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Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company Reviews

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Government Personnel Mutual Health Insurance Company

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Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company, was founded in 1934. The companys original focus was to provide insurance services to active and retired US Military personnel. In the 1930s GPM Life became the first commercial insurance company to elect a woman as president.

Since that time GPM Life Insurance Co has continued to grow and prosper and has expanded well beyond its original markets. Today, GPM Life provides insurance services to the military, civilian government employees and to the general public. As their name implies, GPM Life Insurance Company sells life insurance. However, while GPM Life is primarily a life insurance company, they now offer a Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance Program under the GPM Life umbrella.

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GPM Lifes Medicare Supplement is available in most states except for: California, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Consumers may get information on the GPM Life Medicare Supplement Program, available plans and coverage by visiting the mature health center site.

Insurance agents will find more information about this GPM Life product support line.

What Gpm Supplement Is Right For You

If youre looking for an economical fit for your GPM Medicare supplement, you may want to look into the GPM Life Plan N. This plan is more middle of the road in terms of coverage and affordability. The GPM Medicare Supplement Plan G is by far currently the most popular and considered the best in terms of value. In regard to the GPM Supplement Plan F, it is popular with those who need a more comprehensive plan that will leave little to be paid out in the event of a claim.

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Gpm Medicare Supplements Plans Benefits And Coverage

Its important to GPM Life that their policyholders understand Medicare and the maze that exists to try to get through in order to get the right coverage.

They provide important information to help educate folks on the ins and outs of Medicare and Medicare Supplement insurance. Here is a little about Plans F, G, and N that GPM Life offers to its policyholders.

Plans F and G are the most popular plans currently. As you can see in the chart above, Plan F covers 100% of all costs that Medicare does not pay in full.

Plan G is identical to Plan F, the only difference is that the annual Part B deductible is not covered. In 2022 this deductible is $233 for the year. Overall Plan G is a much better option vs Plan F.

As for Plan N, it covers the basics covered with F and G however, it does not cover Part B deductible or Part B excess charges. Also, there is a copay of $0-$20 per office visit with this plan.

Plan N is the least expensive supplement plan of the three. You can read more about Plan N here.

Does GPM Life offer household discounts for Medigap plans?

Yes! With GPM Life Medicare supplements they offer a 7% household discount in states where it is available.

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Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company Reviews

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Am Best Upgrades Credit Ratings Of Gpm Health And Life Insurance Company Affirms Credit Ratings Of Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company

OLDWICK, N.J.—-AM Best has upgraded the Financial Strength Rating to A- from B++ and the Long-Term Issuer Credit Rating to a- from bbb+ ofGPM Health and Life Insurance Company , a wholly owned subsidiaryofGovernment Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company . Concurrently, AM Best has affirmed the FSR of A- and the Long-Term ICR of a- of GPM. These companies are both headquartered in San Antonio, TX and collectively known as GPM Life Group. The outlook of these Credit Ratings is stable.

These ratings reflect GPM Life Groups balance sheet strength, which AM Best categorizes as very strong, as well as its adequate operating performance, neutral business profile and appropriate enterprise risk management .

The ratings upgrade primarily reflects the increasing importance of GPM Health and Lifes operations to the overall group and consistent, explicit support from GPM. GPM Health and Life is fully integrated into the groups operations and management, is easily identifiable with the group, and is necessary for rate flexibility, all of which are factors AM Best views favorably.

AM Best is a global credit rating agency, news publisher and data analytics provider specializing in the insurance industry. Headquartered in the United States, the company does business in over 100 countries with regional offices in New York, London, Amsterdam, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mexico City. For more information, visit

Title 20 Insurance Arizona Revised Statutes

20-451 Rebates on other than life or disability insurance definitions 20-482.05 Status of mutual holding company as corporation status of insurer

May 16, 2021 How Many Complaints Have Been Filed Against Your Insurance Company? Life Ins Co , Government Personnel Mut Life Ins Co ,

The respondent If your complaint involves a workers compensation claim, please contact the

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Gpm Medicare Supplement Costs

The cost of GPM Medigap plans vary state by state and also by the customized coverage you want. We recommend that you speak with a licensed professional, so you get the best rate for your unique needs. Heres a quick look at GPM Medicare supplements cost for a 65-year-old female nonsmoker rates are quoted per month.

