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Government Mobile Homes For Sale

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Guide To The Mobile Homes Act 2013

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On 26 March 2013 the Government introduced the Mobile Homes Act 2013 which was designed to give greater protection to owner-occupiers of residential mobile homes.

All owners of residential parks in England need to be aware of the legislation so they can make sure they know their rights and responsibilities.

Us Department Of Agriculture Rural Development

The USDA’s Rural Development division is tasked with helping citizens of rural areas get the mortgage loans they need to buy homes. They offer many different types of loan assistance to rural homebuyers, and they also sell a great deal of foreclosure real estate to the public for big discounts. If you’re interested in fixer upper homes or handyman specials, USDA homes also offers extra discounts on properties in disrepair. Buyers looking at property in rural areas should always investigate USDA homes, as they often offer the lowest prices available in the area.

How To Buy Government Foreclosures

Each government agency has its own ways of approaching the foreclosure sale process. You can find more information on the specifics of how to buy HUD properties, VA homes, USDA properties, and FHA real estate by visiting their informational pages on

Generally, the process for buying government foreclosures begins with finding listings for properties you want to buy. Then, you’ll want to secure financing for a home purchase so you know how much you’ll be able to spend. Consequently you’ll want to make sure you get a home inspection to assess the property’s condition, as well as any repair costs you’ll have to spend, since government agencies will not pay for any repairs the property may require, and an appraisal of the market value of the property. Once you’ve settled on a property and secured financing, you can bid on the government home following the process and procedure of the agency’s home sale guidelines. offers unparalleled access to hundreds of thousands of government foreclosures and discount properties currently available all over the United States. The best way to start finding government homes in your area is with a search of our listings database.

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Finding A Fema Trailer For Sale

In the years following a natural disaster, after which FEMA had shipped thousands of manufactured homes and campers to affected areas, the demand for FEMA campers and trailers lessens as residents can find more long-term housing.

WJHG News writes that in 2019, two years after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, thousands of manufactured homes were stored at the Hearne Municipal Airport. With the decreasing demand for the trailers and with FEMA’s contract with Hearne Municipal Airport expiring, FEMA began to auction off surplus trailers.

FEMA put out a statement at the time in which they revealed that their staging areas were filling up as they received new manufactured homes from factories, while previously owned units naturally deteriorated over time. FEMA auctions off their used units at a discounted rate to accommodate the influx of new manufactured homes instead of refurbishing old homes

Manufactured Or Mobile Homes

12 40157 GOVERNMENT Road in Squamish: Garibaldi Estates Manufactured ...

Manufactured homes include modular and mobile homes. They are typically built in a factory off-site and then delivered and assembled on-site. The Canadian Standards Association label provides the specifications the home is built to:

  • Modular homes are built under the A-277 standards
  • Mobile homes are built under the Z-240 standards

In B.C., the sale, transfer or purchase of a manufactured home is only effective if the transaction is registered. This protects a person’s investment in a manufactured home.

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Where To Find Fema Trailers For Sale

The first place you may look for used FEMA campers for sale is the General Services Administration Auction site. GSA Auctions is home to federal government surplus equipment. You will find a wide range of equipment being auctioned off, from office equipment to boats and fire trucks in addition to FEMA campers and trailers for sale.

GovDeals is another site you may visit during your search for FEMA campers and trailers. GovDeals is an online auction site similar to GSA and auctions off government surplus from agriculture equipment to construction cranes. When available, FEMA campers and trailers are listed as well.

You can also monitor state and local government auctions for FEMA campers for sale. However, remember that FEMA camper and trailer auctions aren’t a constant occurrence, and FEMA will only initiate them when they need to. To find the best deal on a FEMA camper or trailer for sale, you may have to keep a close eye on the market.

Changes To Sales/gifting Of Park Homes

One of the main reasons for Parliament passing the 2013 Act was to address the issue of sale blocking, where the actions of some park owners were effectively preventing residents from selling their homes. The Act introduced a new procedure that must be followed whenever a park home is now sold or gifted by an occupier on a park, which is as follows:

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The New Process For Selling A Park Home In England

New terms concerning the sale of the park home are being implied into agreements between park home owners and site owners following changes made by the Mobile Homes Act 2013. These new implied terms vary depending on whether the home was acquired by the current owner before 26 May 2013.

However the changes that have been introduced will mean that the site owner will have no direct involvement in the sale or gift of a park home and any inconsistent provision in the agreement or site rules will not be enforceable.

Please note that until changes are made to the law that applies in Wales the consent of the site owner will still be required for you to purchase a park home there.

The process

Once you have found a willing buyer, you will be required to serve a prescribed notice on the proposed buyer called a Buyers Information Form at least 28 days before the sale date.

