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Government Land For Sale California

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Real Estate Services For The Public Sector

Southern CA Land For Sale / San Diego County

Access a real estate and property management provider with a diverse portfolio of established services, documented processes and advanced technologies.

This service provides everything needed to design, set up and manage the B.C. Government’s real estate portfolio including office space, furniture, workplace project management, special-purpose facilities and client services.

Types Of Occupational Authority

Different combinations of rights and privileges are granted by various types of occupational authority. The type of occupational authority made available depends on several factors, including:

  • the intended length of time the land will be occupied or used
  • the intended use of the land
  • the need to use the land as collateral to secure a loan
  • the extent and value of the improvements that will be made to the land
  • ministry policies may specify the type of occupational authority recognized for a specific land use

There are five common types of occupational authority for Crown land in Ontario.

Notice To Local Agencies And Nonprofit Affordable Housing Sponsors

This posting is notice to local agencies of the availability of surplus state real property pursuant to G.C. section 11011.1.

Santa Ana-Department of General ServicesProperty Profile*Pending Disposition to Local Agencies*Crescent City – California Highway Patrol Property Profile *Pending Disposition to Local Agencies*Truckee California Highway Patrol Property Profile *Pending Disposition to Local Agencies*Los Angeles Employment Development Department Property Profile *Pending Disposition to Local Agencies*

*Note: The DGS obtained the information contained in this posting from sources deemed reliable however, the DGS makes no representations, warranties or guarantees as to the accuracy of the information provided.

For contact information, please see the individual “Property Profile” pages.

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Administered By The Bureau Of Land Management

  • B.S., Texas A& M University

Contrary to bogus advertising, the U.S. government does not offer “free or cheap” land to the public. However, the Bureau of Land Management , an agency of the U.S. Department of the Interior, does occasionally sells parcels of publicly-owned land under certain conditions.

The federal government has two major categories which it makes land available for sale to the public: real property and public land.

  • Real Property is primarily developed land with buildings, usually acquired by the federal government for specific purposes, such as military bases or office buildings. Persons interested in buying real property should contact the General Services Administration , which is the federal agency responsible for selling developed surplus property.
  • Public Land is undeveloped land with no improvements, usually part of the original public domain established during the western expansion of the United States. Most of this land is in the 11 Western States and Alaska, although some scattered parcels are in the East.

Crown Land Sold Or Rented For Administrative Or Program Purposes

California Government Land for Sale : LANDFLIP

We do not directly sell or rent land to new tenants for private recreation or residential use. Crown land may be sold for administrative or program purposes, as described in Crown land management policies.

For example, we will generally approve requests from the adjacent land owner to purchase:

  • Crown shoreline reserves

Crown land management policies also describe how existing tenants on Crown land are managed.

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Surplus Property Open To Offers

Usage Agreement

The site and its content are made available by the New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure as a public service without warranties of any kind, express or implied. Properties are sold on an as is basis, may require unknown repairs and may not have been inspected by DTI. While the information or photographs may not be free from error or omission, care has been taken to ensure the best possible quality. Statements or photographs regarding the condition of the properties are offered for information only and are not an enforceable condition of sale. DTI makes no representations or warranties, either expressed or implied, as to the condition of the properties, nor to the accuracy, currency or completeness of the information or photographs presented. The user assumes the entire risk as to the use of any or all information or photographs.

All surplus property is sold on an “as is, where is” basis and the Province will make no warranty whatsoever with regard to title.

It is the responsibility of the Purchaser/Bidder to determine if there is access or a right of way to the property and what encumbrances are against the property.

The successful purchaser will be responsible for the payment of H.S.T. where applicable, and all document preparation and related fees, at the date of closing.

Purchasers must be of the age of majority in NB to take title.

Economic Activity On Federal Lands

Oil and gas activity

See also: BLM oil and gas leases by state

Private mining companies, including oil and natural gas companies, can apply for leases from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to explore and produce energy on federal land. The company seeking a lease must nominate the land for oil and gas exploration to the BLM, which evaluates and approves the lease. The BLM state offices make leasing decisions based on their land use plans, which contain information on the land’s resources and the potential environmental impact of oil or gas exploration. If federal lands are approved for leasing, the BLM requires information about how the company will conduct its drilling and production. Afterward, the BLM will produce an environmental analysis and a list of requirements before work on the land can begin. The agency also inspects the companies’ drilling and production on the leased lands.

In 2013, there were 47,427 active leases covering 36.09 million acres of federal land nationwide. Of that total, 600 leases , covering 239,071 acres , were in California. In 2013, out of 3,770 new drilling leases approved nationwide by the BLM for oil and gas exploration, 181 leases were in California.

