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Government Surplus Trucks For Sale

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Surplus Auction Set For Oct 18

How to Buy a Government Surplus Army Truck or Humvee – Dirt Every Day Extra

Governments next surplus auction is Saturday, Oct. 18, in Dartmouth.

Among the equipment people can bid on are:

  • cars, pickup trucks and a utility van
  • lawn mowers and tractors
  • commercial kitchen equipment.

The auction is at 10 a.m., Saturday, Oct. 18, at the Auction Advantage warehouse at 11 Mount Hope Ave. The items can be seen Friday, Oct. 17, from noon until 4 p.m. and on auction day between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.

Photos are available online at www.auctionad.ca .

The auction will be conducted by Auction Advantage. Cash, debit and credit cards will be accepted.

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Surplus State Vehicles & Equipment Auctions

The disposal of used and surplus state vehicles and equipment is done primarily through sales at public auctions. The two public auctions used are:

The auctions are open to the public and everyone may bid. There is no bidder, buyer or registration fees charged.

Annually, the State of Florida has approximately 1,300 used vehicles and other items of mobile equipment that are available for purchase by the public and other government agencies. The types of used equipment normally available are:


Buying A Military Surplus Vehicle: Buyer Beware

The first thing to know when buying surplus of ANY kind is that these are as-is transactions. You may not be able to return these purchases in many cases. In others there may be a very small window of opportunity to do so.

For best results, take a long, careful look at the terms of sales and service when buying surplus. You want to know exactly what the terms and conditions are.

Not all surplus sellers or resellers offer any form of guarantee, but a small number do. These guarantees are not standardized, nor are they necessarily even legally binding depending on the language of the purchase agreement. But if you can get a guarantee of any kind, youre ahead of the game when it comes to buying surplus.

If you are specifically looking for military surplus, dont forget that there are plenty of other vendors and government agencies selling vehiclesfelony arrests can result in impounded vehicles and equipment.

You have options that include asset forfeiture sales initiated by state or federal law enforcement. But if you are strictly interested in military sources, it will be important to differentiate between asset forfeiture auctions and surplus auctions.

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Buy And Sell Unused And Used Storage Containers At Ironplanet

Whether looking for a Storage Container or Container Skid, IronPlanet is sure to have the container to fit your material moving needs. Browse various storage containers from top manufacturers including CIMC, Evergreen, Suihe and others.

Find IronPlanet and Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers’ current Storage Container inventory below, and see what Storage Containers are for sale around you.

Sales Of Gsa Fleet Vehicles

Military Surplus 6X6 Trucks for sale

GSA Fleet leases non-tactical vehicles to other federal agencies. When a vehicle meets its replacement criteria as determined by GSA Fleet, it is offered to the public for sale. Every year, 30,000+ vehicles are sold at auction.

Auction inventory varies at each sale, but usually includes multiple vehicle types with varying fuel capabilities. Auction inventories may include:

Vehicle Types

  • Medium and heavy duty trucks
  • Law enforcement vehicles
  • Low speed electric vehicles
  • Non-powered vehicles

To learn more, visit GSA Fleet Auto Auctions.

Last Reviewed: 2022-07-05

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Rates for Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Territories and Possessions are set by the Department of Defense.

Rates for foreign countries are set by the State Department.

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Sales To Other Government Agencies

Prior to public auction and sale, vehicles and equipment are made available to other government agencies with the following priority:

  • Other state agencies
  • Cities, counties, and other tax entities

Government entities that want to purchase surplus vehicles or equipment from the California Department of Transportation may do so by forwarding a request on agency letterhead or a “Reutilization Program Request Form” to the Office of Fleet Administration, 802 Q Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. Forms may be obtained from Office of Fleet Administration.

After the agency is recognized as a government entity and approved to participate in the Reutilization Program by the Office of Fleet Administration, they may contact the Department of Transportation. For availability of vehicles and equipment please email the Surplus Equipment and Property Program Manager at .

A representative of Department of Transportation Surplus Sales will inform the entity of the availability, condition, and location of requested equipment and make arrangements for the unit to be inspected. If the agency decides to purchase the unit, Surplus Sales will set the price and will request that a purchase order be issued.

Prices will be fair market value established by Surplus Sales, based on the current wholesale value or by using public auction data. All purchases by other agencies must be approved by the Assistant Chief of Inspection Services, Office of Fleet Administration.

Two Names You Will See Frequently

If you simply start Googling how to buy a military surplus vehicle, there are two results you will notice on the first page. One is a website called IronPlanet, and another called GovPlanet.

There are other results, toosome civilian, some government. But how do you know which of these to trust? Heres a hintboth IronPlanet and GovPlanet are listed on the DLA official site as business partners.

These two companies work with the government, but are not government agencies. They are private companies doing business with the federal government, which means having to meet certain federal guidelines and follow specific standards.

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Know Who The Vendors Are

If youre reading this article, chances are good you dont know who sells and who has a reputation for being reliable. The good news is that you can find some crucial information with some basic research. The key is knowing where to start looking.

The Department of Defense has an entire office dedicated to surplus property of all kinds .

The Defense Logistics Agency is the home of a branch called Disposition Services which basically oversees the transfer of gear, cars, computers, office equipment, and more from the end-user at U.S. military bases all over the world to either a surplus sale, salvage, or other final destination.

DLA isnt the only agency to do so another government operation called GovSales is administered by the U.S. General Services Administration. GovSales is the clearinghouse for all approved federal government sales centers.

