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Can I Apply For A Lifeline

T-Mobile offering free upgrades to 5G phones

Yes, you can still apply for the Lifeline free cell phone program even if you do not belong to a low-income household. Because generally, the criteria of eligibility to apply for free government phone is nearly the same for all the states but might be different according to the states lifeline providers. Hence it is always better if you check the first eligibility criteria or requirements of your state lifeline provider and then you can see if you have qualified or not get the free government phone service. And you also update the official website.

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Minimum Service Standards & Support Amounts

Date Voice Support Amount Broadband Support Amount
$5.25 $9.25

* Minimum service standards and support amounts will be implemented on the later of December 1, 2016 or 60 days after PRA approval.*** Fixed broadband providers that do not offer a product meeting the minimum service standards to a particular customers residence may receive the $9.25 benefit if that customer purchases a fixed broadband offering that meets or exceeds 4 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload.

West Virginia: Providers Of Cell Phones For The Poor

On one hand, West Virginia has weathered the Great Recession better than most states. On the other hand, the state faces problems other states dont.

The Mountain States coal industry faces greater competition from other regions and other countries. On top of that, it faces even stricter government regulations.

So for all the West Virginians who have already lost their jobs and for those who will soon lose their jobs, we want you to know theres help.

The Lifeline program can see to it that you get a free government cell phone and free monthly minutes to help you land an interview for a new job, to take care of emergencies, to stay in touch with your children and to reach your doctor.

Even better, there are a large number of major and minor Lifeline phone suppliers do business in West Virginia.

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Cheap Cell Phone Plans

If you dont quite qualify for the Lifeline Assistance program, there are tons of cheap cell phone plans as a backup. Here are some of the cheapest cell phone plans available right now.

Gen Mobile

Gen Mobile is a smaller wireless carrier that runs on Sprint’s network. Plans start at $6/month and top out at $25/month, with varying amounts of talk, text and data. The cheapest plan gets you 300 minutes of talk, unlimited text, and 1GB of data for $6 /month.

Magenta Max 55+ For Heavy Mobile Users

How to Get Free Government Phones

The Magenta MAX 55+ plan is the gold standard of T-Mobile’s Unlimited 55+ plans. It’s true, though, that this top-tier package isn’t cheap. The Magenta MAX will run you $65 per month for one line or $90 per month when you sign up for two lines . You’ll pay $45 per line if you want three or four lines on your plan. However, it’s loaded with features that will make sense if part of your routine is staying connected while away from home.

The Magenta MAX 55+ includes:

  • 40 GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot data
  • 5 GB of 4G data in Canada and Mexico
  • Gogo In-Flight: Unlimited texting and in-flight Wi-Fi
  • 4K UHD streaming
  • 2x data speed and texting while abroad
  • Free Netflix Basic for one-line plans
  • Free Netflix Standard with two or more lines
  • Name ID and voicemail to text feature

Did You Know? T-Mobile’s Magenta 55+ and Magenta MAX 55+ plans offer a free year of AAA membership!

The Magenta MAX 55+ is the best T-Mobile option for older adults who need to get the most out of their phones while they’re on the go. Faster data speeds means no waiting to send large files when you’re traveling. Unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi means you’re connected virtually wherever you are. And with a Magenta MAX 55+ plan, you’ll never see slower data speeds at peak times. Your data is truly unlimited.

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How Do I Apply And Prove My Household Income To The Government

Youll need to submit pay stubs, a W-2 form, or a letter from the government agency that you’re enrolled in to prove your household income. The process of applying for free cell phone service is thankfully pretty easyyou can just go to the website of a cell phone company that participates in the program.

For example, if you wanted to check out Assurance Wireless, theres a big Apply Now button front and center. Just follow the instructions and you should find out if you qualify for a cell phone and cell phone plan fairly quickly.

Check Whether You Are Eligible

The government program strictly follows eligibility requirements and it means that everyone cannot apply for the free government phone program. It is also identified that in the United States of America the percent of non-availing services are covered under their government assistance program. Therefore it is very important for you to check your eligibility requirements so that you can easily qualify for this program.

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Try Our Network For Free

Explore Americas largest 5G network.

Not available in all areas addresses ineligible for 5G may be eligible for 4G LTE or other fixed wireless options. Plus taxes and fees. Device included with new lines and 2-year agreement.

VideoCoverageNetwork Management:Device Included:Talk to a government expert.

