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Dollar Rental Car Government Rate

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Car rental prices skyrocketing for travelers

MyGovTrip partners with online travel agencies that offer both domestic and international car rental companies. You can compare and save with just one click! Our partners are travel aggregators and metasearch engines who gather millions of rates from hundreds of car rental companies.

MyGovTrip makes it easy. Simply choose your destination and enter the date you want to pick the car up and your return date to see the lowest rates available for you trip. You can choose from a wide variety of options including car size and features.

    To simplify the booking process it is good to know the basic requirements for renting vehicles:

  • Must have a valid drivers license.
  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Some companies have a minimum rate of age 21.
  • A Young Renter Fee may apply.
  • Insurance may a higher rate for ages 18-24.

On MyGovTrip you can Compare Rates Top brands, Save Big and Book your rental car!

Insurance Coverage By Dollar

Please note: These are offered by the supplier direct – at the car rental pickup or by contacting:

Dollar Reservation: 1-800-800-4000

1. Loss Damage Waiver : If the renter purchases one of the optional LDW plans, DOLLAR will agree to waive the renters responsibility for loss or damage to the vehicle in full or in part . LDW is not insurance or an insurance product. LDW does not apply if: the renter uses the vehicle in violation of the rental agreement the renter fails to remove the keys, or close and lock all windows, doors and trunk, and the vehicle is stolen or vandalized the renter fails to notify us and the police immediately after the loss and the renter fails to pay the charges under the rental agreement or other exceptions as allowed by the applicable state or provincial law.Before deciding whether to purchase LDW, the renter may wish to determine whether their own automobile insurance or credit card agreement provides coverage for rental vehicle damage or loss and determine the amount of the deductible under their own insurance coverage. The purchase of LDW is not mandatory. LDW is not insurance.

Best Budget Bcd Codes To Save Money On Car Rentals

This article may contain affiliate links where we make a small commission for purchases you make from links that you click from this article. For more details, read the disclosure page.

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for those that rent cars from Budget and so what I’ve done is put together a simple compilation to make sure you get the best deals.

In the top section, I’ve highlighted the latest Budget BCD codes and have broken them down between the official codes and the corporate codes. All of them you can use at your discretion. You’d be silly to book a car with Budget without using any codes.

Best of luck and good hunting folks!

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Where do I get deals on hotels?

  • Yes, hotels have corporate codes as well. I’ve complied the list of the top codes for Hilton and .

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Compilation Of Dollar Car Rental Promo Codes

We finally arrive at the Dollar discount codes themselves. We’re going to break things down between official and corporate.

How to use the below tables

To use the codes, simply click on the orange button on the right side of the table. This copies the Dollar code to your computer/smartphone so you can paste it in the rental car booking form.

Types Of Hertz Car Rental Rides

Hertz Military Discount

Hertz was named the Best Car Rental Company in the World in 2015 by both Business Traveler Magazine and Global Traveler Tested Reader Survey Awards.

There is reason why the car rental company received the accolade.

Hertz has more than 1,600 airport locations alone in the United States.

And thats not counting hundreds stand-alone branches. Or the thousands of locations scattered across the globe.

Hertz has an impressive fleet of car rentals. Some of the highlights:

  • Hertz Green Traveler Collection: Eco-friendly hybrid cars and other rides with excellent fuel efficiency.
  • Adrenaline Collection: Who doesnt want to cruise around a new place in a powerful, vintage ride? The Adrenaline Collection includes Ford Mustangs, Penske GT, and Z6 Chevy Corvettes.
  • Prestige Collection: Luxury rides like the Mercedes E Class and Infiniti QX80 is available for those able to spend a little more on their next car rental.

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Aaa Members Save With Dollar

If you’re a frequent traveler, you may find that you need to rent a car often, whether that be to travel from the airport to a hotel or to take a cross-country trip. Dollar Car Rental offers a number of deals to AAA members to make initial costs more affordable. AAA members can rent with confidence as Dollar aims to get you on your way safely and confidently.

Official Dollar Promo And Discount Codes Codes

Especially with the current climate of corporate codes and car rental companies checking more aggressively, it’s safe to go with the official codes and discounts.

Copy Code

Instant analysis of official Dollar codes: You can save good money by going with the Pay Now option with 15% off but I really like the AAA car rental discount codes where you not only save 10% but you also get an additional driver, free baby seat, and 10% pre-paid fuel. Remember, AAA corporate discount codes are broken down by regional club chapters. Another good one is the generic PC 101607 which gets you 15% if you rent for a week or weekend.

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Best Bcd Codes For Budget

The below are a list of the Budget codes and discounts that you can find on the market. Each one offers a different level of discount.

