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Political Science And Government Colleges

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Best Schools For Political Science & Government In The Great Lakes Region

Where can a degree in Political Science take you?

If you aren’t interested in a particular degree level and want to know which schools are the overall best at delivering an education for the political science degrees they offer, see the list below. Only those schools that rank in the top 15% of all the schools we analyze get awarded with a place on this list.

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The Ohio State University

Full-Time Faculty 45/4,169

The Ohio State University is one of the largest public universities in the nation, and it is also home to a high quality and popular political science major. Students have several degree options: a BA in Political Science, a BS in Political Science, or a BA in World Politics. OSU gives political science students plenty of opportunities for hands-on experiences, such as conducting an independent research project, writing a thesis, or serving as a research mentor. The university’s location in Columbus also provides numerous internship possibilities for undergraduates.

Ohio State has plenty of opportunities to enhance one’s political science education outside of the classroom. The university is home to over 1,000 student clubs and organizations, including the Collegiate Council on World Affairs, the OSU Mock Trial Team, and the Journal of Politics and International Affairs.

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Best Political Science & Government Schools In The Southeast Region

For its 2022 ranking, College Factual looked at 168 schools in the Southeast Region to determine which ones were the best for political science and government students pursuing a degree. Combined, these schools handed out 11,137 degrees in political science and government to qualified students.

What’s on this page:

Pick Your Political Science & Government Degree Level

5 Political Science and Government Scholarships

The political science school you choose to invest your time and money in matters. To help you make the decision that is right for you, we’ve developed a number of major-specific rankings, including this list of the Best Political Science & Government Schools.You can also filter this list to find schools closer to you.

In addition to College Factual’s rankings, you may want to take a look at College Combat, our unique tool that lets you pit your favorite schools head-to-head and compare how they rate on factors that most interest you.When you have some time, check it out – you may want to bookmark the link so you don’t forget it.

More information on how we come up with our rankings can be found here: College Factual’s Data Methodology.

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Best Schools For Political Science & Government In The United States

Although we recommend filtering by degree level first, you can view the list below to see which schools give the educational experience for the political science degree levels they offer. Only those schools that rank in the top 15% of all the schools we analyze get awarded with a place on this list.

Accreditation For Political Science Degree Programs

An accredited political science degree is critical for post-graduation job placement. Degrees earned from non-accredited universities may not be accepted by an employer. Also, colleges and universities tend to not accept any transfer credits earned from non-accredited schools. Notably, political science degree online accredited programs are offered. An accredited online political science degree should be earned from a university that has regional approval from an accrediting body. Accrediting agencies will approve both traditional and online colleges.

Regional accreditation is essential for the best political science degree programs. In fact, regional accreditation matters the most for all accredited online political degree tracks. According to EDSmart.org, regional accreditation has widespread acceptance at U.S. colleges with credits earned at these institutions being more likely to transfer. Regional accreditation involves the evaluation of colleges and universities located in certain regions of the United States. The process is voluntary and the regional accreditation organization confirms that the programs and the college meet their established minimum standards. Qualifying factors include faculty background, curriculum, program outcomes, and available resources.

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Degree & Course Work Details:

Political science is the study of the theory and practice of government and politics. Students of politics describe and analyze political systems and behavior. Baccalaureate programs offer courses in areas such as public administration, public law, international relations, comparative politics, political behavior, political philosophy, and U. S. government. Students interested in political science as a transfer major are encouraged to complete the Associate in Arts degree prior to transfer.

These course recommendations are intended for students who are undecided about a transfer school. Students who have selected a transfer school should consult the catalog of that school and an academic advisor for requirements appropriate to the first two years of study. College catalogs and transfer guides for many four-year colleges are available through Career Services.

Best Political Science Schools In The Us

Careers for Political Science Majors
  • Ph.D., English, University of Pennsylvania
  • M.A., English, University of Pennsylvania
  • B.S., Materials Science & Engineering and Literature, MIT

Political science is one of the more popular undergraduate majors in the United States, and hundreds of colleges and universities offer a program in the field. Over 40,000 students graduate each year with a degree in political science or a closely related subject, such as government.

