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Governance Risk And Compliance Software

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Governance, Risk and Compliance Management – GRC | SoftExpert

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Why Is Grc Important For Businesses

Governance, risk management, and compliance processes are increasingly important to effective business practices. Companies face more risk than ever. Major crises like COVID-19, volatile supply chains, and cybersecurity threats have exposed many potential weaknesses in current practices. Risk management can help organizations identify and mitigate these issues.

GRC tools may be especially beneficial for businesses that face regularly changing industry regulations.

GRC ensures organizations can fully leverage information from across the organization and effectively implement risk management strategies companywide. GRC software can also provide similar benefits for business compliance practices. Changing regulations and standards regarding logistics, infrastructure, or cybersecurity can be easier to handle with the right solution in place.

GRC tools may be especially beneficial for businesses that face regularly changing industry regulations, like organizations that must meet DOE efficiency standards on building transformers.

The Most Popular Grc Software

The sheer size and scope of GRC software inherently make it impossible to determine any one platform as the best solution out there. Ultimately, itll come down to your particular needs and the softwares ability to meet those demands. To help you get started, here are some popular solutions to consider:

RSA Archer is an enterprise-grade GRC software that provides access to a full range of risk management capabilities, including automation, reporting and analytics, risk and compliance management, and data visualization. You can build your application or integrate third-party applications with ease.

While it has not been designed specifically for use in any particular industry, RSA Archer can deal with governance, risk and compliance issues in any sector.

Use the dashboard to get an overview of risk incidents.

MetricStream is a GRC software that unifies risk management, governance and compliance processes into one solution. It surveils your company infrastructure in real time to detect any sign of risk. You can run reports, track compliance, follow regulatory changes and define controls to deal with possible incidents.

Combined with AI and machine learning, you can not only detect and repair areas of vulnerability but also predict risk incidents. Hierarchical mapping and business continuity planning ensure your company can continue to operate even in the case of a natural disaster.

Prioritize which entities to audit based on the severity of the risk.

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Kinds Of Grc Platforms

GRC suites GRC suites are made of multiple software products that are used in various combinations. Each of them usually specialize in one or a few of the main GRC features, such as policy management, regulatory change management, compliance learning, or risk management. Companies using GRC suites may choose to implement all or only some of the components mentioned above, with the option to scale up or scale down . The main benefit of GRC suites is that they provide better integration between the components of the suite and are developed and supported by the same vendor.

Best-of-breed GRC software This type of software provides multiple modules for GRC that are delivered as part of a single product and cannot be sold and used separately. Best-of-breed GRC software is highly beneficial to mid-market companies that dont need advanced features to manage risk and compliance.

What Do We Measure

Top Governance, Risk and Compliance Software Awards 2020

The Emotional Diamond helps identify which vendors provide the best overall experience when compared against the perceived value of the software.

Value Index: Software pricing can be complicated and confusing, but knowing if youre getting business value for the price you’re paying is not. The Value Index metric captures users satisfaction with their software given the costs.

Net Emotional Footprint: The Net Emotional Footprint measures high-level user sentiment. It aggregates emotional response ratings across 25 provocative questions, creating a powerful indicator of overall user feeling toward the vendor and product.

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Removing Risk And Conquering Compliance With Grc Software

Key takeaways

  • With substantial penalties for getting risk management wrong, companies need to enhance their risk maturity levels.
  • For diverse organisations, different risk profiles for different areas can make assessing risk profiles across the enterprise difficult.
  • Governance, risk and compliance software is aiding business in uplifting their risk culture and keeping them on the right side of expectations and regulation.

Whats your organisations risk profile?

Is it the same in legal as it is in IT? What about in sales or finance? In large organisations, these profiles can be quite diverse, making it hard for leadership to get a good grip on where the business sits holistically when it comes to compliance and risk.

Thats a problem. Governance, risk and compliance arent matters of ticking boxes or pacifying regulators, theyre fundamental to how an organisation works, its culture, decision-making, customer experiences and ultimately, its success. Without visibility across the business, it can be easy to get off track, be misinterpreted or misunderstood, and potentially, cause a great deal of damage to your customers or brand. But there are technology solutions to help with this difficult but important task.

GRC software and platforms allow executives and boards to see where they stand when it comes to risk, evaluate whats effective and what isnt, and ensure that down the road they face happy, satisfied customers, not financial penalties, resignations and PR disasters.

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Governance Risk And Compliance Software Solutions

To effectively manage operations and make sure your organization is meeting compliance and risk standards, you use GRC software tools. Reliable Governance, Risk, and Compliance tools will assist in identifying risks. Ideally, GRC solutions will include operational risk, policy and compliance, IT governance, and internal auditing.

Effective Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions will allow the following features:

  • Content and document management to assist organizations in creating, tracking and storing content.
  • Risk management and analytics for data that measures, quantifies, and predicts risk.
  • Workflow management to help companies establish, execute, and monitor GRC-related workflows
  • Audit management to simplify the internal audits process.
  • An integrated dashboard where key performance measurables relevant to business processes and objectives can be visualized in real time.