You Are A Participant In An Eligible Lifeline Assistance Program

T-Mobile customer shares frustration over ‘free’ offer

T-Mobile customers that participate in Lifeline assistance programs can qualify for the ACP program. You do not need to apply again if you are already approved by the National Verifier to receive Lifeline benefits. Instead, you should contact T-Mobile customer care service to register for the subsidized phone plans. Lifeline participants must show proof that they are Lifeline assistance beneficiaries. An individual may also qualify through the Lifeline program if a household member is a Lifeline participant.

When applying for the ACP program, you should have documents that show your full legal name, enrollment into an eligible program, a future expiry date, and the name of the program. The issue date should be within the last 12 months. Some of the documents that you can use to show proof of Lifeline enrollment include:

  • Approval letter
  • WIC Special Supplemental Nutrition Program
  • Current award year Federal Pell Grant beneficiary
  • School Breakfast or Lunch Program

The Tribal assistance programs include:

  • Food Distribution on Indian Reservations
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • All eligible federal assistance programs

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Join More Than 2 Million Customers

‘One of my kids has juvenile diabetes and I have to be able call the ambulance if his sugar is out control. So thank you Q Link for being there to help me do that.’


‘With the help of my phone I was able to go back to school after 7 years and receive my high school diploma. Thank you so much Q Link.’


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‘If it wasnât for my Q-Link phone, I wouldnât have been able to call potential employers or receive call backs for interviews. Now, I have a full time job.’


‘I was able to use my Q Link service to find a job in my town where jobs are virtually non existent. I couldnât have done it without you Q Link! Thank you very much.’


‘When my grandson was born, it was hard to keep in touch. I didnât have a cell phone OR landline. Now, I can keep in touch anytime. Thank you QLINK!’


‘My Q Link phone has helped me a lot. I have many doctorâs appointments and calls I need to make. I donât know if I would be able to afford a regular bill.’


‘I live where there is not great cell reception, but my Q link phone seems to always have a signal. My sonâs doctors, teachers, and school can always reach me!’


‘My Q Link phone is helpful in many ways but the first success was getting a job! I was able to get a call back from an interview only because I had a Q Link phone.’


What Do I Need To Know About The Free Smartphone Promo

Starting October 15, 2021, for a limited time, well-qualified customers can get a FREE Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, T-Mobile REVVL V+ 5G, OnePlus Nord N200 5G, OnePlus Nord N10 5G, Motorola one 5G ace, Motorola moto g play, or Motorola moto g pure via 24 monthly bill credits OR get $300 off a T-Mobile REVVL 5G via 24 monthly bill credits when you purchase on a monthly payment plan and activate a new voice line on ANY plan. Starting January 28, 2022, the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G will be eligible for this promotion.

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Save Even More With Recommended Resources And Amazon Deals

Looking to save on additional items for you and your family? Check out our Recommended Resources page. For example, you can learn how to and use your EBT card.

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Did you know?

Discounted And Free Metro Plans

Q Link Wireless will provide you cellphone service with free monthly ...

Eligible households get up to $30 off our prepaid plans.

The Affordable Connectivity Program is a government program that reduces the customers broadband internet access service bill. One discount per eligible household and is non-transferable across households. Eligible consumers may obtain ACP service from any participating provider and may transfer their ACP benefit to another participating provider at any time. For details on the ACP program, visit Free: Limited-time offer subject to change. Free offer at Metro by T-Mobile stores only. Allow one billing cycle for monthly ACP discount after confirming eligibility through National Verifier and completing enrollment in ACP discount. Max 1/account. May not be combined with some offers or discounts.

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Us Mobile Unlimited Talk And Text Plan

The only way to bring your bill lower than $10 a month is to throw out your data plan altogether. If you know you don’t want to pay for any wireless data, the US Mobile Unlimited Talk and Text plan at $3 a month is your best bet. Bonus, US Mobile operates on both T-Mobile and Verizon networks, which offer excellent coverage.

How The Lifeline Assistance Program Works

Every qualifying person will get a free government cell phone or smartphone with free talk-time, data, text messages, and hot spot data. Nevertheless, the offer varies depending on the company and your state. Therefore, youll want to find a phone provider with the best benefits. It is also advisable to look for a Link-Up operator with an excellent customer service record. Like regular cell phone companies, Lifeline wireless services have varying levels of customer support, playing a significant role in a customers overall experience.

