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Government Grants For Wheelchair Vans

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Can Motability Help With Adapting A Car Or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle For Me To Drive From My Wheelchair

$12,000 in Grants to Get a Handicapped Van ….Free Download

Yes, Motability may be able to help with these types of vehicles and adaptations. As these types of vehicles are individually tailored for you, they are more expensive than a standard production vehicle, so we will look at a wider range of factors when considering your application.

Find out more information about Complex Driving Solutions.

Ams Vans And Handicap Van Loans

AMS Vans works with a large network of handicap van loan programs that can help you finance a wheelchair van. Browse through the list of wheelchair van loans to see which loan programs can work for you. These banks understand the needs of mobility and have years of experience helping customers set up the best handicap van loans with mobility financing options such as penalty-free early payoffs, low interest rates, and terms as long as 10 years. Listed below, you will find a large resource of mobility funding programs to help you buy a new handicap van listed below such as disability grants, government programs, veterans associations, and more.

Wheelchair Van LoansFind wheelchair van loans for people with disabilities to help fund a handicap accessible van or a mobility van conversion. Mobility loans for the disabled offer extra advantages and options such as penalty-free early payoffs, low interest rates, and terms as long as 10 years.

Disabled Veterans Grants and LoansThere are multiple disabled veterans grant and loan funding sources available to veterans with a disability to help pay for a handicap accessible minivan. Public government programs as well as private companies offer disabled Veterans free money with grants or loans at great rates.

Additional Handicap Van Funding And Finance Resources:

Employer Funding – Employers are required to pay for assistive technology, mobility equipment, and other accommodations if the request meets the criteria for a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act . Businesses with 30 or fewer employees can receive a tax credit for the cost of accommodations provided to an employee with a disability. This credit covers 50% of eligible expenditures up to $10,000 with a maximum credit per year of $5000. Contact the IRS for more info and mobility financing through employer funding..

Car Insurance – Liability insurance sometimes covers the cost of the van conversion.

Commerical Fleet Financing – provides company financing for commercial equipment through building partnerships.

We understand the challenges of acquiring financial resources for funding your mobility with a wheelchair accessible vehicle. We’re always in search of wheelchair van finance or mobility funding programs for your benefit.

Please be aware that not all foundations will be set up to accept grant requests for handicap vans to individuals. Details listed above are based on the information on the foundation’s website. If a foundation you contact does not offer individual mobility grants, or if you know of additional disability grants or handicap loan finance programs, please . We are building the largest source of grants, loans, and mobility finance programs online.

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Government Grants For People With Disabilities

Government Grants for People withDisabilitiesGovernmentWheelchair Van Financing ResourcesMedicaidMedicaid/Departmentof Human Services VocationalRehabilitation Departmentof Assistive and Rehabilitative Services Divisionof Developmental Services Plan to Achieve Self Supporthand controlsVMI wheelchairaccessible vansVantage MobilityInternational productsnew and usedwheelchair vehicles

Automobile Adaptive Equipment Program

Getting A Grant for Your Wheelchair Accessible Van

The Automobile Adaptive Equipment Program provides equipment and training to help eligible, service-connected veterans safely enter, exit and/or operate a motor vehicle. It includes, but is not limited to, special equipment necessary for wheelchair access and any modification of the size of the interior space of the vehicle. The Adaptive Equipment Program may be paid more than once, and may be paid to either the seller or the veteran. The Veterans Health Administration will reimburse a veteran for automobile adaptive equipment a maximum of two times within a 4-year period.

To find out if you are eligible to receive the Automobile Adaptive Equipment Program and what equipment is covered under this program, please contact a Creative Mobility Group veteran advocate or call 888-994-4264.

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How Can Medicare Grants Cover Wheelchair Vans

Dont despair after learning that Medicare wont cover the purchase of a wheelchair van or modifications to your current vehicle. You may still be eligible for a Medicare grant. The majority of those grants come from non-profit organizations that receive their funds from state or local resources. Theres no guarantee, but you could be eligible for a grant to cover worn out equipment on vans or the purchase of a new vehicle.

Kansas Council On Developmental Disabilities

For Kansans meeting the legal definition of an individual with a developmental disability, the CDD exists to enhance their quality of life and ability to be a fully involved member of society. It awards disability grants to help achieve these ends for these residents and their families.

915 SW Harrison, DSOB Rm 141 Topeka, KS 66612

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State Grants For Wheelchair Accessible Vans

If you need assistance in buying a handicap van, you should know that states offer various grants and other assistance programs for those who qualify. These grants and other programs could help you finance a wheelchair van, scooter, wheelchair lift, adaptive driving equipment, or other mobility product.

