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American Assistance Free Government Cell Phones

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Free Government Cell Phones: Plans Devices How To Apply

Free American Assistance Cell Phone
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  • Thanks to the governments Lifeline Assistance program, you can qualify for free cell phones and inexpensive cell phone plans.

    For those of you who struggle making your cell phone payment every month, this government program was made for you. Now lets see if we can set you up with a free government phone. In this article we’ll explain how you can qualify for the Lifeline program, as well as run through the carriers that offer free government cell phones. Finally, we’ll present some low cost cell phone plan alternatives to this free program.

    Lifeline Discount Cell Phone Providersdont Skip This Section

    There are instances where you qualify for the Lifeline Assistance program for free cell phones and plans, but you cant apply to any of the companies because they dont cover your area. Luckily, there is a solution.

    There are some companies that dont offer free cell phone plans, but instead, have substantial Lifeline discounts in some states that can be applied to their regular mobile phone plans.

    What To Do If An American Assistance Phone Gets Damaged Stolen Broken Or Lost

    If you cannot locate your phone or it is damaged, let American Access know right away and they will suspend the service. That way, once your service is suspended, no one can use your remaining balance. They can help you get a replacement phone. American Assistance usually can have it to you in just a few days. The replacement fee does vary and the Customer Service Representative can advise you on what the fee will be.

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    Documents Needed To Prove Your Identity

    As you are a Lifeline member or want to take part in it then you have to show your identity proof, so they will verify you and you will get the benefits from the Lifeline assistance program continue. But for this, you have to show the identity proof which is valid or given to you from Lifeline or any other government program. Even you can show your or your household member participated government program document as well, so, it is verified that you can continue to take advantage of the Lifeline program.

    To get the benefit of the Lifeline program features you have to be participated in the program as a low income or on the behalf of your household who is participating in any of the government programs. If you are unable to do so then you can have to prove your identity.

    Here is the list is given of the documents that you can use to prove your identity to get the benefit from Lifeline. The documents that you can use to prove your identity for applying the Lifeline support are:

    You can use any of the documents to take part in the Lifeline support program and to prove your identity. Or your household members participated document that they will get from any government program when they participated in that.

    How Do I Get A Free Phone

    Free Cell Phone!

    To find out if you qualify for a free government phone, youll need to make sure that your household income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Youll need to prove your household income with pay stubs, a W-2 form, or a letter from the government agency that you’re enrolled in.

    You can start by entering your ZIP code here to see what free government service options are available in your area.

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    Safetynet Wireless: Free Cell Phone And Plan

    SafetyNet Wireless offers prepaid, free, and discounted smartphone plans. This company provides cell phones to low-income to low-income people through its participation with Lifeline, EBB and California Lifeline.

    SafetyNet Wireless is available in California, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New York, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

    California Lifeline plans cost to the customer range from $0 to $25 per month and offer unlimited talk and text and up to 12 GB of data. In other states the price ranges from free to $15 per month. Apply now at SafetyNet Wireless.

    What Carrier Does Lifeline Use

    All the Lifeline cell phone providers use either CDMA or GSM so it should be possible to take a corresponding phone that uses that technology to your Lifeline service provider. GSM uses SIM cards which can be purchased or provided by your new Lifeline provider, such as FeelSafe Wireless, which uses GSM.

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    Us Mobile Cheap Plans For Low Income

    US Mobile is another smaller wireless service provider, but it turns out that it exclusively uses Verizons powerful network. We recommend that you check out the US Mobile plan, which includes 3.5GB of data and unlimited talk and text for $ 12 per month. Sure, its a bit more expensive than the other two plans mentioned above, but you get more than triple the data and unlimited talk and text.

    Get Absolutely Free Money No Strings Attached


    Free Government Cell Phones for Low Income How to get free cell phones from government assistance programs for low income families. Government organizes different programs to help low-income people and families. With their program, they want to help them to live a better life and get the opportunities in their life to step out from their bad circumstances and make new opportunities for themselves. Thats why government comes with new assistance programs and offers for the low income. Even one can see that government has different assistance programs and offers for low-income families such as food assistance, cloth assistance, laptop assistance, Free computer assistance, free tablet assistance, free internet assistance, electronic items assistance, window replacement assistance, provides different loans at low rates of interest, and lots of other assistance programs by which low-income people will get help and make a better future.

