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Agenda Management Software For Government

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Bundles Crafted With Government In Mind

Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program at CDC

A simple way to choose the package that is right for you, eScribes expertly crafted bundles address many common requirements and offer great savings. Created after consulting hundreds of organizations, these combine our most popular modules with the option to add on any additional features now or in the future.

Meet Public Records Responsibilities & Improve Constituent Service

With a repository that is accessible to the whole organization, OnBase does more than support your legislative process it simplifies your public records tasks with record storage and retrieval, request automation and tracking. Along with self-service access to documents, OnBase cuts the number of over-the-counter requests while making these requests more convenient for constituents.

Stay Ahead Of Local Policy Change

Mitigate Risk

Policy change at the local government level can skyrocket your cost of doing business and disrupt your operations. Discover proposals, ordinances, and regulatory changes that threaten your operations while theres still time to take action.

Spot Opportunities

Shape the business environment with proactive local advocacy. With automated alerts, youll be the first to know about opportunities to weigh in on proposed regulations, invitations to bid on projects, and calls for public input.

Stay Informed About Local Policy Issues

Stay informed about the local policy issues most important to your organization. With daily reports and a customized, searchable dashboard, you can monitor changing regional attitudes from every city, country, and school district in your service area.

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The Ultimate In Accessibility

Browser-based and accessible from any device, stakeholders can access, create and update from one simple platform.

Upload meeting agendas, minutes, and video content from one central location and seamlessly edit and update to execute at speed.

  • Eliminate time consuming tasks for staff members and email approval process

  • Create templated agenda formats to be used across specific meetings and view past, current and future content

  • Provide transparency and open communication by allowing members of the public to view and download agendas and minutes,

Manage Agenda Items From Beginning To End And Track Them Throughout The Entire Journey

Agenda Management Software for Government l govMeetings by Granicus

Agenda and Packet Generation

  • Customized templates you can update yourself while retaining their existing look and feel.
  • Customized forms and workflows for agenda item submission and approval.


  • Strong Microsoft Word integration: upload images and tables, track changes, and collaborate in real time.
  • Laserfiche, Zoom, YouTube, Office365 SSO, and Google SSO integrations.

Public Meeting Portal

  • Multilingual translation options for increased accessibility.
  • Upcoming meeting detail and documents.
  • Access to item associated documents from the published HTML agenda.
  • Historical meeting record.

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Make Your Meeting Agenda Mobile

Unless your council members think lugging around agenda packets counts as a workout, theyd probably prefer a lighter, more compact method of viewing agenda items. Digitizing agenda packets is the first step toward that goal accessing those digital documents on a tablet is the second step.

A mobile application for digital document management can include useful features for council members, including page annotations, sticky notes and quick navigation between pages. Multiple people can also access agenda items simultaneously on their respective devices, streamlining council meetings.

Allow Online Access To Agenda Items

Municipalities can better serve their tech savvy residents by posting city council meeting minutes and related documents online. Providing this information through a web-based portalusually accessible through the municipalitys websiteeases the burden of searching for paper documents, increases resident self-sufficiency and improves residents confidence in government transparency. Not to mention all the happy trees you save by going green.

Bob Ross would be so proud of you.

The City of Saco, ME, summed up the benefits of an online portal in four simple words: online, not in line. We had a vision of public documents available 24/7 without ever having to wait in line again, says City Administrator Rick Michaud. The city implemented document management software and built an online portal called FindADoc to help its residents find information and enable city staff to be more productive.

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Infocouncil Electronic Agendas And Minutes For Local Government

Please note: This domain is primarily for hosting published business papers for a number of our clients. The main Infocouncil website can be found here.

Some business processes are made for computers. They gain so much from automation that you wonder how you ever managed before. The creation of agendas and minutes is like this. High in volume, repetitious and labour intensive, it virtually begs for automation. And that’s where Infosphere comes in. We have made it our mission to develop and market a feature-rich, stable and economical package for managing agendas and minutes. Infocouncil is the result of our efforts. Infocouncil came about when a popular business paper system succumbed to the millennium bug in the year 2000. We came across a group of councils struggling to replace thissystem. We saw:

  • That this was an area of the market not served well by the software industry
  • That it was a perfect complement to our core skills
  • That it was a good fit with a company of our size

So we set about developing a package to solve this problem. Infocouncil is an automated, office productivity tool for the creation, publication and storage of Local Government agendas and minutes. Having been in development since mid 2000, Infocouncil has gained widespread acceptance and is being used by a significant number of councils, from small to large, in both metropolitan and regional areas.

