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Government Contracting Companies In Dc

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Government Contracts And Compliance

Government Contracting – Securing A GSA Schedule Product Companies – Win Federal Contracts

Government contracting is a complicated field in which the laws and regulations are ever-changing. Birch Horton Bittner & Cherot assists our clients in setting up and maintaining compliance programs to ensure that companies run smoothly and remain in compliance with applicable laws and contractual obligations. We conduct compliance reviews to assess a clients potential risk of noncompliance with small business size and affiliation rules, 8 Business Development Program regulations, and general Federal Acquisition Regulation requirements.

Our deep knowledge of government contracts law helps our clients benefit from the business opportunities available while avoiding the pitfalls that often challenge companies that are unfamiliar with the vast number, complexity, and uniqueness of regulations and compliance requirements in the field of federal contracting. We counsel clients regarding ethics issues and conflicts of interest, conduct internal investigations if there are allegations of inappropriate activities, and help clients respond to investigations conducted by government agencies. We also assist clients with compliance issues before and after significant events, such as mergers and acquisitions, Small Business Administration certification, contract terminations, size or bid protests, major regulatory changes, and other events.

We actively counsel clients in the following areas:

Easiest Government Contracts To Win

Current or recent past performance makes future contract wins easier. Unfortunately, penetrating the Federal Government contracting market as a 1-person company with no past performance is nearly impossibleunless you leverage industry insider knowledge! Therefore, gain market penetration by alternative ways, finding those easiest government contracts to win.

Federal Government Contracting Attorneys Litigation And Appeals

Appealing the agencys decision means that you have specific deadlines it means that you as the CEO has to make a sound business decision whether or not to file an appeal. Most important, you have to know whether your case has merit to even file an appeal. At Watson & Associates, federal government contracting attorneys litigate before the US Court of Federal Claims, SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals – and the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. We help you to make the right decision for your company.

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How To Become A Government Contractor

There are hundreds of contracting companies in the United States, most of them involve defense systems, research, and technology. In this article, we listed down the biggest and the most popular companies that work consistently with the federal government. The process of being a government contracting company may differ depending on what state the company is located in. Each country has different processes and procedures to become a registered government contractor.

To give you a synopsis, you need to:

  • Establish a business

What You Need To Know

  • Government spending is set to boom, and that means big business for D.C.’s government contract lawyers.
  • But while gov con specialists agree on their prospects, they differ widely on how the client should be serviced.

Washington is in a frenzy over the amount of business on the horizon from last years trillion-dollar infrastructure bill and numerous appropriations measures in the mix this year. Chief among those expectant of a sharp increase in demand for their services are government contracts lawyers who are already fielding more calls for their expertise.

But how teams structure themselves to service government contractor clients can vary widely from firm to firm. Heres how some firms are readying their teams and attorneys for government contracting work to pick up.

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Know If The Agencies And Speakers At The Event Are Relevant To You

It will be a significant disadvantage if you attend an event that does not align with the industry that you are into. The reason is those federal government departments often scout government contractors to work with during an event. So make sure that before you register for an event, examine if the agencies or speakers in the event are related to what you do.

Hilton Boston/woburn Boston Massachusetts

We all know that during the pandemic, the healthcare and medical field served as the frontline in battling the Covid 19. Some of the biggest government contractors and companies get involved with the manufacturing and logistics of the Covid-19 vaccines.

The Vaccine Summit Boston is looking forward to bringing together the leading pharma and biotech industry experts, government contractors, academicians, and decision-makers who are passionate about turning ideas about global issues into solutions.

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Top 100 Contractors Of The Us Federal Government

This article needs to be . Please help update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

The Top 100 Contractors Report is a list developed annually by the U.S. General Services Administration as part of its tracking of U.S. federal government procurement.

In fiscal year 2005, the federal government aimed to source 23% of all subcontracts from small businesses with guidance from the Small Business Administration. The federal government was unable to meet this goal in 8 years until FY2013 when it subcontracted over $83 billion from small businesses.

Fiscal year 2015 marked several historic achievements the federal government exceeded their overall goal of 23% by 2.75% resulting in $90.7 billion dollars awarded to small businesses, 5.05% of which went to women-owned small business , meeting the goal for the first time since it was implemented in 1996.

Nationwide Federal Government Contract Lawyers Legal Advice And Help

Government Contracting – Securing a GSA Schedule Service Companies – Win Federal Contracts

Watsons federal government contracts lawyers provide legal counsel to government contractors in all states regarding legal and non-legal matters. The federal government contract lawyers at Watson & Associates, LLC can assist federal government procurement small businesses and large DoD contractors in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington DC government contracts litigators, Small Law Firms Washington DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Watson & Associates are federal government contracting attorneys in Washington DC that Practice Exclusively in the Areas of Federal Law in Washington DC.

