identity. Youre going to be asked for your social security number, your first and last name, your date of birth, and then you have to use your work email address.

    Government Retirement And Benefits Platform

    federal employee retirement
    • D – Automatic Data Processing and Telecommunication Services
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    The U.S. Agency for Global Media has a requirement to establish a web-based employee benefits enrollment and administration system. This system shall provide the retirement and benefits management core functions to the HR Line of Business . The software shall combine native tools and capabilities for human resource specialists, managers, and employees into a common system. The application will bi-directionally communicate and integrate with the Agencys payroll system, the human resource information system , third-party benefits providers, and any other outside parties as necessary.

    Daily notification on new contract opportunities

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    Divorce And Pension Valuation

    Today, divorces frequently require the distribution of retirement and/or survivor benefits to an employees former spouse. Both Federal and State laws can apply in these matters. Determining an equitable distribution of benefits between the parties to a divorce and drafting a “qualified court order” that will meet OPMs requirements and accomplish exactly what is intended by the “order” or property settlement agreement generally requires the assistance of an expert.

    GRB can provide assistance to employees, spouses of employees, and attorneys with respect to the valuation and division of pension benefits in divorce cases, including testifying in court as a qualified expert witness.

    Flexible Health Savings Accounts

    DHS employees and their family members may be eligible to enroll in an FSAFEDS Health Care Flexible Savings Account, a pretax benefit account that can be used to pay for eligible medical, dental, and vision care expenses that are not covered by your healthcare plan, as well as elder care and child care expenses.

    For more information on FSAFEDS and other federal benefits, visit the OPM Insurance webpage.

    To contact your agency’s benefits officer, visit the OPM directory of benefits officers.

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    General Annuity Payment Information

    Your first retirement check should arrive on or about the first of the month following your separation. For example, if you retire by no later than the 3rd of January your first check should arrive on or about the first of February. You will receive approximately 70 to 80% of what your actual monthly annuity will be for several months until OPM verifies your retirement calculations. Typically, the leave that you sell back will be paid within 6 to 8 weeks in a separate check. When you start receiving your regular retirement check OPM will send you a highly informative pamphlet that outlines your personal retirement plan including benefit elections, general guidance, contact information, your personal “CSA” or “CSF” retirement account number, and survivors information. OPM sends out updates to this pamphlet as changes occur. Keep this booklet with your estate plan and make sure it is easily accessible for your spouse and/or loved ones. Your retirement number is very important. You MUST use your retirement number for all correspondence with OPM.

    Direct Deposit of your annuity check

    Direct deposit is available to retirees residing in Canada but, generally, it is not available to those whose permanent address for receiving payments is outside the United States. However, retirees living outside the U.S. can arrange to have their payments electronically deposited in a U.S. bank.

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