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Buying Silver From The Government

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Why Should You Buy Silver

Going for gold: Palantir buys $50M worth of bullion

If you are still on the fence on whether or not you should buy silver bullion, just take some time to read on the history of money. Heres a short primer the history of silver used as money. As Winston Churchhill once said,

The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see

There is no shortage of signs on the uncertain future of the economy, the coming collapse of the dollar, and the recent moves into gold & silver. While we will save a complete list for the future, below are the top 5 reasons to be buying silver:

  • Protect & preserve your wealth
  • No counter-party risk with silver
  • Silver has been used as money for 1,000s of years
  • Silver is the second most consumed commodity, first is oil. Just read the post 101 uses of silver and you will see how versatile it is.
  • Current Gold/Silver ratio is 1:60, historically it averages 1:16

Buy And Store Gold & Silver Bullion Online With Guardian Gold

As precious metals, gold and silver are some of the most historically enduring forms of currency in the world. Bullion coins struck from these rare materials have long been used as practical ways for investors to store value. In todays digital age, where tangible commerce is diminishing, opting to buy gold and silver bullion online is an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio and obtain some security.

How To Buy Silver In Australia

The Perth Mint Certificate Program allows people to buy silver in Australia either pure silver investment bullion coins or plus minted silver bullion bars.

Bullion silver bars are a very cost effective means to invest in silver. There are a number of options available to you to buy silver bars of varying sizes and value ranging from 10oz to 1000oz.

The Perth Mint stamps the 1,000oz silver bullion bars with their brandmark and each is given a serial number. The smaller bars are stamped without a serial number. Perth Mint silver bar bullion can be traded internationally and will provide you an excellent vehicle to invest in precious metals.

You also have the option of buying silver coins in Australia from a wide range of quality collectable coins produced by the Perth Mint. Each silver coin is struck from 99.9% pure silver and its weight and purity guarantees that it is legal tender. You can choose from a range of sizes, weights and finishes to suit your budget.

The Perth Mint’s coins are valued for their high quality finish and purity. Their legal tender status means their precious metal content is guaranteed by the Commonwealth Government of Australia

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The Best Places To Buy Silver Coins

Most silver coins are bought in one of two places: at a local coin shop, or online.

Believe it or not, youll likely find better pricing online than at a coin shop, even after factoring in shipping costs. Thats because the overhead at a brick-and-mortar store is higher. But thats just part of the difference between them.

Heres the pros and cons of your two basic options

Pros And Cons Of Buying Silver

2014 Silver Shield Never Trust Government Silver 1 oz Round
  • Profitable, long-term investment Silver will add value to and diversify your investment portfolio.
  • Affordable, “safe haven” asset In times of market instability and inflation, silver can provide a safety net.
  • High liquidity The silver market has numerous buyers and sellers, so this asset can be converted to cash without much loss.
  • Precious and industrial metal Silver is a precious metal collected by both hobbyists and investors. It also has many industrial uses, making it an appealing investment.
  • Theft Coins and other bullion products can get stolen.
  • Additional costs Physical silver involves dealer premiums, sales taxes, storage and insurance.
  • Lower value than gold Silver as a precious metal is perceived as less valuable than gold and has poorer liquidity.
  • Tie to industry is a double-edged sword When industrial growth is slow, the value of silver can also decline compared to gold.

Silver and other precious metals as part of your portfolio

Silver along with other precious metals offer a way to expand and diversify your portfolio. Silver bars can be sold in amounts as small as one gram, so its an inexpensive way to begin portfolio diversification.

Additionally there is no credit risk to owning silver. While precious metal dealers might recommend that you keep 5-20% of your portfolio in metals, most financial advisors would recommend around a 5% allocation to alternative investments such as this.

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Finding Cheap Silver Coins

Cheap silver coins are fairly abundant because they were issued in such numbers by the various governments of the world up until the change to paper currency. Many are still stored in drawers, piggy banks, and safe deposit boxes. Many of these coins are well worn and thus are worth very little for investment purposes, but they will still retain their bullion or melt value. They can often be acquired at auctions, flea markets, and pawn shops for a reduced price relative to spot prices and other premiums.

Buy Silver Bullion Online

Its quick and easy to purchase silver bullion from KJCs live online store. Click ‘Silver’ to access to a huge range of silver bullion products, with different sizes and prices to suit all investors.

If youre a new customer, youll need to create an account, which can easily be done before you check out.

Once your purchase is complete, youll have a KJC Order Acknowledgment sent to you by email, confirming your order and letting you know how to pay the remainder of your balance if youve chosen to pay a 10 percent deposit.

Our online store is open 24/7, 365 days a year, making it convenient for you to buy silver bullion at a time that suits you.

