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Cash Government Check Without Bank Account

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Consumers Without Bank Accounts Face Ongoing Costs

How to Get your IRS Stimulus Check without Bank Account. Get Money Faster with Direct Deposit.

The problem doesn’t disappear with what could be the final round of stimulus checks.

The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan calls for sending the Child Tax Credit, designed to reduce child poverty, to families in periodic installments of $300 or $320 from July to December. The rest would be claimed as a credit on the 2021 tax return. Low- and middle-income families could receive $3,600 for children 5 and younger and $3,000 for those ages 6 to 17.

Those without a bank account, though, could be looking at check cashing fees. Paying sizable dollars to cash those checks defeats the purpose of that stimulus money, said David Rothstein, senior principal at the Cities for Empowerment Fund, which leads a Bank On initiative to expand affordable banking access.

“These are public dollars that are supposed to go toward fighting the COVID recession and child poverty,” he said.

Nationally, 5.4% of U.S. households do not have bank accounts, according to the How America Banks 2019 survey by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. The next survey will be fielded in June, with a report expected in 2022.

The FDIC survey indicated that 13.8% of Black households were unbanked in 2019. Among Hispanic households, 12.2% were unbanked. That compares with 2.5% of white households.

Can I Cash A Check Without An Id

With the exception of endorsing your check to a friend or family member, all of the check cashing places above will require at least one form of ID, sometimes two. If your ID is expired, then technically it is not valid and wont count as a form of identification.

If you do not have an ID, you have three options:

  • Endorse the check to someone else
  • Cash the check online
  • Sign up with a bank and use its online app

Millions Of Americans Dont Have A Bank Account That Are Expecting A $1400 Stimulus Check If You Are One Here Are Some Options To Cash Your Check

The Internal Revenue Service has already begun sending out direct stimulus payments to eligible recipients and President Joe Biden has said that he wants to get 100 million payments out in the next 10 days. The money will be sent one of three ways direct deposit, EIP debit cards and paper checks.

More and more Americans have some form of bank account, but there was still over 5 percent of the nation without a bank account in 2019 according to the FDIC. For these people receiving an Economic Impact Payment they will want to consider their options in order to keep as much of their direct stimulus payment in their pocket when they cash it. Fortunately, there are several possible ways at their disposal to change their paper check into another form so that they can use the funds to make purchases or pay off bills.

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How To Cash A Stimulus Check

If you want to take your stimulus check money and use it or simply save it, you need to find a suitable method to cash it. Therefore, after you analyze every detail involving the methods available, you can pick one that is the most convenient for you. Here are the ways you can cash your stimulus check:

Costco Bjs Wholesale Sams Club

How to Cash a Check Without a Traditional Bank Account ...

None of them cash checks!

One of my favorite stores is Costco and it turns out that Costco does not cash checks. The same holds true for their two wholesale club competitors. BJS Wholesale Club and Sams Club do not cash checks either of any kind.

What is surprising is that they dont cash business checks, payroll checks, or even government checks . I thought theyd at least take government checks as they are the safest, but nope!

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Walmart Kmart And Other Big

This first crop of check-cashing options includes major big-box retailers that offer basic financial services through their customer service departments or money services stores-within-stores .

Many big-box retailers also have in-store bank branches with their own check-cashing policies and fee schedules. Some allow large checks , while others cap cashing at lower amounts.

You’ll Need Some Form Of Id

Any institution that offers check-cashing services will require at least one form of identification. They do this to ensure that you are the person who should rightfully receive the check’s funds.

In some cases, you may be required to provide two forms of identificationespecially if you’re trying to cash a large check.

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Can I Cash A Check Without A Bank Account

Whether youre a temporary or contract worker, and you have a payroll check, or an income tax refund check, you dont have to go to a bank or need a bank account to cash it.

Just take it to your nearest Money Services location for it to be processed with our check cashing service. As were open evenings and weekends unlike most bank branches you can cash your check with us even if the bank is closed.