Making life easier

To use the codes, simply click on the button on the right side of the table. This will take you to the page with the BCD and/or Coupon Code already entered. This will also copy the code as well so if you need to paste it in the appropriate field, you’re ready to go and you don’t need to flip back and forth between tabs.

Other Tips On Saving Money With Budget

Rental company Hertz orders 100,000 EVs, sending Tesla’s market value to USD$1 Trillion

Here are a couple of basic tips on car rental savings with Budget.

  • Register for Fastbreak This is Budget’s loyalty program. It’s a program where the more you rent with them, you’ll accrue for coupon codes that’ll give you discounts. If you register a new account, they’ll send you $25 Budget Bucks which you’ll be able to use right away.
  • Stacking Remember to try combinations BCD codes and Coupon codes so you can get the benefit of two codes instead of just one.
  • Pay Now’ if you’re confident If you know for sure you’re not going to make a change to your booking, save even more money by paying right away.
  • Don’t rent from the airport This applies for all car rental companies. Those airport fees add up. They sneakily call it something ambiguous which is why you’ll see Concession Recovery Fee , Customer Facility Charge , and Rental Facility Fee . In parenthesis are examples of the fees at SLC airport. In this example you’re looking at $123.47 vs $40.52 in extra fees for a one week rental. That’s massive!
  • Week rentals sometimes cheaper than 5 or 6 days Discounts often kick in when you hit a full week so if you’re close to that, try getting a quote for 7 days.
  • Their fuel program is never a good idea Unless you think you’re going to be in a crazy time crunch, always fill up the tank before you return the car. Even if they offer you a temping fuel plan, it’ll always be more expensive than you filling it up by yourself.

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How To Apply Budget Bcd Codes And Coupon Codes

This is a common question that we get and so to make it super clear, I’ve included a few screenshots of where you can apply these codes to get quotes on how much your Budget car rental will cost.

When you’re on Budget’s website, you’ll see the reservation window right at the top. This is where you’ll enter your pick up and drop off locations, as well as dates. If you look below those fields, you’ll see Offer Codes. Click on this to reveal the fields to enter your BCD Code and/or Coupon Code. Rate Code sometimes shows up here. You can ignore this.

The nice thing is that even if you enter a coupon code in as a BCD code, it’s smart enough to switch it over for you.

Note that you can only enter one BCD code and one Coupon code.

Dollar Car Rental Corporate Codes

There aren’t that many corporate codes out there and so the list is limited.

The savings listed are either provided directly by Dollar but in the case where it isn’t a clear cut, I’ve calculated the discounts off of total price savings compared to how much it would cost without any codes.

Again, please read the disclaimer below on using corporate codes.

View all Dollar CDP Codes


Instant analysis of Dollar corporate codes: Remarkably, the Dollar CDP codes are quite average and many of them are similar. The one that stands out is CDP 3063724 at close to 70% off base rates.

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Government Car Rental Program

Government Car Rental Program

Since car rental rates change so often there is no negotiated rate for individual locations. The agreement is to offer government travelers both Federal and Military the lowest rates available that meet the requirements set forth by GSA and the DTMO. All major car rental companies offer government rates.

    These rates are available to federal employees traveling on official business. To take advantage of these discount the government traveler must provide government issued identification or a government credit card. The benefits include the following:

  • Unlimited mileage in the continental US .
  • Physical damage protection and 3rd party liability protection.
  • A full tank of gas upon pickup.
  • U.S. government employees ages 18 or older will not incur a young driver surcharge when renting for authorized government travel.
  • Renter must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Renter must have a valid drivers license or military id.
  • Renter must show the renting office his or her official orders or a government-issued credit card in order to receive this rate.
  • Renter is required to pay a $5.00 per rental day GARS Fee.

Government rates do not apply to leisure travel.

For more information on the government car rental program visit

Book A Hertz Car Rental For Leisure

Hertz vs Dollar: Car Hire Companies Compared

Are you ready for a much deserved vacation for you and/or your family? Book with Hertz to save money on leisure trips.

Government and military receive a specialized pre-populated CDP through Hertz.

The benefits of going with Hertz compared to other car rental providers include:

  • Discounted rates for military personnel
  • Space available upgrades
  • Complimentary membership to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

Please note that Hertz will request you to confirm military eligibility.

The simplest way is to bring a valid military ID or official documents to the pick up location.

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What Is The Dollar Rent

They offer a preferential government leisure rate of 5% off the retail rates. In addition, they offer a free car-class upgrade, unlimited mileage allowance, on-airport convenience at most major locations, frequent flyer miles or credits with participating airlines and complimentary membership to their Dollar Express Rewards Program.

