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Federal Government Contract Management Software

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Enhanced Software Licensing Agreements

GSA Cooperative Purchasing Program

These enhancements of existing agreements reduce the costs and complexities involved with federal acquisition of commercial software. They provide ready access to exemplary software agreements that are in-place and available for use.

Details are available on the federal side of the Acquisition Gateway.

Federal Contract Management Software Capabilities

The Cap offers many tools for advanced contract data management that can be leveraged for quick and intelligent contract lifecycle management . Some of these capabilities are:

· Any size RFP document can be quickly analyzed and parsed into a structured format that is more accessible and transparent for all proposal team members. The result is represented within an Excel template matrix.

· Quickly analyze the RFP document and comprehend the significance of each paragraph in a structured format. AI can classify the clauses based on their contents.

· Mark out significant clauses by highlighting the importance of the information they contain.

· Identify requirements by highlighting key words and requirement statements.

· Check the readability ranking of the language of the document.

· Assess the language by pre-determining the weight of important terms.

· Compare RFPs with proposals using the cross-reference feature.

· Quickly generate a Bid/No Bid Assessment matrix facilitating each highlighted items bid or no bid evaluation.

· Quickly generate a RACI matrix or select your own responsibility assignment matrix .

· Quickly generate a risk assessment matrix using the Risk keyword library.

· Quickly generate a Color Team Review template.

· Quickly find Federal Acquisition Regulations in RFPs.

Federal Government Contract Management Software

Legal Files contract management software for government provides you with all the features and functions you need to run your department efficiently. Our government contract tracking software gives you the ability to automate workflows, keep tabs on your email, use event/task/calendar messaging, and phone messaging.

Legal Files federal government contract management software helps you avoid complicated workflows and processes and improves how your team communicates. As a firm, we now have more than 30 years of experience. Government agencies at every level have made use of our software to help them better manage their processes. You can deploy our solutions at the municipal, county, state, federal and tribal levels, depending on your needs.

If your organization handles federal contracts, then making sure that they are managed in the most effective, efficient, and secure ways possible is key. Legal Files offers federal contract management software that can make sure that only those who need access to those files can find, view, review, edit, and share them as simply as possible.

We are incredibly impressed with the flexibility and customization capabilities that Legal Files offers.

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Audit Tested For Government Contractssingle

  • Time tracking meets all DCAA and Gov Con requirements
  • Auditor approved expense tracking with receipt capture
  • Digital certification by employees prior to submittal
  • Ability to associate cost pools to GL accounts
  • Realtime calculation of overhead, GA and Fringe multipliers
  • Customizable chart of accounts to meet FAR & CAS

Erp For Government Contractor Industries

What Is Contract Management Software: A Beginners Guide
  • Have any questions?
  • ERP for Government Contractor Industries

Ensuring robust ERP for Government Contractors

A fully cloud-based ERP tool for progressive business governance

Enhance the functioning of government contract-based projects and the business systems to meet CMMC, FISMA/NIST 800-53, ISO 27001-2013 Compliance, HIPPA Security Standards, etc. with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Adherence to a stringent frame of compliance, security and risk management, and others are a few of the central challenges that are specific to government contractors. They are faced with multiple hindrances pertinent to the Federal, State or Regional levels of government. Quite irrespective of the services and products put forth by such government contracting agencies, there are a plethora of other concerns that need to be addressed by them. Therefore, a very coherent medium of work-environment becomes a precursor to such projects.

How Microsoft Dynamics Can Benefit Government Contractors?Financial Operability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business CentralMicrosoft Dynamics Functionality

All-embracing cloud ERP solution for businesses of any size.

VLCs Customized Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Configuration

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Achieve Government Contract Management Kpi Goals

Federal contractors who regularly manage the success of their contracts against specific, established criteria can adjust government contract management strategies accordingly to ensure that objectives promote positive organizational impact.