Political science is a broad field and includes areas of study such as political processes, policies, diplomacy, law, governments, and war. Students look at both past and current political systems, and both domestic and international politics. Upon graduation, political science majors may end up working for government, social organizations, polling agencies, or educational institutions, and others may go on to earn advanced degrees in political science or business. It is also one of the more popular majors for students planning to go to law school.

While there is no objective model for identifying the nation’s best political science programs, the schools in this list all have multiple features that make them stand out. Their programs are sizable enough for the school to offer a broad array of classes, and students have the opportunity to conduct independent research, internships, or other high-impact, hands-on learning experiences. These schools also have the resources to employ a highly qualified full time political science faculty.

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Types Of Political Science Degrees

Colleges never provide a one-size-fits-all political science online degree. A bachelors degree in political science can be made up of a variety of subject matter with electives offered to suit the students desired career path. Another way to narrow the focus of an online degree in political science, specializations are commonplace. Specializations should be reviewed for students who have clear-cut career goals.

Typically, there are two main types of political science degrees: a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. Although some core classes are similar with these two types of degrees, Bachelor of Science degree students tend to focus more on methodologies within the field of political science. When enrolling in an online degree in political science program, a college may request the student choose a specialization. The specialization determines what core classes the student must take. The following are the top political science degree specializations:

International Politics International politics focus on how modern politics operate on a global scale. The student may have the option to specialize in a particular continent or region, such as Europe or Asia. Some international politics majors choose to minor in a foreign language related to their pick.

  • Constitution
  • Political Theory
  • Political Writing

Quality Overall Is Important

A school that excels in educating for a particular major and degree level must be a great school overall as well. To make it into this list a school must rank well in our overall Best Colleges for a Master’s Degree ranking. This ranking considered factors such as graduation rates, overall graduate earnings and other educational resources to identify great colleges and universities.

The vast majority of the schools on this list are in at least the top 45% of our overall quality ranking.

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Overall Quality Is A Must

A school that excels in educating for a particular major and degree level must be a great school overall as well. To make it into this list a school must rank well in our overall Best Colleges ranking. This ranking considered factors such as graduation rates, overall graduate earnings and other educational resources to identify great colleges and universities.

Over 80% of the schools in this list are in the top 2% of our overall quality ranking while the lowest ranked school on the list is still in the top 4%.

Skills And Careers Information

Great College Choices for Political Science and Government ...

The excellent transferable skills acquired on the BSc Government and Political Science open up many career paths. Our graduates work in different fields, including:

  • Public service
  • Civil service
  • Journalism



Mature students: Approximately seven places are available on this course for mature students. Applicants should apply directly through the CAO, include a statement of interest, and must apply for and sit the MSAP test. Some mature applicants may be shortlisted for an interview.

Mature Entry: See the mature entry requirements here.

International Students: See the International Education website.

FETAC: See here for FETAC Requirements.

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Best Political Science & Government Master’s Degree Schools

For its 2022 ranking, College Factual looked at 191 schools in the United States to determine which ones were the best for political science and government students pursuing a master’s degree. Combined, these schools handed out 1,850 master’s degrees in political science and government to qualified students.

What’s on this page:

More Ways To Rank Political Science & Government Schools

We have also developed a number of other rankings to help guide you in your decision-making process.To begin with, if this is not the degree level you are most interested in, you may want to check out one of the others noted above.If you would prefer to limit your search to a specific state or region of the county, see our rankings by location.On top of that, you can visit our other rankings for political science and government.

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Best Political Science & Government Schools In The Great Lakes Region

College Factual reviewed 116 schools in the Great Lakes Region to determine which ones were the best for degree seekers in the field of political science and government. Combined, these schools handed out 5,747 degrees in political science and government to qualified students.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

Organs of Government | Political Science | Dr Mamta Pareek | Poddar International College

When choosing the right school for you, it’s important to arm yourself with all the facts you can. To that end, we’ve created a number of major-specific rankings, including this Best Political Science & Government Bachelor’s Degree Schools list to help you make the college decision.

To further help you make the college decision, we’ve developed a unique tool called College Combat that allows you to compare schools based on the factors that matter the most to you.Go ahead and give it a try, or bookmark the link so you can check it out later.

