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Federal Government Paying Off Student Loans

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Which Loans Are Eligible

Government launches new website to help pay off student loans

The program allows for the payment of federally made, insured or guaranteed student loans only. You wont be able to get your private loans repaid by virtue of the program, but getting those federal loans paid will leave you with more money available to use towards the private loans.

Loans eligible for payment are those made, insured, or guaranteed under parts B, D, or E of title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 or a health education assistance loan made or insured under part A of title VII or part E of title VIII of the Public Health Service Act.

Loans made or insured under the Higher Education Act of 1965 include the following:

Federal Family Education Loans

  • Subsidized Federal Stafford Loans
  • National Defense Student Loans
  • National Direct Student Loans
  • Perkins Loans

Loans made or insured under the Public Health Service Act include the following:

  • Loans for Disadvantaged Students
  • Primary Care Loans
  • Health Professions Student Loans
  • Health Education Assistance Loans

For 15 Million Borrowers A Slate Wiped Clean

More than a third of federal borrowers could see their balances fall to zero with $10,000 in debt cancelation. Among those, 7.9 million owe less than $5,000 in student loans and 7.4 million owe between $5,000 and $10,000, according to federal data.

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These are also the borrowers most likely to default on their loans. Over half of those who default have less than $10,000 of federal undergraduate debt, according to an analysis of federal data by The Institute for College Access and Success, or TICAS.

Thats because those with lower debt amounts often have not completed their schooling, so they dont reap the benefits of a degree that leads to a better paying job. Among those who default, 49% did not complete their program of study, TICAS found.

Default has severe consequences: It can sabotage credit scores and trigger collection efforts that can include seizure of tax refunds and Social Security payments.

Many of these borrowers are current on their payments. For them, forgiveness could help, but it might not be much of a boon to the overall economy, says Betsy Mayotte, president and founder of The Institute of Student Loan Advisors.

If you owe $10,000 and your payment is $120 and thats a lot of money to a lot of people but you all of a sudden dont have to pay $120 a month, I dont see that $120 being put toward something that will stimulate the economy, Mayotte says.

Student Loan Cancellation Doesnt Help The Government Make Money

Student loans cost student loan borrowers money, but they also cost federal taxpayers money too. . For example, according to the Congressional Budget Office, the U.S. Department of Educations Office of Federal Student Aid costs more than $3 billion annually. Cancelling all federal student loans perhaps could save the federal government this money, if the office hypothetically were closed, but thats a relatively small amount compared to the student debt payments the federal government wouldnt collect. The federal government already provides significant student loan forgiveness to borrowers, which also carries an expense. Biden announced major changes to student loan forgiveness last month. For example, Biden has cancelled $11.5 billion of student loans this year. This is in addition to student loan forgiveness from income-driven repayment plans, which are available after 20 years and 25 years . These are all costs borne by the federal government, since the federal government wont collect student loan payments or interest of any of these forgiven student loans.

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How To Pay Off Student Loans: Everything You Need To Know Before During And After You Have Student Loans

Over the years, weve helped more than 25,000 student loan borrowers pay off student loans in a way that doesnt put a financial burden on them.

Now, weve collected the most frequently asked questions about how to pay off student loans and weve included everything you need to know about paying them off:

  • Before you have student loans
  • While you have student loans
  • After you have student loans

In fact, Ill give you 10 categories that sequentially go in order of pre-graduate, college attendee, and post graduate.

So you can scroll to the section that affects you most wherever you are currently at.

10 Frequently Asked Questions on How To Pay Off Student Loans:

  • How student loans affect your taxes?
  • Companies That Pay Off Student Loans

    The 2nd kind of loan, the FHA Title I loan, belongs to an ...

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    In a Nutshell

    National and global companies have recognized the toll that monthly student loan payments take on their employees. Some are willing to offer repayment assistance and tuition reimbursement to help them recruit top talent. Unfortunately, not all of these student loan repayment programs are as helpful as they might initially seem.

    Written byNatasha Wiebusch, J.D..

    Student loan debt is causing many working Americans âsignificantâ or âvery significant stress,â according to a recent report. This shouldnât come as a surprise. Federal student loan debt reached a new high in 2020, for a total of $1.7 trillion. Millennials and Gen Z are carrying the brunt of this debt and they make up most of the current and near-future workforce.

    National and global companies have recognized the toll that monthly student loan payments take on their employees. Some are willing to offer repayment assistance and tuition reimbursement to help them recruit top talent. Unfortunately, not all of these student loan repayment programs are as helpful as they might initially seem.

