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Government Fraud Waste And Abuse

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Hotline calls surge with complaints of fraud, waste, abuse in state government

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Reporting Fraud Waste And Abuse Within The Executive Branch

OIG’s executive order limits our jurisdiction and charges our office to avoid duplication of investigative efforts therefore, if another state or federal agency has specific jurisdiction to handle your allegations, we will likely refer your complaint to that agency. Examples of issues that we may refer are health program administration, social services, licensing, environmental issues, social security, housing issues, and other federal programs. In order to expedite the investigative process, determine the most appropriate agency to report your matter to by checking our page for other investigative agencies

When completing the OIG Complaint Form, please remember:

  • Incomplete details or lack of contact information may result in delayed response time or inaction
  • We only have jurisdiction to investigate allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption within the Executive Branch of Georgia State Government.
  • We DO NOT have jurisdiction to investigate:
  • the Judicial Branch
  • the Legislature
  • local government entities
  • whistleblower law violation complaints

Lnea Directa De Comunicacin Del Oig Seccin De Operaciones

Contactar la línea directa de comunicación del OIG es tan fácil. La línea directa de comunicación del OIG acepta la información y quejas de todas las fuentes sobre la posibilidad de fraude, despilfarro, abuso ó mala administración dentro de los programas del Departamento Estadounidense de Salud & Servicios Humanos .

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Definitions Of Fraud Waste And Abuse

There are many examples of what can be classified as fraud, waste, or abuse, and the determination of whether an act is fraud, waste, or abuse depends on the facts and circumstances of each situation, including the severity of the issue. However, the definitions and examples below can help determine if a situation should be reported to the OIG. Fraud, waste, or abuse should be reported when it is committed by BARTs employees, contractors, consultants, or vendors.

California Government Code section 53087.6 collectively defines fraud, waste, or abuse as any activity by a local agency or employee that is undertaken in the performance of the employees official duties, including activities deemed to be outside the scope of his or her employment, that is in violation of any local, state, or federal law or regulation relating to corruption, malfeasance, bribery, theft of government property, fraudulent claims, fraud, coercion, conversion, malicious prosecution, misuse of government property, or willful omission to perform duty, is economically wasteful, or involves gross misconduct. These activities also are also collectively referred to as improper governmental activities.

Individual definitions can generally be described as follows:

The following graphic shows the continuum of fraud, waste, and abuse, based on severity of the act:

Reporting Fraud Waste Abuse And Mismanagement Of Federal Funds

Fraud Waste and Abuse

You can also learn more about FraudNet from our infographic.

COVID-19 Update: Federal agencies will be responsible for ensuring that all the funds from the record $2 trillion stimulus package end up where theyre supposed to. GAO has been tasked with tracking that money. If you suspect waste, fraud, or abuse of stimulus funds, you can help us out by using FraudNet to report your concerns. Read April 10 press release.

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Government Fraud Waste And Abuse Study

At the level of state and local government, a staffs ability to detect and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse is largely dependent upon the resources available to them. In the year 2020, those resources were stretched to the limit when more than $4 trillion in federal and state COVID-19 relief funds had to be distributed in record time an effort that may continue well into 2021.

Do government officials have the resources they need to combat fraudsters intent on exploiting COVID-19 relief programs? And are they able to stay on top of their other responsibilities as well?

In Thomson Reuters second annual Government Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Survey, we surveyed more than 100 state and local agency officials to find out if they have the resources they need to do their jobs effectively. Survey respondents included appraisers, attorneys, investigators, and administrators working in a variety of departments, including tax and revenue, health/human services, labor/employment, and child support.

The new survey specifically covers the challenges presented by COVID-19 relief efforts, as well as the difficulties of maintaining regular services during the pandemic. The report also discusses measures that could be taken to improve fraud-prevention efforts in agencies and departments where resources are perceived as limited or insufficient.

To download a copy of the report, fill out the form.

Fraud Waste And Abuse In Healthcare

Fraud, waste, and abuse are three little words that have impacted the rising cost of healthcare in a way thats anything but little. Now, most are probably aware that U.S. health expenditures are growing at a rapid rate, and have been for many years. And while there are many reasons that resulted in the healthcare industry closing out 2020 with a whopping $3.8 trillion tab fraud is a five-letter word that can account for about $60 billion of it. So with an issue this common and costly, how can patients and providers help to stop it?

What is it?

Now, youve probably heard of fraud, waste, and abuse before and can associate each of them with nothing but bad news but what exactly do they mean to healthcare specifically?

Who can commit fraud?