    Same as there is Lifeline program by the government to help people by providing free cell phones. This is the program that is started in 1985 and is still active to help the people. With the Lifeline program, numerous low-income people get help with the different households and also with the discounted landline and also get wireless services. Not only this, but low-income people will get free cell phones from the government as well.

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    Free Government Cell Phones Guide

    Entouch Wireless Free Government Cell Phone Providers This free government cell phone provider is part of the Boomerang Wireless company. It is a reputable free government subsidized phone provider. And besides offering free phones to eligible California residents, they also sell phones yuba city ca.

    How To Get Free Cell Phone For Seniors And Disabled

    The government provides free cell phones to the needy, the less fortunate, seniors, and the disabled through free line programs. This program was started in the year 1980. It was later upgraded and improved in 2005 to provide communication services to eligible American citizens.

    Among the eligible citizens, are the seniors and the disabled. This is because they are more vulnerable. However, not all seniors and disabled acquire free cell phones from the government. The eligible individuals should be active members of any government federal program. They should also have less than 135 % income below the federal poverty level.

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    Application Process& Cell Phones

    One of the ways through which you can apply for American Assistance phones is by calling the company. Once you call, the customer service will help you with the application details and process. You can also visit the companys website and apply online. Once you are on the online platform, you will receive details of the application and the data you should provide to the company for approval. Additionally, you can download the application forms and fill them manually. Once you are through, you can either fax or mail them to the company. Make sure that you meet the requirements for a free government phone as you apply. If you dont meet the qualifications, your application will fail.

    American Assistance gives free government phones to applicants who qualify for the Lifeline Program. There are two options that clients can explore when choosing the phones they want. The first option is signing up for a free government phone known as Companion Phone. In the second option, you can order a free smartphone called Freedom Phone. The Freedom Phone is a smartphone with a 3-inch screen, Android OS, front and back cameras, Wi-Fi, and other features. Moreover, its a Dual SIM phone that allows you to use another SIM from another provider.

    Free Government Lifeline Phone Companies In Texas

    Free Cell Phone!

    In this section, we will take a look at the wireless companies that provide Lifeline assistance. We will first consider those that can provide you with FREE deals and even a free Texas government phone.

    As weve mentioned above, in general, the Lifeline program includes a monthly discount applied to your telecommunication services , however, there are companies that decided to offer additional free support generous deals and even free government phones.

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    What If I Dont Qualify For An Obamaphone

    Fortunately, there are other providers that offer cheap cell phones and services for all customers .

    Mint Mobile offers wireless service starting at just $15/month! Mint has been highly recommended by many of my readers. Learn more about Mint here!

    Do you know of another provider we havent written about yet? Let us know in the comments and well check it out!

    What Kind Of Phones Can I Get

    You usually won’t know what kind of phone you can get until you go through the approval process, though most of the Lifeline Assistance-eligible carriers do a decent job offering a variety of phones. Sadly, you likely won’t find the iPhone 11, iPhone SE, or a new Android phone with these carriers, but there are still plenty of smartphones out there that you can get for super cheap or even free. Yup, thats right: a potential free smartphone.

    To give you an idea of what to expect, Assurance Wireless has its cell phone lineup public. You can find phones like Coolpad Illumina and Coolpad Legacy.

    You can also find other smartphones like the Alcatel Dawn, Kyocera Hydro Reach, and ZTE Prestige 2.

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    Where Can I Get An Obama Phone

    The Obama phone is one of the most excellent projects launched by former President Barack Obama to close the digital divide. Obama phones are phones offered under the lifeline programs to individuals of low income or homeless persons.

    The criteria for giving the phone is based on a qualification process which depends on two factors:

    i) Income

    The persons income should be below 135% of the Federal poverty guidelines.

    ii) Lifeline assistance programs

    Participation in selected lifeline assistance programs assists you in getting the phone quickly. Obama phones are offered under Authorized lifeline mobile service providers. These service providers include

    • Qlink wireless
    • American Assistance
    • Access wireless

    You can also visit a free government phone stand near you for more details on getting the free Obama phone in California or any other State. Once you have chosen a lifeline service provider, check out their network coverage to ensure that youre State is covered.

    Most service providers cover more than 40 States, so finding the right one will never be an issue. Also ensure the provider has good customer care, high-quality free Obama phones, and other great perks.

    The reviews from customers can help you choose the best place to get an Obama phone, so make sure to read reviews from the companys community forums or third party review sites like Trustpilot.

