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Where Can I Find My Government Issued Identification Number

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Documents That Show Name And Date Of Birth Or Signature Or Photo

How Can I Get a Tax ID Number
  • Clearance letter or driving record from another state’s DMV, issued in the last 30 days
  • Divorce decree, certified by the issuing government authority
  • Government employee ID card , with signature and photo
  • Medicare card
  • Police employee ID card issued by Washington city or county
  • Professional license
  • School record from Mexico with seal and picture of individual at age of issue
  • School transcript or record, or Forms I-20 or DS-2019 for foreign exchange students
  • School yearbook or copy certified by the school with recognizable photo
  • Selective Service card

Acceptable Forms Of Identification

REAL ID DOCUMENT CHECKLIST For Identity Verification

NEW PROCESS: You will not receive a permanent driver license or ID card while at an office. It will arrive through the mail. You may retain your expiring license or ID provided there are no changes other than address. For more on this, please see Central Issuance. After visiting an office, you can track the delivery of your new card.

To obtain a new learner permit, driver license or ID card, or to obtain a verified driver license or ID card you will need to provide valid/unexpired, original documents, or certified copies. Out of state learner permits are not transferable.

Two forms of the same identification will not be accepted. If any document presented is in a language other than English, it must be translated by a DMV-Approved Translator.

You must satisfy items 1, 2, 3 and if applicable, 4 and 5:

IMPORTANT: Individuals arriving in the U.S. with an I-94 stamp in your passport must visit the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website to obtain a hard copy of your I-94 document. This document must be presented to the DMV along with all other required documents.


You must present two forms of identification at least one of the documents must be from the Primary document list.

PRIMARY document list

US born

  • US or US Territory Birth Certificate or Registration of Birth
  • US Passport or Passport Card

Non-US born



Where Is My Status In Canada Document Number

On your interest to sponsor form, you must provide the number of your passport or status in Canada document.

Make sure you submit the number of the same document you submit with your application, if youre invited to apply. If the document number doesnt match, well return your application.

Note: If you submitted a non-Canadian passport with your interest to sponsor form and youre invited to apply, you need to be a permanent resident when you apply to be eligible to sponsor. In that case, when you apply you must include

  • a copy of the foreign passport you submitted and
  • one of the documents below

We use this to confirm your status in Canada.

See examples below of where to find your status in Canada document number:

  • It has 12 numbers in this order:
  • begins with 4 numbers and a hyphen,
  • followed by 2 numbers and a hyphen, and
  • ends in 6 numbers.
  • It has 12 numbers in this order:
  • begins with 4 numbers and a hyphen,
  • followed by 2 numbers and a hyphen, and
  • ends in 6 numbers.
  • Provide the Registration No. / No denregistrement
  • It has 12 numbers in this order:
  • begins with 4 numbers and a hyphen,
  • followed by 2 numbers and a hyphen, and
  • ends in 6 numbers.
  • Provide the Registration No. / No denregistrement
  • It has 12 numbers in this order:
  • begins with 4 numbers and a space,
  • followed by 2 numbers and a space, and
  • ends in 6 numbers.
  • It has 12 numbers in this order:
  • begins with 4 numbers and a hyphen,
  • followed by 2 numbers and a hyphen, and
  • ends in 6 numbers.

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Check Online For Duplicate Id

You can now check online if you share an IdentityDocument number with other people. The Department of Home Affairs has added afacility on their website where you can checkwhether you are one of the 29 000 people in South Africa with a duplicate IDnumber.

Alternatively, you can send an SMS to 32551with the letter D followed by your ID number.

The Department will also publish names ofaffected people in major newspapers on Tuesday 8 May. If you are one ofaffected people, approach your nearest Home Affairs office for assistance.

Addressing a media briefing, Home AffairsDirector General, Mkuseli Apleni announced that the first phase of the campaignto eliminate duplicate IDs will target target the 29 000 people wheretwo or more people share one ID number. The second phase will focus on thefurther 83 000 affected persons where a single person has multiple ID numbers.

Apleni also announced that the new Smart ID Card will soon bepiloted across the country, with 2000 people, including activists who opposedpass laws, being issued with new cards to test the system.

If I Think The Drivers License Is A Fake Can I Refuse To Notarize The Document

How to get my state ID number with the card

Yes. A notary public who suspects that a drivers license is a fake must decline the notarization. One of the notarys responsibilities is to establish the identity of a signer through satisfactory evidence. A prudent notary public should examine a drivers license thoroughly to determine whether it contains questionable fundamental information or noticeable fraudulent characteristics. If there is doubt, the better practice is to decline the notarization.

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What Is A State Government Id Number

In Indonesia, Government state ID number is know as NIP or translated as Employee sequence Number. Its an indentification number for government employee in Indonesia.