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    When Do I Have To Start Paying On My Student Loans After I Graduate

    Student loans do not require a repayment until 6 months after graduation.

    Upon graduation, leaving school, or dropping below half-time enrollment, you enter into something called a Grace Period.

    Its the amount of time you have before a repayment must begin. This is true for most federally and privately held student loans.

    You need to check with your private lender though, as they can have different rules for each loan.

    HOWEVER, If your loans are unsubsidized, its highly recommended to make at least the interest payment in school, because unsubsidized student loans build interest while youre still in school.

    This means if you borrow $5,000 your interest starts accruing immediately.

    According to student loan servicer Nelnet, If you dont pay it while in school, it is added to your principal balance when its time to repay your loan.

    So your balance will be the $5,000 plus all the interest that has accrued over 4 years of schooling. If youre not careful with this it can really add up. Its also important to note that most federal student loans do accrue interest in the grace period.

    What Is Student Loan Forgiveness

    Student loan forgiveness, or student loan debt cancellation, involves the lender in this case, the U.S. Department of Education canceling some or all of your debt. The federal government already has a few student loan forgiveness programs in place.

    However, the new proposals from Biden and fellow Democratic politicians would be much more impactful than whats currently available.

    If you qualify for forgiveness, regardless of the amount, youll no longer be responsible for paying that portion of your balance. And if youre eligible for full forgiveness, your student loan debt slate will be wiped completely clean.

    The federal government only has the power to cancel student loans that it owns as a lender. This means that if you have private student loans, you dont qualify. Even some older federal student loans held by private lenders wont be eligible these loans make up 12% of the federal loan portfolio in dollar terms, according to the Institute for College Access & Success.

    If you have private student loans and don’t qualify for student loan forgiveness, then refinancing your loans might be your best option. Head to multi-lender marketplace Credible to compare rates and lenders and find the best course of action for you.

    The more sweeping proposal from Biden only applies to undergraduate loans. That said, graduate borrowers may still benefit from the $10,000 coronavirus forgiveness proposal.


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    Eligibility For The Program

    Under federal law, agencies are allowed to set up their own student loan repayment programs to attract or retain highly qualified employees.

    Any employee is eligible to participate in the Federal Student Loan Repayment Program, except those occupying a position excepted from the competitive civil service because of their confidential, policy-determining, policy-making, or policy-advocating nature.

    Though the law says that the program is for, highly qualified employees, each agency gets to decide what that means. Theres no specific type of academic degree necessary, and every agency tailor their plans accordingly.

    Therefore, an agency may specify the types of degrees and levels necessary to attain this goal.

    If Youre Pursuing Student Loan Forgiveness

    Federal student loan payments suspended through September

    Public Service Loan Forgiveness and income-driven repayment plans provide potential paths to student loan forgiveness and repayment. But both programs require that borrowers make a certain number of on-time payments to be eligible to have their remaining student loan balance canceled.

    The good news is that the CARES Act student loan forbearance will still count toward satisfying these requirements for federally owned loans, even if you suspend payments now.

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    What To Do If You Cant Afford Your Student Loan Payments

    If you miss your payments, its likely a case of not being able to afford the payments.

    There are millions of people missing their student loans payments. In fact, the Federal Reserve recently cited 11.2% of student loans are in default.

    You dont want this to happen.

    If you know you cant afford your student loan payments there are a few things you can do.

    Option A) Consolidation and/or Public Service Loan Forgiveness

    In 2010, President Obama signed the William D Ford Direct Loan Program.

    These programs were designed to help Americans afford their repayment on their student loans and award public service employees.

    Student loan consolidation is the process of taking all your student loans: the balances, the rates, and the payments, and making them one loan, with a lower payment.

    You can check all of in income drive repayment plans here.

    Public student loan forgiveness allows several different public sector employees to have their student loan discharged or forgiven after a period of 120 payments.

    There are so many different loan programs out there that can help.

    You can view a repayment plan comparison guide here

    Option B) Deferment/Forbearance

    A deferment or forbearance allows you to temporarily cease making payments on your federal student loans.

    There is a qualification process you have to go through for this.

    When you consolidate your student loans, the forbearance period starts over and you get another 24 months.

    The Benefits Of Forgiving All Student Loans

    Student loan borrowers know the burden imposed on their personal finances by student debt, but this burden is felt across the broader economy.

    A federal reserve study found that student debt was a key contributor to the drop in homeownership rates.