Where Can I Cash My Stimulus Check Without An Id Near Me

How people without bank accounts can cash stimulus checks

There are five ways to cash your stimulus check without an ID:

  • Your Bank or Credit Union Your current financial institution will cash your check even without proof of identification. If you want to cash the stimulus check vs. depositing it, they may ask you questions like SSN, address, birth date, and more to prove its you.
  • Mobile deposit Use the mobile app from your financial institution to deposit and cash the check online with an ID. Go to your ATM or ask for an ACH once you deposit the stimulus check via the app. Check clearing times will vary by institution.
  • PayPal PayPal lets you cash checks and has it credited to your PayPal Cash Plus account. Use the PayPal app on your phone or mobile device to take a picture and send it for approval. PayPal is waiving the fee for paper stimulus checks deposited and needed for immediate use! Typically, youll pay a fee if you want the funds immediately or wait ten days for no fees.
  • 7-Eleven The convenience store chain has a 7-Eleven debut card program. Using your phone, the Card can cash a stimulus check and apply the funds to your debit card account. Fees may vary.
  • Peer-to-Peer Payment Platform Use payment apps like Venmo and Zelle to cash your stimulus check online without an ID using your phone. Understand the applicable fees before using.
  • Alternative ways to cash a stimulus check without an ID or bank account include PayPal, Card, and peer-to-peer payment platforms.

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    How To Cash A Large Check Without A Bank Account

    Checks of a value over $5,000 are considered large checks, and the process of cashing them is slightly different.

    If you want to cash a check thats over $5,000, youll usually need to visit a bank and you may have to wait a while to get your money. Under Regulation CC, banks may take up to seven business days to process large checks.

    If you want to cash a large check without a bank account, youll need to visit the bank or credit union that issued the check to you. If youre not an account holder, you may also be charged a fee for the service. These vary depending on state and store.

    The required ID will vary depending on where youre planning to cash your check. You will need a valid photo ID at most stores, and at places like the Bank of America, youll need two forms of ID one of which will need to be photo ID.

    To find out more, visit our check cashing page.


    Visit A Branch Of The Issuing Bank

    The majority of banks will permit you to cash both payroll and personal checks issued from their accounts. As an additional bonus, you wont have to visit the original branch of the check holder you can do it from your local bank branch.

    The downside of this service on offer from the banks is that they will charge you a service fee for completing the transaction. Most banks charge anywhere between $4 to $10 to cash a check. The bank charges fees to cover the costs involved with processing the transaction. The only bank that doesnt charge a fee for cashing your payroll or personal checks is Capital One. Capital One has a no-check cashing fee, regardless of the branch you visit. Therefore, if your employer has an account with this bank, it can save you hundreds of dollars in costs over the working year.

    Some banks may void the check-cashing fee if the amount is under a certain minimum, but every bank differs in this threshold, so its best to ask them about the rates involved in the transaction before you commit to cashing your check. Some banks may offer to open you an account to void the check-cashing fee.

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    Santander Mobile Banking App

    • Fees: No

    You can use the Santander Mobile Banking app to deposit checks.

    All you need to do is take a few photos of the check and follow the instructions in the app.

    Deposits received after the 10p.m. ET cut off time will be considered as received on the following business day. So do keep that in mind. Now, its totally free to use the Mobile Check Deposit feature.

    • Download the Santander app for Android devices here.
    • Download the Santander app for iOS devices here.

    Cashing A Check At Retail Stores

    stimulus checks  NBC New York

    You can do more than just shop at retail stores. Many places offer check cashing at their service desk. The most popular retail stores offering these services include:

    • Walmart: Walmart can cash checks up to $5,000 with the exception of two-party personal checks. You may only cash two-party personal checks up to $200.

    You can cash pre-printed payroll, government, tax, cashiers, 401 distribution, and insurance settlement checks. Walmart charges a flat fee for checks up to $1,000. The fees double for checks over $1,000.

  • Money Services: You can find Money Services in many grocery stores, such as Kroger, Fred Meyer, King Soopers, Ralph’s, and Fry’s. You can cash payroll, government, income tax refund, insurance settlement, and business checks at Money Services.
  • They don’t accept personal checks. Money Services charges a fee and can cash checks up to $5,000.

  • Kmart: Kmart “Shop Your Way” members may cash checks at Kmart. They accept government, payroll, and tax refund checks up to $2,000.
  • You may also cash two-party checks up to $500. Kmart charges a fee, but it’s much lower than many other retail outlets.

  • Food Lion: Food Lion cashes payroll checks and tax refund checks up to $1,000. They also cash rebate checks and traveler’s checks .
  • They do not cash personal or two-party checks. You also can’t cash handwritten payroll checks.