Contractors must establish contract management KPIs that are:

Contractors engaged in a government contract will have unique KPIs according to their industry and situation. Contractors should review their contract lifecycle and develop dynamic success metrics. Results must be measured regularly thus, KPIs should be comprised of qualitative and quantitative data analysis.

Which One Is Right For Your Business

In our 30+ years of Federal Government/DCAA compliant accounting and contract management, weve had extensive experience working with different accounting and timekeeping software and systems. As an independent expert, and not a biased re-seller of software, ReliAscent® can help you identify the best systems for your small to medium-sized business. A common mistake we routinely see is contractors that have over 100 employees with multiple government awards , still relying on QuickBooks to do their accounting. QuickBooks can provide value for smaller companies but as the company grows it can stretch thin in the areas of Inventory, Internal Controls, ERP, GAAP compliance and quick turnaround of useful information for project managers. At this point there are a number of better systems we may need to integrate into your QuickBooks Accounting System, or larger, or manufacturing companies may want to consider other platforms. Conversely, many smaller contractors unwittingly find themselves using software that is overly expensive and complicated for the level of contracting they perform.

To learn which government contract accounting software may be best suited to your business, watch our video above, and click the button below to tell us more about your business and needs:

Some examples of the systems that ReliAscent® has working knowledge of include:

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It’s Time To Utilize Contract Management Software

Now that you know how U.S. federal contractors of many types and sizes can benefit from government contract management software, its time to make the switch to a solution that offers you contract management, eProcurement, and eSourcing all in one platform. That solution is CobbleStone Software.

CobbleStone Softwares Contract Insight® features a myriad of user-friendly tools that enable federal contractors to manage contracts effectively, dynamically write contracts from a pre-approved and regulation-meeting clause library, capture and oversee deliverables, manage CLIN and SLIN, search and report, track financials, achieve goals of reaching KPIs, maintaining compliance, and much more.

CobbleStones acclaimed source-to-contract management software, Contract Insight, has been trusted by thousands of federal contractors, government organizations, and government agencies for pre-award and post-award contract management. Contract Insight is conveniently available for purchase on the GSA Schedule 70.

Request a free demo of Contract Insight today!

Streamline Government Contracts And More

GSA Training Opportunities for Federal Acquisition Professionals

The right government contract management software solution can help your business streamline contract and subcontract management as well as vendor management and asset management. By automating contract reviews, procurement, and document management with PandaDoc, youre able to create audit trails from contract creation through the entire contract lifecycle in real-time via a user-friendly dashboard.

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Federal Contract Management Software Applications

When it comes to responding efficiently to contract RFPs, using AI-empowered software is critical for saving resources and time. The ContentAnalytics Platform , developed by Scion Analytics, is valuable for enhancing RFP responses and ensuring proposal compliance. There are several key applications in the CAP to help with these:

Compliance Matrix

The gold standard for contract requirements compliance matrices are those developed by Shipley Associates. The Compliance Matrix Dynamic Application can quickly generate a starter compliance matrix using a Shipley Associates Excel spreadsheet template. The RFP can be parsed into a structured output using the Legal parser selection and the keyword group Required to help identify requirements. The Compliance Matrix generates the government RFP document fully restructured for easy sequential addressing. Each header section is listed with page numbers. Requirement statements are displayed in separate paragraphs. Keywords are highlighted in red for easy accountability by the proposal team members.

Compliance Matrix/Analysis Results

The Analysis Results feature of the Compliance Matrix Dynamic Application generates a panel where you can collaborate with the team members. You can split, combine, annotate notes, and edit individual sections. You can export multiple reports, and quickly search the RFP for specific keywords.

Compliance Matrix/ Sentence Level

Compliance Matrix/ Select Keywords

Compliance Matrix/ X-Ref

Vendor & Employee Ofac Search

Leading contract management software that integrates search with OFAC data for risk mitigation and compliance monitoring allow government agencies to run checks on vendors and employees against OFACs Sanctions Lists.