Example of Indonesian Government ID number: 19850505 2006011 010 which means: 19850505 is the year of birth, the month of birth, and the day of birth. 2006 means that a government employee was hired in 2006, Sorry I cant tell you what 011 01 means, and the last 0 means the government employee is female, and if the number is 1 instead of 0, that means the government employee is male.

If Your Id Is Expired And You Cant Renew It Due To Covid

If your expired ID meets the requirements, well accept it as proof of your identity if the province, territory or state that issued it has temporarily extended its validity.

However, this doesnt apply to Canadian passports. You cant use your passport as proof of your identity if its been expired for more than 1 year.

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How To Apply For An Id Card

To apply for an ID card:

  • Visit a DMV office, where you will:
  • Provide your social security number .
  • Verify your identity with an acceptable identity document. Your current name needs to match the name on the identity document.
  • Present acceptable residency documents .
  • Pay the nonrefundable application fee .
  • Have your thumbprint scanned.
  • Have your photo taken.
  • If you want to apply for a REAL ID, you must also provide proof of your identity, SSN, and two proofs of residency from the list of acceptable REAL ID documents.

You will receive your new ID card via mail within 3-4 weeks. If you have not received your new ID card after 60 days, call us at 1-800-777-0133 to check the status.

Find Out If Your Business Needs A Tax Id Number To Operate In Canada

Individual Taxpayer Identification Number ITIN

The tax ID number is part of the 15-character program account number assigned to your business by the Canada Revenue Agency . The program account number consists of three parts:

  • Nine-digit Business Number that identifies your business
  • Two-letter identifier for the program type
  • Four-digit reference number for the program account

An account number would look like this: 123456789 RT0001

Think of your Business Number as your business tax ID number because that’s why it exists. The CRA assigns your company a Business Number when you first register for any one of the four major program accounts you will need to operate your business:

The nine-digit tax ID number is the same across program accounts the numbers for the program ID and account number will change based on which of the four it’s referring to. You can apply for the number through The Canada Revenue Agency’s Business Registration Online service.

Note that in Quebec, the Business Number does not include your GST/HST accounts. You must register for a separate GST/HST account with Revenu Québec. Its General Information Concerning the QST and the GST/HST provides further clarification.

Several other tax accounts, such as Excise Tax, require a tax ID number/Business Number if they apply to you.

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Identity Documents In The United States

Identity documents in the United States are typically the regional state-issued driver’s license or identity card, while also the Social Security card and the United States Passport Card may serve as national identification. The United States passport itself also may serve as identification. However there is no official “national identity card” in the United States, in the sense that there is no federal agency with nationwide jurisdiction that directly issues an identity document to all US citizens for mandatory regular use.

There have been proposals to nationalize ID cards, as currently citizens are identified by a patchwork of documents issued by both the federal government as well as individual state and local governments.

It is both a political issue and a practical one, and the idea of federalism is cited as supporting federated identification. All legislative attempts to create a national identity card have failed due to tenacious opposition from liberal and conservative politicians alike, who regard the national identity card as the mark of a totalitarian society.

The most common national photo identity documents are the passport and passport card, which are issued by the U.S. Department of State to U.S. nationals only upon voluntary application. Issuance of these documents is discretionary – that is, for various reasons, the State Department can refuse an application for a passport or passport card.

Download And Create Your Account

To register your Smart-ID account with Mobile-ID, you need to into your phone and install it. Once you have the app open, click on Register and fill in the form.

When you get to Registration methods screen, choose Mobile-ID.

All the relevant information will be on your mobile screen: follow the instructions and registration should be fast, easy and smooth! Make sure you check what you have typed before you move on to next steps. Accidental typos are the main reason registration process might fail, so double-check everything you type.

NB! If you are using Meizu phones, you need to adjust the Google Play settings on your phone. Default settings will not allow automatic SMS-detection, so you need to permit them.

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You Can See The Information That Will Be Shared When Accessing Services Online

The only information that may be shared with the government service when you log in is:

  • Some of your basic account information like your name, birthdate, address, email
  • A unique number used to identify you

Only the information a government service needs is shared with them, and no more. For example, sometimes your birthdate is kept private and only that youre over 19 years old is shared.

You can see exactly what information will be shared when you’re logging in. You can choose if you want to share it or not.

Can I Use A Drivers License That Contains The Signers Maiden Name And Not Her Current Married Name For A Notarization

New Michigan Drivers License

No. If states notary laws specify that the state or federal issued identification card must be current, notaries public must comply with their statutorily satisfactory evidence of identification. A married signer who is still using a drivers license with her maiden name is not using a current drivers license, and the notary must refuse the notarization.

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What Is A State

State ID cards are issued to state residents that need a state identification number but do not want or are unable to drive a motor vehicle. For people who drive, their state ID number is more commonly known as their drivers license number.