Pebble Hill And Woodlands Park

2007 Old Government Mobile AL. home for Sale

The council owns and manages Pebble Hill and Woodlands Park, which are permanent residential mobile home parks.

  • Space for 216 mobile homes
  • All plots have electrical, water and drainage connections
  • No mains gas
  • Park site rules are here
  • Frequently asked questions are at the bottom of this page

Info for residents who want to buy, sell or gift a home

  • Government funded advice company Lease has advice for mobile home owners

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How To Purchase Used Fema Trailers

As you shop around for a low-cost camper or trailer, you may come across FEMA trailers for sale in your search. While these campers and trailers were once part of FEMA’s emergency housing program, their usefulness is prolonged after their retirement from the program by being auctioned off to the public.

Annual Pitch Fee Reviews

The final major change introduced by the 2013 Act was an amendment to the implied terms relating to the annual pitch fee review procedure.

Previously, there was a presumption that pitch fees would change each year in line with the change in the Retail Prices Index since the last review date. Although this remains the same in most cases, it is important to note the following changes:

  • The annual pitch fee review notice sent to all residents on the park must be accompanied by a document in a prescribed form , setting out certain information
  • If this information is not given, the pitch fee review will be invalid
  • If the park owner serves an invalid notice , the FFT may order it to repay any overpaid pitch fees to the occupiers
  • On a pitch fee review the FFT may take into account any overall deterioration of the site, or of any adjoining land owned or controlled by the park owner, since 26 May 2013. The FFT will also be able to have regard to any decrease in the services provided to the park as a whole, not just to the occupiers pitch, which has occurred since 26 May 2013
  • The presumption that pitch fees will increase in line with RPI will still apply, unless the Tribunal considers that this would be unreasonable in all the circumstances.

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Government Property For Sale Or Disposal

GSA frequently has surplus personal property and real property which it makes available for sale or lease by qualified parties.

Furniture and equipment such as appliances, wall hangings, technological devices, and the relocation expenses for such property.

Real Property relates to land and structures on that land, and includes undeveloped land, office buildings military holdings and more.

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No results could be found for the location you’ve entered.

Rates for Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Territories and Possessions are set by the Department of Defense.

Rates for foreign countries are set by the State Department.

*fema Home For Sale Specs

Year, Make unknown 14 X 60 Total Electric, 240v, 60Hz, and 1 Ph ...

-Wind zone 3 -low E thermal pane windows -30×40 kitchen window -36×76 outswing exterior doors -extra steel sister I-Beam for durability -200 amp electric -thermal zone 2 upgraded insulation -IBC -*furnished homes -appliances are included -heavy duty construction for high winds and HOT & COLD climates.

Homes may vary depemnding on northern or southern build spces.

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No Threat Of Eviction

Just beyond the limits of the Durango park, a train slices through the mountain view with a harmonic huff. Current and former board members are keen to keep this community intact, and, so far, residents report no one has moved out since the sale.

One of the first things that we decided when we met as a board was that we would not allow anybody to be forced out of the park because of an inability to pay the rent, says former board president Mr. Egan in his home, where Christmas stockings hang above an electric fireplace.

To ensure folks can afford to stay, the community is developing a rental assistance fund. In addition to seeking outside funding, some residents plan to donate spare dollars themselves. Lindie Hunt, board treasurer and Mr. Hunts wife, recently jump-started the fund with a check for $60 a sum shed been given for checking on a neighbors home while they were away.

It wasnt my money in the first place, she reasons in her kitchen, preparing to leave for work one morning.

Beyond paying off the five initial loans, the 120-lot community faces infrastructure projects, such as a wholesale water and sewer system replacement. To help keep maintenance costs down, several residents volunteer their time and skills. Mr. Boardman wields a weed wacker sometimes.

Though theyve overlapped at Animas View for a few years, the men just met.

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What Are The Benefits Of Owning A Caravan Holiday Home

There are lots of reasons why static caravan or luxury lodge ownership can be an excellent option for you. If youre thinking of taking the leap and buying one of our holiday homes at our caravan parks but want to get an idea ofsome of the things you can look forward to, heres a roundup of the key benefits.

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How Can I Finance My Own Holiday Home

To make holiday home ownership a reality for you, weve created several holiday home financing options. These are designed to give you the freedom to purchase your static caravan or lodge in a way that fits your finances.

To do this, our team works with you to create a bespoke payment package so that you can find the perfect holiday home at a rate that you can afford. The main benefits of buying with us include:

  • The choice is yours – the amount of deposit you pay and the time period you would like to pay over is totally up to you
  • Affordable deposit* – you can put down a deposit from as little as 10%
  • Fixed monthly instalments* – having an agreed amount to pay each month means you can easily budget for your own caravan holiday home

*Finance is subject to status, from 8.9% APR representative

Our team are on hand to talk you through your options and you will be able to work out the numbers with them to find the payment plan thats right for you. Plus, you can talk to us at any stage of the buying process. We will alwaysmake sure your questions are answered and that you are kept updated about your purchase.

