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Get A Free Government Cell Phone

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How Do I Apply And Prove My Household Income To The Government

Get a free government smartphone in 2020 | QLink | How to get a free government phone ( revised)

Youll need to submit pay stubs, a W-2 form, or a letter from the government agency that you’re enrolled in to prove your household income. The process of applying for free cell phone service is thankfully pretty easyyou can just go to the website of a cell phone company that participates in the program.

For example, if you wanted to check out Assurance Wireless, theres a big Apply Now button front and center. Just follow the instructions and you should find out if you qualify for a cell phone and cell phone plan fairly quickly.

How To Take Advantage Of The Lifeline Assistance Program Now

The Federal Communication Commissions long-running program, Lifeline Assistance, California lifeline cell phone providers, was designed to provide all American citizens with equal access to best lifeline phone service and free phones without having to buy a cell phone without a plan / free phones no contract.

The Lifeline phone program was specifically created to cover low-income individuals and families who otherwise wouldnt be able to afford a phone service and free phone plans, or even a cell phone device.

With the help of the program, you will get a low income phone plan to use. The program allows individuals to get a free phone with new service, which means they can use wireless service or internet service for $9.25/month.

Some of the top phone providers that are a part of this program are:

  • Safelink Wireless

Unfortunately, Boost Mobile lifeline is not available at this time.

How To Maintain Lifeline Benefits

In order to continue to receive benefits for Lifeline, you must periodically reaffirm your eligibility for the program. Qualifications that you must meet include:

  • Income.
  • One discounted service per household.
  • Renewal requirements as necessary.

To remain eligible for Lifeline, you must continue to meet income-based requirements. At each renewal period, you will need to provide documentation that provides proof of income or proof of enrollment in a qualifying federal or state program. If you are unable to provide documentation to support your renewal application or if you do not reaffirm your eligibility, you will no longer receive Lifeline discounts and benefits.

In addition to the income and renewal based eligibility requirements, it is essential that you ensure that your household is only receiving one discounted service. Lifeline offers monthly discounts on the cost of a cellular phone or broadband internet service. You are not permitted to receive discounts for both of these services.

Furthermore, everyone living within your home is considered to be of the same household in most cases. Therefore, if you are receiving a discount on your cell phone plan, no one else within your household may receive a discount from Lifeline. If your household is found to be in violation of this rule, your discount will be revoked immediately and you could potentially face civil penalties.

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Do You Qualify For Free Government Lifeline Smartphones

Our country has come along to start implementing a vast number of reliefs to lacking sufficient money people. Unfortunately, due to economic fluctuations and other factors, millions of Americans live below the poverty line or just on the edge of it. To lessen the burden, these people already care the federal authorities have defined two ways for a free government phone qualification.

First and foremost, there is an income-based qualification for free government smartphones& cell phones. Every year the federal authorities define a specific amount of earnings per household classified as a poverty level. When a person or several people living together manage to get less cash within a year than this number, they are considered to live in poverty and may apply for free smartphones or cell phones.

A second way to get a device with a plan for nothing is to be program-eligible for free government phones & services. You need to be enrolled in some state or federal aid programs and have proof of the fact. There is an article on our site covering the general guidelines regarding eligibility issues.

Free Government Smartphones and Cell Phones in All States

Though most free government smartphone and cell phone providers operate in like manner, none is available for enrollment in all American regions. For instance, California has almost a dozen Lifeline service companies, in contrast to Wyoming, which has only two so far.

From Whom To Get a Free Government Phone?

Do All Free Cell Phone Service Plans Maintain Good Standard

How to Get Free Government Phones

It depends on the customers that what they define as a minimum standard because each customers needs are different. Even Lifeline free phone services plan has all the features which can be fulfilled all the needs of the common users. Like, they provide the best package of calls, text messages, and data. And all these are comfortable according to the average users need.

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How Do I Apply For Lifeline

Apply for Lifeline through the Lifeline National Verifier. You can apply online or mail in a paper form.

You can get approved for Lifeline faster if you include documents that prove you qualify when you apply.

  • You can use documents that show you get benefits like SNAP, MassHealth, or SSI. These documents must have:
  • Your name or the name of the person who qualifies for the benefit,
  • The name of the program that makes you eligible for Lifeline,
  • The name of the agency that issued the document, and
  • A date that is within the past 12 months or that shows when your benefits end.
  • You can also use documents that show your income is 135% of the federal poverty level or less, like:
  • An Unemployment Benefits statement,
  • A Social Security benefits statement,
  • A paycheck stub, or
  • Another document that shows your income.
  • If the National Verifier does not show that you qualify with the information you upload, you may need to give Lifeline other documents.