Mobility Consultations: If you are unsure about what type of conversion would be best for you or would like assistance with finding financial resources, you can request a Free Needs Analysis and Mobility Consultation at any of The Mobility Resource dealer locations.

Finding Grants For Wheelchair

Veterans Assistance | AMS Vans

If someone who has special needs or their caregiver needs assistance in buying a wheelchair-accessible van, they should know that U.S. states and organizations offer various grants and other assistance programs for those who qualify, according to the website The Mobility Resource.

All someone needs to know is where to look.

These grants and other programs can help finance a wheelchair van, scooter, wheelchair lift, adaptive driving equipment, or other mobility product. The Mobility Resource provides a state-by-state breakdown of some of the available benefits.

In Pennsylvania, where CHC Solutions has its headquarters, for example, there is a comprehensive list of Pennsylvania state government agencies and various organizations, many of which are under the umbrella of national groups. Some supply money themselves and others help unearth financial aid opportunities otherwise missed. Also, dont neglect state-based chapters of associations that focus on a particular disability.

Learn more from The Mobility Resource at .

*Disclaimer: Any health and wellness content presented is for general informational purposes only. Such content is not intended to replace or serve as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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Manitoba Medical Equipment Funding Sources

Manitoba’s Employment and Income Assistance program through ManitobaFamily and Housing Services, among many other services, supplies mobilityproducts, lifts, ramps and other medical equipment to residents of Manitoba.Below I’ve copied the details of 4 sections Health Services Program.

Who Is Considered A Disabled Homeowner

The Canadian Government defines a disability as a severe or prolonged condition that prevents a person from performing normal or routine daily activities.

The majority of the programs that help people with disabilities are for seniors and people who earn a low income. Many of the programs pay for home modifications that will increase the standard of living for people with disabilities.

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Various Government Grants For The Disabled

In the US, both adults and children with disabilities of any kind can avail of various state and federal government grants for the disabled. These grants cover various forms of disability expenses, including paying for wheelchair vans, reimbursing a family for extra costs incurred over a child with a disability, funding special job or skill training programs, or covering any other special needs.

There are different government programs dealing in disability grants and loans, and they each cover different kinds of disability expenses and funding. For instance, thee is the Administration for Children and Families, which not only provides grants to disabled children, adults, and their families, but also universities and other educational institutions committed to developing programs specially for people with disabilities.

There is also Medicaid and the Department of Human Services , which covers certain kinds of treatment for people with disabilities, and also offers financial assistance towards the purchase of handicap vans. Similar assistance for vans is also provided by the Workers Compensation program, if the disability has occurred on the job.

As is the case with all government grants, disability grants are prioritized according to any given familys incapability to look after their own needs. The severity of the disability is also a major factor in grant decisions.


Can I Apply For A Grant Towards Driving Lessons

Government Grants for Handicap Vans

You may also be able to get a Charitable Grant towards the cost of your driving lessons. Find out more information about Charitable Grants.

Where Motability has provided a grant towards driving lessons, they will normally be carried out in an instructors vehicle. If the instructor is unable to carry out lessons in their vehicle due to your adaptations, we will work with you to identify the best way forward.

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Government Assistance For Handicapped Vans

This post will assist you find the possible sources of grants that can be used for funding your van:


Most people think that Medicare is available only for the elderly. In fact, Medicare also supports disabled people. Its a great Federal health program that is administered by each of the State. If you havent become a member of Medicare, we highly suggest that you should become one. While we havent heard reliable information saying that the Medicare can cover the cost of buying a van, we do know that the Medicare grant money can be used to buy a wheelchair-friendly ramp for the van.

Grants for Disabled Veterans

Veterans who are disabled due to service-related causes and have to use wheelchairs can contact the Veteran Administration office. The amount of grant available from the VA for wheelchair-enabled vans is up to $8,000. It is important to note that this assistance can also be used for other purposes that help the disabled veteran to be mobile, including adaptive equipment and also the repair or modification of a current van.

Government Grants


There is numerous nonprofits organization and foundation out there that put a serious concern about the mobility of people in wheelchairs. For example, the Brighter Tomorrow Grant, Bryon Riesch Paralysis Foundation, Center on Technology and Disability, Ford Mobility Motoring Program, etc.


I Am Waiting For A Decision On My Grant Application When Will I Hear From You

When you place an application for a charitable grant, it will be allocated to a case manager for consideration. During busy periods, such as at this current time, it may take a number of weeks for your application to be assigned to a Case Manager. Please wait for your Case Manager to contact you to update you on the status of your application.

Should you need to speak with your Case Manager please contact 0800 500 3186.

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Canadian Government Grants For Disabled Homeowners: Nearly 100 Grants For Home Renovations

Are you a disabled homeowner and struggling with the cost of homeownership?

If yes, youre in luck!