The best GRC tools effectively help assess whether the correct have been deployed, are working correctly, and continuously improve risk assessment and mitigation.

A few benefits of SaaS GRC software?

Were here to help with GRC

Want to talk to one of our experts about how Mitratechs products can help you with Governance, Risk, and Compliance?

Overview Of The Concepts

Software AG Governance, Risk and Compliance GRC Solution How It Works

Organizations face increasing complexity and change in regulatory environments, calling for a more structured approach for managing Governance, Risk, and Compliance .

The Governance, Risk, and Compliance Competency is focused on helping an organization reduce risk and improve compliance effectiveness by implementing a framework for compliance and risk management.

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Governance Risk & Compliance Features And Capabilities

  • Policy management
  • Document and information management, including version control, audit trail and archiving
  • Training record manager
  • Incident management, including root cause analysis and corrective action tools
  • Third party/supplier risk management
  • Ongoing monitoring of business processes
  • Reporting tools

What Is Grc Compliance

GRC compliance involves aligning organizational activities with the laws and regulations that impact them. These regulations could be legal mandates, like privacy or environmental laws, or voluntarily established company policies and procedures.

For example, a compliance officer at a software company might work to ensure that their systems abide by regulations like GDPR. In contrast, an environmental inspector might search a construction site for environmental code violations and take the necessary steps to address them.

GRC frameworks encourage organizations to centralize compliance monitoring and stay on top of any laws or regulations that could affect their processes. Breaking compliance could result in devastating financial, legal and reputational consequences. These could include fines, time and money spent in court, and a tarnished reputation.

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Standardize And Automate Ea Outputs

Leverage out-of-the-box support for frameworks and templates to automate & and govern EA outputs

  • Manage models and documents in a governed, central repository
  • Connect and integrates with exiting data sources
Standards we support

Orbus Software has supported us for a decade, offering outstanding customer service alongside an incredibly flexible and durable Enterprise Architecture tool. With the recent implementation of the SPM reports we have seen an increase in the understanding of how Enterprise Architecture adds value to the wider business

Keep Track Of Grc Progress

Grc Software Governance Risk And Compliance

No GRC product or implementation roadmap is flawless, especially at the start. Organizations must continuously monitor the progress of their GRC implementation to evaluate performance based on metrics they specify. They should regularly assess risks, reevaluate existing controls, and update their policies to keep up with changing regulations and industry standards.

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Top Grc Tools & Software

The GRC software market is large, and a wide variety of tools are available. Different feature sets, price points and interoperability capabilities mean organizations should choose their solution carefully.

These are six of the most popular GRC tools, the features they offer, and the organizations they will benefit the most.

Servicenow Governance Risk And Compliance

ServiceNows GRC software allows for more efficacious communication of data through the use of chat, portals, and mobile apps. ServiceNow features intuitive reporting and analytics features that also enable businesses to track and measure any metrics based on their specific needs. Users can further benefit from real-time monitoring, automation, and analysis to facilitate accelerated responses.

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Whats Driving Interest In Grc

Todays risk landscape is more crowded, uncertain, and interconnected than ever. One risk say a health and safety issue can spill over to supply chain, business continuity, business relationships, IT security, workforce productivity, and more. At the same time, multiple forces are reshaping the risk terrain, including:

  • Rising pace and scope of regulatory complianceVirtually every organization in every industry is facing an ever-growing and ever-changing number of regulations with which they must comply.
  • Accelerating digitization of risk managementThe internet of things, third parties, blockchain every new point of access adds vulnerability and increases risk exponentially.
  • Growing importance of risk management in corporate strategyRisk management is increasingly viewed not just as a tactical function, but as a valuable part of corporate strategy.
  • Evolving sophistication of analyticsBetter analytics are delivering new levels of insight for data-driven decisions.

The influence of social media, constant threats of cyberattacks, and demands for greater transparency also are amping up the pressure on executives and boards to make wise decisions about risk at an accelerated pace with little room for error. Senior leaders, in turn, are relying on an increasing number of stakeholders from all corners of the organization to identify, manage, and reduce risk.

How To Do Grc The Right Way

What Is Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)?

Effective GRC establishes the processes and systems that enable risk-aware decisions at every level. Its about giving all stakeholders access to the same high-quality, real-time data so they can share knowledge and collaborate on actions. A stand-out GRC approach:

  • Defines a common vocabulary for all disciplines.
  • Establishes one source of truth.
  • Standardizes processes, practices, and policies.
  • Facilitates communication and collaboration.

While heavily regulated industries like finance, energy, or healthcare are most in need of an integrated GRC solution, any organization large or small, public or private can benefit.

When GRC is done right, every part of the organization is aligned around the right objectives, actions, and controls to drive organizational success. Risk is no longer something to be feared, avoided, or minimized. Risk becomes a tool to create strategic value and elevate performance.

