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Free Government Phones Merced Ca

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Merced County California Free & Income Based Clinics

REAL ID (Step by Step)

This is a county based search for Merced County clinics. We also provide city based searches. Use the search box below to only search one city at a time.For the most part these clinics are for low income persons or those without insurance.Review all of the information we have provided for the clinics. Some of them provide a wide array of services ranging from free to sliding scale services.We have provided as much detailed information including phone numbers, emails, and websites where available.Clinic services we list include :

  • Dental Clinic Services
  • Pediatric Dental Clinic Services
  • Behavioral Health Clinic Services

We have listed all of the free and income based health clinics we have located in Merced County, CA. Review all of the information we have provided for the clinics. Some of them provide a wide array of services ranging from free to sliding scale services.We have provided as much detailed information including phone numbers, emails, and websites where available.

Are There Times When My Service May Not Work

Service is subject to transmission limitations caused by certain equipment and compatibility issues, atmospheric, topographical and other conditions, as well as proximity. Service can only be available when in range of a transmission source, which you should be aware of when leaving your home area. Service is dependent on radio towers which require electricity to operate and could become non-functional in the event of a power outage if backup power is not available or runs out. Further, service may be temporarily refused, limited, interrupted or curtailed due to system capacity limitations, technology migration or limitations imposed by the Carrier, or because of equipment modifications, upgrades, repairs or relocations or other similar activities necessary or proper for the operation or improvement of the Carrier’s radio telephone system. Neither Feel Safe Wireless, nor any Carrier, shall have any liability for service failures, outages or limitations of Service.

How To Get Free Government Phones

Getting a free government phone is easy if you meet the income guidelines. Because of the economic downturn in the country as a whole, many Americans have been hit hard financially. The nation has been suffering as a result of the recession, leading to higher rates of poverty in every state. As a result of the economic crisis, many people feel that cell phones are luxury items that are not affordable.

Thankfully, the Lifeline Assistance program exists to assist qualified Americans in obtaining a free government phone. These phones have become known as Obama Phones and have swept the nation in an attempt to offer free service to people who earn lower than average levels of income.

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Autocheck Vehicle History Summary

Fresno DriveTime – Fresno / California

Located 54 miles away from Merced, CA

GENIUS TOOLS & VEHICLE BENEFITS: Experience the Genius Way to Buy a Car at DriveTime with true online financing terms, no haggle pricing and a pressure free sales experience. Every vehicle at DriveTime is inspected prior to arriving on the lot and comes complete with a 5-Day vehicle return policy, 30 Day/1500 Mile Limited Warranty. DriveTime vehicles also include a FREE AutoCheck History Report plus an extensive list of vehicle features and safety information. With over 14,000 used cars, trucks, vans and SUVs nationwide, we have the vehicle youve been dreaming of! Note: Prices exclude taxes and finance charges and, where allowed by state law, may exclude doc fees up to $299 and other applicable fees.

Free Services For Seniors Veterans And Ada Eligible Passengers

This picture was taken on my cell phone, at Lake Yosemite ...

In November 2016, Merced County voters passed Measure V a countywide ½ cent sales tax for transportation. The sales tax, which went into effect April 1, 2017, was projected to generate an estimated $15 million annually. MCAG, is the state-designated Local Transportation Authority for Merced County responsible for the implementation and administration of overseeing Measure V. Over the next 30 years of sales tax it is projected that $22.5 million will be available for Transit Projects. The Governing Board of the Merced County Association of Governments is the decision-maker for allocating these funds. The goal of this funding category is to expand or enhance public transit services and programs.

Free Service for Seniors, Veterans and ADA eligible Passengers

Since July 2017, The MCAG Governing Board approved for the Transit Joint Powers Authority for Merced County to utilize a portion of Measure V funds to provide free fixed route service countywide to seniors, Veterans, and ADA eligible individuals.

Please be aware that Bus Operators are not able to allow any passengers to ride for free without one of these valid forms of identification. No exceptions.

If you need assistance with determining your eligibility for riding The Bus fixed routes for free, please contact our Transit Administration office at 723-3100 or visit us at 369 W 18th Street in Merced.

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What Happens After I Receive My Phone At A Feel Safe Wireless Event Or Location

Even if Feel Safe Wireless provides a handset directly to you when you apply for LifeLine service, this does not mean the LifeLine application process is complete. After you receive your phone, you will have free unlimited promotional minutes and texts that you can use as normal until your LifeLine application has been approved. We will notify you via text message when the California third-party administrator has approved your LifeLine application and verified your eligibility. Once your LifeLine application has been approved and your eligibility verified, you will be placed on the LifeLine plan you chose at the time of enrollment.