    Do not give a copy of your Social Security Number card or your full SSN to a Lifeline sales representative. You only have to give the last 4 numbers of your SSN. Lifeline workers can only ask for your Social Security card if there is an error verifying your identity.

    If you have questions about how to apply, call The Department of Telecommunications and Cable Consumer Hotline: 1-800-392-6066.

    How The Lifeline Assistance Program Works

    Every qualifying person will get a free government cell phone or smartphone with free talk-time, data, text messages, and hot spot data. Nevertheless, the offer varies depending on the company and your state. Therefore, youll want to find a phone provider with the best benefits. It is also advisable to look for a Link-Up operator with an excellent customer service record. Like regular cell phone companies, Lifeline wireless services have varying levels of customer support, playing a significant role in a customers overall experience.

    The Universal Service Fund finances the program so that you dont have to worry about making payments once you qualify. You are likely to be eligible if you receive government help or participate in one of the government poverty initiatives. Interested citizens can receive a free government cell phone through the following steps:

  • Find a participating Lifeline Assistance wireless company in your state.
  • Complete the providers application form on the internet or via mail
  • Attach your proof of identity
  • Provide evidence of your income through payroll stubs o submit an endorsement letter from a government agency.
  • Wait for the company to approve your application.
  • Receive your free government mobile phone via mail
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    Where To Get A Free Government Cell Phone

    If you would like to receive a free government phone, it is important to be aware that only certain service providers have partnered with Lifeline. Therefore, a free government cell phone cannot be obtained from just any cable, phone or internet company. It is important to take your time researching companies before signing up for a service that promises to offer free phones that it may not actually provide.

    If you wonder, Where can I get free government phones near me? the best place to start is with the USAC. By entering simple information such as your ZIP code, city or state on the USAC website, you can access a list of service providers that offer the assistance you are looking for.

    When looking for the best free government cell phone, some service providers are naturally more well-known than others. For example, SafeLink wireless is one of the most recognizable names in the industry when it comes to Lifeline providers. You may also find that smaller service providers work with large national networks, such as Verizon. With that in mind, certain providers may allow you to obtain a Verizon wireless free government phone that works on the Verizon network.

    As with any type of service, be aware that free government phone locations and availability will vary based on where you live. For example, rural areas may have fewer service providers than in large metropolitan areas.

    Get A Tablet For $1001

    Free Government Cell Phones Guide

    Heres that valuable tip: Now for a limited time, get an 8 tablet for just $10.01 when you qualify and sign up for the Emergency Broadband Benefit program! Once youre approved for the program, well send you a separate email to unlock your one-time discount on a brand new tablet. Apply here to get started!

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    Do Free Cell Phone Providers Provide Customer Support To Users

    This depends on the providers and how they behave with their customers and which type of service they provide them. Every provider has a different attitude towards their customers. However, most of the Lifeline providers are known for offering their reliable, responsive, and competent customer support services to their customers. So, if you are a Free Cell Phone user and get it from the Lifeline provider then you will get the best services from them.

    What To Do If You Are Not Eligible For Low Income Free Cell Phone

    As you are low-income and looking for a free cell phone, but you did not match with the requirements that the Lifeline program needs and did not eligible for the low-income free cell phone then no worry. Because there are other ways also available to enter the program. If in your family someone else supported other government programs or a part of them, then on the base of them, you can apply for the Lifeline supported program. Do No worry now various other programs can be helpful for you to get a free cell phone from government.

    Alternatives to Low-Income Eligibility:

    There are various alternative programs are available by which you can enter the Lifeline Program. And those are:

    • Medicaid

    These are the alternatives that one can use to enter the Lifeline program and get a chance to have a free cell phone.

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    Look On Facebook Marketplace

    So Facebook Marketplace is another one of those websites where people can buy and sell stuff to people who live nearby. However, youll also find people on there whore giving away stuff for free, which can include phones.

    Like OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace has a section for free stuff. Have a browse of this free section, and you may be able to find someone near you whos giving away a phone for free!

    Ive seen lots of freebies near me on the platform, so you could too!

    Enjoy Your Free Phone

    How to Get a Free Government Cell Phone and Free Service

    There are so many ways to get a phone for free. Of course, you cant expect to get the latest version of Samsung Galaxy, iPhone or Google Pixel for free, but you can get a decent smartphone that can do all the basics youd need, like making calls, video chats, browsing the internet, shopping online, checking Facebook, etc.