The Universal Service Fund finances the program so that you dont have to worry about making payments once you qualify. You are likely to be eligible if you receive government help or participate in one of the government poverty initiatives. Interested citizens can receive a free government cell phone through the following steps:

  • Find a participating Lifeline Assistance wireless company in your state.
  • Complete the providers application form on the internet or via mail
  • Attach your proof of identity
  • Provide evidence of your income through payroll stubs o submit an endorsement letter from a government agency.
  • Wait for the company to approve your application.
  • Receive your free government mobile phone via mail
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    Free Government Smartphones When You Upgrade

    Customers that sign up for theLifeline Assistance service will receive 250 minutes per month that they can use. Smartphones are not a part of the sign-up package. However, you can purchase one when you upgrade. If you need assistance when enrolling, Lifelines agents can help to set up services.

    There is also a list of cellular companies authorized to work with theprogram. They will also show you how to qualify and apply for the program, add extra minutes, and upgrade and compatible phones.

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    Why Should You Do This Anyway

    3 Month Free Trial of T-Mobile | T-Mobile How To

    There are a few reasons you might want to get your hands on a free government iPhone. Maybe youre on a tight budget and cant afford a new phone.

    Or maybe you want to test out a new service before committing to it. Whatever your reasons, there are a few ways to get your hands on a free government iPhone.

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    How To Change Lifeline Companies

    All Lifeline providers are not the same. You may want to switch providers because you do not like the current service, you need a phone upgrade, you want more voice minutes and text messages, or your Lifeline operator may have left the Lifeline Assistance initiative. Link-Up services dont lock subscribers into yearly contracts. If you are getting poor customer service, the first thing you can do is to launch a complaint with the FCC. And if the situation doesnt improve, then you can even change your cell phone provider.

    Most customers believe that they must first end their service with the current operator before joining a new carrier. But the Universal Service Administrative Company has a different approach to a Benefit Transfer or switching Lifeline providers. The USAC allows you to change cell phone companies if you have been on the service for a minimum of 60 days. The best thing is to ensure you cancel your previous provider to avoid being on multiple Lifeline services as it might lead to termination of your benefits.

    Here is what you can do to switch Lifeline wireless providers:

    Get Unlimited 5g $25/line

    Switch to Metro and get 4 lines of UNLIMITED 5G for $25/line per month. Plus, taxes and fees are included, so the price you see is the price you pay.

    In store only with eligible port-in. If congested, the fraction of users > 35GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds and Metro customers may notice reduced speeds vs T Mobile due to prioritization. Video streams in SD.

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    How To Qualify For T

    You can qualify for T-Mobile free government phone service if you come from a low-income family or by participating in an eligible Lifeline program. You may also qualify if any member of your household participates in an eligible government assistance program like the School Lunch or Breakfast program. The free government phone service is applicable once per household. A household is where people stay together and share income. People who live together but do not share income are separate households.

    An eligible household may qualify for up to $30 per month or up to $75 per month for households in the Tribal lands. The discount is applicable once per month. You may use it to get free phone service or discount your existing plan. T-Mobile allows eligible customers to discount their Magenta family plan. You may also qualify for a device discount of up to $100. The gadget discount is applicable once per household. Furthermore, you may have to make a copayment of between $10 and $50 to get the government-discounted device. You can qualify for the T-Mobile free government phone and ACP program if:

    Who Qualifies For Free Government Phones

    The 10 Best Free Touch Screen Government Phones

    Before figuring out who has the best free government phones, you will first need to sign up for the Lifeline Assistance program the Federal government offers. This program has stringent requirements that every participant has to satisfy before they can enjoy benefits such as free talk, texting, and government phones from Lifeline providers. Some qualification criteria include:

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    The Best Free Government Cell Phone From Airtalk Wireless In 2022

    Did you know that you can receive a free 4G/5G smartphone with free shipping from AirTalk Wireless if you meet certain eligibility requirements? Keep reading to learn more about some of AirTalks most popular devices and how to qualify.

    Qualifying individuals can receive the best free government cell phone from AirTalk Wireless as part of certain Government Assistance Programs such as the Lifeline Program or the Affordable Connectivity Program .

    • The Lifeline Program is a government assistance program that provides qualified low-income consumers with discounted phone service. The program aims to provide all Americans with affordable communication services required for work, education, and other aspects of everyday life. To learn more about the Lifeline Program, click HERE.
    • The Affordable Connectivity Program is another government program that offers low-income households discounted internet and broadband services. The program aspires to close the digital divide by ensuring that all Americans have affordable access to high-speed internet. To learn more about ACP, click HERE.
    • As an authorized provider of these programs, AirTalk Wireless allows qualifying individuals to combine the Lifeline and ACP programs to get the most out of these benefits. This combination plan provides a free 4G/5G smartphone with free shipping, plus free unlimited monthly service that includes talk, text, and high-speed data.

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