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Federal Government Approved Vendor List

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Vets First Verification Program

TCLAS Approved Vendor List: District Implementation and HQIM Professional Learning Support

In order to qualify for participation in the Veterans First Contracting Program, eligible SDVOSBs/VOSBs must first be verified. OSDBUs Center for Verification and Evaluation manages the Vets First Verification Program, which affords verified firms owned and controlled by Veterans and Service-disabled Veterans the opportunity to compete for VA set asides. Verification extends eligibility for set-asides and sole source contract awards to SDVOSBs and VOSBs. Please visit the Vets First Verification Program website for more information about the VA verification process and how Public Law 109-461 relates to the Veterans First Contracting Program.

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Resources For The Business Community

The Interior Business Center supports vendor and federal customer partnerships. Business development between government and industry includes mandated goals for small business, created by the Small Business Administration. In turn, each federal agency via their Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization negotiates these goals throughout their contracting offices.

Register To Do Business With Doj

All individuals who wish to contract with the federal government must register in the System for Award Management . SAM is the primary database for the federal government. It is a consolidation of several procurement systems that allows small businesses to register to do business with the federal government and represent/self-certify as a small business in one system.

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Government Contracting Procedures Briefly

Each agency of the federal government conducts business with the public through three specific authorized agents, called contracting officers. These officers are:

  • The Procurement Contracting Officer awards contracts and deals with contract terminations in the event the contractor defaults on the terms of the contract.
  • The Administrative Contracting Officer administers the contract.
  • The Termination Contracting Officer deals with contract terminations when the government chooses to terminate the contract for its own reasons.

Depending on the situation, the same person may the PCO, the ACO, and the TCO.

As a sovereign entity , the federal government retains rights that commercial businesses do not have. Perhaps most importantly, the government has the right to unilaterally change the terms of the contract, provided that the changes are within the general parameters of the contract.

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Solid Reputation Drives In More Commercial Market Clients

Return To Vendor Form Template

The GSA Approved badge means the U.S. Government trusts you and orders your products. For your clients, this is a golden sign of stability and reliability too. In other words, being a GSA approved vendor is a huge advantage even if you dont sell to the government but merely hold a Schedule. Although, selling to GSA is vital or your Schedule is cancelled.

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Filling Out The Application Form

It is important that you get your company on every potential prime contractor’s Approved/Preferred Vendor List, or something very similar, which lists the vendors and subcontractors that have been approved by the prime for quality, on-time delivery, and other factors.

Each company has its own version of the Approved/Preferred Vendor Application Form, which you can obtain from the prime’s small business liaison or purchasing department. The information that you will be asked to provide will vary from prime to prime, depending on the type of work you will be doing.

A few words of caution about filling out the form: Don’t think of the vendor approval form as just another formality or just another piece of paper that you can quickly fill out and send it in. You need to be concerned and careful about the information you enter. Submitting a vendor form with a set of numbers missing or filling in the wrong information could end your chances of winning a potentially lucrative contract. Therefore, before you return the form to the prime, make sure that it is complete, correct, and readable. Check it, and then check it again.

This same principle of spreading your base applies to the industries with which you do business as well. It is worth the effort to try to generate business in different industries, if possible, or at least in different segments of an industry.

Top Commodities Procured For Disasters

Before starting the process to become a contractor with FEMA after a local disaster, review our list of most needed items to find areas where you can make the biggest impact. For more information, send an email with CUSI Information Request in the subject line to the . A program representative will respond if there is a potential basis to do business.

  • Infant/Toddler Products

For more information on the Commonly Used Sheltering Items , with the subject âCUSI Information Request.â Your inquiry will be reviewed and sent to applicable representatives.

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Procurement Agents: 5 Facts For Government Contractors

Government contractor jobs can be very lucrative, but the process of acquiring these government contracts is much different than working within the private sector. Each government agency has procurement agents to help facilitate the selection of contractors, and its smart to understand a bit about these important individuals.

When it comes to government contractor jobs, the word procurement will become very important to you. Procurement refers to the process by which all government agencies acquire goods and services from the private sector. Every agency of the federal government and most state government agencies will have procurement agents on staff specifically to help with finding government contractors. Here are a few helpful facts about these government agents.

1. Procurement Agents Are Crucial Decision MakersWhile the owner of a private company can simply select a vendor, the heads of government agencies cannot just decide that they want a good or service, call up a company and purchase what they need. They must first submit a request or purchase order to the procurement agents serving their agency.

There are many examples online of solid Capability Statements, and we highly recommend that you take a look, and follow their lead. A great statement, just like a great resume, truly can set you apart from other companies.

What Is The Ccst

How to Search Contract Opportunities by NAICS and PSC

The CCST is the most comprehensive online listing of the Department of Veterans Affairs NACs active nation-wide healthcare-related contract vehicles, open to VA and other Government agencies. The CCST contains over 1,700 active contract vehicles and over 1 million catalog line items pertaining to VAs Federal Supply Schedule contracts and national standardization contract vehicles including contracts, Blanket Purchase Agreements and Basic Ordering Agreements . Get quick access to the National Acquisition Center, including the Federal Supply Schedule Service and National Contract Service and the programs they offer such as MedSurg Catalog and Pharmaceutical Catalog products and services.

