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Free Government Paid Cell Phones

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Heres What You Get With Your Free Cell Phone:

Government’s Free Phone Program Ripe WIth Abuse, Fraud

In most cases, Lifeline Assistance companies are likely to send you a refurbished cell phone. The companies usually buy these refurbished phones in bulk, and you never know which make or model you will receive. While a few companies offer newer smartphones such as Androids, many will send a basic feature phone. If you feel that you must have the most up-to-date technology, such as an iPhone, the Lifeline Assistance free government cell phone program may not be a good match for you.

In addition to the phone, which comes with voice mail, call waiting and caller ID, customer assistance, 911 calling and other features, you will typically get at least 250 minutes per month. Some states have providers that offer unlimited voice minutes every month.

Find out whats available in your area by clicking on the Apply Here section on the top right and you can see immediately what plans are available now. Or click here

How To Get A Free Phone Online From T

T-Mobile offers both Apple iPhone and Android . Its a similar story to AT& T in how you qualify to get a free phone:

  • Trade in your old device. Youll need to take your device to a T-Mobile store to see if its in good enough condition to merit the free phone.
  • Upgrade or sign up for a T-Mobile unlimited plan.
  • Follow the steps above and youll get up to $800 worth of bill credit for a new , or $830 off a new Apple iPhone. When it comes to cell phone deals, T-Mobile currently beats out AT& T in raw savings. That extra credit can make the difference between getting a basic model of a phone and getting a more premium phone for free.

    As usual, your credit will apply to your bill over the course of two years. At the end of your two years, youll own your phone outright and can change networks without incurring any fees. You can also look for cheap phones through T-Mobile’s smaller owned MVNO, Metro by T-Mobilejust note that the best phone deals through Metro are only available in store and are for customers switching to Metro. You can still see discounted phones online, but you’ll need to head to a brick-and-mortar to seal the proverbial deal.

    Check out the most and the .

    Best Free Government Phone Companies

    There are dozens of new cell phone providers throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the Territories. The plans vary slightly from company to company, and some charge small phone and service fees.

    All provide phones, text messaging, 3-way calling, caller ID, Voice Mail, and a charger. You are only allowed one phone per family unit. A family is considered anyone who lives together in one location.

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    Where Do You Submit Your Application For Free Government Iphone Online

    You can get a free iPhone from the government by submitting an online application. The government provides free iPhones to low-income families, seniors, and people with disabilities.

    You will need to provide proof of income, residency, and age to qualify for a free iPhone. The government provides free iPhones to qualified applicants on a first-come, first-served basis.

    You may submit your application online. If you have any questions about the program, you can contact the governments customer service number for assistance.

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    Free Phone And Free Internet Offers From Easy Wireless

    TAG Mobile

    Qualify for the ACP and Lifeline in Missouri and get your free government phones in Missouri.

    This is the best possible deal available at EASY Wireless, where you can get a free smartphone and free unlimited data along with our unlimited free talk and text.

    Combined with our incredible customer service, Missouri residents who qualify for both programs will enjoy not having to worry about a cell phone each month or long contracts.

    EASY Wireless has provided free cell phone service in Missouri for over 20 years through the Lifeline program. They are now qualified to offer more value through the Affordable Connectivity Program.

    If you qualify for the Lifeline Program, you will also qualify for the new ACP and be eligible for a fantastic offer through EASY Wireless.

    No contracts. No bills. No credit checks.

    The Unlimited Plan

    • FREE Monthly 5 GB Data

    2. Free Unlimited Data Promo

    • Keep Your Own Phone & Number
    • FREE Unlimited Talk & Text

    If you already get your Lifeline benefits elsewhere, you can still qualify through the ACP with EASY Wireless and get these great offers.

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    Choosing Your Lifeline: Which Free Government Phone Service Is Best

    In todays unprecedented times, wireless service provides a vital link necessary for maintaining contact with your job, your childs school, paying bills, obtaining emergency services, and even for distance learning. Unfortunately, many families are unable to afford the high monthly cost.

    If you are unable to afford the cost of wireless service, you may be able to obtain free service from the government along with an affordable phone. The Lifeline Assistance Program can help if you are on food stamps or meet other qualifications. Read on to learn which free government phone service is the best.

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    What People Are Saying

  • I am disabled & don’t get around as easily as I used to. I also have other health issues that could escalate quickly. I can’t begin to tell you how much safer I feel carrying my phone with me. I have been able to get out more knowing that help is right in my pocket if I need it. And it’s wonderful for my health care workers, friends & family to be able to reach me anywhere. I feel so much more secure & in control with my wireless phone! Thank you for your help! And thank you for offering free cell phone service.