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How To Invest In Silver

Buying physical silver is relatively straightforward. You can buy from a local coin shop, but believe it or not costs are usually lower at online stores like Thats because overhead is much lower, and shipping and insurance costs are usually included with a minimum order .

Setting up an online account is not much different than establishing a bank account, and shopping is just like using Amazon. Once your remit payment, your metals can either be shipped to you or deposited into one of our surprisingly affordable storage vaults.

And if youre on a budget or simply want to accumulate in the increments of your choosing over time, you can use our InstaVault gold program or Instavualt Silver program.

Our Silver Forecast Is Bullish

Why Buy Silver and Gold? The Presidential Election Is Just around the Corner

12 Month Chart

Historical precedent coupled with current fundamentals point to the likelihood of an explosive super spike in the silver price and a high price plateau beyond that. In the last super spike in 1979, the white metal went from $6 per ounce, to over $49 just 12 months later. In other words, that’s an incredible 700% upsurge over the course of a single year! Today, industrial demand will continually increase along with its investment benefits. These factors will cause the price of silver per ounce to reach new highs, or possibly another huge spike similar to 1980. Let’s look at additional factors why we’re bullish on the poor man’s gold:

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Oz Mexican Silver Libertad Coin

Purity: .999Backed by: Bank of MexicoShips in multiples of: 25 coins per tube Distinction: Produced at the oldest mint in the Americas. Also, the silver Libertad is produced at the end of the year they are minted in, not the beginning like other coins.

If you want to buy silver coins, this is where to start. Youll have beautiful coins, backed by a sovereign government, which can be easily sold when the need arises.

This isnt to say that you should never buy other silver coins. The point is that every investor should have a meaningful stack of standard bullion coins before buying anything else. These are your safety net, a tangible monetary insurance hedge that you and your family can easily sell if the need arises.

  • Investors Edge: The bulk of your silver coins should consist of American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, Austrian Philharmonics, Australian Kangaroos, Britannias, and Mexican Libertads.

Now that we know what to buy, lets find out where to shop

Can I Buy Silver From The Us Mint

YES! Silver is available in many forms from the United States Mint, including numismatic silver coins and bullion coins.

The United States Mint catalog is filled with a variety of silver options, including:

  • silver versions of circulating coins
  • silver commemorative coins
  • proof and other numismatic finish American Silver Eagles.

If youre looking to buy a bullion version of, say, a 2021 American Silver Eagle straight from the mint, that is where youll need to turn to an authorized purchaser. APs are the only direct recipients of bullion American Silver Eagles from the United States Mint. Thats because the US Mint does not sell bullion American Silver Eagles directly to the public.

You can view our category page listing Silver Eagles in stock by following the link.

Trustworthy coin dealers will have many more silver bullion products available for sale than the mint, in most cases.

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> > Buying Silver In Australia

As silver is increasingly becoming a popular precious metal for investors, buying silver in Australia has been greatly sought after. Buying silver is by no means limited to just investors who live in Australia. At PMCG, we provide a worldwide service for those interested in trading silver bullion including silver coins and bars

How Are Silver Prices Determined

2014 Silver Shield " Never Trust Government"  1oz .999 Fine Silver Round ...

The cost of silver bullion like bars and rounds is determined using the current silver spot price. This spot price is the price of silver per troy ounce. The spot price is a good indicator of the current market value of silver. The U.S. Gold Bureau offers live spot prices for silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. On our live precious metals prices page you can see live and historical prices of gold, silver, and other precious metals for 1 month, quarterly, 6 month, and 1 year increments.

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What Is Private Bullion

Private bullion does not come with government-backed guarantees. Some buyers view this as a positive feature while others prefer the stability and security of government bullion.

With private bullion, buyers pay for the value of the gold or silver. Since the bullion doesnt come as a collectible series, buyers dont spend extra money on the collectors premium. Ideally, that means buyers can use their money to get more bullion. Investors who believe precious metals have innate value may want to choose private bullion so they can avoid extra costs.

Private bullion often costs less than government bullion, but buyers dont always get security and peace of mind when buying private bullion that hasnt been backed by a major government. Since the bullion doesnt come with many guarantees, buyers dont always know the purity and exact weight of private bullion. However, this doesnt mean that buyers wont get their moneys worth. It just means that buyers need to make smart, informed choices.

World Demand Is Growing

Despite the effect of the global pandemic, global demand for silver is growing. Virtually all major government mints have seen record levels of sales, with most already operating at peak production.

Surging demand is nowhere more evident than China. This behemoth market has a long history of cultural affinity toward precious metals. And with its population growing , its tremendous appetite will continue.