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Prepare For And Pass An Evaluation Or Inspection

After filing the form, the prime contractor will likely have your company submit to an inspection. The prime wants to assure that you are qualified and can comply with the subcontracting requirements.

The evaluation can be anything from a desk review, in which the prime will examine your company’s records, financial statements, and other documentation, to a full site inspection of your facility. The type of evaluation depends on the circumstances of the contract and/or on company policy.

If you are providing a critical part of the end product or there appears to be a potential for a long-term business arrangement, the prime will probably want to do a full site inspection, which can be done by one person or a whole team. If that is the case, in addition to having your documentation ready for examination, you will also need to be ready to address questions and look your best.

If, on the other hand, your work involves a requirement that is ancillary in nature, a desk review may suffice.

What type of information do you need to get ready for an evaluation? Following is a list of some general categories of data that you will be asked to provide :

Work smart

Understanding Historical Agency Buying Patterns

Knowing what Agencies have procured in the past can help determine what they may be interested in procuring in the future. The General Services Administrationâs Integrated Award Environment operates and maintains the Federal Procurement Data System-Next Generation. The FPDS is the central repository of statistical information on federal contracting and can be a very useful tool for market research. The system contains detailed information on contract actions over $25,000 and summary data on procurements of less than $25,000. The system identifies who bought what, from whom, for how much, when and where. The FPDS maintains historical contracting information dating back to 1981.

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Top 100 Contractors Of The Us Federal Government

This article needs to be . Please help update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

The Top 100 Contractors Report is a list developed annually by the U.S. General Services Administration as part of its tracking of U.S. federal government procurement.

In fiscal year 2005, the federal government aimed to source 23% of all subcontracts from small businesses with guidance from the Small Business Administration. The federal government was unable to meet this goal in 8 years until FY2013 when it subcontracted over $83 billion from small businesses.

Fiscal year 2015 marked several historic achievements the federal government exceeded their overall goal of 23% by 2.75% resulting in $90.7 billion dollars awarded to small businesses, 5.05% of which went to women-owned small business , meeting the goal for the first time since it was implemented in 1996.

Why Use The Ccst


MedSurg and Pharmaceutical Catalogs

The CCST allows users to browse everything currently awarded and available under NAC contract vehicles. The CCST includes contract information, pricing, ordering information, and socioeconomic status. This information can be used for identifying what is under contract, performing market research, comparing prices, and for retrieving ordering information.

Search criteria includes, but is not limited to, item description, contractors name, contract number, contract program type, and Special Item Number category. Once you bring up an item, select the product number to see detailed contract and vendor information including pricing, contract number, contractors contact information, ordering information, payment and delivery information, guarantee or warranty information, vendors web address, and NAC contracting officer point-of-contact.

Socioeconomic Status

The CCST also allows you to search by small business or socioeconomic status. This option enables users to narrow their search by socioeconomic status and can help facilitate achievement of socioeconomic goals for our Federal customers. Users can search by all small businesses, or narrow their search to a specific socioeconomic status, including:

Search options include SIN, socioeconomic status, and item description. Please note results will aggregate across programs/contract types.

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Register In System For Award Management

Once you have an understanding of the process from the PTAC counselor, you must register to do business with the federal government through the System for Award Management . Registration is free. Be sure to gather pertinent information ahead of time, including your companys DUNS Number and tax identification number.

During the registration process, you must indicate you want to participate in the Disaster Response Registry. This allows contracting officers to locate your company through the Disaster Response Registry Search.

The Association for Procurement Technical Assistance Centers offers step-by-step guidance for registering.

Office Of Federal Procurement Policy Memoranda

  • Survey on FY 2009 Green Purchasing Requirements
  • Performance-Based Management Systems
  • Veterans Technology Services Government-wide Acquisition Contract
  • Emergency Acquisitions Guide
  • Use of Performance-Based Management Systems for Major Acquisition Programs
  • Strategic Sourcing Progress
  • Report on Competitive Sourcing Results, Fiscal Year 2004
  • Implementing Strategic Sourcing
  • M-04-12, Performance Periods in Public-Private Competitions
  • Revised FAR Process
  • Report on Competitive Sourcing Results, FY 2006
  • Transmittal Letters:
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    Consider Flex Networks To Expand Subcontracting Opportunities

    Let’s say your small business can handle only one or two manufacturing processes, giving it a limited core competency. How can you succeed in doing business with the federal government or prime contractors? Well, you may want to consider joining a flexible network of manufacturers.

    This concept originated in Old World Italy, in the northern region of Emilia-Romagna, where very small furniture, ceramic, textile, and metalworking firms organized into flexible networks that created an industrial renaissance for the region. The idea has traveled the world, and thousands of networks proliferate Europe. But here in the United States, its time has only recently come.