If your LifeLine application comes back with a denial requesting more information, we will reach out to you and/or direct you to Feel Safe Wireless customer service when you attempt an outgoing call, in order to gather the additional information required. If your LifeLine application comes back with a firm denial, you will be switched to the retail plan of your choice or you can choose to cancel wireless service with Feel Safe Wireless and mail back your handset to Feel Safe Wireless headquarters.

Medical And Health Care In Merced

If you need access to high quality medical services, call Golden Valley Health Centers which is a private, non-profit health care organization. The facility employs a team of doctors, nurses, behavioral health clinicians, dentists and other medical professionals who are all highly dedicated and committed to providing high quality, primary health care and dental services.

The free community clinic known as Golden Valley also has staff on site to provide guidance and information on financial aid or insurance. The programs are for individuals and families in the service area regardless of language, their financial means or status or cultural barriers. Find more information on free community clinic medical care programs.

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Passengers Who Purcahsed An Ada Multiride Pass Before October 1st May Be Eligible For Refunds

  • Who is eligible for refunds?
  • ADA Multi-ride pass customers with a receipt
  • Agencies that purchased passes from TJPA can request refunds
  • Refunds will be issued for passes bought on or after the TJPA Governing Board approval date . Refunds will be processed until March 31, 2022.
  • Receipt of purchase will be required for all refunds.
  • Partial refunds may be issued for passes already used .
  • Tickets that are refunded will be kept by Merced The Bus administrative office.
  • How will refunds be issued?
  • Refunds equal to, or less than, $20 dollars will be issued in cash
  • Refunds greater than $20 dollars will be issued in the form of a check, which will be mailed out
  • Emergency Family Crisis Programs For Paying Bills And Expenses

    A message from Dr. Robert Strang, Chief Medical Officer of Health, on Proof of Vaccination

    If you need help for bills or an unexpected crisis, contact the Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Fresno at 209-383-2494. This agency offers a variety of assistance programs. For example, they provide forms and assistance for rent programs, such as help completing the applications for the Homeowners and Renters Assistance program.

    Other areas of emergency and crisis assistance provided include assisting families in need with funerals, acquiring prescription drugs, funds for energy bills, facilitating transportation for stranded travelers or for family members that may have a loved one in the hospital. Catholic Charities knows that assisting families in times of crisis or a hardship requires meeting needs through direct services or by referral to another agency or government program if necessary.

    Receive access to numerous forms of assistance from the Merced Salvation Army. The social services and financial resources offered to the local community include food such as hot breakfast & dinner meals, groceries, and grants. There may be support including free back-to school supplies, clothing, Christmas toys, or coats for kids. Free supplies such as household products, toiletries, diapers, and other emergency assistance and grants may also be offered.

    Call the Merced County Community Action Agency at 723-4565.

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    Responses To Get Free Government Cell Phone Plan In California

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    Im a 78 year old, disabled person, with no income but SS. I had a stroke. but I like to take walks, but I have no way to contact Help if I fall.

  • Are Calls To 911 And Feel Safe Wireless Customer Care Free And Unlimited For California Lifeline Participants Do They Count Against My Allotted Voice Minutes Or Number Of Calls

    Pursuant to D. 17-01- 032, effective January 19, 2017, The California LifeLine fund will pay for no more than two activation/conversion fees per household per year Feel Safe Wireless will be responsible for any California LifeLine participant’s activation fee that is not eligible for reimbursement from the LifeLine fund.

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    Who Can I Contact If I Have A Complaint

    You can always contact Feel Safe Wireless Customer Service if you have any questions, concerns, or complaints by dialing 611 from your Feel Safe Wireless phone or by dialing Feel Safe Wireless’ toll-free number 877-247-7799. However, you may also contact the California Public Utilities Commission’s Consumer Affairs Branch: by telephone 1-800-649-7570 or by mail CPUC Consumer Affairs Branch, 505 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, CA 94102.

    1 The Company reserves the right to refuse to provide a free handset in accordance with the Company’s Handset Policy, which limits the availability of free handsets to only one per twelve month period, per customer. Customers who are not entitled to a free handset must purchase a handset from the Company or provide their own compatible handset.

    2Pursuant to D. 17-01-032, effective January 19, 2017, the California LifeLine fund will pay for no more than two activation fees per household per year . Feel Safe Wireless will be responsible for any California LifeLine participant’s activation fee that is not eligible for reimbursement from the LifeLine fund.

    Does Feel Safe Wireless Provide A Voice

    This picture was taken on my cell phone at Lake Yosemite ...

    Yes. LifeLine customers have the ability to send and receive voice-grade calls over all domestic distances via a wireless voice-grade connection to the public switched telephone network. Domestic voice calls are not distance sensitive a customer does not pay more for making a domestic long distance call than for a call within their local exchange area.

