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Document Management System For Government

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What Is Unique About Contractzen

Document & Records Management Systems: Government Procurement Analysis
  • Efficient, AI-powered contract management. The platform makes it easier for users to share and manage contracts through virtual data rooms. Visual tagging and metadata searching also ensure that users can always find the contract they need.
  • eSignatures integration. The software can be easily integrated with eSignature services, so users can easily send documents for signing. Through ContractZen, documents such as contracts and meeting minutes can be signed more quickly.
  • Virtual data room services. The software lets users set up virtual data rooms where they can securely share sensitive documents such as contracts. Audit log and reporting capabilities also provide visibility into whos viewing shared documents.
  • Advanced AI and OCR technologies. ContractZen comes with advanced AI-powered OCR technology to help users perform full-text searches of documents. The technology ensures faster, more efficient file searching for users.
  • Detailed ContractZen Review

    Document Management Systemdesigned For Government Employees Accessibility

    GRMs Enterprise Content Management System allows administrators to securely access government data from any device or location. Our cloud-based repository serves as both a digital storage for the document management system and as a collaborative tool for government agencies. It leverages our technology which is able to pull relevant information from existing legacy systems and display it seamlessly through a single user interface. In terms of implementation, no extensive configurations for the ECM to function.

    From a security standpoint, each user is given their own credentials and can only view documents they have been cleared to access by an administrator, who can also examine department-wide records management activities to make sure processes are being conducted efficiently and in accordance with compliance protocols. With this digital government records management solution, your office will not only save on operational costs but also provide better service and elevate the daily productivity of your employees.



    How Document Scanning And Conversion Helps Government Agencies

    Record Nations has local providers that provide document scanning and electronic DMS systems for government organizations. Let us help you find a scanning partner that can:

    • Integrate digital files with existing processes and software
    • Automate your document workflow and allow you to track and improve productivity.
    • Provide mobile and remote access to any file whenever and wherever you need it.
    • Eliminate the risk of duplication and restrict access to critical or sensitive documents.
    • Streamline and automate document retention and destruction processes

    A document management system is one of the easiest ways for public entities and governmental agencies to add real-time, department-wide access to files without having to add infrastructure or additional servers to your system. Improve efficiency and increase transparency with a scalable, easy-to-manage library of secured electronic documents.

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    Ecm Designedfor Government Agencies

    With GRMs ECM for government organizations, manual form-filling is now history. iForms, our ICR software, is able to capture data, and create and classify documents in minutes. Auto-populating fields for documents has never been easier. The electronic document management system makes sharing, copying and signing documents a breeze. Think of all the data-entry-related costs and time your agency will be saving.

    GRMs ECM includes workflow process automation software. We can automate lengthy approval sequences through our decision-based routing solution. Pending documents are passed from one approver to the next until a form is fully approved. This allows administrators to reallocate employee resources to other areas of their department. Maximize your government organizations productivity with a complete enterprise content management system.

    Improve Efficiency With Document Management

    Document management system local government

    Government organizations have multiple departments, within them that handle huge volumes of data on paper. By outsourcing these time-consuming processes, authorities can increase their business efficiency, customer service and in turn reduce costs.

    The Goal is to increase efficiency and communication while guaranteeing compliance with all regulation, including scanning, archiving, advanced OCR, integration with ERP systems etc.

    Most governments including city, state governments and agencies, etc are working on improving the efficiency that addresses the needsof their constituents using electronic document management system software.

    DMS and BPM Software are saving time, money and resources everywhere e.g, planning offices, police departments, administration offices etc.

    docEdge DMS improves government document management with paperless solutions that speed information retrieval, reduce the cost of storage, and improve the efficiency of government processes.

    With document management system software implemented for government agencies, documents can be retrieved faster immediately on the requirement, to conduct research or come to integrated and automated decisions, etc. The utilization of space can be done judiciously.

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    Consistent & Seamless Citizen Communications

    Ensure citizens have the most up to date information when and where they need it. Manage citizen outreach in a timely, consistent manner via multi-channel delivery.

    With Xerox government solutions, you can provide secure, compliant services that meet the needs of every citizen. By integrating legacy paper systems with digital processes, you can work more efficiently and improve citizen engagement at each touchpoint all while reducing operational costs.

    Boilerplate Deals With The Most Demanding Client Requirements Providing An Experience That’s Easy For Everyone

    Eliminate the manual paperwork

    Document automation and e-signature allow Public Sector teams to process documentation checklists completely online, freeing them from the burden of paperwork and administrative tasks. You can focus on exploring new opportunities and serving customers better.

    Increase customer satisfaction

    Online document management ensures Public Sector teams can process documentation faster, empowering applicants, employees and constituents to sign papers digitally from anywhere, anytime, and using any device. This eliminates email attachments and improves the user experience.

    Maintain security and compliance

    Maintain electronic audit trails of all your signed documents and consent forms. Boilerplate keeps your critical documents secure round the clock with enterprise-level cloud security.

    Improve operational productivity

    With fast processing and no manual document management or tracking, your Public Sector teams can concentrate on their main objectives serving their constituents and keeping the daily operations frictionless.

