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Government Furnished Property Compliance Checklist

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Government Furnished Equipment Contract Considerations

Procedural Compliance

When considering Government contracts, there are two approaches that are used for providing the equipment necessary to execute the contract. The equipment can be Contractor-Furnished Equipment or GFE. Therefore, analyses must be performed to determine the optimal approach. The general policy is to have the contractor furnish the equipment needed.

However, the equipment can be furnished by the Government if it is in the best interest of the Government to provide GFE for use by the contractor. Typically, a model is developed for analyzing both CFE and GFE when considering the use of GFE. Decisions to provide GFE must be identified and a comparison made of the cost difference between using GFE or CFE. Reasons for this decision can be related to standardization, economy, production, or other circumstances.

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Far Dfars Compliance Checklist 10 Things You Must Know Now:

1. FAR DFARS Government Contract Compliance: Clauses Representations & Certifications Subcontracting Government-Furnished Property Environment Key Personnel SAM & CPARS Past Performance Service Contract Act & Davis-Bacon Act Labor Laws Buy American Act Export Controls Security Cost Allowability DCAA audits Cost & Price Analysis Conflicts of Interest Help Dealing with COs/KOs, CORs, and the Defense Contract Management Agency

2. Compliance with DFARS 252.204-7012:

Per DFARS 252.204-7012 , all DoD contractors and subcontractors are required to:

a. Safeguard covered defense information

b. Report cyber incidents

c. Submit malicious software

d. Facilitate damage

The first requirement safeguard covered defense information is the most time-consuming and costly of the four compliance items. It is implemented via National Institute and Standard Special Publication 800-171 and includes the following elements:

Access Control Awareness and Training Audit and Accountability Configuration Management Identification and Authentication Incident Response Maintenance Media Protection Personnel Security Physical Protection Risk Assessment Security Assessment System and Communications Protection System and Information Integrity.

See also:

5. Termination for Default or Cause TFD:

6. Termination for Convenience of the Government TFC:

10. Government Contracts Ethics & Procurement Integrity Advice.

Upon Compliance With Disposition Instructions

Contractors ordinarily shall be required to furnish all property necessary to perform government contracts in accordance with the policies and procedures of reference . Test vehicles, items of motor vehicle equipment, and government furnished property from unauthorized personnel during the entire compliance testing program. Upon bid/proposal opening and identification of apparent low bidder/proposer 1.

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Government Furnished Equipment Policy

The Governments official GFE policy is stated in Federal Acquisition Regulation section 45.102 Policy which states:

  • Contractors are ordinarily required to furnish all property necessary to perform Government contracts.
  • Contracting officers shall provide property to contractors only when it is clearly demonstrated:
  • To be in the Governments best interest
  • That the overall benefit to the acquisition significantly outweighs the increased cost of administration, including ultimate property disposal
  • That providing the property does not substantially increase the Governments assumption of risk and
  • Government requirements cannot otherwise be met.
  • The contractors inability or unwillingness to supply its own resources is not a sufficient reason for the furnishing or acquisition of property.
  • Exception. The property provided to contractors for repair or overhaul is not subject to the requirements of the paragraph of bullet #2 above in this section.
  • Keep Your Policies Up

    NMCARS Annex 9  Government

    Be specific concerning your internal audits in your policies. When are self-assessments? What sampling methods are used? What confidence level is accepted? How are findings & discrepancies handled? And keep in mind, even though the government may not formally request the results of your internal audits or self-assessments, it is still a requirement for the contractor to provide them per the FAR.

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    Defense Contract Management Agency Compliance

    Defense Contract Management Agency contractor and the government in line.

    How much interaction should you expect from the DCMA in your organization? Most of the time, the DCMA operates in the background and you are almost unaware of their presence. However, they are actively involved in all aspects of your contract. Before your contract is awarded, the DCMA reviews it to ensure that the government has included the correct clauses. Once your contract is awarded, the DCMA gives the final approval for your invoices. During the contract, the DCMA watches your schedule and progress to ensure that your efforts are on track and the contract is going as planned. As such, maintaining proper DCMA compliance is critical to defense contractors.

    This Document Is A Template That Your Company May Use To Provide An Overview Of How Your Company Manages Government Property

    Property may be furnished to contractors only under the circumstances described in reference and reference , and only for performance of a specific contract or. Name and description of property, as well as national stock number These records must be kept in accordance with federal acquisition regulations.

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    Faqs: Understanding Government Furnished Property And Equipment

    Although less than 30% of warehouses are considered to be efficient, that low percentage is not acceptable for government contracts. Government contractors are subject to strict regulations when it comes to managing and tracking government-owned property. For these contractors, using comprehensive inventory tracking software is vital. But before you begin using a government inventory system, it will be helpful to know a bit more about government furnished property and equipment, as well as the level of compliance that is expected within the scope of government contracts.

    Reference Any Government Furnished Services Items Property Or Information Identified In The Contract

    2011 HEAT Provider Compliance Training – Navigating the Government

    Government furnished property clause compliance accountability and auditability of government fumished property cannot be achieved if contracts do not contain the appropriate contract clauses. Property & equipment policy is announcing the signature of the usd memorandum, standard equipment data elements for government furnished property baseline establishment.this establishes the department level approach to collecting. Inspection work in government furnished property compliance checklist, government property refers to contractor to the checklist adds the.