This kind of demand doesnt happen in a vacuum. Sooner or later there will be consequences when surging demand meets crimped supplyand those consequences are all positive if you own the metal.

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How Do You Buy Gold And Silver

Lets talk about the exceptions. Transactions would be 100% private but for anti-money laundering provisions in the deceptively named Patriot Act, enacted in 2001.

We have examined this law very closely. For a disclosure requirement to be triggered, BOTH of the following conditions have to be met:

  • The transaction is larger than $10,000 in size, AND
  • Payment is made using actual cash or cash instruments which, when totaled together, equal more than $10,000.
  • Personal checks, debits, bank wires, and credit card payments are NOT considered cash or cash instruments. Therefore, purchases using them do not trigger disclosure by a dealer regardless of their amount.

    The IRS disclosure document involved is called Form 8300. It’s applicable to all cash transactions in the broad U.S. economy meeting the above conditions not just precious metals transactions. To date, Money Metals Exchange has completed over 500,000 transactions, and we have been required by law to file Form 8300 fewer than ten times.

    What If I Dont Want To Buy Physical Gold And Silver

    Sovereign Gold Bonds – How to Invest in SGB through iMobile & Internet Banking?

    There are several other ways to invest in the precious metals market which we detail in our 7 ways to invest in precious metals blog.Thank you for reading our article, we hope it helped you get a quick run down of some industry terminology and the things to look for. As always, we ask you to report any inaccuracies, even if its a simple grammatical error to our support team. If you have any questions regarding this article or precious metals in general, you cant reach out as well.If you did find this article helpful, please consider hitting the like button below, this helps us gauge and tailor more quality content like this.

    This blog is intended as informational and is not to be considered investment advise. This is the authors’ sole opinion. Any purchases or financial decisions should always be made after consulting with your certified financial advisor. This blog is for entertainment purposes only.

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    Finding An Authorized Silver Retailer

    Finding an authorized retailer to buy your silver coins from is quite easy, and there are many other excellent retailers slightly further downstream from the main sources as well. The American Precious Metals Exchange, also known as APMEX is one of the foremost of the U.S. Mints authorized retailers, and offers American Silver Eagles for sale singly, in tubes of 20 and so forth.

    The first concern of a silver buyer, of course, is to find the coins that they want with as low a premium above spot as possible. APMEX and several other of the highest quality authorized retailers offer very reasonable premiums above the spot value of the coins. Of course, these companies are trying to make a profit, too, especially in light of the fact that they buy 25,000 Silver Eagles annually at a minimum, but their desire for sales means they try to stay as competitive as possible, too, and spot values are usually kept as low as can logically be done.

    If you are looking for a local dealer in your state, the U.S. Mint website itself includes a page which lists the authorized resellers in your area, at These retailers are not part of the U.S. Mint, obviously, but they are recognized as reliable sources of Silver Eagle coins.

    Why Buy Silver 10 Reasons To Invest In Silver

    Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst, GoldSilver

    Is silver a good investment? Why should someone buy it?

    Its natural and even prudent for an investor to wonder if a particular asset is a good investment or not. Thats especially true for silver, since its such a small market and doesnt carry the same gravitas as gold.

    But at this point in history, there are very compelling reasons to add physical silver to your portfolio . Here the top 10 reasons why every investor should buy some silver bullion

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    The Cheapest Way To Buy Silver

    Rounds and bars normally offer the lowest price on silver. Therefore, they represent one of the better buys from the standpoint of getting the most silver content for your money.

    However, this does not suggest that coins are the worst buy. In fact,

    • Coins are normally the most liquid form of silver bullion you can buy.
    • Coins more widely familiar to buyers than a private-mint bar or round.
    • Coins are also legal tender.

    This form of silver offers multiple advantages. Coins can be spent as real money during emergencies and make excellent barter tools. Furthermore, in the unlikely but totally possible event that silver prices dip below the face value of the coins, the losses are capped at the face value of the coin. You simply wont totally lose out when you buy silver coins.

    Silver Investment Grade Coins

    Ike Dollar 1971

    Investment Grade Coins are the Proof version of coins that have been graded by an independent third party to be in perfect Proof 70 condition. The Proof version of coins has been struck twice which makes them shinier with a more detailed design than the bullion version of the coin. The graded coins are encapsulated in a protective slab with an acid-free label. All Proof 70 Investment Grade Coins like the Silver American Eagle from the U.S. Gold Bureau features a hand-signed Ed Moy label. These exclusive labels add to the rarity and value of the coin. Investment Grade Coins are not subject to the fluctuations of the spot price of the precious metal and can be used to diversify investment portfolios within precious metals.

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