    The modern flexible network is a group of companies that have formed an alliance to serve or enter a new market. The arrangement ebbs and flows, as projects come along and customers’ needs change. The organization takes many forms, from joint ventures to traditional prime/sub relationships. Some produce parts others assemble. The key is to leverage each partner’s strengths to create something that could not be produced alone.

    A successful flexible network can be a boon to its partners, but getting one off the ground is difficult and time-consuming. There are many pratfalls, so due diligence is required. As with all partnerships, all members need to be satisfied with the efforts, or else the arrangement falls apart. Careful planning and communication go along way.

    How To Become An Approved Vendor For Gsa

    Doing Business with GSA Roadmap Getting on Contract

    The U.S. General Services Administration is the purchasing arm of the federal government. GSA spends billions of dollars each year and buys a broad range of commercial goods, including real estate, office supplies, electronics, communications equipment and furniture. It also contracts for business services, from janitorial work to computer programming. GSA offers special pathways for small businesses to become approved vendors.

  • 1.

    Visit the U.S. Census Bureau website to determine your NAICS code. The North American Industry Classification System is a scheme used by the federal government to categorize industry sectors. Use the “2007 NAICS Search” keyword lookup to find the appropriate code for your business. You need your NAICS code to register as a vendor with GSA.

  • 2.

    Confirm your status as a small business at the Small Business Administration website. The federal government classifies a company as a small business depending on the company’s NAICS code, using either the number of employees or annual revenues as key criteria. For example, most manufacturers with fewer than 500 employees are classified as small businesses. Similarly, a heavy construction contractor with $33.5 million or less in annual revenues is also a small business by SBA standards.

  • References

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    What Are Gsa Vendors

    The General Services Administration approves a vendors competence to sell to the government by assigning it a Schedule. GSA contractors who the GSA has approved can bid on government contracts and appear on GSA lists.

    The title GSA Approved indicates that a company or organization can sell goods or services to the US government through the General Services Administration . Through contracts or Schedules, the GSA oversees all government purchasing operations.

    Persistence, time, and research are all required to become a GSA contractor or vendor. Thus, many small businesses find the process intimidating because they lack the resources, time, or money to make schedule acquisition a reality. However, with the assistance of specialists, realizing dreams of being on GSA lists and becoming a GSA contractor can be relatively simple.

    Access Portals To Selling Green Products To The Federal Government:

    Federal Business Opportunities : Federal Business Opportunities, is the single point of universal electronic public access on the Internet for government-wide, federal procurement opportunities/solicitations that exceed $25,000. Government buyers post business opportunities on the FedBizOpps site. Commercial vendors seeking federal markets for their products and services can search, monitor and retrieve opportunities/solicitations posted by the entire federal contracting community through this portal. FedBizOpps also sends feedback to vendors through an e-mail notification service.

    In FY2019, approximately $718 million in sales were made via GSA Advantage!®. Agencies can browse available Multiple Award Schedule and GSA Global Supply items and select the one that is the best value for their requirements. MAS vendors also have the opportunity to highlight their green products on GSA Advantage!® with environmental icons, allowing customers to quickly identify products that meet green purchasing requirements. Environmental icons are added to product listings by vendors via the Schedules Input Program . Documentation to substantiate the use of environmental attributes, or icons, in GSA Advantage!® may include:

    • Product specifications

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    Department Of General Servicesoffice Of State Procurement

    The Office of State Procurement was established on October 1, 2019 and is the primary procurement unit for all delegated procurements from the Board of Works except for transportation and transportation-related procurements and otherwise exempt procurements. On October 1, 2020, OSP celebrated its first year anniversary and as the final action required under HB1021, Chapter 590, Laws of 2017, the Chief Procurement Officers Report was submitted to the Governor and the Legislature.

    Who Should Use The Ccst

    VA Customers

    The CCST helps VA facilities and customers locate contract sources including mandatory contract information. VA facilities are directed by the Department to follow the Priorities of Use of Government Supply Sources when choosing a contract vehicle.

    Certain mandatory national contracts, BPAs and BOAs have a higher priority for use than a VA FSS or other type of contract. The CCST also identifies if a contractor participates under VAs Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor or Med/Surg Prime Vendor programs. VA FSS contracts under FSC 621 or GSA FSS are non-mandatory and VA facilities shall follow VA acquisition regulations, policies and directives when selecting a contract vehicle.

    VA ordering activities seeking to issue a task order against a contract under the 621 I Professional & Allied Health Care Services Schedule program must obtain all appropriate background clearances in compliance with the requirements of VA Directive 0710, Personnel Security and Suitability Program. Information regarding standard background investigations is available in the contractors award documentation and approved FSS price lists.

    Other Government Agencies/Activities and other Entities Approved by Congress

    All Federal agencies can use GSAs eBuy tool or the GSA Reverse Auction tool to compete the requirements among all or select categories of FSS contractors.

    Contractors/Potential Suppliers/the Public

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