The answer to this question is pretty much anyone. This includes doctors, patients, billing servicesyou name it. That being said, as a healthcare provider its your job to not only ensure that you arent partaking in any fraudulent activities but are also on the lookout for your staff, patients, and billing providers.

How do I prevent it?

  • Implementing standards and policies that are specific to your organization.
  • Providing training and education for doctors and staff.
  • Developing processes to receive and log healthcare fraud reports and complaints as well as procedures to protect anonymity consistent with the Whistleblower Protection Act.
  • Updating policies and procedures on a continual basis to meet changes in laws and regulations.

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How To Report Fraud Online

Please Note: Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and recommendations to practice social distancing, FraudNet staff are working remotely. As a result, we discourage submission of concerns via regular mail as this may cause a delay in our response. We strongly encourage you to submit your concern online so we may provide a more timely response and continue to serve the public.

Standard – You do not place any restrictions on the release of your contact information. If necessary, we may contact you for more information about your submission.Submitting allegations online through our website form is the preferred method. You have 3 filing preferences to choose from when submitting an allegation through our website:

Confidential – We will keep your name confidential and will not release your contact information. If necessary, we may contact you for more information about your submission.

Anonymous – You can remain anonymous and not provide your contact information. When selecting this option, there will be no way to contact you for more information about your submission.

We cannot accept classified information or files larger than 500mb when reporting allegations through our websiteplease call our hotline if you need to do so.

File A Fraud Waste And/or Abuse Complaint

GAO Report: Defense Department can be vulnerable to waste, fraud and abuse

24/7 Fraud, Waste, and Abuse HotlineOnline: 510-464-6100

When reporting online, you will be prompted to create a pin unique to your case. Be sure to keep your pin in a safe place as it cannot be retrieved. The system will generate a case number, which you should also keep with your pin. Later, you can use your pin and the case number to check on the status of your complaint.

In Person: 2150 Webster Street, 4th Floor, Oakland CA 94612 Please contact us at 510-464-6132 or to make an appointment and/or drop off documentation.

You may submit your complaint anonymously. However, we encourage you to provide contact information so that we may follow up if we need more information to complete our investigation. The OIG is dedicated to maintaining the confidentiality of complainants. In only limited circumstances must we disclose a complainants name, such as for an investigation that leads to criminal prosecution where the complainant may need to be called as a witness. Most cases do not require disclosure of the complainants name.

Every individual regardless of religion, race, immigration or documentation status, or national origin is safe to seek and obtain assistance from the OIG. You may file a complaint if you are not a citizen and regardless of your immigration status.

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Where To Report Matters Other Than Fraud Waste Or Abuse

The OIG responds to specific allegations of fraud, waste, or abuse by BART employees and those who do business with BART. We only investigate other improper activities or personnel issues if they have a component of fraud, waste, or abuse. Please review the definitions and examples of fraud, waste, and abuse above to determine if the OIG is the appropriate venue for reporting your complaint. Complaints that fall outside those definitions will be referred to the appropriate BART department or outside agency for review and resolution. For example, we do not investigate general management issues, such as a complaint from an employee who is simply dissatisfied with a supervisor, work assignment, or management decision. We also do not investigate personnel issues, such as performance ratings, suspensions, demotions, or grievances. For issues unrelated to fraud, waste, or abuse, we encourage you to contact the appropriate office listed on BARTs contact page.

Big Government Fraud Waste And Abuse: The Big Fix

The U.S. is living through an avalanche of sloppy, ill-conceived government social welfare programs which are ripping off working taxpayers to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

It is time to change all this with a powerful new, citizen-centered program.


. the United States is on the path toward becoming a welfare state fully entrenched in waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement. President Biden plans to expand welfare to almost half of the countrys working adults through the deceptively named American Families Plan. If passed, it will allow the federal government to meddle in Americans everyday lives from birth to death. Meanwhile, every year, entitlement programs are spending tens of billions of taxpayer dollars improperlyeither through inaccuracies, incompetence, or fraud.

Government is already too big with too much waste. Current entitlement programs are rife with abuse. Their size and lack of guardrails to protect taxpayer dollars open the door for bad actors to take advantage of the system. But rather than acknowledging and addressing these issues, the Biden administration wants to dramatically expand the welfare state, which will undoubtedly result in even more waste, fraud, and abuse.

James Comer is the ranking member of the House Oversight and Reform Committee.


There is a plan that is loaded up and ready to go.

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What Is Considered Fraud Waste Or Abuse

Fraud is defined as the wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. Fraud includes false representation of fact, making false statements, or by concealment of information.