Because its a little-known secret that there are many government grants for home renovations for disabled people!

It can be difficult as is maintaining a home, but if you have a disability or are a senior, keeping up with your homes maintenance needs can be difficult, let alone costly. The good news is, we have done a bit of the leg work by compiling some need to know about disability grants in Canada that can help alleviate the cost of home repairs and maintenance issues.

In this complete guide, we cover nearly 100 Canadian disability grants and government rebates, all for disabled homeowners and the people who care for them.

But first

Find Medicare Grants For Help Funding Wheelchair Vans

Free Cars Gov’t Grants To Buy or Repair a Car

The majority of Medicare grants for help funding wheelchair vans come from organizations, which are non-profit. These organizations receive their grants from other state or local resources, which may or may not be part of the government. Grants are not like loans they never have to be paid back. The majority of clients, which are, disabled lives in some type of residence group home, and they use the services of wheelchair vans.

These vans are equipped with the latest safety features for transporting the handicap individual. They too must wear belt seats and their wheelchairs must be securely anchored, so it will not tip over while the van is in motion. The Medicare grant is used to replace worn out wheelchairs and hardware equipment located on the vans. It can also be used to buy new or used wheelchair vans if they are needed.

The government has plenty of money set aside for various types of organizations. However, not all organizations will qualify for a government grant. There are rules that must be followed before a business can begin to be eligible for any type of nonprofit, state or government grant. Several grants types are available in which companies can apply for however, some entities will only qualify for a one-time grant, and others may be entitled to an ongoing grant.


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National Or Federal Funding

National organizations in the United States offer a range of funding assistance for your mobility equipment needs. These funding agencies are not specific to just one segment of the population, as is the case with state or local programs. Some programs even cover the entire cost of the mobility equipment. Other national funding agencies offer smaller, income-based grants to assist if your budget is just below the cost of obtaining your adaptive vehicle.

Cars And Vehicle Adaptations Grant Programme

Our Cars and Vehicle Adaptations Programme can provide grants towards the cost of:

  • Advance Payments towards a Motability Scheme car and any adaptations or vehicle manufacturer options necessary to use it
  • Adaptations needed mid-lease, due to a change in circumstances.

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I Havent Received Confirmation Of What My Grant Award Will Be Can I Place An Order For My New Vehicle Or Adaptations

If you have submitted an application for a Charitable Grant but have not heard from us within 7 days of sending it, then please call us on 0800 500 3186. You should not place any orders until we have confirmed that your grant application has been successful.

Our opening times are 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Pursuing A Legal Claim

Grants for Vans for Disabled Persons in Wheelchairs

While the great majority of cerebral palsy diagnoses are considered congenital, meaning the child was born the condition, many children every year suffer cerebral palsy that was completely preventable. The Cerebral Palsy Family Lawyers at Janet, Janet & Suggs have helped thousands of these families, recovering compensation that will take care of their children for life. If you believe your childs cerebral palsy was caused by medical errors, contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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Can I Learn To Drive In My Motability Car

You can learn to drive in your Motability Scheme car. Disabled drivers can take lessons from the age of 16. Any other drivers with provisional licenses must be over 21 if you want them to drive your car, and you can only have one learner driver on your Certificate of Motor Insurance at any one time. You may also be able to get financial help towards the cost of your driving lessons.

How Can I Get A Wheelchair

There are a wealth of resources in most states in the U.S. that people with disabled children can apply for. If you have a child with cerebral palsy and need a wheelchair-accessible van, feel free to apply to as many programs or grants as possible.

There is no rule that indicates you can only apply for one program, and since there are usually no guarantees as to which, if any, program will approve you, its advisable to apply to as many programs and grants as possible.

State Agencies

Check with your states Vocational Rehabilitation Department for available funds for van modifications.

Social Services

County social services organizations, such as human services or families and children departments may offer assistance in financing a wheelchair-assisted van. Rules and requirements for qualifying will vary according to each state.

Grassroots Organizations

There are numerous grassroots organizations in different states that help people with disabilities by locating services and disability grants. Keep in mind that most grassroots organizations do not offer vans, but instead, help people find the programs and services that do.


In some instances, Medicare or Medicaid insurance will help fund adaptive equipment for vehicles. Medicare does not, however, provide funds for the van itself.

Grant Money

Contact a grassroots organization in your state or contact your state vocational rehabilitation agency.

Special Kids Fund

Rebate Programs

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I Would Like To Apply For A Grant What Should I Do

If you would like to apply for a Charitable Grant, please contact us on 0800 500 3186. Our opening times are 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

We are currently experiencing a high level of incoming calls, so it may take longer to answer your call.

Please note that there is an increased demand for Charitable Grants in this current period. Our estimated lead time is 6 weeks for us to commence a review of your application.

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