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Local Government Federal Credit Union App

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Everyone Needs An Estate Plan

How to use Apple Pay®: Adding LGFCU debit and credit cards

Even if you dont think you have a lot of assets or you’re too young, you still need an estate plan especially if you have young children. When you create a will, name a guardian to take care of your children upon your death. Youll be able to rest in peace, knowing the person you chose is in charge.

About Local Government Federal Credit Union

The LGFCU Story

This isnt just a story about a credit union. Its really a story about you.

In the beginning, there was one credit union for all of North Carolinas government employees, both state and local. But a few banks insisted that this credit union was serving more than its designated field of membership, despite our huge happy membership base.

So State Employees Credit Union continued to serve the needs of state level employees while Local Government Federal Credit Union was born to focus on the local government employees and volunteers we serve today.

LGFCU received a federal charter on March 24, 1983. Its important to the story to know we received a federal charter. Why? Because a federal charter means we can serve members across the United States, but we made a careful decision to focus in on our home state of North Carolina. Thats how important our members are to us. And how much we love BBQ.

Our relationship with SECU has remained strong since those early days. So strong, in fact, that our members are served through SECUs network of nearly 1,100 CashPoints® ATMs and 250 branches across North Carolina. From Murphy to Manteo, when you see a CashPoints® or SECU location, LGFCU members are welcomed.

Choose Your Executor Wisely

When choosing an executor to handle your estate, choose someone with some financial savvy. Many people choose a relative or close friend simply because of a personal bond. But if that person knows nothing about how to handle your finances or doesnt want to youre better off naming someone capable and willing to ensure your wishes are carried out.

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What Do You Know About The Developer

See what you can find out about the app developer. The app itself may include information such as a website, email and phone number for support. You may need to visit the developers website for full information about the company. If the developer doesnt provide its contact information to the app store or on a linked website, the app may be less than trustworthy, and your data could be at risk.

What You Will Need To Apply

Compass by LGFCU by LGFCU
  • A completed application.
  • Current drivers license or official state photo ID.
  • Proof of qualifying status, which may include a signed form from your HR department or your volunteer manager, or a pay stub from your employer.
  • Minimum deposit of $25 to open a Share Savings Account.

If you are joining as a family or household member of a current LGFCU member, please also bring the members account number or proof of LGFCU membership.

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Lgfcu Is A Part Of An International Movement That Puts People First

While our focus is North Carolina, were also a part of the worldwide credit union movement! Thats why in October we celebrate International Credit Union Day. This day is dedicated to member appreciation and the seven basic principles that make credit unions unique. See how LGFCU lives those values everyday.

Additional Ways You Can Become A Member

We also extend membership to people who are associated with local government employees and volunteers. You are eligible for membership if you are a:

  • Contract employee in a local government unit
  • Elected or appointed government official
  • Foster parent
  • Immediate family member of an LGFCU member, including spouse, children, grandchildren, mother, father, sister, brother, grandparents, stepchildren, stepparents, and stepsiblings
  • Person living in the same residence and maintaining a single household unit with an LGFCU member
  • Retiree from North Carolina local government
  • Spouse of a deceased person who was eligible for membership

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Ipados Needs A Landscape Mode

I am happy the app has arrived! I love the functionality of the app. It works great for my iPhone however, I am still forced to use the web version of the app for iPad. It is too cumbersome to remove my iPad form its stand to change the orientation to portrait mode. I hope that landscape is considered for a future update. Otherwise, great app.

Managing Your Accounts Is Easier Than Ever

How to get ready for retirement: 3 key steps

The LGFCU app is designed with the member experience in mind. It starts off with a secure sign-in using your choice of fingerprint, facial recognition biometric authentication or your unique passcode.

After signing in, your account information is right upfront so you can quickly view balances and transaction details anytime, anywhere.

Remote deposit capture allows you to deposit checks wherever you are. Simply enable your devices camera settings and snap a photo of your check in the app.

