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Government Grants For Pilot Training

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Current And Upcoming Funding Opportunities

News Update: FAA Grants Provisional Approval for Boeing 787 Dreamliner Pilot Training

Open to applicants that meet eligibility criteria. Consult funding opportunities for more information on eligibility criteria.

The information from this list may change.

Funding opportunity
People with disabilities, Youth and students Currently accepting applications
Applications accepted on an ongoing basis Career development and employment Applications accepted on an ongoing basis n/a
Applications accepted on an ongoing basis Career development and employment Applications accepted on an ongoing basis n/a
Applications accepted on an ongoing basis Families Applications accepted on an ongoing basis n/a
Applications accepted on an ongoing basis Career development and employment Applications accepted on an ongoing basis n/a
Applications accepted on an ongoing basis Career development and employment Applications accepted on an ongoing basis n/a

Financial Aid That Sets You For Take Off

A career in aviation offers more than just financial rewards. Licensed commercial pilots get to see the world, while working in an exciting and challenging field. Students who are pursuing a career in aviation do so to satisfy long standing dreams of taking to the skies. It is not a career that people simply fall into, and students attending flight school have gotten there through a dogged determination to realize their professional ambitions.

Like any highly trained professional, pilots require extensive education and training. Becoming a licensed pilot is expensive, and many students considering flight school will need some form of financial aid to complete their studies. At first glance, there may seem to be few financial aid options available for prospective pilots. But a closer examination reveals that there are more financing opportunities for flight school students than you may think.

Federal Financial Aid For Flight School

Generally speaking, Federal financial aid should be every students first stop on the road to college funding. However, students pursuing careers as commercial pilots may find that their training programs do not meet the eligibility requirements for Federal financial assistance. This is because many flight schools are not accredited, and so do not fall under the U.S. Department of Educations remit. For students attending an unaccredited flight school, private, or alternative, loans will be the major source of financial aid.

Having said that, there are a number flight schools and colleges of aviation and aeronautics which are accredited, and that do participate in many of the Federal governments financial aid programs. Students interested in pursuing a career in aviation may wish to limit their choice of flight schools to those that are accredited so that they may have access to the following Federal financial aid programs.

These Federal financial aid programs are only available to students attending a participating accredited flight school or college of aeronautics. Students should contact the offices of admission for their school to learn if it is accredited, and if it participates in any of the governments financial aid programs. Students pursing Federal financial aid will also need to fill out and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to determine the level of financial assistance for which they are eligible.

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Compare Private Loans For Flight Training

If your flight school is not eligible for federal aid, or doesnt cover all of what you need, private student loans are your next option.

Private loans for flight training are offered by banks, credit unions, online lenders, and possibly even your schools financial aid office. While flight school financing through a private lender was much more difficult to attain in the past, several lenders have seen the increasing popularity of these programs, and have begun offering student loans for trade schools and other career training.

Its important to compare your options when it comes to private student loans. By comparing your options, you can increase your chances of finding the lowest rate, thereby limiting the amount of interest you pay over the life of the loan.

Here are the different types of private loans for flight training.

Private lenders

Several private lenders offer career training loans that can cover the costs of flight school.

College Ave

Can You Get A Pell Grant For Flight School

Pilot training schools struggling as government tightens ...

Federal funding may or may not be available for flight school. To receive a Federal Pell Grant, you must attend an accredited school.

Colleges with regional or national accreditation take part in federal aid programs. Furthermore, if you attend a pilot training program at an accredited flight school, you may be eligible for the Pell Grant.

If this is the case, then you should start by filling out a FAFSA. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid figures out how much money you are eligible to get.

In contrast, you do not have to pay this money back. However, you need to abide by the terms.

For students attending an unaccredited flight school, private scholarships and loans are options.

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Whats Excluded From Fepdg Pilot Funding

You cannot use FEPDG pilot funding for capital expenditures on assets valued at over £2,500 which are expected to be used for a period of at least 12 months such as:

  • purchasing assets
  • activities that are predominantly focused on types of non-FE provision
  • activities or services youd normally get free of charge
  • payments youll make for subsidised activities of services at a higher market rate

We also dont expect eligible HE providers to be delivering formal types of professional development or training classed as higher education for their staff through the pilot.

Can You Receive Scholarships For Flight School

One source for aviation scholarships are colleges with flight schools. The Federal Aviation Administration certifies many civilian flight schools.

Some are small fixed base operators . Others are universities with aviation science programs. In addition, there are colleges and universities that offer pilot training. These may be part of a 2- or 4-year aviation degree.

One example is Western Michigan University. They have a large college of aviation. Students here can pursue a bachelors degree in aviation flight science and other areas. The Alan H. Conklin Business Aviation Management Scholarship is one to apply for.

Another is available at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. The Lawrence Ginocchio Scholarship offers five awards each year. Recipients get $4,500 to help pay for their education. Applicants usually need to submit grades, references and an essay.