This website operated for some time at its own destination, but as of September 2020, it now functions as a part of the federal website USA.gov which is described by the government as the front door to government information and services for the public. Those visiting USA.gov to buy surplus can locate and purchase surplus via online sales centers there.

If you know these two websites, you can definitely get started finding and purchasing a government surplus vehicle.

What Kind Of Military Surplus Vehicles Can You Buy

This Massive Unimog U500 Is the Ultimate Insane Mercedes Pickup Truck

Dont think that military surplus is limited to passenger vehicles the list below reveals several surprises including fire trucks, forestry gear, and more.

  • Aircraft Parts, Tires and Ground Handling Equipment
  • Boats, Ships and Marine Equipment
  • Agriculture and Forestry Construction Equipment and Supplies
  • Fire Trucks and Fire Fighting Equipment

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Buy And Sell Unused And Used Hmmwvs At Ironplanet

The AM General HMMWV , commonly referred to as a humvee, was introduced to the Military in the 1980’s and soon became popular with all branches. While the M998 Humvee is the most common HMMWV model, IronPlanet sells the M1123 Humvee and M1038 Humvee among others as well. Browse Hard Top Slant Back Humvees, and other two and four door Humvee models from AM General.

Find IronPlanet and Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers’ current humvee inventory below, and see what humvees are for sale around you.

Animal And Livestock Assets

Occasionally, a City business area may have the need to find a new home for its livestock and animal assets.

Livestock and animal assets are to be dispositioned in a way that allows the asset to live out their natural life with appropriate care.

The City will consult with local organizations including WELCA and ACC to determine the most suitable location/owner going forward. The City business area owning the animal or livestock has the final decision as to whether it will be sold or donated and to whom.

A health assessment by a professional veterinarian will be conducted prior to the disposition and all known medical conditions and medication needs to be documented and provided to the new owner.

The City will also check with the ASPCA and ACC to determine whether the intended recipient has any publicly available formal complaints, investigations, charges, and/or grievances. The Citys law branch will provide guidance as required for the disposition of all livestock and animals. The new owner will be required to enter into a formal agreement for the transfer of ownership which has been vetted by the Law branch.

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Buy And Sell Unused And Used Military Trailers At Ironplanet

Repurpose one of these Military Trailers for all of you hauling needs. The LMTV Cargo Trailers are rated for a 5,000 lb. payload and were designed to be pulled behind a LMTV or MTV, but can easily be towed by any vehicle that accepts glad hands and a pintle ring. The smaller Military Cargo Trailers typically feature air over hydralic or surge brakes, making them compatable with almost any motored vehicle.

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How To Buy A Military Surplus Vehicle

6X6 Military Trucks for sale

by MilitaryBenefits

If you want to know how to buy a military surplus vehicle, the first thing you will need to do is to find the reputable sellers who are actually doing business in this area and avoid sources that may charge hidden fees, use gotcha tactics to up the final cost of the purchase, etc.

If you are new to buying a government surplus or military surplus vehicle, thats a challenge that can seem quite dauntingat first. With a little information you can bid and buy military surplus trucks, cars, and other vehicles with confidence.

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All The Top Truck Brands Are Sold: Ford Chevy Toyota Dodge Gmc And More

If you want to buy a cheap truck then look no further than Gov-Auctions.org. Here you will have access to 4,000+ auction listings across the US. Research and find quality pickup trucks from the comfort of your own home. We have guaranteed listings in every US state. Join now and see why Gov-Auctions.org is the largest and most trusted resource on the Internet for cheap trucks and other vehicles.

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Buy And Sell Unused And Used Pickup Trucks At Ironplanet

From Crew Cab Pickup Trucks, to Extended Cab Pickup Trucks and Regular Cab Pickup Trucks, IronPlanet sells the truck to meet your needs. Browse various models from top manufacturers including Chevrolet Pickup Trucks, Dodge Pickup Trucks, Ford Pickup Trucks, GMC Pickup Trucks and more. Be sure to check out our inventory of Sport Utility Vehicles too!

Find IronPlanet and Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers current Pickup Truck inventory below, and see what Pickup trucks are for sale around you.

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Where To Look

State and Local Surplus Property, found at USA.gov, provides a state-by-state listing for surplus property sales and auctions by state and local government.

Public Surplus touts itself as being more than an auction site and has some capabilities specifically designed to improve the buying process for public agencies.

The site provides a minimum information set for each item listed that would give any fire apparatus fleet manager the information they would need to make an initial decision whether to bid on a vehicle. The minimum information set is good and many of the items I looked at went above and beyond with detailed maintenance histories and photographs of the vehicles exterior, interior and compartments.

GovernmentAuctions.org serves as a clearinghouse for local, state and federal auctions. Customers can access the listings of live and online government auctions. Once customers find items they want to bid on, they visit the online auction sites to carry out the bid process.

The day I looked for fire apparatus at GovDeals.com, I found 25 vehicles ranging from a 1989 Simon Duplex fire apparatus mobile command vehicle to a 2008 Spartan Crimson 1500 GPM engine with CAFS and a 750-gallon tank.

To preview vehicles coming up in future auctions:

  • Search for listings in Hartford, CT for more details.
  • Bid on State of CT Surplus Vehicles

    Once you find a vehicle you are interested in bidding on, you must be registered to submit a bid.

    To Register:

  • Log-in to start bidding.
  • To Bid:

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