How To Get The Best Deal With Dollar Car Rental

As you go through the list of codes on the official and corporate side, you’ll find that in Dollar’s case, the publicly available codes are pretty good.

If you want to play it safe, the codes for AAA members are excellent at 10% off. In addition, you get a free child seat, free additional driver, and 10% off prepaid fuel. Codes are chapter specific although I doubt you’d get in trouble for using a code for a chapter that isn’t your closest one.

For weekly or weekend rentals, the Dollar car rental promo code 101607 gets you 15% off which beats more than half of the corporate codes out there.

On the corporate side of things, CDP 3063724 is quite remarkable and the only one that gives you significant discount. All the others are similar, if not worse than the official codes.

If you’d rather not use coupon codes or just want an easy way to find the cheapest rates across all car rental companies, I recommend that you try Discover Cars or These are search engines similar to Kayak and Skyscanner but for car rentals. They look at all car rental companies and provide the best rates so you don’t have to look at each one, one at a time.

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Your Satisfaction Is Our Concern

From the beginning, Dollar’s philosophy has been to provide customers with a mixture of the best service available with the most competitive prices possible. Finding a rental car that suits your budget and travel needs is easy with Dollar’s extensive rental car fleet. The company offers a large selection of high quality rentals that are designed to make traveling in foreign cities comfortable and enjoyable.

As with the majority of internationally known rental companies, Dollar has a commitment to strengthening their economic growth within their supply chain by partnering with a diverse set of suppliers including business enterprises owned by women, disadvantaged individuals and minorities.

Giving back to the community is another important part of the Dollar Thrifty Group’s values. As a thank you to veterans and other members of the United States Armed Forces, Dollar provides discounted rates and fee waivers to military personnel. Every year, the Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group invests in community programs and services that enhance the quality of life in the communities where their employees work and reside. Almost 70% of annual contributions are given to Health and Human Service organizations including: the Special Olympics, the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Official Government Hertz Car Rental

State Farm® Rental Coverage Overview and Reimbursement

Are you needing a car rental for official government assignment or orders?

Hertz supports government and military employees with a pre-populated car discount code for your unique situation.

The Government Administrative Rate Supplement is charged on all official travel booked through Hertz.

It means you will only pay $5 per day for the rental.

The rate is standard and based on the terms and conditions of the U.S. Government Car Rental Agreement.

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Other Tips On Saving Money With Dollar

Here are a couple of basic tips on car rental savings with Dollar Car Rental.

  • Sign up for Dollar Express Rewards The main benefit is being able to skip the counter and go directly to the car.
  • Don’t rent from the airport if you can Those airport fees add up. They sneakily call it something ambiguous which is why you’ll see Ap Conc Fee Recov, Concessn Rec Srchg, and Trans Facility Fee.
  • Week rentals sometimes cheaper than 5 or 6 days Discounts often kick in when you hit a full week so if you’re close to that, try getting a quote for 7 days.
  • Use credit card for car rental insurance Instead of purchasing LDW, leverage your credit card for insurance. Make sure you read your policy beforehand to know what and how you’re covered. The best Canadian credit cards have insurance built in.
  • Prepaying fuel is never a good idea Unless you think you’re going to be in a crazy time crunch, always fill up the tank before you return the car. Even if they offer you a temping fuel plan, it’ll always be more expensive than you filling it up by yourself.

Disclaimer On Using Corporate Codes

As I talk about in the complete guide to car rental coupon codes, one thing you need to be aware of is that codes from the corporate section belong to corporations generated for their employees or are for members of big box stores.

Using these codes without being an employee or member is outside of their rate terms. If you do get into an accident, your own insurance may be void coverage if your misuse gets surfaced. It’s also possible that car rental companies may change your rate during your rental if they find out. It is also unclear whether if you purchase additional coverage , whether that will be nulled if they find out.

You have to be okay with these uncertain risks if you decide to use one of the corporate codes. If you don’t feel comfortable, you should just stick with the official Dollar discount codes.

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Can I Book A One

Yes, Dollar Rent a Car offers travelers the ability to obtain a vehicle for a one-way rental throughout Europe and most of North America. Rates and vehicle types/classes vary depending on seasonal availability as well as may incur an additional one-way drop-off fee. Follow the link to learn more about one-way rental fees.

What’s A Corporate Discount Program

Car Rental Corporate Codes

Dollar has corporate codes called their Corporate Discount Program or CDP for short.

These are specially negotiated contracts with companies and organizations with normally better discounts and terms than those available to the public.

To use them, you need to be employees or members of company/organization affiliated with the code or you could be a vendor or contractor as well.

Before you use a CDP, make sure you read the disclaimer on using corporate code so you understand the risks if you’re using it without being an employee/member.

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