    And, there are options that work for everyone. If youre on a low income or participate in a government assistance program, then you can give Assurance Wireless or SafeLink Wireless a try.

    If youre not on a low income or participating in a government assistance program, give one of the other options like Craigslist, OfferUp, or Freecycle a try.

    Or you could sell your old devices to a site like Buyback Boss and put the money you make towards a new phone.

    And, dont discount the mobile phone providers themselves. Lots of them like T-Mobile and Verizon have deals on where you can get a free phone, and usually its a good phone like a Samsung device, for example.

    Finally, consider making some extra money. That way, you can get the exact phone you want for free, or at least get some money off of it.

    So give these tips a try! Oh, and dont forget to check out my post on how to get a free phone charger.

    Do you have any tips on how to get free phones? Make sure you share them with us in the comments section below.

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    Free Government Cell Phones: Which Phones You Can Get

    The various carriers that participate in the Lifeline Assistance program do a pretty good job of giving their customers some great options in terms of cheap or free phones.

    Take Assurance: the carrier offers a host of smartphones like the Alcatel Dawn, Kyocrea Hydro Reach and ZTE Prestige 2. Or Truconnect: they sell the NUU A3 and ZTE Warp Elite N9518.


    Unfortunately some of these carriers aren’t very forthcoming with their phone lineups until after you go through the qualification process. However, doing so will help you determine what kind of stipend you’re working with for your free or cheap government phone.

    Free Government Smartphones With Free Minutes Texts & Data

    FreeGovernment Smartphones. It is fantastic that they are now a reality! The federal authorities have started a Lifeline support program to provide free cell phones to everyone who needs these essential devices. Today already, millions of our fellow citizens have obtained a cellular device at no cost through an eligible service provider and enjoy complimentary talk & minute plans. Enthusiasts have created this website to serve as an ultimate information source for all those thinking about getting one of the free government phones and everyone who has already enrolled and wishes to check out updates or news concerning the program.

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    Free Government Cell Phones: How To Apply For The Lifeline Assistance Program In Houston

    In this resource guide, I will show you how to get a free government phone in Houston.

    Maybe you heard of free government phones but never knew how to get one. Well, this article will provide you with 8 companies that provide these phones to individuals that qualify.

    If you receive government assistance like Medicaid or food stamps, then you may qualify for this free phone program in Houston.

    Times are tough, so if you could stand to save a little money by not paying a phone bill, continue reading and Ill tell you how to get a free Obama phone in Houston.

    What If I Dont Eligible For Life Through Government Assistance But I Am A Low Income Household

    Free Government Cell Phone Plans

    The basic need is to prove your low income to grant provider, the income must not be more than what has been predetermined by the state and federal poverty guideline. You must remember that when we say household income it consist with the income of all the household in a family, including dependent or non dependent. you can not exclude your dependent income from the list here. any income that a family make whether it is a gift, rent, interest, shares, dividends, allowances, grants, assistance, any taxable or non taxable income, every kind of income will be counted as household income. Special allowance such as assistance to students, assistances to veterans, assistance to single mothers, assistance to seniors, assistance to kids will not be calculated as a household income for low income family. You must follow some of the basic criteria while directly applying for Life line.

  • must be a united state of America citizen
  • Age must not be least to 18 years.
  • must have a valid united state of America address
  • PO BOX numbers are not needed for this assistance
  • Only one life line account can be created per family
  • one family can get only one life line free cell phone from one service provider
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    Does Lifeline Provide More Than Free Government Phones

    Qualifying for a program that offers free government phones is a great way to save money in an important area of your life. However, Lifeline does more than provide phones and other devices. Even if you do not receive a free government cell phone, you can enjoy the other benefits of Lifeline if you qualify for assistance.

    Lifelines main purpose is to help households afford their phone and internet bills by providing a monthly discount. As of December 2018, a household can receive $9.25 to help afford their phone bill and $9.25 to help pay for broadband internet. For families that live on tribal land, there is an additional $25 discount per household per month.

    To get a free government cell phone or sign up for any services through Lifeline, you will need to follow a few steps. Signing up for Lifeline requires that you:

  • Gather documentation that verifies your income and eligibility for Lifeline.
  • Find a company that has partnered with the USAC.
  • Ask the service provider for an application and fill in the necessary information.
  • Submit your application to the service provider.
  • If approved, you will get a Lifeline discount in addition to a free government phone if you signed up through an approved provider that offers this benefit.

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