Need a Government Contracts Lawyer? Get Immediate Help From Top Federal Government Contracts Attorneys


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Dcs Government/defense Contracting And Covid: What Career Opportunities Remain At Mid

Federal contracting companies have long played a significant role in the D.C. job market. Many mid-sized federal and defense contracting companies in the DMV are B2B , with the U.S. federal government being their primary customer. These, along with their larger and smaller counterparts, bid on contracts and are hired to fulfill the terms of the agreement. Many of these companies provide for procurement and other services that include analysis, cybersecurity, cloud, managed IT, linguistics, defense tech, intelligence, and a variety of specialized skills, subject matter experts, and numerous other types of services.

Lets take a look at how these mid-range companies performed before and during the pandemic and what they’ll likely look like in a post-pandemic era.

Before COVID-19

Prior to COVID-19, the federal government heavily relied upon private companies for procurement and services. Many mid-sized companies established a local presence in the Washington, D.C. Metro area to better position themselves to compete for federal government contracts. To support their ability to fulfill their agreements, historically, contracting companies have depended on sourcing local talent. This is always great news for job seekers looking for work in the DMV.

During the pandemic

The pandemic initially turned government operationslike everything else in the worldupside down.

Looking toward the future

Federal Government Contractor Jobs In Washington Dc

2022-06-02 ·Founded in 2000, Banner Staffing serves the Washington DC area. The company caters to small and large commercial firms, as well as state and city governments. Its team of professionals offers comprehensive workforce solutions for different areas such as process management, IT and enterprise, logistics and supply chain, and staff augmentation.

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Top 10 Largest Government Contractors

bycontributorSeptember 17, 2021, 11:51 am

Many businesses are trying their best to win a bid on government contracts. Many failed but the ones who succeed are great in numbers. Perhaps the question is, what exactly do government contractors do?

Corporations, organizations, and private companies that supply goods and services to government agencies are known as government contractors. They are guaranteed to get contract funds and be a government contractor when their proposal passes through the governments bidding.

  • Who can be a government contractor?
  • Who Can Be A Government Contractor

    Government Contractors Improve Accounting

    Whether you have a small business or a huge corporation you can still bid for government contracts. However, you shall pass through a lot of things to meet the requirements and qualifications in being able to bid on these prime contracts.

    Government contracting can be beneficial for the growth and revenue of any business. If you are curious and willing to take the shot on this opportunity, make sure to bring your patience, determination, and perseverance until the end because this journey is time-consuming, exhausting, and demands great effort.

    You can gain additional knowledge about government contracting with the help of the Small Business Administration . Nevertheless, when you win a government contract your business will never stop running and expanding in the long run.

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    Helping You Address Acquisition Regulations & Security Clearances

    Startups and small businesses often find the government contracting process overwhelming. After all, how can a small shop ever hope to graspmuch less comply withhundreds of pages of regulations? But the reality is not every government contractor is a big business. At Henault & Sysko Chartered, we work with businesses of all sizes when dealing with Federal Acquisition Regulations and the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement , among other regulations.

    In particular, if your business deals in engineering or technology, we can advise you on how to protect your work. Dealing with hi-tech equipment often raises special legal challenges, such as the need to protect intellectual property. We can therefore assist you by drafting appropriate non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, as well as developing licensing vehicles that ensure the government does not unfairly exploit your technology.

    Additionally, when dealing with sensitive information or government locations, our lawyers can help you and your staff obtain any necessary security clearances. The security clearance process is itself fraught with potential peril. Government investigators typically demand a host of personal information from each applicant. And if a security clearance is deniedor revokedfor any reason, you may have as little as 20 days to respond or request an appeal.

    Overseas Government Contractor Lawyers

    Nationwide and overseas reach: With law offices in Washington DC and Colorado, federal government contracts lawyers at Watson & Associates LLC, our DC government small business lawyers and overseas government contractor lawyers are geographically positioned to help federal contractors across the United States and overseas.

    We understand that sometimes it takes an understanding of several areas of government procurement law to resolve our clients legal disputes.

    As federal government contracting attorneys in Washington DC practice covers a vast amount of industries. We welcome you to visit our practice areasand provide us an opportunity to bring cost-effective legal solutions when there are problems in the procurement process.

    See also SDVOSB certification and bid protests. Also find out more about filing HUBZone protests.

    As Washington DC Government Contracts Attorneys, We Practice before various Government Contracting Law Courts in Washington DC

    As bid protest lawyers and litigation appeal lawyers practice before the Government Accountability Office , the U.S. Court of Federal Claims , the Small Business Administration , US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals , and the various Boards of Contract Appeals. We have obtainedfavorable results for our clients and strive to continue our quest to help contractors to avoid legal pitfalls while increasing their bottom line.