    What Type Of Free Phones Does American Assistance Offer

    Free Government Cell Phones – Lifeline Dealer Opportunity

    American Assistance Wireless offers two kinds of phones free government cellular phones called Companion Phones and free government smartphones called Freedom Phones. American Assistance Freedom phone is an advanced smartphone with a large and vibrant touchscreen, a powerful Android operating system, a high-definition rear and front camera, Wi-Fi connectivity, and other amazing features.

    We will go through the process of how to get an American Assistance FREE phone from the government, have a look at the eligibility, how to apply at American Assistance, and also take a closer look at some of the phone models that you may get for FREE.

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    Free Government Phone Locations

    The best way of getting the free government phone locations is through typing your zip code. The free government phone location could be tables outside an apartment or just a raised tent.

    You can sign up with a free government phone location using reach out wireless. This helps save your time you would have wasted searching for these locations.

    About Texas Free Government Smartphone

    Texas is the second largest state after Alaska in the USA. In fact, its larger than Germany, Japan, and even France. It is located in the southern US near states of Louisiana and Arkansas. Geographically, the region mostly comprises of deserts and pine forest with the large Rio Grande river connected to it.

    Economically, Texas is one of the richest in the USA. Its abundant with natural resources predominantly agriculture, mining, and oil reserves, the fifth of the largest petroleumproducing region in the world. As of 2010, the region is said to have a very low unemployment rate with only 6.4% and the state as recorded have 346,000 millionaires living on it.

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    Why Do Lifeline Offer Free Phones And Free Cell Phone Service

    Lifeline cell phone providers want to help people so that they can communicate with anyone and feel good. Even these providers are available in the U.S. in more than 49 states and along with it, they provide their services in Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. All these providers offer free or discounted phones and cell phones to low income to make communication better and provide them with a safe world. They provide this service because they are Lifeline providers and this program funds for all of these devices and services.

    Lifeline program is established in 1985 to make communication better for low-income citizens and provide them with better and affordable communication services. This is the Federal Communications commissions program. Lifeline is a government-funded program and along with it, it is the part of Universal Service Fund.

    Before this, the Lifeline program helps eligible low-income people, by providing them received discounts on phones and monthly services. But these services do not fulfill all the areas of help according to time thats why in 2005, the FCC made many changes in their service. They enabled the wireless phone service providers so that by using the Lifeline benefits, they will offer free cell phones and services to their customers. That means this program enhances their service for helping the people and to provide them better communication services at affordable prices or for free.

    Where Can We Find The Best Free Government Cell Phones

    Free Cell Phone!

    A free government cell phone is provided by dozens of phone providers. These providers have to set up offices and retail stored within the state that they operate in. By having retail stores in the state, people have easy access to these services. They have official websites as well on which you can apply for these phones without needing to visit their office.

    The most important issue remains to find the best free government phone service provider in the state. This is where FCC helps you. They have office set-up in every state where one can visit and get the information about all these service providers.

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    American Assistance Lifeline Free Government Phones

    Do you find your normal monthly plans expensive and you wish to have a more affordable plan? Tell you what, American Assistance may be the best option for you. American assistance is one among the many lifeline service provider that issue out free phones and plans for life, only if you are eligible. They have a very simple eligibility confirmation process which can be done directly from their website rather than going to the nearest store.

    American assistance leases network from major service providers across the US. Through this, people are able to bring their own phones hence this saves you the hustle of using a phone that you are not familiar or a phone which will not impress you like your current phone. American assistance free government phones are of high quality and come in different variety. They use a very free and fair criteria of issuing the phones on a first-come first-serve basis.

    Once you proof yourself eligible, American assistance offers a very convenient plan and best free government smartphone for you. The most impressing thing about the plan is that you get unlimited talk and text which is rare to get in many lifeline service providers. You also do not have to pay any activation fees for your phone or sim card. Just proof for eligibility and get a free phone and plan.

    How To Apply To The Program

    Being disabled doesnt mean there arent accessible solutions for you, too. Click below to see just how it easy it is to have free access to the communication devices and services you need.

    Ready to apply for your free government cell phone service? Just click the red button below to be redirected to a Lifeline provider in your area and start the easy signup process right now!

    More than a billion global citizens live with some form of disability. Many suffer from chronic health conditions and simple aging. Most suffering are considered vulnerable populations: women and children. Of those, quite a few are more likely to be unemployed: 53 percent disabled men, 20 percent disabled women.

    As a result of this and other factors, those with disabilities are at risk for falling below or at the poverty level.

    Help yourself by choosing the best Lifeline provider for your needs and lifestyle.

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