A Note for our New Zealand Readers

What Type Of Technology Helps With Agenda Management

2022 Local Government Grant Program webinar

As local government professionals look to improve the quality of their services and better meet the needs of the community, technology is a key ingredient that has become a necessity for agenda management and all other aspects of local government operations. Paper-based processes for agenda management not only waste time and resources, but also make it harder for local governments to comply with open meetings requirements and provide needed information to the public online and in a timely manner. Without an automated system to streamline the agenda management process, from the creation and publishing of agenda packets to the tracking of upcoming items, local governments will struggle to fulfill the publics expectations and will likely spend more money on hiring additional staff spend that could be allocated much more effectively for both the short and long term.

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What Is Agenda Management For Local Governments

Agenda management for local governments involves the process of effectively structuring, organizing and distributing the meeting agenda so that all council members and the public are informed and up-to-date on key areas of the municipal meeting. Todays local governments must manage their meeting agendas wisely in order to have productive, transparent meetings. A board meeting agenda for a municipal meeting is intended to do much more than simply list the topics to be covered, though. It identifies the action to be taken on each point, highlighting where it is in its life cycle. It also directs readers to relevant documents and past actions, as well as announces time limits so that meetings stay on track and dont run over time.

Meeting Management For Governments

From agenda day through to reporting, eScribes end-to-end meeting management solution is built for the unique needs of the public sector. Built with compliance in mind, the platform has the tools to enable workflows that improve efficiency, accessibility, and transparency before, during and after your meetings.

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Our Approach & Mission

At our core, we make local governments more transparent. The best way to achieve this is to monitor local government agendas for specific issues with regularity and accuracy.

  • There are too many municipal websites to manually monitor.
  • Data curation is tedious and doesnt inspire action.
  • Relying on the media, your colleagues, or peers results in learning about issues when its too late.

Thats why we created Agenda Discovery. Weve automated the search process by creating a customized government tracking tool. Our software sends relevant alerts straight to your Inbox via customized keyword monitoring. Staying on top of the issues that impact your life and business has never been easier.

Running A Local Government Is Complex Were Here To Make It Simpler Easier And More Organized

Agenda Management Software for Government l govMeetings by Granicus

At iCompass we believe that finding the right solution, setting it up and using it to improve your workplace shouldnt be so much work. Our friendly customer success team is one of the best in the industry with expert, in-person service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. No matter where you are or what you need our help with, were here.


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Drive Good Governance With A Modern Approach

Smart, easy software designed for local govs of any size its that simple!

  • Access up-to-date agendas, minutes, records and meeting recordings in real-time across devices increasing transparency
  • Create and publish agendas and minutes online for better collaboration with staff and council to promote better decisions
  • Manage your boards, commissions and committees seamlessly, making it easier to focus on key community issues

Governance And Meeting Management Thats Paperless Secure And Straightforward

Organise more effective and efficient meetings with Modern.Gov, the cost-effective and transparent decision management solution for meeting organisers, committee members and the public.

We designed the software to empower meeting organisers. Save hours by compiling meeting packs within minutes. Reduce paper usage and printing costs. Quickly publish last-minute changes to agendas, without reprinting documentation.

The Modern.Gov cloud app for paperless meetings provides 24/7 secure access for committee or board members to view and annotate the latest documents. They can easily download agendas, reports, decisions and meeting minutes. And information is available offline too, giving you access to everything you need when you need it.

Saves time and money organising meetings

Ensures transparency and good governance

Supports paperless working, reducing environmental impact

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Meet Public Records Responsibilities And Improve Constituent Service

With a repository that is accessible to the whole agency, Hyland solutions can do more than support government agenda management. Simplify your public records tasks with a single solution for record storage, retrieval, request automation and tracking. And, with tools to support self-service access to documents, our solutions cut down on the burden of over-the-counter requests while making requests more convenient for constituents.

Store And Share Tiff Files

Disaster Recovery Program changes

File format must always be taken into consideration when working in a digital environment. TIFF, or tagged image file format, is a widely preferred format for two reasons: TIFF files can be read on nearly any computer and they can also be protected against unauthorized editing. These two characteristics ensure that TIFF files can be shared easily without compromising their integrity.

From an investment perspective, TIFF makes sense for organizations because it is an open file format, and therefore not vendor-specific. Catherine Fair, Director of Energy Assistance Programs at a Minnesota-based nonprofit, explains why TIFF made sense for her organization:

Vendor lock-in is a big concern for the IT department. If you choose a file format thats controlled by a single vendor, you invite a lot of unnecessary risk from both an IT and an information governance perspective.

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What Our Customers Say

  • As both a Management Coordinator and Office 365 superuser, I see how Decisions helps our executive teams have more successful meetings, while boosting use of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Planner. Were able to maximize our technology investments for the better of the company.

    Circle KManagement Coordinator

  • Our management meetings have gained a whole new dynamic and the effectiveness of these meetings have increased dramatically. It’s now fun and inspiring to have our management team meetings. We plan to roll out Decisions in all parts of the company and to our project teams.

    Backe ConstructionChief Executive Officer

  • The tool is working better and better for me. It saves me a tremendous amount of time when organizing project meetings and following up tasks and decisions for my large engineering project team.