Learn more about Charting a Course for Enterprise Risk Management.

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What Drives Grc Implementation

Companies of all sizes face challenges that can endanger revenue, reputation, and customer and stakeholder interest. Some of these challenges include the following:

  • Internet connectivity introducing cyber risks that might compromise data storage security
  • Businesses needing to comply with new or updated regulatory requirements
  • Companies needing data privacy and protection
  • Companies facing more uncertainties in the modern business landscape
  • Risk management costs increasing at an unprecedented rate
  • Complex third-party business relationships increasing risk

What Are The Challenges Of Grc

Here are main difficulties organizations can encounter when employing a GRC strategy:

  • Ineffective GRC implementation can make data silos worseintegration and cross-enterprise coordination is an essential part of a successful GRC strategy. If an organization doesnt have a comprehensive framework, its departments could work towards their individual aims without consideration of the whole. The GRC strategy should provide a unified view into data insights, permitting organizations to make well-informed decisions.
  • Manual processes can cause wasted time and human errorsome GRC processes are manual. A lack of automation can lead to inefficiencies, human error, and difficulty locating required documentation. Manual processes can also limit the organizations visibility into data monitoring and collection.
  • An organizations work culture can be a barrierafter an organization defines a GRC framework, there is a need to constantly update and maintain the framework. Mitigating risk and staying compliant is an ongoing task that demands effort from all stakeholders. It is critical to ensure the organization is committed and supports the GRC strategy.
  • The cloud changes everythingorganizations are readily adopting cloud computing, resulting in major changes to organizational structures, networks, attack surfaces, and access control systems. GRC must adapt to this new paradigm.

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What Is Governance Risk And Compliance

Organizations employ a governance, risk, and compliance strategy to handle interdependencies between corporate governance policies, regulatory compliance, and enterprise risk management programs.

GRC strategies aim to help organizations better coordinate processes, technologies, and people and ensure they act ethically. A well-coordinated GRC program can address many of the challenges of the traditional, siloed approach to risk and compliance: these include miscommunications, interdepartmental tension, and inefficiencies.

GRC offers advantages for organizations of any size. However, it is especially valuable for large enterprises aiming to effectively implement cross-organizational governance, risk, and compliance programs.

In this article:

  • What Are the Challenges of GRC?
  • What Is the GRC Capability Model?
  • GRC Implementation Roadmap
  • Choose the Right GRC Technology
  • Prepare Software for Integration
  • Keep Track of GRC Progress
  • GRC Software and Tools
  • Here is an outline of the three core concepts of GRC:

    How Are You Going To Support Your Grc Platform

    Software for Governance, Risk and Compliance Management

    A GRC platform should integrate with your organizations pre-existing processes. As such, youll need to consider how you will support the platform: Will you need an infrastructure team of GRC experts to manage the platform? Will you need to train staff on using the platform? Knowing what is necessary to support each potential GRC platform is critical to success.

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    Turning Toward Grc Technology

    The right GRC software solutions will empower you to tackle these challenges with much greater efficiency and centralized control, replacing outmoded manual processes .

    Best-of-breed GRC products are Cloud-based, and provide automation of a wide range of processes, content, and forms. This streamlining isnt just convenient for GRC officers and administrators, but for employees and other users, too, helping compliance become more accessible and pervasive.

    Effective GRC shouldnt rely on technology alone, though. It also demands implementing a strategy for the entire organization that considers the processes, roles, and people involved.

    Features Of Grc Software

    Most of the vendors listed above were recognized by Gartner in its 2021 Magic Quadrant for IT risk management as well as Forrester in its Q3 2021 GRC Wave. What helps these platforms gain recognition? According to Forrester, a GRC solution should have the breadth and depth to support a wide range of GRC use cases, capabilities to align GRC efforts across multiple business functions, and advanced risk analysis. Most GRC programs employ some combination of features in the following areas to accomplish these goals:

    • Risk and control management

    With so many GRC solutions on the market today, it can seem like a challenge to know where to begin. Thankfully, there are a few discerning factors that can separate the solution that will be best for you from the crowd.

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    Common Features Of Grc Software

    The table below lists common features you need to look out for when buying GRC software solutions.

    Prepare, store, and archive audit reports, risk assessments, compliance reports, and attestations.
    Notifications Alert administrators or other authorized persons about elevated risks, compliance breaches, or any unusual activity through messages or emails.

    Choose The Right Grc Technology

    PwC Performance Governance, Risk and Compliance

    Finding the right GRC software can be time-consuming and expensive, but it is key to managing risk and implementing strong GRC. First, the organization should identify which technologies can improve its existing business model and how. Organizations should identify the tasks they can automate and any security or compliance gaps they need to address.

    Ideally, there should be a single solution for all the companys GRC requirements to avoid the complexity of managing different technologies with different data formats.

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