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What Is Government Procurement

What is Marketing Procurement?

Government procurement is a huge business market in the United States. This is because the government operates using resources, goods, and services from the public, such as real estate, construction, office supplies, health care equipment, and many others. Many businesses find it economically beneficial to enter this industry because they know that the government will buy what it needs from commercial organizations. Heres what you need to know about the multifaceted industry that is government procurement.

Background Of Government Procurement

The foundation of todays government procurement system is based on two laws, the Armed Services Procurement Act of 1947 and the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949. These two laws combined and clarified many other regulations that had been appearing. In 1979, the Office of Federal Procurement Policy Act Amendments were passed, which called for a simplified, more direct path for government purchasing. This led to the Federal Acquisition Regulation , the official guidebook for anyone wanting to pursue government contracts, and the Competition in Contracting Act of 1984, which launched the official competitive government contract bidding process.

Since then, the government has taken steps to include both large and small businesses in purchasing opportunities, and the Small Business Administration works on behalf of the interests of small businesses to make this possible. Opportunities like the SBAs 8 Program work to help disadvantaged small businesses reach their government selling goals.

How Has The Covid Pandemic Impacted Government Procurement

During the course of this last year, as the pandemic has unfolded, there have been some important changes to procurement policy from the new presidential administration. The first few weeks of the Biden administration were marked by rapid regulatory changes and executive orders. On Janurary 25th, 2021, one of these executive orders was to refocus federal procurement to American made products and solutions. The executive order declares that the future will be made in America.Buying American-made and American-sourced goods for government use has received a great deal of bipartisan support recently, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic has threatened the financial stability of smaller businesses and the American economy as a whole.

Heres what this mean for governemnt procurement and how the Biden administration will aim to shape procurement policy:

  • Tightened definitions of American-made products
  • Restrictions on the abilities of businesses to outsource production overseas
  • Incentivizing the government procurement industry to look within American borders for their products and services
  • Shoring up and strengthening the industries and economy of the United States
  • Growing the number of quality, union-protected jobs for American workers
  • Creating a new senior leadership position in the Office of Management and Budget to oversee Bidens changes
  • Giving small businesses more contracting opportunities

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State And Local Lobbying And Government Relations

From the Governor and his administration to other statewide officeholders, state legislators, and local elected and agency officials, our network of relationships includes leaders of all political persuasions as well as their key staff members. We help our clients plan and execute effective legislative lobby days and internal conferences as a component of our lobbying strategies.

Development Of Best Practices


The firm can assist clients in developing a Best Practices approach to procurement lobbying. This ranges from trainings, developing a check list of questions to ask or questions to be avoided during a Restricted Period, enrolling in the on-line vendor responsibility program, documenting all communications throughout a procurement process, and ensuring proper reporting to the Joint Commission on Public Ethics.

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Government Contract Procurement And Public Sector Business Development

Our expertise and network of relationships across state and local government agencies help open doors to key decision-makers who oversee the awarding of contract bids, grants, and economic incentive packages. We successfully help create business synergies for our clients that are designed to expand their market penetration.

How Gmp Can Help

As government procurement experts, GMP already has the experience and reputation needed to win government contracts. In fact, we already have several that we can leverage to your businesss advantage. With our capabilities and an over 20-year history of success, we can endorse your businesss products and services to the government. As a veteran-owned and -operated small business that has long since caught the governments eye, we know how to do bidding and can do all of the legwork for you. With us, theres no need to get a contract yourself, as we already own contracts. We will simply market what your business has to offer to the government, making your chances of successfully selling to them much higher. For more information on government procurement and what we do, contact us today!

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Bid Notifications To Debriefing

The firm presents clients with bid opportunities, helps build government marketing plans for agencies, and assists with every step of the procurement process beginning with reviewing and responding to an RFP and following through to the bid award. In the event that a client is not awarded a bid, the firm can assist in obtaining a debriefing so that the client will be better positioned to respond to a future RFP, or protesting a bid if necessary.

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Who We Serve

2017 01 11 Key Elements of an Effective Government Contracting Marketing Strategy

GMP has successfully provided over $300 million of our partners goods and services to hundreds of federal, state and local government agencies.

Government contracting made easy

Going after your own GSA contract can take 18-24 months, opens your company to many risks, and is very costly. As a GMP trusted partner you will have quick access to our contracting vehicles, access to SDVOSB set-asides and experienced contracting professionals helping you through the Government contracting process.

To learn more about the benefits of working with a GSA reseller, check out our resources page.

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What We Do

Winning and retaining government contracts requires a mix of expert knowledge, focused strategy and multi-level relationships. Our trusted partners benefit from GMPs full suite of services for a turn-key contracting solution.

  • With access to the industry-leading Bloomberg Government tool and dedicated staff focused on finding opportunities for our partners, GMP provides constant monitoring and analysis of the Federal marketplace.

  • Procurement Strategy Leveraging our SDVOSB status, contract vehicles, past performance and relationships, GMP helps our trusted partners build a procurement strategy to win more Government contracts.

  • Proposal Response With 20 years of experience, GMP is able to deliver a clear proposal identifying our partners unique capabilities while addressing the technical and contracting requirements of the Government customer.

  • Contract Execution GMP provides our partners with immediate access to Government-wide Acquisition Contracts and full back-office support, from quoting customers to prompt payments and invoices.

  • Renewal Management Our dedicated renewal and CRM team focuses on maintaining our partners customer base and retaining multi-year government contracts.

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