    Watch Out for Fees:

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    Where Can I Cash My Third Stimulus Check Irs Phone Number And Everything You Need To Know

    If you don’t have a bank account, here are a few check-cashing options to consider if you receive a paper stimulus check in the mail: walmart, paypal, local Banks, cashing stores… and IRS phone number


    As the long-awaited stimulus check hits people’s bank accounts, many are starting to receive the second phase of payments which is arriving on paper in the mail. Over 100 million Americans have already received electronic third stimulus payments from the IRS via direct deposit. About five million debit cards have been sent, and the IRS has already mailed paper checks to over 15 million more people.

    Where To Cash Personal Checks Without A Bank Account

    Try one of the following places where to cash personal checks without a bank account:

    The above financial institutions may sound convenient enough, but all of them come with fees. You can only cash your check for free at your bank.

    These are all great emergency options, but dont make these your regular options. Try to find a way to get hold of a primary ID or a set of secondary IDs so that you can directly deposit the cash into your own checking account. It is always cheaper and safer to deposit money to your account directly.

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    Where To Cash A Payroll Check Without A Bank Account

    Six and a half percent of Americans don’t have a bank account, according to a 2017 FDIC survey. If you’re one of the 8.4 million households without a bank account, there are alternatives available for cashing your paycheck. Most of these options have associated costs that exceed the charges of some banks, so it is worth considering the feasibility of opening a bank account first.

    Deposit To A Prepaid Debit Card

    How can I cash my check without ID?

    Prepaid debit cards typically allow you to load funds via mobile check deposit. Prepaid debit cards are relatively easy to get approved for, even if you can’t open a checking account.

    That said, many prepaid cards have up to a 10-day waiting period before you can access your check funds. If you want the money faster, you may have to pay a fee of up to 5%, which can be expensive.

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    Use Your Smartphone To Cash Your Stimulus Check

    With your smartphones camera you have a number of services at your disposal to cash your stimulus check. Each service varies in the fee that they charge and the amount that you can cash. If you are willing to wait to have the check cashed most services waive the fee. However, always make sure you understand the fees and other requirements before you sign up.

    This option can be useful for other transactions as well, giving you the ability to make purchases, withdraw money from ATMs or stores and cash other checks.

    Can The Irs Track Checks Cashed At Banks

    The IRS doesn’t keep tabs of every taxpayer’s banking activity. However, it does have the ability to access your bank information. It is especially interested in cash deposits that exceed $10,000, and in hefty foreign bank accounts. The IRS may access your banking information if they audit your tax return or enact a tax levy.

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    Cashing A Check At The Issuing Bank

    Visiting the issuing bank is one of the easiest ways to cash a check. You can find the issuing bank’s name right on the check. If the bank has a branch near you, head over to cash the check.

    This method typically costs the least of any cash checking method other than your own bank account. Some issuing banks, like Capital One, don’t charge a fee. Others charge based on the amount of the check.

    When you visit the issuing bank, the teller can look up the availability of funds immediately. If the funds are available, they will then deduct the fee from the cash you receive.

    You Should Know

    If you cash paper checks often, you should get a checking account to avoid fees. Chase is a convenient option because of their large number of ATMs and branch locations.

    Learn How To Cash A Check When You Dont Have A Bank Account

    How To Cash a Check at Walmart

    Checking accounts offer convenience for managing money, but a sizable number of Americans dont have one. According to Federal Reserve data, 6% of U.S. adults are unbanked, meaning they have no checking account, savings account, or money market account. Instead, they rely on alternative financial services, such as check cashing companies and payday lenders, to meet their needs. Another 16% are underbanked, meaning they have bank accounts but still depend on alternative financial services.

    Without a bank account, something as simple as cashing a check can become a headache. Still, there are ways to cash a check without paying steep fees.

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    Limit Your Search To Truly Free Checking Accounts

    Plenty of checking accounts are free for account holders able to meet monthly maintenance fee waiver requirements, which usually mandate minimum balances, transaction volumes, or both.

    But if you live paycheck to paycheck, as many unbanked and underbanked Americans do, meeting those fee waiver requirements might be difficult.

    The good news is that plenty of banks offer truly free checking accounts without minimum balance requirements or check-cashing fees for account holders.

    Go To Certain Retailers

    Some big box and grocery store chains enable you to cash your checks, including payroll checks and government checks, at their stores. There’s a small fee and you can only cash up to a certain amount, which varies by store. But it’s usually a few thousand dollars, so unless you need to cash a five-figure sum, you should be fine.

    Do some research online or inquire at the store to see if cashing checks is an option, and if so, what the store charges for doing so. You can compare these to the cost of cashing a check at the issuing bank or at a payday lender, discussed below, but retailers usually offer a pretty fair price.

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