Waste is defined as the thoughtless or careless expenditure, mismanagement, or abuse of resources to the detriment of the U.S. government. Waste also includes incurring unnecessary costs resulting from inefficient or ineffective practices, systems, or controls.

Abuse is defined as excessive or improper use of a thing, or to use something in a manner contrary to the natural or legal rules for its use. Abuse can occur in financial or non-financial settings.

Report Waste Fraud And Abuse

Top Fraud, Waste &  Abuse Cases in Healthcare Infographic ...

When reporting waste, fraud, abuse, or mismanagement to the OIG, you may remain anonymous if you wish. However, you are encouraged to identify yourself so that we may follow-up on your call, if necessary, and obtain additional information that will aid us in our investigation. If you give your name, your identity will be protected to the maximum extent allowed by law. It is impermissible for a government employer to retaliate against an employee for reporting information to the OIG. If you believe that by making a report to the OIG you may be at risk of reprisal, inform the OIG of this fact.

When reporting information to the OIG, be as specific and provide as much detail as possible the who, what, where, when, and why of the matter. The more information you provide, the more thorough any OIG investigation can be. If possible, indicate:

  • the specific nature of the wrongful or inappropriate act
  • the name of person who committed the act
  • the place where the person works
  • the date and time the act occurred
  • the place where the act occurred
  • the reason you believe the act is wrongful or inappropriate and
  • the name, telephone number, and address of any person who can corroborate or supplement your information.

Any relevant information or knowledge you acquire after making a report to the OIG should also be reported in follow-up calls.

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Report Government Fraud Waste Or Abuse

We are dedicated to providing our citizens responsible government, characterized by integrity and accountability. We are committed to eliminating fraud, waste and abuse and maintaining a highly ethical environment. Internal Audit is committed to improve accountability within General Government and Schools which includes investigating allegations of fraud, waste and abuse. Read the County Managers memo on fraud reporting.


As used in the Code of Virginia at Section 15.2-2511.2 :

Abuse means the excessive or improper use of something, or the employment of something in a manner contrary to the natural or legal rules for its use the intentional destruction, diversion, manipulation, misapplication, maltreatment, or misuse of resources owned or operated by the locality or extravagant or excessive use so as to abuse ones position or authority.

Fraud means the intentional deception perpetrated by an individual or individuals, or an organization or organizations, either internal or external to local government, that could result in a tangible or intangible benefit to themselves, others, or the locality or could cause detriment to others or the locality. Fraud includes a false representation of a matter of fact, whether by words or by conduct, by false or misleading statements, or by concealment of that which should have been disclosed, which deceives and is intended to deceive.


Fraud Waste And Abuse Investigations

Under the authority granted by California Public Utilities Code Section 28840-28845, the OIG investigates situations where fraud, waste, or abuse may have occurred regarding BARTs programs and operations, including contracted activities. The legislative intent is to encourage employees and citizens to report their observations of suspected fraud, waste, or abuse to the OIG.

This section includes:

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A Getting Started Guide To Detect And Prevent Fraud

The US Government Accountability Office estimates that improper payments in government programs totaled $175 billion in 2019. Much of this fraud and waste occurs within unemployment insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, and social security programs. Fraud is also common in purchasing cards and travel and entertainment expenses.

But data analytics technology, specifically built for fraud detection, is proven to reduce instances of fraud, waste, and abuse.

In this eBook, youll learn how data analysis can solve the fraud problem and well:

  • Investigate the key features you need in a data analytics tool.
  • Present five other technology solutions for combating fraud, waste, and abuse, including risk and controls and whistle-blower hotlines.
  • Detail how data analytics can identify fraud in P-Cards, T& E, and government programs.
  • Outline the necessary steps to create an effective fraud monitoring program.
Get access now!

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Report Waste Fraud And Abuse In State Government

GAO: FraudNet Reporting Fraud, Waste, Abuse, and Mismanagement of Federal Funds

To report allegations of waste, fraud, abuse, misconduct or other misconduct abuses in state government, you may file a complaint with the Office of the Chief Inspector General.

You can contact us at 717-9264 or submit your concerns in writing to:Office of the Chief Inspector General1902 The Capitol

Waste, Fraud and Abuse FormYou may also file your complaint directly with the Agency Inspector General of the state agency involved. Contact the applicable state agency directly.

Complaints may be made anonymously however, be aware that we can only provide you information or request additional information if you include your contact information.

For more information on how to file a Whistle Blower complaint, please click File a Whistle Blower complaint.

View our Annual Report

NOTE: Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not file your complaint by electronic mail. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.

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