    Katherine M – Davenport, IA

  • Wish I would have known years ago that there was free cell phone service through the government phone program and free mins available to people like me. Was spending money on base model phones and plans and even splurged on the iPhone and spent around $1,200 before not being able to keep up with the bill. Looking back, I wish I could have just gotten one of the free phones and plans available out there including reachout wireless, safelink and others.

    Brock H.– Ashville, OH

  • My phone has made it possible for me to communicate with my many doctors and my lawyer while I am going thru the process of getting SSDI. Thank you for this free cell phone service. I also really like that I can add minutes for a small fee when I have extra things going on that month. Thanks for your service!

    Lisa S., Sturgis– MI

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    What Is Lifeline & Acp

    Life Wireless offers government assisted wireless services to low-income families and individuals through the federal Lifeline program and Affordable Connectivity Program . Qualified customers receive Free cell phone service with plans varying by state. Certain residents may be eligible for a Free cell phone. We offer discounts to qualified subscribers who meet certain eligibility requirements, such as government assistance or a household income that is at or below the Federal Poverty Guidelines as dictated by each state. Your FREE benefit is limited to one per household and cannot be combined with any other Lifeline offer.

    Promotional service offer supported by Lifeline. Only eligible consumers may enroll. Eligibility is based on income or participation in certain government benefit programs and is determined by the National Verifier . Lifeline benefit is non-transferable and is limited to one monthly service discount on either wireless or wireline service. For Lifeline eligibility criteria and applicable terms and conditions, visit or call us at 1-888-543-3620. Life Wireless is a service of Telrite.


    The Affordable Connectivity Program , replaces the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program . ACP is an FCC benefit program that helps low-income households pay for broadband service and internet connected devices.

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    Its Never Been So Easy To Apply

    Free Low-Income Cell Phone Service

    If you meet the requirements for this free mobile phone program in Georgia, then lets get you started! Simply click the button below to sign up. When you qualify for Infiniti Mobile Lifeline service, you automatically qualify for the new Emergency Broadband Program. That is how youll get direct access to the unlimited broadband internet service along with our program. Unlimited calls, text, data and internet all in one! Click here to get started.

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    How To Get Free 5g Government Phones: A Complete Guide

    This information is current as of June 12, 2022.

    Do you participate in SNAP, Public Housing, Medicaid, or another government-assistance program? Or are you a low-income American? You might qualify for a free 5G government phone!

    How to get free 5G government phones

    You can get one of these 5G government phones by being eligible for and applying for the Affordable Connectivity Program or Lifeline. Then, youll have to choose a company that offers a free phone with their ACP/Lifeline plan. Voila youve now got a free 5G phone and monthly plan covered by the government.

    Lets dive into each step so you can get your new phone today.

    Types Of Discounts Available

    Discounted home phone services available to California LifeLine participants may include the following:

    • Monthly flat rate service discount of up to $16.23*

    • Monthly cell phone service discount of up to $16.23**

    • Service connection discount of up to $39

    • Service conversion discount for home phone services of up to $39

    • Free from paying the public purpose program surcharges, CPUCs user fee, federal excise tax, local franchise taxes, and State 911 tax associated with your phone service

    • Discounts on two telephone lines if you use a teletypewriter or are part of the Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program. If you use a TTY, you must have immediate and continuous access to it. If the Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program did not give you other proof, provide a copy of a medical certificate indicating your need for a TTY is required to receive the discount on the second home phone line.

    *Does not account for Extended Area Service rates, which provides a higher level of support.

    **For cell phone plans with at least 1,000 voice minutes, which may include domestic messaging or text, the monthly discount is $16.23.

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    Free Cell Phone Plans From The Us Government

    You won’t find any major cell phone providers or new iPhone devices eligible for the Lifeline Assistance program, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a decent phone on a reliable network. Some of these cell phone providers also offer free phones or free SIM kits as well.

    These are the carriers that currently are eligible with the Lifeline Assistance program:

    You can find out what carriers specifically cater to your area by entering your zip code here.

    Save Even More With Recommended Resources And Amazon Deals

    Government free cell phones in Iowa

    Looking to save on additional items for you and your family? Check out our Recommended Resources page. For example, you can learn how to and use your EBT card.

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    Did you know?