Software administrators can schedule OFAC search checks and integrate them into record details pages to promote centralized company, employee, and vendor risk analysis and mitigation. Determine whether to include OFAC searches for Also Known As items that run checks for potential aliases or alternate names for organizations, employees, and vendors within the OFAC database. Furthermore, organizations can set up what the tool deems a match between their company, employee, or vendor data and OFAC search data based on a configured percentage.

Additional potential benefits include easy to understand search details and visually appealing graphs that map the data percentage matched between OFAC and their contract management software system.

CobbleStone Software offers OFAC Search options with the release of Contract Insight® 17.6.0., equipping Contract Insight users with an easy way to check vendor, customer, and employee records against the database of national sanctions. Experience intelligent, thorough national sanction compliance checks and risk details at a glance with OFAC search integration with advanced government contract management software!

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Why Is It So Important To Use Contract Management Software For My Government Contracts

Working with government contracts dictates that you strictly adhere to the guidelines set forth in the Federal Acquisition Regulation system. Conformity to these processes requires that your government contracts meet the standard or not be considered at all. Whether you are onboarding new labor initiatives or forging a relationship with a new vendor, PandaDoc government contract software gives you spend visibility to streamline contract analysis processes.

Should I Set All My Government Contracts To Auto

The Top Contract Lifecycle Management Software Vendors According to the ...

While some contracts are perfectly suitable for auto-renew and using this feature seems like an effective time-saver, setting all your government contracts to auto-renew could be a mistake. Consider how the contract renewal process helps you avoid lost opportunities to re-engage with your client or vendor for more favorable terms. Take advantage of this feature, but dont shortcut yourself out of a better deal.

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Government Spending During Covid

Buoyed in part by the COVID-19 pandemic, fiscal 2020 marked the fifth straight year of increased contract spending by the federal government. As the pandemic created serious financial and health burdens for many US households, the federal government contracted expenditures on medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, with COVID-19-related transactions amounting to $45 billion in fiscal 2020.

Lets take a look at some of the key statistics relating to government contract spending during the onset of COVID-19.

  • Expenditures on medical supplies during COVID-19 increased by 50% in 2020.
  • Spending on ships, aircraft, subs, and combat vehicles increased to 41%.
  • For miscellaneous and sustainment supplies, government spending decreased by more than 13%.
  • As for the IT sector, contract spending grew $6.8 billion year over year.
  • From $57.3 billion in fiscal 2016, the information technology market grew to $76.2 billion in fiscal 2020.

Bid Detail: For The Worlds Largest Live Global Tenders

Bid Detail is a one-stop shop for federal opportunities and government tenders from all over the world. It provides government organizations with the latest procurement news and access to contract award data. It also provides bidding consultancy and facilitation services, enabling government tenders to broaden their business boundaries and government clientele worldwide. Furthermore, Bid Detail consolidates data on the latest bids and contracts awarded from different countries all across the globe.

Key Features

  • Elite: $46/employee

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What Is The Best Government Procurement Software

Finding the best government procurement software is a difficult undertakingafter all, not all systems are created equal, and there is no one-size-fits-all government procurement platform. As you can see from the list of platforms in this article, each one has a distinct set of features and capabilities, and some offer a more comprehensive set of functionalities than the others. In choosing the most ideal government procurement platform, it is important to consider a system that supports large-scale government sourcing and bid processes.

Government procurement involves a series of complex processes. Thats why government agencies should leverage the assistance of modern tools and applications for managing requisitions, approvals, awards, and compliance management. With the help of a government procurement platform, public offices and organizations can easily facilitate online collaboration with their vendors, contractors, and suppliers.

Governments today take on many roles that require modern computer applications. Consequently, they find themselves relying on many modern systems if they are to run efficiently. For example, providing public transportation used to be a relatively simple affair, but the ever-growing population and the vast, complex need it entails mean they have to turn to public transportation software providers.

All these systems put together eventually translates to mountains of data that only the best public records management software can handle.