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    Ecm & Electronic Document Management System For Government Organizations

    Government agencies process a tremendous amount of documents daily. A central document repository that can integrate with necessary databases and EDMS systems is critical to optimize workflows and improve access to records from any location or device. This is where GRMs enterprise content management system with integrated document management software and workflow automation becomes an indispensable tool. Our ECM was created for highly collaborative environments, especially government agencies at the local and national levels.

    Our enterprise content management system is built over a powerful electronic document management system that speeds up data capture and data entry. With its intelligent character recognition software , our ECM makes filling out documents a breeze for anyone. Our workflow automation software helps ensure that these documents are always integrated into your organizations daily processes, eliminating day-to-day inefficiencies. Also, you may want to inquire about our secure, offsite document storage solutions.


    GRMs document management software is built with features like ICR, OCR, data capture and workflow automation software to make document creation, editing and sharing a breeze.

    Integrity Excellence And Empathy

    Paperless Document Management with OnBase – Tribal Government Software Solution

    It is the combination of people, knowledge and technology that makes Polygon Restoration the global expert in property damage control. We prevent, control and mitigate the effects of water, fire and climate.

    Polygon Restoration is the global market leader in property damage restoration, serving a range of sectors including insurance, property management, government and industrial clients.

    Polygon Restoration generated sales of EUR 743 million in 2020 and provides 24-hour coverage delivered by a global network of 5,700 employees in 16 countries. We ensure a rapid, accurate response that mitigates loss and effectively manages cost for our customers.

    • 5,700 employees completes 360,000 assignments each year.
    • 16 countries on 3 continents, through more than 340 local depots.
    • Our customer segments comprise companies, households, the public sector and insurers.
    • In 2020, our net sales were approximately EUR 743 million.

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    Charter Township Of Waterford Michigan

    The Charter Township of Waterford, MI, is the third largest township in Michigan, serving a population of about 74,000 people. To better serve constituents, Waterford has implemented an enterprise content management solution in departments across the township, including Community Planning and Development, Public Works and the District Court.

    OnBase enabled Waterford to connect features in their existing ESRI system to relevant documents such as work orders, invoices, field reports and drawings. OnBase unified document access to Police Department records, improved access control to Detectives investigation reports, automated audit trails, and made all meeting minutes searchable.

    The next evolutionary step for government GIS systems is document storage, says Terry Biederman, director of Public Works. Nearly everything in public works and community government is tied to geographic locations, and the ultimate goal is for all personnel to use GIS and leverage the power of document management with the application. Our goal is for personnel to never leave the GIS environment, yet be able to retrieve spatial information, access documents and create work orders. Our OnBase application is an integral part of achieving that goal.

    Legal Value Of Electronic Documents

    Electronic documents are signed with an enhanced encrypted and certified digital signature and are equivalent to a paper document with a handwritten signature. The procedure for the exchange of invoices is strictly prescribed in the Order of the Ministry of Finance No. 50n. The exchange of electronic documents of other types is not subject to strict regulation by controlling bodies and has been carried out between Russian companies since 2002.

    EDM simplifies the process of submitting documents to the tax authorities on demand . All the necessary documents in the system can be easily found by means of filters, uploaded to the electronic reporting system, attached to the generated inventory and sent to the tax office through the Internet.

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    Docsvault: Organize Documents Reduce Paper

    Docsvault does an excellent job of managing documents in an organized manner, so that you dont have to resort to traditional filing methods. With Docsvault, you can create virtual cabinets and folders, a structure with which every government official is familiar.

    You can scan paper documents stored over years and secure them in a digitized repository for future reference. Features like backup and restore allow you to safeguard your data against typical threats that paper documents face.

    Apart from eliminating paper costs, Docsvault can also reduce labor costs by improving the efficiency of government officials. It can also eliminate the space needed for storing physical files.

    Data Security

    With Docsvaults user and group-based security rights, your confidential documents can be restricted to authorized users so that only a chosen few can access the most sensitive documents.

    Records Retention & Compliance

    For government entities and many businesses requiring strict compliance, this can be quite a cumbersome process. In creating the retention schedule, important records are to be classified, retention periods have to be defined and disposition dates be prescribed. Easily manage important government records policies so that files are retained and disposed of according to government regulations. Docsvault offers the most cost-effective way to secure and instantly search for documents, including self-service features when the auditors arrive.

    Process Automation

    What Is Unique About Juro

    Document Management System (DMS) for Government
  • Collaborative editing. The application allows users to edit contracts within the platform and even simultaneously comment and edit the document. What is more, you can share these drafts with stakeholders so that all negotiations are recorded within the platform.
  • Simple data retrieval. It comes with a global search option that lets you find documents easily. Moreover, it has a text search tool that lets you locate documents based on specific information found within the document.
  • Easy document approvals. As a contract management tool, Juro supports automated document approval workflows that are completely customizable. This way you can ensure that drafts are being reviewed by the right people and sent to the right stakeholders.
  • Third-party integrations. Juro can integrate with a range of third-party applications so you dont have to worry about its compatibility with your existing business software ecosystem. This not only makes document import/export easy but also allows you to extend the functions of the platform.
  • Detailed Auto Draft Review