    RenaultProgram Manager

  • Our team members are better prepared for meetings, which has increased productivity. Most importantly, Decisions makes it so much easier to follow-up on action items after the meeting. This leads to a more efficient execution of our goals.

    Experis Manpower GroupDirector of Operations

  • Decisions is the tool that brings all of these pieces of the business together for us. The company listens to and sometimes anticipates our need, like with the new time-keeping feature!

    Calgary Food BankPresident and CEO

  • Like it? I LOVE it.”

    TIME – We have the gift of time back that was forever lost to admin/notes typing.

    Institute of Technology Lecturer

Ways To Supercharge Agenda Management

  • Blog
  • 5 Ways to Supercharge Agenda
  • No matter how many meeting cycles you go through, a manual, paper-based agenda management process never seems to get easier. Last minute changes translate to hours of work for overburdened clerks, plus money wasted on reprinting massive packets of paper.

    Want to know what you can do to supercharge this process? Read on for five paperless ways to assemble, distribute and publish meeting agendas.

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    How Does Agenda Management Reduce Workloads

    Agenda management also plays a major role in reducing clerks workloads. Clerks are some of the busiest people in the local government realm, overseeing various administrative processes that are critical to the daily operations of a municipality. Without the work of city clerks, local government meetings would have no structure and ultimately accomplish little. When clerks apply strong agenda management practices, they are able to cut back on their own workloads by eliminating inefficiencies that regularly slow things down. As the agenda is essentially a written plan for a meeting, it is wise for clerks to leverage agenda management as a way to hone the focus of a meeting and ensure that council members stay on track.

    A lighter workload for clerks means more time devoted to serving effectively as the liaison between the public and the council. Proper agenda management allows city clerks to structure meeting agendas to drive efficiency, which in turn supports the overall success of the municipality.

    An Agenda Management System Helps Your Process From Start To Finish

    Program Management

    Governments often face slow, manual, and challenging agenda management processes. Manual processes inevitably lead to problems like missed deadlines and agenda points. All around paper slows down processes considerably. Agenda management software speeds up the entire process. When your information and documents are in a single electronic location, government can operate more efficiently. Throw out the labor-intensive processes of meeting activities and make them digital with automation. Manage your agenda, minutes, video, voting, and records on one digital and automated platform. And, without paper!

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    Creating Efficiency With Customer Service

    Manual processes for creating agenda packets take hours from a clerks normal workday. Paper processes cost local governments too much in material and labor costs. Agenda management software cuts down drastically on the costs of creating and distributing agenda packets.

    Something that is also important to consider is that agenda software quickly and easily adapts to last-minute changes without having to rework the agenda from scratch. Council members and other attendees will be elated to see that agenda updates occur in real time, so they can always access the latest changes.

    Formatting for agendas can be difficult with some traditional word processing programs. Agenda management software by iCompass pre-formats agendas. Clerks can easily type in new headings or agenda items. Whats even easier is the drag-and-drop technology that lets them pull in or remove agenda items from the previous board meeting. Other agenda software programs arent properly set up for the needs of local governments. With iCompass agenda management software, agenda preparation can be reduced from hours to minutes.

    When the meeting is over, clerks can easily transfer the agenda information to the meeting minutes platform and finalize the minutes in record time.

    Work Less With Workflow

    Replacing paper documents with electronic ones saves physical space and reduces printing costs, but without an organized approach to managing those electronic documents, you dont save much time on everyday processes. Business process automation routes documents from person to person, sends notification emails and files documents in appropriate folderswith minimal human effort and maximum time savings.

    The City of Thousand Oaks, CA, automated its entire agenda management process with business process automation software. Agenda item submitters and reviewers enjoy a much easier process now that hardcopy documents dont have to be edited, approved and compiled together. And because the software tracks where every document is in the review process, managers can monitor the progress of agenda items and the productivity of their employees.

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    How Does Excellent Customer Service Impact Clerks In Preparing Agendas

    Municipal clerks have many bases to cover when preparing for a council meeting. Many things can go wrong along the way, which is why industry-leading customer service is so important.

    Once the agenda packets are complete and ready to distribute, clerks turn them into large electronic files and send them out electronically. If a council member doesnt get the packet, cant open it or it isnt in the right format, they wont have materials ready for the meeting. With iCompass agenda management software, the clerk would only have to call customer service to identify where things went wrong and get the correct meeting dockets into the council members hands before the meeting. Without iCompasss excellent support, clerks would be back to the labor-intensive copying and printing process.

    Council members usually have lots of attachments in their agenda packets. They usually need to review reports, committee reports, data and documents from citizens. If all of the documents dont attach, or they dont come through in a readable form, the clerk will be the first to respond. When contacting customer service, the clerk wants assurance that the customer service representative understands the importance of fixing the situation right away and whats at stake if they cant get the documents to the council members in time.

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