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    These Records Must Be Kept In Accordance With Federal Acquisition Regulations

    The contractor is responsible for maintaining and reporting the list of. The far and the aidar require that usaid notify the contractor property representative of each gfp provided. Identification number ) with property furnished for repair, maintenance, overhaul, or modification with a total unit acquisition value exceeding the dod simplified acquisition threshold and otherwise meeting far 45.107.

    Guideline For Contractor Self

    This guideline creates an Industry standard for the Contractor Self Assessment process for Government Property management to comply with the FAR 52.245-1 Government Property, while providing reasonable assurance in assessing the effectiveness of a contractors property management system.

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    Aerospace Industry Procedure Guideline & template

    These document will help guide the establishment and performance standards of contractor Property Management processes and procedures. Please refer to the Procedure Template Guideline for instructions on how to use the Procedure Template document. When utilizing the template, an entity must be aware that all or part of this template may be utilized.

    What Is Government Furnished Property


    Government furnished property is a bit of an umbrella term. It refers to property used by a contractor during a DoD government contract. Government furnished property can be designated as either equipment or material.

    • Government Furnished Equipment: GFE refers to tooling or equipment thats provided to a contractor for use during the project. Its durable, not intended for sale, and has an expected service life of at least two years. In other words, its a complete entity, rather than one component.
    • Government Furnished Material: GFM, on the other hand, are typically separate components or materials given to contractors to consume or expend during the course of a contract. For example, items like screws, nuts, bolts, washers, or raw metals can fall under this category. But these items lose their identity within the final product, meaning they are just one piece of the puzzle.

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    Government Furnished Property Gotchas

    Government furnished property can be a headache, even for the most seasoned contractor. It can include thousands of tiny parts, multi-million-dollar pieces of equipment or both often all on one contract in an old dark government building. We have identified some common, and not-so-common, areas we see missing in contractor government property management plans.

    Logistics & Supply Management

    Government Furnished Equipment is equipment that is owned by the government and delivered to or made available to a contractor. GFE is normally specified in a Request for Proposal or contract. The determination of GFE is usually made by the government Program Manager and Contracting Officer.

    Website: DoD Government Furnished Property

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    What Is Required For Government Furnished Equipment And Property Compliance

    DoD contractors must create and maintain accurate records of all government furnished equipment and property of any value. These records must be kept in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations. These records must include:

  • Name and description of property, as well as National Stock Number
  • Quantity fabricated/received, issued, and on-hand
  • Unit price and unit of measure
  • Contract number or equivalent code
  • Disposition
  • Clearly Segregate Identification And Classification

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    Both are plan requirements and MUST occur at the time of receipt.

    • Identification refers to the marking placed on an item to identify it as government property.
    • Classification means you should determine which of the four government property categories the item belongs in: equipment, material, special tooling, special test equipment.

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    Government Furnished Equipment Determination

    The Government Contracting Officer is responsible for determining whether or not Government Property should be provided to a Contractor. In providing Government Property to a Contractor the Contracting Officer must also make sure that a Contractor is not given an unfair competitive advantage over another Contractor who may not have Government Property.

    Understand Loss Of Government Property

    The FAR definition of loss of government property includes loss, damage, destruction and theft. In your policy or plan, make sure you are specific with your timeframe on reporting lost property. Many plans will state something to the effect of we will immediately notify the property administrator. The government likes specific time frames ten minutes, thirty minutes, one hourand so on. All time references should be specific so they can be audited.

    Remember to have a policy/procedure for finding an item that was lost. All data elements required to be on a property record are also required to be on a loss report. Use FAR 52.245-1 .

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    Government Furnished Property Compliance Checklist

    Government Furnished Property Compliance Checklist. Official government property records shall include the part name, description, identification number, quantity, unit price and unit of measure,. Reference any government furnished services, items, property, or information identified in the contract.

    Dod contractors must create and maintain accurate records of all government furnished equipment and property of any value. Property may be furnished to contractors only under the circumstances described in reference and reference , and only for performance of a specific contract or. Government furnished property standard equipment data elements for government furnished property baseline establishment.

    Source: venturebeat.com

    Test vehicles, items of motor vehicle equipment, and government furnished property from unauthorized personnel during the entire compliance testing program. Categories of government property except for those categories of government/buyer property set forth elsewhere in this clause, the categories of government property used in government regulations shall apply to any government/buyer furnished property.

    Source: venturebeat.com

    Test vehicles, items of motor vehicle equipment, and government furnished property from unauthorized personnel during the entire compliance testing program. The contractor shall operate, water and.

    Source: login.acquisition.govSource: www.acquisition.govSource: www.leftbrainpro.comSource: venturebeat.comSource: venturebeat.com

    Property & Equipment Policy Is Announcing The Signature Of The Usd Memorandum Standard Equipment Data Elements For Government Furnished Property Baseline Establishmentthis Establishes The Department Level Approach To Collecting

    Internal control matrix example

    Official government property records shall include the part name, description, identification number, quantity, unit price and unit of measure,. Compliance checklist to measure compliance with requirements. Defense procurement and acquisition policy leads a quarterly gfp working group established to strengthen the accountability and

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    Let Redstone Assist You With Your Property Control System

    At Redstone Government Consulting, our objective is to ensure your company has a property control system which is transparent and accountable for all government property in your possession. Our professionals can help you design and implement a new system or update an existing one. We can help ensure your government property system provides the required controls necessary for receipt, acquisition, accountability, and management of government property.

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