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Government Help For New Small Business

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Grants Loans And Programs To Benefit Your Small Business

Small businesses remain concerned despite government assistance

When you know where to look, help for your small business is there for the taking.

There are many grant programs available to small businesses, depending on a variety of qualifying factors.

Times are tough for small business, but help is available, from both the governmentfederal, state or localand the private sector. It may be in the form of a grant, a loan or a leg up competing in a difficult business environment. Heres a breakdown to help you sort through whats available.

Access Finance Available To Support Small Businesses

Start up Loans of up to £25,000 can give you a much-needed boost if youre just starting out or looking to scale up. Or take a look at the British Business Banks Finance Hub for more finance options for smaller businesses.

If you are an entrepreneur or small business located in the North of England, the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund could provide the funding you need to help your business realise its potential.

Small Business Grants In England

The Local Enterprise Partnerships Network website lists the 38 regional Growth Hubs. Theyve been set up to provide business funding, support and guidance in their local areas.

They make it easier for business owners to find the support they need by bringing together all of the available national and local business support in one hub.

You can search for business support available in your local area on the LEP Network website.

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Canada’s Regional Development Agencies:

If you are a tourism operator or small- or medium- sized business or organization impacted by the sudden shifts in the economy and need pressing assistance, the RDAs could assist you with:

  • Access to federal funding to help you stay in business.
  • Advice and pathfinding to other available federal programs and services.

Small Business Training Grants

Government Assistance for Small Businesses Update

While not strictly a grant, the government does offer funding for training through the National Skills Fund. Eligible adults can access free Level 3 training courses, from horticulture and hospitality to business management and digital skills.

You could also look into free courses, for example in bookkeeping to help you run your business smoothly.

If youre a larger company, the Help to Grow scheme is government-funded and offers free training in management and digital skills.


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Small Enterprise Development Agency

Seda supports the growth of small business. People can go to Seda for help to start a business or, if they already have a business, to make it stronger and more profitable. There is a Seda branch in each district municipality. These branches offer:

  • information, advice and referrals
  • business assessments and business mentoring
  • technical support
  • business linkages

In addition to helping individuals in business, Seda has a special focus on co-operative enterprises, where a group of entrepreneurs share the profits and responsibility of a business.

Contact Seda: 012 441 1000Business Information Centre: 0860 103 703Website:

How to write a business plan

The first thing you need to do is state clearly and specifically what your business idea is. Very simply, you need to say what you intend doing, how you plan on doing it, when you plan to do it and why you believe you will succeed. In the process of doing that, you need to do some research into whether your idea and your plan will really work. Your business plan should cover four main areas:

Important advice:

  • Work out how big your market is .
  • Is the market growing or not?
  • List all the factors about your business that will bring you success .

Look carefully at your situation and make a list of the following:

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Do Your Research & Choose Which Government Loan Fits Your Need

Not all government loans are available for everyone. For example, the Bayanihan CARES 2 program prioritizes MSMEs hit by the pandemic, while the HEROES program is only available for OFWs. So, you should make sure to do your research and prepare accordingly.

When choosing a government loan, make sure that the loan amount, loan term, interest rate, and other pertinent details match your plan.

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Get Extra Help If Your Existing Business Fits These Categories:

Exporters – NZTE

  • Build overseas alliances and relationships
  • Access international distribution networks and new markets
  • Gain new skills and investment capital.

Exporters New Zealand Story

Mori businesses Te Puni Kkiri

Mori Business Facilitation Service growing Mori businesses:

  • Advisors to help you develop your business
  • Support to assist in the growth of established Mori business
  • Brokering to enhance access to other businesses, networks and agencies.

Mori businesses Ministry for Primary Industries

Programme to improve productivity of land owned by a collective.

Technology Callaghan Innovation

  • Access to experts and business collaborations.
  • Technology and product development support.
  • Programmes to build innovation skills.

I Want To Start My Own Business

Small Businesses Can Now Start Applying For Federal Government Help

Starting a small business is an exciting opportunity, but it is not easy. It requires good financial management practices such as sufficient capital, not using business funds for personal use, managing costs and anticipating rising costs. Statistics show that only one third of small businesses succeed through the first three years of operation but there is support available to you to maximise your chances of success.

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Can You Get A Small Business Loan With Bad Credit

As with personal loans, its possible to get a small business loan with bad creditscores as low as 580. However, youll have to demonstrate strong cash flow, and banks are more likely to require collateral to reduce the risk of lending. Small business borrowers with bad credit also qualify for less competitive rates and pay more in interest over the life of the loan. If you have a low credit scoreunder 580an alternative option like invoice factoring may be your best bet.