You can transfer funds between your LGFCU accounts, make payments to LGFCU loans, and perform real-time loan and credit card advances quickly and easily. Youre also able to see LGFCUs rates and fees right in the app!

Paying your bills is now more convenient than ever. You can set up one-time and recurring payments, add payees and view scheduled and past payments.

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you stay in touch with LGFCU. So, you can send and receive messages securely with encryption technology and see your message history from your mobile device.

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Whats Inside Member Connect

You can check your account balances in Member Connect, but why stop there? Once you enroll:

  • Apply for a loan, or even a mortgage
  • Buy your dream car with our Car Buying Service
  • Change your address
  • See your credit score, if you have a loan or credit card with LGFCU
  • Send secure email in the Message Center
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • View your full account number

And thats just the beginning! Youll have access to a wide variety of services, all without having to visit a branch.

Having problems connecting?

If you have trouble signing on, forgot your security questions, or want to know if Member Connect is down, call us 24/7 at 888.732.8562.

Enroll In Member Connect

Just follow these steps to set up online banking.

Step 1: Before you get started, make sure you have your 16-digit debit card number and three-digit 24-Hour Voice Response Service PIN handy. If you dont have or are unsure of either of those, call 888.732.8562.

Step 2: Complete the Member Connect online form. Enter your 16-digit ATM/Debit Card number. You will be able to create a new and unique User ID once you are enrolled.

Step 3: Enter your three-digit 24-Hour Voice Response Service PIN. You will be asked to choose a new password.

Want step-by-step instructions to learn how to use some of the features in Member Connect? Visit our video library to get started.

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Member Connect On Your Mobile Phone

If you prefer, use the LGFCU Mobile App to enjoy the ease of mobile check deposit and more. However, some Member Connect features are not available in the mobile app.

If youre on your smartphone and want to log in to the full Member Connect, open a web browser and type in LGFCU.org, click Member Connect, then Full version login. Add the site to your home screen for quick access later. Your information is safe even if you lose your phone because no personal account information is stored on your phone.

Mobile And Online Payments

Lgfcu Mobile App

Add your LGFCU debit and credit cards to some of the most popular digital wallets for safer shopping and to make paying easy!

Mobile payment apps give you a secure way to make purchases in-store, online, in-app and at many more locations with your smartphone, tablet or computer.

With Samsung Pay,® my cards are in one place. Theyre always with me. I can pay with the tap of a button. Its the best thing I ever did.”

Franco M. | Monroe

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Look To Companies You Trust

If you want to manage your finances with a personal finance app, make sure to go with a name you know. LGFCUs online money management service, Compass, is available in your app store and comes at no cost to members. Just search for LGFCU Compass or Compass LGFCU. This app pulls together transactions from all of your Credit Union, banking, investment and retirement accounts even those that aren’t with us. Then, you get a total view of where your money is going. You can feel secure knowing the Credit Union has taken steps to keep your personal information safe.

Mobile apps are plentiful, so its going to take a little extra investigation to find one you trust. These guidelines can help point you in the right direction.

Beach Municipal Federal Credit Union

  • View your available cash and available credit on the App Dashboard
  • Find the closest branch or ATM
  • View a complete list of account transactions
  • Make transfers with mobile banking that are just as fast and secure as online banking
  • Add savings, checking and credit card accounts from other financial institutions for a consolidated view of your finances
  • And more!

How to set up our Mobile App

  • Open the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store on your Android, iPhone or iPad
  • Search for Beach Municipal Federal Credit Union
  • Select Install
  • Accept the Terms & Conditions and Download
  • Open the App after the Download is complete
  • Log in using your Virtual Branch Home Banking Username and Password
  • Watch the tutorial to get started
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    Shop And Pay With Added Confidence

    Digital wallet apps add an extra layer of security because they replace your actual debit or credit card number with a unique digital card number. Businesses dont ever see your full card number or even store it. And your LGFCU debit card and credit card are still covered by fraud monitoring when used with wallet apps.

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