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    S To Getting A Free Government Phone

    In order to get a free cell phone through the government program, you must first check to see if you qualify based on your income. Eligibility rules differ by state, but are similar. A good rule of thumb is that if you qualify for a state assistance program like SNAP, Supplemental Security Income , Free School Lunch program, Medicaid, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program , Tribal programs, or Temporary Assistance to Needy Families , then you may already qualify to receive telephone assistance. In addition to those state-funded programs, you can qualify for the free phone program if your income is below 135 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. This percentage is as high as 150 percent of the poverty level in some states.

    Selecting The Best Offer

    When you determine which companies offer phones in your area, you must next visit the websites of the companies that distribute these phones. Many of the providers that offer phones in different states vary what their programs offer each individual consumer, so you may need to shop around at each of their websites in order to determine which has the best deal.

    Some providers give you the 250 minutes as part of the government program, but also offer additional minutes at a reduced rate. In addition, some of the providers may also offer texting at reduced rates.

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    How You Can Get An Obama Phone

    If you qualify based on your income, you can get a free government phone for yourself. Along with a free cell phone, you will be able to receive 250 free minutes per month. Needy Americans can get approved through many different retailers in 49 states along with Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. To get an Obama Phone, you must simply qualify based on your income level per year.

    Health Services Offered Here

    Folks impacted by #COVID19 & have unpaid rent can still apply to the CA COVID-19 Rent Relief program

    Talk with an advice nurse if you have questions about your care or for help in deciding whether you need an urgent or routine appointment.

    Care we provide at VA Central California health care

    The registered nurses on our Nurse Advice Line provide you and your family with helpful medical advice and free, confidential answers to many of your health care questions. Call anytime. Were here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, our nurses can:

    • Help you manage many of your basic health care needs
    • Answer questions about your current medications or medical condition
    • Monitoring your breathing and vital body functions while youre under anesthesia
    • Working with the rest of your care team to manage your pain medications after your operation
    • Coordinating care with your other healthcare professionals to facilitate a smooth transition from hospital to home

    We diagnose and treat conditions affecting your hearing, speech or balance. These include hearing loss, tinnitus and dizzinessalso speech, language, voice or swallowing disorders.

    Care we provide at VA Central California health care

    Our Audiology and Speech Pathology clinic provides diagnostic and rehabilitative services, VA compensation and pension examinations, and screening for employee hearing conservation. We offer a full range of audiology and speech pathology services like:

    Care we provide at VA Central California health care

    Care we provide at VA Central California health care

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    Does Feel Safe Wireless Offer California Lifeline Discounts To All Customers

    Feel Safe Wireless offers California LifeLine discounted services on a non-discriminatory basis to any customer residing within the service territory where the Company offers retail wireless telephone services. Feel Safe Wireless will only provide California LifeLine discounts to participants that are found eligible for California LifeLine Service by the California LifeLine Administrator.

    Which Public Assistance Programs Qualify Me For A Lifeline Benefit In California

    You may qualify for Feel Safe Wireless if you participate in any government assistance programs listed on your Feel Safe Wireless state application form or based on household income eligibility standards. In California, the California Public Utilities Commission develops the eligibility requirements for qualified households to receive the California LifeLine discounts. The eligibility requirements can be found online at: and

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    How Long Must I Wait To Submit Another Enrollment Request To Another Lifeline Provider

    A consumer who submits an enrollment request to receive the California LifeLine discounts for cell phone service must wait up to thirty days to submit another enrollment request. You CANNOT have multiple enrollment requests for the California LifeLine discounts for cell phone service going at the same time. The 30-day waiting period ends when either the California LifeLine Administrator sends the final eligibility decision, the enrollment request is cancelled, or the 30 days have passed since the enrollment request, whichever occurs first. After the 30-day clock stops, you may then submit another enrollment request for the California LifeLine discounts for cell phone service, as applicable. You can independently cancel an enrollment request by contacting the California LifeLine Administrator by phone at 858-7463, or by going to Check Your Status at Feel Safe Wireless or an applicable cell phone company can also cancel an enrollment request.

    What Happens If I Decide To Terminate My California Lifeline Service Shortly After Activation

    This is another picture taken on my cell phone at Lake ...

    California LifeLine participant may terminate service within 14 days of service activation or at any other time for any reason without incurring early termination fees. If a California LifeLine participant terminates service within three days of service activation, excluding national holidays, applicable service connection charges and deposits, if there were any, would be refunded. However, Feel Safe Wireless California LifeLine Service does not require payment of a service connection charge or deposit by a customer who is found eligible for California LifeLine Service by the California LifeLine Administrator.

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