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Aviation Scholarships And Grants

Fly into your future with aviation scholarships. Take advantage of higher education at one of more than 300 aviation colleges and schools. With the right information and preparation, you can earn aviation scholarships to help pay for your educational goals.

Air Traffic Control Association Open to students pursuing a baccalaureate degree or advanced degree in aviation Amount of Award: $1,500 – $2,500 Application Deadline: May 1st Duration of Award: 1 year Contact Information: Air Traffic Control Association, Inc.Attn: Scholarship Fund1101 King Street, Suite 300Alexandria, VA 22314


WAI, R-W Foundation, Ride the Sun, Sporty’s Foundation, Telex Flight Training Scholarship, Women in Aviation Management Scholarship, Women in Aviation, International Achievement Award, Women in Corporate Aviation Career Scholarship, Women Military Aviators – Dream of Flight Scholarship, Yeager Award and more… ) Open to Women in Aviation, International members Amount of Award: varies

Flight School Financing International Students

Inmates get a second chance at federal grants for higher ed under experimental program

Flight school financing international options vary. Each year we welcome hundreds of international student pilots who want to become commercial pilots. However, many students who inquire cannot afford the cost of tuition for flight training. With the growing pilot shortage, job security for pilots is at an all-time high. However, the average training cost of $40,000 for international students can be a challenge for many. The rewards of becoming a commercial airline pilot are great, especially considering that training typically occurs in less than a year, and the average pay for commercial airline pilots in 2020 exceeded $186,000 annually. The pay, job security, and thrill of flying make a career in aviation a good investment in your future.

Ideally, students and/or their families can save the tuition needed to cover training, materials, and housing while living in the U.S. and attending flight school. Currently, there are no U.S. lenders to provide student loans for international flight students. Below are suggestions to help you find the financial support you need to pursue your flight training in the U.S.

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Aims Of The Programme

The FEPDG pilot aims to:

  • support education recovery within the sector
  • fulfil the skills for jobs white paper commitment to strengthen the professional development of the FE workforce
  • drive improvements in FE professional development provision and support in 3 priority areas of need:
  • workforce capability and confidence to use technology effectively in education
  • subject-specific professional development
  • support for new and inexperienced teachers
  • stimulate improvements in workforce development and the standard of teaching in the sector by increasing opportunities for FE and providers and staff to collaborate and share effective practice
  • produce resources and approaches to workforce development that can be adopted by other FE providers
  • stimulate FE providers and the market to provide high-quality professional development and training for staff working in the sector
  • Class Starts November 24 2021 At 9am Mst

    Alberta Business Grants is offering its Advanced Grant Writing Course starting As some former students will recall, I last hosted three grant writing workshops in 2018. I posted the reviews of those courses online. We had guest grant agency speakers, a local mayor who talked about letters of support, and we had a pitch event. It was a one-day course, so we were unable to write a complete application in that amount of time.

    Since that time, our team has been building a system and process to write high-quality grants, faster. We use the same process for our own VIPs and are constantly working to improve it.

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    High School Senior Merit Scholarship

    1 x $30,000 Pilot Pathways Scholarship and 1 x $20,000 Pilot Pathways Scholarship towards pilot training at L3Harris Flight Academy!

    L3Harris is committed to ensuring that a career as a commercial airline pilot is accessible to as many talented aspiring pilots as possible. That is why we have launched two Pilot Pathways High School Scholarships, one for $30,000 and the second for $20,000, that will be awarded to those that demonstrate passion and aptitude for a career as a commercial pilot.

    Our pilot programs are Nationally Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges and are designed to take cadets with little or no experience and train them to become the commercial airline pilots of the future.

    So, if you are thinking about your next steps after High School why not consider pilot training? Make L3Harris Flight Academy the first step to a rewarding career that offers opportunity and could even take you around the world.

    Who is eligible?

    The L3Harris Pilot Pathways High School Scholarships are open to all High School seniors who enroll into the L3Harris Flight Academy Professional Pilot Program or Airline Pilot Track .

    Scholarship Status: CLOSED

    Applications for the Pilot Pathways High School Scholarship must be received before 31 October 2021. The Scholarships will be awarded in December 2021.

    Entry requirements

    To qualify for the Pilot Pathways High School Scholarship you will need to:

    Who is the High School Senior Merit Scholarship open to?

    Guidance For Completing The Application Form

    BAA Training gains approval to provide pilot training in ...

    We have developed the questions in the application form to gather evidence of experience and capacity to act as a lead partner and provider in the FEPDG pilot programme. You should read the full guidance for the FEPDG pilot application form published on and the application guidance throughout the form to support you with completing the application form. You may also find it helpful to review the assessment criteria so you can see how your application will be scored.

    Where a word limit is indicated, we will not assess any text that exceeds this limit. The word limit provided is an upper limit and we will not penalise you if your answer is shorter, provided there is sufficient evidence to fulfil the assessment criteria.