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    What Is The Lifeline Program In Missouri

    The Federal Communications Commission established the Lifeline program in 1985 to ensure that all Americans can access jobs, family, and emergency assistance via their phones.

    They offer free or discounted phone credits to qualifying low-income individuals. The Universal Service Administrative Company runs the Lifeline phone program.

    How Do You Get This Cell Phone At No Cost To You

    You can get your free mobile phone and service from dozens of Lifeline companies in 49 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico . From big companies such as Safelink Wireless, Assurance Wireless and Budget Mobile to regional providers to single state companies, odds are youll have an assortment of providers to choose from.

    Since this is a federally-mandated program, there are basic features each company must offer. That said, the plans can vary measurably from company to company, so you need to check each offer in your state. You would not want to settle for 250 minutes, when a competitor will give you 1,000 minutes, would you? Some companies even offer unlimited minutes, but you have find out which ones might be in your state.

    Eligibility is nearly uniform from state to state, with across the board qualification by participation in federal aid programs such as Food Stamps, Medicaid, and SSI among others. But, each state may have its own additional ways to qualify. And, if you arent on one of the listed programs, youll be able to qualify based upon your income level, even if substantially higher than the poverty level. Its easy to qualify for a free government cell phone.

    So no matter why you need a mobile phone: to look for a job, to keep in touch with your kids, or have for an emergency, you can get one at no out of pocket expense.

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    How To Qualify For The Acp By Income In Missouri

    As with the Lifeline Benefit, you can also qualify by income level for the ACP. The good news is your income levels can be even higher, making it even easier to qualify. Almost half of all Missouri residents can qualify by income.

    For example, if youre single and want to get into programs that will allow you to get a free government phone in Missouri, youll need to prove you make less than $27,180 per year. For every more person in your household, the maximum increases, so the more people you have in your household, the easier it is to qualify.

    Get A Free Laptop From The Alliance For Technology Refurbishing And Reuse

    Free Government Cell Phones Guide

    In states and cities of the United States, this organization provides people in need with free laptops. Once you get on the website, you will see a map that pinpoints your own locator. This map will give you access to the particular groups in your state which provides people in need with free laptops.

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    Do I Qualify For A Free Government Phone With The Lifeline Program

    For starters, if youre already enrolled in a government aid program, you could automatically qualify for a free government phone. Those already enrolled in any of the following programs are eligible:

    • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
    • Supplemental Security Income
    • Federal Public Housing Assistance
    • Tribal-specific programs: Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families , Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations , Head Start

    If youre not enrolled in any of those government programs, youll need to prove your income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. For example, if youre the only person in your household and want to get a free government phone, youll need to prove you make less than $12,760 per year. Every extra person in your household pushes your limit up another $4,480so, essentially, the more folks you have in your household, the easier it is to qualify for a free government cell phone and inexpensive cell phone plan.

    Check The Steps And Enroll Today For Free Government Cell Phone

    1. Apply Online

    Its easy to apply! Youll need to enter the zip code and a few personal details and let us know if youre receiving any governmental assistance. Lifeline phone service provides free cell phones to Americas financially disadvantaged.

    2. Upload Your Documents

    You may be asked to verify your eligibility by uploading proof of your identity, benefit information, and income. Dont worry, we dont require a lot of documents.

    3. Bring Your Phone or Pick a New One

    You can keep your GSM-compatible or unlocked smartphone, or choose from a list of new devices. Lifeline Landing partners with Leading National Wireless Carriers to provide a Free Cell Phone and Free Monthly Minutes to qualified Lifeline participants. Enjoy your life and stay connected with your family members.

    4. Start Use Your Phone & Services

    Once we approve your enrollment, well ship your SIM card or pre-activated phone in the mail.After you received, only one step is required, to call on number that is inside the box to activate your free service.

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    Qualify For One Qualify For All

    When you qualify for Infiniti Mobile Lifeline service, you automatically qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program which provides FREEWirelees internet service. By combining these two programs, you could get an unlimited talk, text and data package that is out of this world. So, click here to get started now.

    Why Is It Important

    Get Free Government Cell Phone Service

    What began as a program to provide low-income senior citizens with land line telephone service has turned into an essential resource for many Americans. These days, phones are much more than just a convenience or a luxury our phones are a source of connection and security and a critical part of maintaining a productive, dignified lifestyle.

    We use our phones to stay connected with friends and family and our employers, medical providers, schools, and more. When were in danger, we call for help. Many people trying to get a job also need a phone so that their potential employers can contact them for interviews and scheduling.

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