The table below shows how California compared to neighboring states in oil and gas permits on BLM-managed lands in 2013.

Oil and gas leasing on BLM lands by state
See also: Grazing permits on BLM lands
Grazing on BLM lands in California
BLM land

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What Is Required To Purchase Surplus Land Or Buildings

As the successful bidder/proponent in the purchase of provincially owned assets you are required to:

  • Submit completed tender or RFP forms by the specified time and date
  • Provide 15 per cent of purchase price deposit
  • Take responsibility for your own legal fees and understand that Government does not certify title to property or certify property boundaries and
  • Comply with all applicable federal, provincial and municipal statutes, regulations, orders or bylaws.

Government Property For Sale Or Disposal

Online Real Estate Auction Site: Lots for Sale Video

Government Property for Sale or Disposal. GSA frequently has surplus personal and real property which it makes available for sale or lease by qualified parties. Before getting into the details, a point of order: Personal Property is defined as tangible items ranging from common products, such as office equipment and furniture, to specialized apparatuses, including scientific devices and heavy

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Why Does The City Have To Go Through This Process

In 2019, AB 1486 was signed into law, which aimed to connect developers who are interested in building more affordable homes to surplus local public land that is both available and suitable for housing development. This law made several changes to the requirements in the Surplus Land Act that local agencies must adhere to when disposing of surplus public land. Beginning Jan. 1, 2021, local agencies are required to send negotiation summaries for each surplus land transaction to the California Department of Housing & Community Development .

Public Auction Of Defaulted Properties

Defaulted properties that are delinquent in excess of 5 years may go to public auction as a means of collecting on their outstanding debt. Auctions are held annually through the online auction site You may subscribe to receive notifications about future auctions through the Treasurer – Tax Collector news feed.

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What Does The Province Do With Surplus Land Or Buildings

Surplus land is offered for sale through either a public tender or a restricted tender in accordance with the “Provincial Policy on Disposal of Surplus Lands”.

Surplus buildings may be offered for sale to the public through a request-for-proposal process . Tender packages for all RFPs can be obtained at a public viewing of the subject building or by contacting the Properties Section of the Department of Transportation Infrastructure & Energy.

What If You Are The Low Bidder

California Government Land for Sale : LANDFLIP

Winning bidders on public land sold by competitive sales or at public auctions are required to submit a non-refundable deposit of no less than 20% of the bid amount before the closing of business on the day of the auction. In addition, all sealed bids must include guaranteed funds, such as a cashiers check or money order, for no less than 10% of the amount of the bid. Balances of the total sale price must be paid in full within 180 days of the sale date. The public notices of the sales will contain detailed information on the requirements, terms, and conditions applicable to the sale.

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California Land For Sale 21736 Listings

With tens of thousands of properties and rural land for sale in the state, LandWatch features a total of 1 million acres of land for sale in the state. The average price of land listings for sale in California is $1 million. U.S. Department of Agriculture data shows California is one of the top five biggest ag-producing states in the country.

How To Buy Vacant Land In California

Learn how to buy vacant land in California and get the most bang for your buck! Ted Thomas will share valuable tips with you on buying land in the Golden State.

Everyone wants to own property. After all, theyre not making any more of it. To most people, the latter means it will retain its value or maybe increase in value.

Today Ill answer your question about how to buy vacant land in California.

Want to learn how you can make big profits from bargain real estate? Would you like to buy nice homes for pennies on the dollar for massive cash flow? Or earn double-digit interest rates securely? Then you dont want to miss this FREE mini class.


Theres plenty of vacant land in the state of California. Hundreds of developers are constantly advertising land for sale. Many times its large parcels other times, its small parcels.

Thousands of real estate brokers will sell most of the vacant inhabitable land by using electronic sources, newspapers, word of mouth and every possible advertising source.

The electronic real estate sites, like Zillow here, Facebook Marketplace, multiple listing service, Craigslist, and dozens of others will have vacant land, industrial properties and agricultural land.


For many newcomers, this is where they get started, vacant land.

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Land For Sale California Ca Vacant Lots For Sale In California

Looking for California land for sale? Find lots for sale in California, save precious time and effort by finding nearby land for sale, see property details, photos and more. California realtors are here to offer detailed information about vacant lots for sale and help you make an informed buying decision. View comprehensive demographic data and compare side by side up to 4 vacant lots.

Buying A Lot For A Business

The Government bought this land for $30 million. It was barely worth $3 million | ABC News

To purchase a lot as a corporation or limited partnership, you must have:

  • a valid Yukon business licence in good standing and
  • a valid Yukon incorporation certificate issued within the previous 60 days. You can also from our website. Make sure your print-out is dated from the past 60 days.