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    What Is Unique About Papersave

  • Fast document retrieval. PaperSave is equipped with dynamic search capabilities that allow users to perform full-text searches and structured searches. With this, you can scan through entire documents and find the file or information that you require in a matter of seconds.
  • Simplfied document capture. The platform allows users to capture documents from a desktop scanner, an email, a fax machine, smart forms, or through an MS Office application. From there, users have the option to scan documents individually or in bulk, store scanned documents in the PaperSaves centralized database, or even send them to your official records system directly. This way, you can accelerate the process of archiving your files.
  • Completely paperless workflows. As PaperSave stores everything on the cloud, users can have a completely paperless document management workflow. It supports configurable approval processes so you can have control over what goes in your database and who can access them. What is more, PaperSave has top-notch encryption and security protocols so you dont have to worry about any security breaches.
  • Mobile document management made easy. Last but not least, PaperSave has native iOS and Android mobile applications. With this, you can access your document database, review and approve files, as well as retrieve information from your phone.
  • Detailed PaperSave Review

    Stay Secured With Kris Document Management System

    Battle-tested system

    Successfully passed extreme penetration tests over 13 years. KRIS is trusted & deployed in various Singapore government agencies.

    No Confidential Information Leakage

    Only authorized personnel can access sensitive information. Control access by hierarchy, department, project team, etc. Safeguard files such as HR personnel files, high-level meeting minutes, and more. No more unauthorized access, modifications, and deletions within the company.

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    Enjoy Efficiency & Work Happy

    Paperless & Clutter-free Office

    KRIS has all the features needed for transiting & maintaining a paperless office. E.g., scanning, migration, implementation of digital forms, etc. Our Certified Records Consultant will recommend best practices on how to scan, what to scan, what to store & how long to store for. Guaranteed to fulfill audit requirements.

    Lighten Load With Workflow & Automation

    Documents automatically routed from one co-worker to another for different stages of processing & approval.

    Fast Search

    All you need to find any document within your document management system . Use a powerful search tool that searches even within the content of documents.

    Waiver Of 6 Months Subscriptions For New Signups

    The key revenue-generating aspects of your business need to keep running even during this COVID-19 crisis. Take advantage of this offer to ensure that employees are able to work from home effectively.

    When Leaving A Job

    Randy Perkins-Smart- using SharePoint for Document Management in Government and Legal Organisations

    When leaving your job, good information management practices as outlined below ensure that your colleagues can continue to access and manage the information and resources they need to do their jobs well. Regular attention to these activities will also help to minimize the stress often associated with a job change. It is recommended that you:

    Contact your IM specialists for any supporting advice or assistance. For more information, see the “Where You Can Find More Help” section.

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    When Starting A New Job

    Starting a new job provides you with an ideal opportunity to establish good practices for managing government information resources right from the start. The following are some recommended examples:

    • See if any electronic and paper information resources of business value have been transferred to your custody. Speak to your IM specialists to find out if there is a list of these that can be provided to you.
    • Take note of any instructions or messages you receive regarding access to electronic tools such as a shared drive, business system or corporate repository.
    • Familiarize yourself with your IM responsibilities and practices by reviewing the information in this guide. Also, take advantage of any IM and recordkeeping awareness and training sessions that may be available. Contact your manager and IM specialists to obtain more information.

    IM specialists are available to help you make the transition to your new job.

    Bsc Government Document Management Solutions

    Why does the Government exist? To serve and protect its citizens, right? Our solutions are available for use to diverse agencies at virtually every level of government to manage growing volumes of data and transactions under tight budget constraints. By connecting people with the documents and data they need to work efficiently and automating processes, government offices and agencies can meet their goals to improve service levels for their constituents even when budgets shrink.

    Delivering capability without complexity, BSC helps government agencies get control of the vast amount of information needed to provide services, from applications for everything from drivers licenses to building permits to court records, intake forms, inspections, etc. We use this information to achieve desired outcomes, such as getting benefits to people quicker, ensuring that a building project is on the tax rolls sooner or securely sharing records between law enforcement, courts, and the public.

    Paper-based information in government, like any other business, is inefficient and costly. BSC has extensive experience working with government agencies and has ECM, BPO, document management systems and records management applications for the following:

    • City and County Clerks
    • Planning and Public Works


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    Managing Information On Shared Drives

    Where there are no established procedures in an institution to manage electronic information or if you have electronic information resources that cannot be managed using the established procedures, your organization’s shared drive can be used to store your electronic information resources. It is recommended that you have procedures in place to properly manage it. Name, inventory, and organize the electronic documents according to, or linking to, the institutional classification system if one is in place. Associating electronically stored information with the institutional classification structure facilitates locating and retrieving related information and applying life-cycle management procedures, including planned transfer or deletion. Keep in mind, however, that access to classified and protected material is restricted to authorized employees. Also, when using a shared drive, it is advised that file permissions are set to “read only” to ensure documents are not altered or easily destroyed.

    If you don’t have an institutional classification structure, your IM specialists can suggest effective alternate methods for organizing your shared drive.

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