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What Can I Do With This Course Of Study

An Associates of Arts with a pre-major in political science will prepare you for transfer to Texas public universities to pursue a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. A major in political science can qualify you for many different careers in the private sector, the non-profit sector, and government. Graduates can pursue careers in

Click here for a listing of career categories and career choices for political science students.

Click here to go to the American Political Science Association’s web page for a more in-depth discussion about political science opportunities for students.

What Is Political Science

Political science focuses on the theory and practice of government and politics at the local, state, national, and international levels. We are dedicated to developing understandings of institutions, practices, and relations that constitute public life and modes of inquiry that promote citizenship.

Some of the major subfields are described below.

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Why Study Political Science At Kcc

KCC is a nationally accredited, affordable two-year college that provides high-quality Political Science courses. Many students choose to transfer KCC Political Science courses to four-year universities. KCCs faculty are well-qualified instructors with a passion for teaching, and the colleges small class sizes create a more interactive and personal learning environment.

Careers In Political Science

Political Science Program at Howard in Top 50 of Country ...

Jobs as a political science major are vast. Since the curriculum covers subjects related to so many fields, political science graduates have different career tracks they can follow. Most jobs with a political science bachelor degree involve working within government agencies, but private businesses and non-profits will also hire graduates. The best jobs for a political science degree are:

Educator-Political science degree holders could choose to go into the education field. Both high schools and colleges look for political science teachers.

Public Relations Specialist-With a bachelor degree in political science, graduates could work as a public relations specialist for government officials, businesses, and celebrities. The specialist looks for ways to improve public image and bury negative press.

Paralegal-A bachelor degree in political science qualifies the person to pursue a job as a paralegal. Paralegals conduct interviews and perform research on behalf of a legal team. Political science graduates can enter law school and eventually practice as an attorney.

Fundraiser-Non-profits hire political science degree holders to organize events, contact benefactors, and manage marketing to raise money for the organization.

Government Official-Those who wish to run for any type of public office will usually have a background as a political science major. Some government positions require the person to be elected through public voting.

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Online Bachelor’s In Political Programs Ranking Guidelines

We selected the degree programs based on the quality of program and range of courses provided as well as school awards, rankings, and reputation.

The motto of TheBestSchools.org is Finding the best school for you. Here is how we do it:

The value of any ranking list of schools and/or degree programs depends on having a methodologically sound assessment of each schools/programs characteristics, especially insofar as these can be objectively measured. A college or university is a complex entity, with numerous factors to consider, and distilling these down to the place where meaningful comparisons can be made to form a defensible ranking list becomes part science and part art.

To meet this challengeand thereby provide you with the most useful and insightful educational rankings on the Internet TheBestSchools.org formulates our rankings based on five informational categories . The major metrics and qualities for which we rank are these :

1. Academic excellence based on a schools curriculum generally or within the selected discipline

2. Strength of faculty scholarship

  • Considers education background of the faculty
  • Considers years of faculty experience both inside and outside of academia.
  • Considers faculty membership and leadership within relevant, prominent associations
  • Considers academic papers published by faculty in relevant, prominent periodicals
  • Considers awards and recognitions given to faculty members from prominent organizations and from other sources

3. Reputation

Professional Organizations In Political Science

Professional organizations can add value to a political science major graduate. Many organizations charge a nominal fee for membership and provide substantial benefits. For one, professional organizations often plan networking events to help political science graduates make connections. Career fairs and job boards may also be sponsored through a professional organization. Any type of industry news is also usually first reported through professional communities. Many organizations release publications quarterly or monthly to keep members up to date on the latest happenings. Significantly, professional organizations are traditionally sources of continuing education courses. These courses may be finished virtually or locally if available. Members of professional organization could be given discounted pricing for continuing education classes.

The following are current professional organizations for political science students and graduates:

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What Is The Political Science Program

The Political Science course of study is an ideal Liberal Arts major for students that want a broad-based education in the social sciences. Earning an Associate of Arts with a pre-major in political science will prepare you to think critically and independently by developing your writing, communication, analytical, and data skills that are in demand in a changing workforce by providing excellent preparation for flexibility in employment. Political science graduates acquire a specialized understanding of government systems and unique preparation to undertake a wide range of tasks related to government, law, and organizational management.

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