Comprehensive Contract Lifecycle Management

GSA’s IT Software Solutions

Reduce costs, eliminate wasted time, and see more efficient contract administration with a one-stop for oversight of the entire contract lifecycle.

Advanced contract lifecycle management software supports government organizations with easy-to-use features for:

  • enhanced contract data tracking and contract analytics.
  • key date notifications and alerts.
  • risk management and mitigation.
  • contract drafting and contract writing.
  • contract negotiation and review.
  • industry-specific contract type tracking for government agencies.

Intelligent, automated workflow expedites the contract lifecycle up to and including renewal. Remain compliant as per regulations and save time and money with advanced obligations and compliance management from initiation to close-out.

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Erp Software Solutions For Government Contractors

We understand that the success of your business often depends on choosing a software solution that works like an ERP for Government Contractors instead of a generic ERP solution that may not fit your business requirements. At SIS we focus on helping you achieve and maintain productivity enabling you to work on the business instead of in the business while providing the DCAA compliant reporting you need.

A modern ERP system designed and configurable to fit your Industry, can allow your team to be more productive with more strategic issues, rather than mundane repetitive data entry and reporting that so many Government contractors are burdened with.

SIS combines our industry knowledge and more than twenty years of experience with the robust functionality and the ease of use of Microsoft Dynamics to help you keep your business in line with the requirements of Government Contracting.

We combine collecting, storing, managing and interpreting data from many areas of your business. This includes project planning, cost and budgeting, supply chain, manufacturing and service delivery. We deliver a simplified approach to accounting with Defense Contract Audit Agency compliance, combined with robust business operations support to streamline key and unique processes with excellent audit support for fast and flexible reporting.

Microsoft Dynamics Government Contractor Software Complies With These Federal Regulations:

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Navigating The Government Contracting Landscape With Jamis Prime Erp

With unprecedented visibility into your crucial business processes and data, you can discover new opportunities to cut costs and boost revenue. With an ERP system designed to facilitate an agile work environment, youll be able act quickly on those opportunities and out-maneuver your competition. View On-Demand Video > >

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Here Is What Unanet Erp Software Can Do For Government Contractors

Your business is driven by the value of your projects and people, but do you have a clear view of their performance, capacity, and profitability? Unanet ERP for Government Contractors provides perfect clarity and total control over day-to-day operations as well as forecasting and planning.

Purpose-built in-house by GovCon professionals, Unanet is the only native integrated Cloud ERP solution built from the ground up to serve this unique market. And, DCAA compliance and audit confidence are foundational, not simply a goal to achieveUnanet features support DCAA requirements at each stage.

Unanet is your single-source solution that integrates Professional Services Automation and Project Portfolio Management software with Financials to help organizations reliably plan, track, and manage projects and people.

Unanets efficiencies and processes have allowed us to grow by 30% this year without having to grow our Finance team.

Charles Bonner

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R3 Contract Management For Govcon

67 best images about Contract &  Procurement Management Lifecycle on ...

Designed to meet the unique needs of Federal Government Contractors.

R3 Contract Management for GovCon is a practical, flexible, and affordable software solution designed specifically for small to mid-size Federal Government Contractors. It provides you with a centralized contract management system. This gives you greater control over your contracts, reduces risks, increases your effectiveness and provides you with cost savings from increased productivity.

Watch demo video.

Featured Case Study

Excentium Inc., a fast growing SDVOSB providing cybersecurity and governance services to the Federal Government, uses R3s Contract Management software to increase the speed and accuracy of its contract management operations.
  • Document and data management in one
  • Ability to manage customer, subcontractor, and vendor contracts
  • Contract-specific views that bring information to user
  • Document versioning and collaboration
  • My Work to see your contracts/mods in process
  • Audit history and reporting
  • Contract Record View – contract data and documents in one view
  • Contract and modification relationships
  • Track FAR/DFAR clauses, CLINS and flow-downs
  • Track Contract Deliverables and Deliverable Action Items
  • Instant Contract Briefs and Waterfall Reports

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