Licensing Regime For Residential Mobile Homes

14×70 Mobile Homes for Sale on

In 2017 we introduced a new licensing regime for residential mobile homes.

Site exemptions and how to apply in Scotland

Site exemptions allow organisations promoting recreation or instructional activities to make responsible use of land as a camping/caravanning site without the need for a licence or planning permission, as long as certain conditions are met.

These exemptions are granted to approved organisations rather than landowners and are not an alternative to planning permission.

An organisation is eligible for an exemption certificate if:

  • it is formally constituted
  • encouraging and promoting recreational activities are among its objectives

We will consider applications from organisations whose activities are solely in Scotland. Applications to

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Fema Homes Liquidation Center


FEMA HOME BUYERS: We can prep your newly purchased Fema auction unit for delivery, IE: Tires serviced, any loose siding, axles hubs, or any issue that may delay delivery or damage unit. We can also INSTALL at new location!


After Hurricanes and major catastrophes many are left homeless. This is when FEMA steps in with housing. These Manufactured Homes are built to a certain standard for FEMA and brought to the disaster areas, most are furnished with appliances, beds, dressers, couches, tables & more. The families can then occupy those homes for as long as FEMA RULES ALLOW USUALLY UP TO 6 MONTHS MAX to find them new accommodations or their insurance kicks in. Once the event has passed many of the homes people were using for temporary housing are then sold in bulk by the government. We have many of those homes available for purchase now. We can sell you a FEMA home at a drastic discount off of the original cost & deliver the home to your property or park.

Assignment Of Existing Occupation Agreements

Where the occupation agreement being transferred commenced before 26 May 2013 and has not been assigned since 26 May 2013, it will be known as an Existing Agreement.

Once the resident has accepted an offer from a buyer, they must serve notice on you in the prescribed form that he/she proposes to sell or gift the mobile home, and to assign the occupation agreement, to the person named in the notice.

If you wish to object to the proposed sale/gift and assignment you must serve a notice on the occupier, and apply to the FFT for an Order preventing the occupier from selling the home and assigning the agreement to the prospective buyer . Both these steps must be taken within 21 days from the date when you receivesnotice from the occupier, otherwise the sale/gift and assignment will be deemed to be approved.

There are only very limited grounds for seeking a Refusal Order, which are if the proposed new occupier fails to meet the requirements of any site rules relating to minimum age, number of types of vehicles they wish to park, or the keeping of pets on the park.

The Refusal Notice must be served in the prescribed form and must contain the information required under the Act if it does not, it will be invalid.

Within 7 days after the sale/assignment has completed, the new occupier must send you two more prescribed forms to give you the required information following completion.

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Model Standards For Residential Mobile Home Sites

Scottish Ministers may, from time to time, specify model standards for the layout of, and the provisions of facilities, services and equipment for residential park sites.

In deciding what conditions to attach to a site licence the local authority is to ‘have regard to’ any standards so specified.

We have published mobile homes: model standards for residential site licenses to align with the new licensing regime.

The Sale/gifting Of Park Homes

27 40022 GOVERNMENT Road in Squamish: Garibaldi Estates Manufactured ...

From 26 may 2013 this legislation introduced changes to the sale/gifting of park homes and amendments to existing implied terms relating to the annual pitch fee review procedure on parks.

For further information on the changes introduced by the Mobile Homes Act 2013 see GOV.UK – Park Homes Information.

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Mobile Home Planning Permission For Gardens

If youre looking to have a mobile home in your garden we strongly recommend you buy the book Planning Free Mobile Home A guide to Mobile Homes in Gardens available on Amazon. Extracts below

Welcome to Planning Free Mobile Home the comprehensive guide to using a mobile home or static caravan as a residential annexe in your garden.

Its surprisingly true that laws relating to touring caravans, the type you tow behind a car, also apply to mobile home and static caravans: a type that can be significantly larger and suitable for year-round residential accommodation.

Historically mobile homes have little architectural beauty and bear connotations of lower quality living standards. However, modern designs and build methods can offer all the luxury of a conventional build.

You may have seen mobile homes and static caravans being transported along the motorway and think of the practical impossibility of delivering the structure into your back garden or down a local road, this need not be a problem. Caravans, even large mobile homes, can be assembled on site if access is restricted.

Building a residential granny annexe as a mobile home is fantastic way to avoid the need for planning approval altogether and substantially increase the value and use of your property.

Basic Overview

Mobile homes in gardens, described in a sentence

Two Citations for Explanation

Communities and Local Government Circular 01/94. Paragraph 29

Basic Conclusion

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