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    Washington Dc Government Contracting Events

    The government contracts law firm of Watson & Associates, LLC has the experience and skill to represent large or small federal contractors in simple or complex legal disputes such as government contract claims, Appeals, bid protest, breach of contract and other litigation. Our law firm has successfully counseled and represented contractors in a wide array of critical

    Triwest Healthcare Alliance Corp

    Federal Government Contracting – COVID-19 AND NEW FED GOVCON REQUIREMENTS – Win Federal Contracts

    Most of the companies listed in this article are more often military contractors, few are health insurance providers including TriWest Healthcare Alliance Corp.

    The company is situated in Phoenix, Arizona, and it manages health benefits for the Veterans Affairs of the United States . In 2018, the business was given control of the Department of Veterans Affairs for its community care programs. Also, with the help of the Health Net Federal Services, they were managing the outpatient care programs for the same federal agency

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    Raytheon Technologies And United Technologies Inc

    Located in Waltham Massachusetts, Raytheon is one of the defense contractor companies that provides satellite sensors, radar, and digital communication systems. However, United Technologies Inc joined forces with the Raytheon Company in 2020 to form Raytheon Technologies which is globally known for making weapons, guided missiles, and missile defense systems.

    Previously, the company was getting about ten percent of its revenue through their military contracts funds with the U.S Federal. Provided them with aircraft engines, helicopter fuels cells, and aerospace systems. They were able to gain $910 Million dollars of revenue from manufacturing gas turbines, jet engines, and other aircraft needs.

    Not only that, United Technologies Inc was known for producing Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning , security, building systems, and other industrial products.

    Government Contract Claims Lawyers And Dispute Appeal Attorneys

    When the agency gives an adverse decision, how you respond is critical to how the outcome of your case. Submitting a claim to the CO is governed by the Contract Disputes Act . If you do not comply with the CDA, then the CO can deny your claim. Then, if you try to appeal the COs final decision, your case may get dismissed since the appeals court arguably has no appellate jurisdiction to hear your case. These are all areas where our government contract claims lawyers can help.

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    Why Use Government Contractors From Facility Site Contractors

    Facility Site Contractors, Inc. are one of the most reputable government contractors in Washington, D.C. We have the staff and expertise to exceed the expectations of even the most discerning client. Every team member employed with FASCON comes with industry-leading credentials and can manage projects of all sizes and applications. Facility Site Contractors was created to address the need for managers with the knowledge to carry a project from start to finish.

    Government Contractors Jobs In Dc

    Neena Shukla CPA

    The Office of Contracting and Procurement is the main procurement source for DC government purchases. The federal government provides several avenues for procurement opportunities. District Resources The Office of Contracting and Procurement provides schedules, employment opportunities, business requirements, and procurement forecasts.

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    Government Contractors With Decades Of Experience

    FASCONs Facility Management Team has decades of industry experience in providing facility maintenance to the government while emphasizing a safe and pleasurable environment. We believe consistent and effective communication with our customers is critical to ensuring project success. FASCON government contractors in Washington, D.C., work with a fully integrated approach that combines functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency. We provide a range of services to our clients in the public and private sector, which include:

    • Enterprise and IT Network Services
    • Integrated Security and Intelligence Solutions
    • Program Management

    List Of Companies Headquartered In Northern Virginia

    This is a list of notable companies headquartered in Northern Virginia. The majority of the following companies are located in Fairfax County and Loudoun County the most populous jurisdictions in Northern Virginia, Virginia state, and the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. Companies with a McLean or Vienna address are often located in Tysons Corner “Tysons Corner” was not available as a postal address until 2011.

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    Make A Federal Case For Your B2b Marketing

    Marketing your brand to the right audience and the right way is critical to winning and retaining government contracts. A strong brand in the federal space also helps to attract joint venture partners and sought-after talent. Whether youre expanding your commercial B2B business into federal, or building a reputation in government contracting, we can help.

    Weve driven growth for dozens of government contractor clients through strategic thinking, careful planning, and flawless execution. With a combination of brand-building, corporate identity, and building a strong presence across all channels, our team of experienced B2B marketing professionals is ready to help yours.

    Dcra Contractor Rating System

    Why are there Private Military Contractors in Washington DC?

    The DCRA Contractor Rating System was designed to help you find the best professional for your project – whether it be your kitchen remodel, or your new business. Each building professional receives a score of 1-5 stars that represents the performance of their projects over the past three years during building permit intake, permit plan review, and construction.

    With the Contractor Rating System, you will find a variety of building and design professionals including architects, engineers, builders, general contractors, contractors, home improvement contractors, electricians, mechanical contractors, and plumbers.

    DCRA has partnered with the Better Business Bureau to help you identify building professionals who perform well. When coupling results in the Contractor Rating System with customer reviews available elsewhere, like the Better Business Bureau, customers are presented with a better understanding of what it may be like working with a particular building professional and can make a better choice based on your needs.

    When a business is a BBB Accredited Business, you will see this designation in the building professionals profile in the Contractor Rating System. Each BBB Accredited Busines has been screened by the BBB and is held to higher standards for customer service, transparency and ethical business practices. To learn more about the BBB, visit

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