    Answer the questions in the format set out below. In the interest of equity, we will only assess written information provided in this document. We do not expect diagrams or pictures to be submitted. Additional information, including links to websites or attached documents, will not be considered.

    DfE also reserves the right to contact cited parties to confirm information given in this application and any other party we consider to be relevant to your application for ongoing information should the application be successful.

    DfE will not score applications which do not meet the eligibility criteria.

    DfE will not offer a right to appeal any decision to reject a FEPDG pilot applicant.

    Ensure that you complete all sections of this form.

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    Do Airlines Pay For Pilot Training

    Pilots undergo a series of trainings that will help them build flight time before flying a passenger plane. Working as a co-pilot is also a great way to build experience.

    When it comes to funding pilot training, a lot of airlines take complete responsibility. So, airlines actually pay for pilot training.

    Airways Aviation Part Flight Training Sponsorship

    Airways Aviation is now offering fully sponsored pilot training that will cover the cost of their integrated flight/pilot training program. However, applicants must meet the criteria as stated in the pilot training entry requirements.

    Level/Field of Study

    This scholarship is available to pilot students in a wide range of pilot training programs.

    Host/Eligible Nationality

    The Airways Aviation flight training scholarship takes place in the UK and the pilot students must be a UK passport holder. The training, as well, holds in the UK.

    Scholarship Worth

    Recipients of the Airways Aviation training sponsorship will receive an award of up to £35,000.


    Interested applicants should submit their applications on or before 30th April every year.

    Tap on the button below to apply for the Airways Aviation sponsorship program.

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    Flight School Scholarships To Kickstart Your Training

    Its no secret that flight training is expensive. Even as youre first starting as a student pilot, you may have to pay sky-high prices for an airplane that has seen better days. However, funding is the last thing that should be a barrier to entry when it comes to aviation. Regardless of your background or specific goals as a pilot, you should have an opportunity to explore the world from the air and learn a new, incredible skill.

    Fortunately, many organizations agree and offer scholarship funds to help pay for flight training. If you spend time researching your options, you will be able to find opportunities suited to your goals. Some scholarships have specific requirements to garner interest in aviation from individuals with skillsets or perspectives that are underrepresented in the industry.

    Below are just a few of the various scholarships you can pursue to help you pay for your flight training.

    When Do I Have To Start Repaying The Loan

    FTA Pilot Program for Transit-Oriented Development Planning Funding Opportunity Webinar

    Sallie Mae allows students to defer their loan repayment while they are in training. They also offer an additional 6 month post graduation grace period.

    Sallie Mae offers flexible repayment options after the traditional 6 month post-school grace period has been exhausted and Graduated Repayment, which allows for 12 months of interest-only payments before the loan enters full repayment. These repayment plans give ATP’s graduates the ability to earn a salary as an airline pilot before making full payments.

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    Get A Loan From Pilot Finance Inc

    Pilot Finance is a private lending institution specializing in loaning money for flight training for private pilot and/or instrument rating candidates in both airplanes and helicopters. According to the Pilot Finance website, you can apply for a loan for flight training in the United States only at Part 61 and 141 flight schools in a traditional training environment. Students with good credit and reasonable debt-to-income ratios can expect lower interest rates and payments. Loans are available for any dollar amount consistent with your credit score and debt-to-income ratio. Get all the details at

    Flight Training Scholarships And Grants

    A huge variety of scholarship programs and private grants are available to prospective pilots. It pays to look for opportunities from a wide variety of sources. The specific criteria and requirements for scholarships and grants varies. For example, some are open only to female applicants, while others may only be for beginning students. Scholarships can vary from just a few hundred dollars to more than $10,000 depending on the school chosen and degree or professional goals declared. For example, the Clay Lacy Professional Pilot Scholarship Program awards up to $12,500 per year to participants attending the University of North Dakota’s John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences. Some flight clubs and organizations also offer grants for training . You can find more information on flight school scholarships and grants online.

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    The Honourable Company Of Air Pilots

    Formerly known as the Guild of Pilot & Navigators, the Honourable Company of Air Pilots offer a good number of pilot training scholarships for pilot students every year. This opportunity will convert your pilot training into a fully sponsored pilot training.

    Level/Field of Study

    This training scholarship is for pilot students in pilot training programs.

    Host/Eligible Nationality

    You can take the GAPAN Scholarships for pilot students in any country provided theyve gained accreditation.

    Scholarship Worth

    The benefits successful applicants will enjoy include gaining Private Pilots Licence, free Theoretical Air Transport Pilots Training programs, Flight Instructor Ratings, Jet Orientation Courses, Gliding Scholarships, and Instrument Rating Bursaries.


    Meanwhile, the deadline for the GAPAN scholarships is yet to be disclosed.

    Tap on the button below to apply for the GAPAN pilot training and scholarship program.

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