If your corporation is from outside Yukon, you must register as a Yukon extra-territorial corporation.

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How Does The City Decide What Property Is Surplus

The Citys process is described in Council Policy 700-10. Most notably, when the City declares a property as surplus, this action requires the action of City Council so this is a public process.

After property is declared as surplus, the City will send a 60-day Notice of Availability to local public entities and housing sponsors as defined by Section 50074 of the Health and Safety Code, pursuant to California Government Code Section 54222 et seq.If the City does not receive an offer within the prescribed time period or is unable to reach an agreement on the terms of an offer after 90 days of good faith negotiations, the City may issue a solicitation on the open market.

The Citys process is summarized here.

Not Much Public Land For Sale

The Bureau of Land Management is responsible for the sale of surplus public land. Because of congressional restrictions enacted in 1976, the BLM generally retains most public lands in public ownership. However, the BLM does occasionally sell parcels of land where the agencys land-use planning division finds disposal of surplus is appropriate.

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Buy Or Rent Crown Land

Our policies for the sale or rental of Crown land recognize the importance of projects that may provide socio-economic opportunity to Northern Ontario communities.

We work closely with these communities to make Crown land available at market value to support local economic development.

Crown land within municipal boundaries and in territory without municipal organization can contribute to the economic development objectives of municipalities, subject to:

  • legislation
  • applicable provincial policies
  • planning direction for Crown lands in the area

We will only consider the disposition of Crown land for residential development within municipal boundaries. This aligns with provincial policies (such as the Provincial Policy Statement under the

What About Land In Alaska

California Timber Land for Sale

While many people are interested in buying public land for homesteading in Alaska, the BLM advises that due to existing land entitlements to the State of Alaska and to Alaska Natives, no BLM public land sales will be conducted in Alaska for the foreseeable future.

Homesteading in Alaska, as well as throughout the entire United States officially ended on October 21, 1976, with the passage of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976. In Alaska, however, a 10-year extension was allowed since it had only recently become a state and still had very few settlers. After October 20, 1986, now new homesteading was allowed on federally owned land in Alaska.

The last homesteader in the entire nation to receive a homestead requiring cultivation of the land was Kenneth W. Deardorff, who received a homestead patent on May 5, 1988, to 49.97 acres of land on the Stony River near Lime Village in southwestern Alaska.

Alaska represents the final chapter in the American Homestead Era that began in 1862, five years before Alaska even became a territory of the United States. Nationwide, over 1.6 million homesteads were granted in 30 states, helping hundreds of thousands of families reap a rich economic harvest through receiving free federal land as homesteads.

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How To Buy A Lot

  • Visit us in-person to buy a lot at:
  • the deadline that you must build by and
  • a payment schedule, if you’re not paying the full price.
  • You pay an application fee of $25 plus 5% GST.
  • You pay for the lot. We do not accept credit cards for this payment. You pay either:
  • the full purchase price plus 5% GST or
  • a 20% down payment and 5% GST on the full purchase price.
  • If you only pay a 20% down payment, the balance accrues interest at the greater of:
  • 2.5% above the bank rate or
  • 5%.
  • You sign the agreement for sale.
  • We sign the agreement for sale. If you’re applying from outside Whitehorse or we cannot sign it while you are here:
  • we can mail the final documents to you or
  • you can pick them up at a later date.
  • Welcome To Government Auctioncom Llc

    Government Auction is the largest and most reputable land and asset live online auction company in the world for over 40 years. is the innovator and leader in live online auctions and land sales throughout the world. Our land for sale comes from various city, county, and state government agencies.

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    Federal Land Policy In California

    Endangered species policy in the U.S.
    State environmental policy
  • 6Footnotes
  • Federal land policy involves the ownership and management of land owned by the federal government. As of 2012, the federal government owned between 635 million to 640 million acres, or 28 percent, of the 2.27 billion acres of land in the United States. Federal land is managed for many purposes, such as the conservation and development of natural resources, grazing and recreation. The federal government owns 47.70 percent of California’s total land, 47,797,533 acres out of 100,206,720 total acres.

    California ranked third in the nation in federal land ownership.

    Surplus Property For Sale

    Land for Sale Auction land auctions video

    Are you an individual, business, organization or developer looking for property to invest, or further develop? The Property Services Branch sells surplus government land and buildings, providing you with various real estate opportunities.

    Beginning August 30, 2021, Public Tender submissions will be received online only. Paper submissions will no longer be accepted.

    Public openings will no longer be held however, Tender results will be posted on the website following the Tender.

    As of January 2022, Public Tenders will no longer be advertised in local newspapers.

    All potential purchasers will be required to obtain the services of a New Brunswick lawyer to finalize sales.

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