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Claim Your Approved Loan & Plan For Repayment

Once your loan is approved, follow the guidelines from the government institution on how to get your funds. Each institution has different modes of fund release. For example, Land Bank releases the loan amount in lump sum or staggered release through the borrowers bank account.

Lastly, if you did Step 1 correctly, you should have a plan on how to pay the loan on time. Make sure to follow through on your repayment plan and have a backup plan as necessary.

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No Federal Grants For Businesses

The federal government does not offer grants for starting or growing a business. It only provides grants for nonprofit and educational institutions. These organizations focus mainly on medicine, technology development, and other related fields. Find out more about federal grants.Some state and local programs offer business grants. They usually require you to match the funds. Or, they may expect you to combine the grant with other forms of financing, such as a loan.

Small Business Innovation Research Program

Government small business loans help put your own business within reach ...

This government grant is awarded to businesses making strides in technology innovation. Funds are provided for research and development with additional support being given for the commercialization of the technology or service created.

The grant began in 1982 as a part of the Small Business Innovation Development Act and has provided funding for a variety of companies in the defense, environment and healthcare industries. Funds are obtained from the Federal Research and Development Project. Any small business that is awarded this grant must complete the three phases of the program to receive the full grant award.

  • Phase I The budgetary allocation for this phase does not usually exceed $150,000. The Federal Research and Development team determines whether your project is truly viable.
  • Phase II The results of Phase I determine the funding requirements for this phase. Funding usually does not exceed $1,000,000 and is dispersed over a two- year period.
  • Phase III This is a non-funded phase where the product is commercialized. Other government agencies associated with the project may be the main consumers.

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Workplace Ppe Supplier Directory:

The Government of Ontario has launched the Workplace PPE Supplier Directory at, containing an up-to-date list of Ontario companies and business associations that are ready to supply Personal Protective Equipment .

Businesses are encouraged to access only the PPE they need to keep their employees and customers safe.

Grants Loans And Financial Assistance

Financial support to help the recovery of businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Program status: Open

Stay NSW helps support accommodation providers in NSW impacted by COVID-19.

NSW residents aged 18 and over can apply for 1 x $50 voucher to use towards the cost of accommodation bookings.

Eligible accommodation providers with a physical location in NSW can register to accept Stay NSW Vouchers.

Businesses registered for Stay NSW Vouchers can also accept Parents NSW Vouchers.

Stay NSW and Parents NSW vouchers are valid until 9 October 2022.

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Assistance For Small Businesses

The COVID-19 public health crisis and resulting economic crisis have created a variety of challenges for small, micro, and solo businesses in communities across the country. The Treasury Department is providing critical assistance to small businesses across the country, facilitating the urgent deployment of capital and support to help these organizations not just persevere, but recover on solid footing.

What Is A Small Business Grant

Coronavirus: what government help is there for small UK businesses?

A small business grant is essentially free money given to a small business owner to help them launch, develop or expand their organization. Grants, unlike a loan, do not have to be paid back, but they often come with restrictions on how the money can be spent.

Just because a grant is free money, doesnt mean it is easy to get. It takes a lot of time and preparation to apply for a grant, and they are highly competitive, so small businesses should only apply for grants they are eligible for.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners can seek a variety of grants, like private grants from corporations and government grants from federal, state, and local governments. Grants are also available for specific industries and demographics for example, if you are a minority business owner, there are several minority-owned business grants specifically geared toward you.

Key takeaway: Small business grants are free money given to small businesses by private corporations or federal, state, or local government.

Editors note: Looking for the right loan for your business? Fill out the below questionnaire to have our vendor partners contact you about your needs.

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Where To Find Business Grants

Below is a list of some of the most robust resources for finding grants that can aid your business:

  • is one of the top places to search for grants. The government site is filled with various grant and financing opportunities.
  • is the ultimate database for federal grants. You can search for grants by funding type, eligibility, category and agency. Be forewarned: Sorting through the database will require some effort, but the potential payoff is that you may find a grant opportunity that is perfect for your company.

In the wake of the coronavirus, there are resources, including federal and private funding sources, that are helping businesses cope with the drastic economic contraction that is affecting the world.

  • Economic Injury Disaster Loans are administered by the SBA and can provide businesses with working capital to pay employees, rent and other expenses.
  • In addition to government loans, companies like Verizon have created funds that provide grants to small businesses.

Small Business Grants In Scotland

If youre based in Scotland, you might be able to apply for a business grant from Scottish Enterprise.