    Student loans have been shown to have a Disastrous Domino Effect on borrowers. This means borrowers find themselves unable to keep up with their loans, unprepared for any sort of financial emergency, and delaying major events like getting married and having kids.

    Erasing student debt would produce a huge boost to millions of Americans and a boost to the economy.

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    Where Can You Find More Grants To Pay Off Student Loans

    Federal Student Loans: Three Ways for Relief

    There are many different sources of grants to pay off student loans. The federal government offers several grant options through various departments, such as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

    You can also find student loan repayment grants offered by your state. Independent of federal programs, states offer grants and incentives to encourage graduates to live and work in fields with staffing shortages, such as in engineering or health care.

    Some nonprofits offer grants to workers in particular fields too. Depending on your career choice, you might find a wide range of options to manage your debt.

    Read up on more grants for
    Female entrepreneurs

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    Ways A Company Can Pay Student Loans

    Not all student loan repayment assistance is the same. Some larger national companies have created student loan repayment programs that vary depending on the benefits structure and human resource recruitment strategies involved.

    Here are some common things you might see when evaluating these programs:

    For Stem And Other Career Fields

    9. The ND Career Builders scholarship and loan repayment program

    Cameron Battagler graduated from Valley City State University with $30,000 in student loans. But with the help of student loan repayment grants, he was able to pay off his debt two years ahead of schedule.

    I was able to find about $6,000 in grants after I graduated that helped pay off my debt, Battagler said. The money is there, and it often goes unused.

    Because he is a computer programmer, Battagler qualified for the now-defunct North Dakotas STEM Occupations Loan Forgiveness Program, receiving $1,500 a year to pay off his loans. That money helped knock off months from his repayment term, and he was able to save thousands in interest.

    The STEM grant program has been replaced by the ND Career Builders scholarship and loan repayment program, which is more widely available. In fact, student loan borrowers working in 80-plus high-need and emerging positions in the state could qualify for assistance.

    Also check out:
    A number of other states have similar programs, such as Maines Alfond Leaders student debt reduction program. Investigate options where you live using our database of loan repayment assistance programs.

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    Which One Should I Pay Off First Federal Or Private Loans

    If you have qualifying federal loans, its important to keep making payments, but consider avoiding adding extra payments until you know more about the cancellation proposals. If you have private loans, however, theres no reason not to work to pay them down as quickly as possible.

    One way to potentially save money in the process is to refinance private student loans with a private lender. If youre eligible, you may be able to get lower interest rates than what youre currently paying, and you can also make some changes to your repayment term in case you want to pay off the debt faster or reduce your monthly payment.

    To start the process, visit an online marketplace like Credible to compare student loan refinancing rates. Also, use an online student loan refinancing calculator to get an idea of how much you can save and what your monthly payment would be on the new loan.

    Just be sure to avoid refinancing federal student loans if they might be eligible for forgiveness. Otherwise, youll no longer qualify for that benefit.

    How Student Loans Affect Your Credit Score

    Grants to Pay Off Student Loans

    Student loans are affecting more and more people every day. As a basis consider this 44.2 Million people in the United States have student loans. And its growing

    In just 10 years the number of people under 30 with student loans has nearly tripled. Between ages 30-39, its increased four times.

    People over 60.10 fold.

    Its insane.

    Whats even more troubling is that more than 75% of Federal Student loans are originated with no credit underwriting.

    Take a look at this chart from

    On slide 8 they depict the types of loans and what credit underwriting was done:

    So all these debts are given out without credit underwriting. Meaning the Federal Government has more than $1 Trillion dollars in issued student loans without any risk evaluation being done, and all this debt that so many Americans have affects them in other ways, primarily in their credit score.

    Your credit score is used as a financial measure of risk attractiveness.

    In other words, how likely are you to pay back your debts and how responsible are you as an American financial consumer.

    Its a score, called a FICO score, given to you between the range of 300 and 800.

    -300 being the worst

    -800 being the best

    And your student loans affect your credit scorescore in many ways, but depending on where youre at in the process it can be different.

    Weve broken down student loans and their affect on your FICO score based on timeframe:

    During School

    After School

    Good/Timely Payments

    Missed Payments

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    Things To Consider About Student Loan Reimbursement Benefits

    If youâre searching the job market, or if your employer is offering you student loan repayment assistance, youâll want to make sure you understand how these kinds of benefits programs work. Most importantly, youâll want to be able to tell whether any given repayment assistance program is really worth it.

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