As long as there are no warrants out, nationally or internationally through Interpol, on you as an individual, you are not on the SOR or currently undergoing criminal investigation, engaged in terrorist activities and on a Watch List, taking children out of the country without parental permission or actually on probation or awaiting sentencing at this time, nothing will be flagged up when they scan your passport. The only information the officials at your destination will see is any alerts that result from any of the above.

  • DMV
  • valid forms of photo id

Can I Use An Identification Card Issued By A Foreign Governmentsuch As A Chinese Passport A Matricula Consular From Mexico Or An Instituto Federal Electoral Registro Federal De Electores To Perform A Notarial Act

No. In most states, a notary public may only confirm the identity of a signer for notary services by a state or federal identification card issued by a United States government office. A notary public may not use an identification document issued by a government office from a foreign nation to establish the identity of a signer for the notarization of a document.

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State Vs Federal Government

In the United States, identification documents may be issued at the state level or at the national level.

Some examples of state photo IDs include:

  • A state-issued drivers license
  • A state-issued identity card

Each state issues drivers licenses as well as non-driver state identity cards. The latter serves the same photo identification functions as a drivers license but does _not _grant the holder permission to operate a motor vehicle.

A US passport serves as identification for United States citizens during international travel. A passport card, on the other hand, can only be used at specific land border-crossings or ports of entry by sea from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda.

Although Social Security cards have federal jurisdiction in the United States, they cannot be used to verify a citizens identity.

A Social Security card can be used to:

  • Comply with Social Security payroll tax laws
  • Obtain credit
  • Request other regulated financial services in banking and investments

Other government-issued IDs in the US include military ID cards, state-issued photo IDs, and citizenship cards, amongst others.

Missouri Real Id Information

International Taxpayers-Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)

Beginning May 3, 2023, residents of every U.S. state and territory will be required to present a REAL ID-compliant driver license or ID card, or another form of ID accepted by the Transportation Security Administration, to board federally regulated domestic flights.

Also beginning May 3, 2023, individuals must present a REAL ID-compliant driver license or ID card, or another form of acceptable ID, to access federal facilities and to enter nuclear power plants.

Refer to the questions and answers below to learn more.

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How Can I Verify The Identity Of A Signer Who Has Only A Mexico Matricula Consular Or Some Other Unacceptable Form Of Identification

In such cases, a notary public has two other options to verify the identity of the signer for the notarization of his documents: 1) the signer is personally known to the notary or 2) on the oath of a credible witness who is personally known to the signer and notary. The notary must decline the notarization if the notary is unable to legally verify the identity of the signer by satisfactory evidence of identification.

May I Notarize A Document For A Signer Who Only Has An Expired Drivers License

No. A notary may not use an expired drivers license to establish the identity of a signer to provide notary services. The state-issued drivers license must be current and contain a photograph and signature of the signer. A notary public who verifies the identity of a signer through an expired drivers license may be subject to civil and criminal liability.

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Required Documentation To Obtain An Id Card

When you apply for a new drivers license, permit or identification card, you must present original versions or certified copies of the following documents:

  • One document proving your identity and
  • One document proving your lawful status in the United States and
  • One document proving your Social Security number and
  • Two documents proving your Indiana residency

An identification card is valid for six years. The credential holder may apply for a renewal up to 24 months prior to the expiration date listed on the identification card. Identification cards issued to lawful temporary residents expire upon the applicants end of lawful presence date and may only be renewed 30 days prior to the expiration date on the card.

You Are Buying From A Third

Are Government
  • We are not a government agency
  • We are not affiliated with any government agency
  • We are a private company

Third-party companies must have a statement on their website clearly identifying that they are not affiliated with the government. You can usually find these statements on the home page, about us page, or the terms and conditions page.

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Real Id Uses And Enforcement

This or a similar statement means the issuing state offers its residents the option to obtain a driver’s license or identification card which is not compliant with the Real ID Act and that the license holder has chosen that option.

These licenses and ID cards meet Nevada proof of identity standards. They should be accepted as identification for all uses.

A variety of reasons may underlie the choice to obtain a standard license. These include personal preference, religious conviction, or the inability or decision not to provide original documents needed to verify identity, citizenship, or lawful status in the United States.

No inferences or assumptions should be drawn about the particular reason an individual possesses a card with this statement. It does not indicate a person’s citizenship or immigration status.

REAL ID only covers state issued identification documents used for accessing federal facilities, commercial aircraft, and nuclear power plants and not for the determination for any specific benefit. Non-federal entities such as banking institutions are outside the scope of REAL ID and have the ability to use state issued identification documents as they deem appropriate.

Yes, until May 3, 2023.

Nevada Driver Authorization Cards are not valid for identification.

No. A Real ID license or ID is NOT required to:

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