A new funding model was introduced in 2021 thats designed to be simpler and more inclusive. It also aims to help create jobs and promote a greener economy.

The Scottish Enterprise website also has details on funding for businesses affected by coronavirus, as well as information on grants that are available from other organisations.

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Job Protected Leave & Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit

Nobody should have to choose between their job and their health.

Ontario has introduced job protected leave in the Employment Standards Act

The CRSB provides $500 per week for up to 26 weeks for workers who have stopped working or had their income reduced by at least 50% due to COVID-19, and who are not eligible for Employment Insurance .

  • Are unable to work for at least 50% of the week because they contracted COVID-19
  • Are self-isolated for reasons related to COVID-19
  • Have underlying conditions, are undergoing treatments or have contracted other sicknesses that, in the opinion of a medical practitioner, nurse practitioner, person in authority, government or public health authority, would make them more susceptible to COVID-19.

Temporary Rule Or Regulation Change:

Federal Government Help for Small Businesses

The Government of Ontario has launched a website inviting businesses to submit suggestions which could help them overcome the unique challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The province is prepared to allow temporary changes to provincial rules and regulations in order to remove any barriers that are hindering business and negatively impacting Ontarios supply chain. Businesses working to retool their operations to produce health-related products, or those that want to continue their operations in this new environment of physical distancing, can submit any potential roadblocks they are facing to the website.

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Whats The Difference Between A Small Business Grant And A Loan

A small business loan is money for your business youll have to pay back within an agreed timescale. This is different to a small business grant, which you wont be expected to pay back.

Some grants will be offered on the basis that you must also invest the equivalent amount in your business. For example, if youre given a £10,000 grant, youll need to have £10,000 to invest too.

Government Outlines Plans To Help Cut Energy Bills For Businesses

Support for households, businesses and public sector organisations facing rising energy bills has been unveiled.

21 September 2022
  • New government scheme will see energy prices for non-domestic energy customers such as businesses, charities and public sector organisations cut protecting them from rising energy costs
  • government work with suppliers will reduce wholesale energy costs and the significant rises in bills that businesses have seen
  • this support is in addition to the Energy Price Guarantee for households, with further measures today to strengthen support for families across the United Kingdom, including those in rentals or park homes

New support for households, businesses and public sector organisations facing rising energy bills in Great Britain and Northern Ireland has been unveiled by Business Secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg today supporting growth, preventing unnecessary insolvencies and protecting jobs.

Through a new government Energy Bill Relief Scheme, the government will provide a discount on wholesale gas and electricity prices for all non-domestic customers whose current gas and electricity prices have been significantly inflated in light of global energy prices. This support will be equivalent to the Energy Price Guarantee put in place for households.

As with the Energy Price Guarantee for households, customers do not need to take action or apply to the scheme to access the support. Support will automatically be applied to bills.

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How Hard Is It To Get A Small Business Loan

Getting a small business loan may prove more challenging than other financing options like business credit cards. Although qualification requirements vary by lender, most lenders typically look at the business owners personal credit score and the business annual revenue. Many lenders require a minimum personal credit score of 600 to 660 and annual revenue between $100,000 and $250,000.

We recommend confirming the qualification requirements with your preferred lender before applying.

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Conseil De Dveloppement Conomique De L’alberta

Local Small Businesses Waiting Government Help

Conseil de développement économique de l’Alberta offers support to Francophone entrepreneurs throughout the business life cycle, from start-up to succession. It provides help in establishing a business in Alberta, business model development, marketing and sales techniques, financial planning, training, networking activities and more.

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Who Is Eligible For Small Business Assistance

To be an eligible applicant, a business must be located in Prince Edward Island and:

  • be registered to do business in Prince Edward Island
  • actively operating on PEI and
  • is the primary source of income for the applicant or employs at least one employee .

Ineligible applicants include:

  • a business that has a defaulted outstanding debt obligation on file in the Provinces Central Default Registry
  • fishers, farmers, and realty companies and
  • banks and financial companies, including pawnbrokers, pay day loan, cheque cashing and white label cash machines.

Us Department Of Agriculture Grants

USDA grants focus on agricultural development in rural areas. Some of the government grants offered include:

  • Rural Economic Development Loan & Grant Program
  • Rural Energy for America Program Renewable Energy Systems & Energy Efficiency Improvement Guaranteed Loans & Grants
  • Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Program

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Lending Loop Small Business Financing:

Lending Loop hasimplemented a temporary hardship program for borrowers that are currently distressed as a result of impacts of COVID-19. This program will allow Lending Loop clients that meet certain criteria to make interest-only payments on their loans for a period of 3 months to accommodate this unexpected event

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