  • Excess charges
  • Skilled nursing facility

Plan F covers much more, including foreign travel emergencies,durable equipment, and other benefits. This plan is perfect for folks that frequent the doctors office or need more medical attention. Plan F will have you fully covered if anything unexpected occurs.

Why Pick A Gpm Medicare Supplement Plan

Your Federal Insurance Benefits 2017 for Active Employees

GPM Medicare Supplement offers a handful of plans that help seniors make better decisions for their health. They offer GPM Plan G, Plan N, Plan A, and Plan C. With so many different options, it allows you to customize the way in which you receive your health care benefits. GPM can be found as a very competitive option in todays marketplace because of there bottom dollar pricing that is generally able to beat out any competitor.

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Ratings And Reports Gpm Life Insurance Company

GPM Life is rated A- , indicating in A.M. Bests opinion an excellent ability to meet ongoing insurance obligations. Ratings are as of March 24, 2022

Third-Party Ratings GPM scores a staggering 2.21 in 2021, which is double the industrys average score. It shows that the company has a long way to go in 20 years: 18 to 6515 years: 18 to 7010 years: 18 to 8030 years: 18 to 45Pros Explained · Cons Explained

GPM Life is rated A- , according to A.M. Best, the oldest and most recognized provider of ratings in the insurance industry. For additional ratings,

Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company reviews, contact info, quotes & FAQ. Get the full story from fellow consumers unbiased Government

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What Is Final Expense Whole Life Insurance

Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company Reviews

Final expense life insurance is intended for those who are seeking small life insurance amounts, typically up to $25,000, to cover expenses associated with funeral and burial costs. Final expense policies last for your entire life, and the premium payment will never increase, even if your health deteriorates in the future. This is one of the most accommodating life insurance options however, understanding coverage options is key. You need to make sure that this type of policy suits your goals.

The premium you are quoted when you first buy the policy remains level for as long as you continue to pay for it. Additionally, these policies are simplified issue, which means there is no exam you are required to undergo as part of the approval process. You will need to answer a few health questions and take a brief phone interview. These questions are used by life insurers to create a risk profile for policyholders before approval however, there are very few questions that would disqualify you for these life insurance benefits.

The process is relatively quick, and most policies are issued in a matter of days. GPM offers three types of final expense coverage. The policy you can qualify for is determined by your medical history and your answers to the questions on the application. Lets go over the plans:

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Gpm Medicare Supplement Plan N

GPMs Plan N can be seen as a sort of middle of the road coverage option. It offers beneficiaries more coverage than that of Plan A but stops short of the robust offering that Plan F provides. If you choose Plan N, your Medicare Part B coinsurance amount is covered except for a copayment of $20 for doctor office visits and up to $50 for emergency room visits. Additionally, Medicare Part A is covered and the Part A hospice copayment. The Medicare Part A hospital copayment is covered for days 61 through 150 and the skilled nursing facility copayment covers days 21 through 100. Emergency foreign travel care is covered up the plans limit of 80 percent.

Patricia Staglik V Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company

Opinion by: Catherine Stone, Justice

Sitting: Catherine Stone, Justice

Delivered and Filed: October 8, 2003


This is an appeal arising from Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company’s denial of Patricia Staglik’s claim for life insurance proceeds following her husband Donald’s death. We affirm the trial court’s judgment.


When Patricia sought to collect on Donald’s policy, GPM told Patricia she could not collect any death benefits under the policy. GPM cited a provision in Donald’s policy which stated the company was not liable under the policy if Donald committed suicide within two years of obtaining the policy. Following GPM’s denial of her claim, Patricia filed suit against GPM, claiming the company: breached its contract by not paying her death benefits breached its duty of good faith and fair dealing during its investigation of her claim and violated the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act and Texas Insurance Code during its investigation of her claim. Patricia predicated all of her allegations against GPM on the fact that the company failed to reasonably investigate her claim.

Standard of Review

Catherine Stone, Justice

1. Patricia does not challenge the jury’s finding regarding her breach of contract cause of action.

2. Patricia alleges GPM tried to portray her as sloppy, lazy, greedy, and the person who drove Donald to his death.

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Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company Ratings

GPM Life Insurance company has been given an A- or Excellent rating by A.M Bests opinion in the companys excellent ability always to meet their ongoing insurance obligations for their clients.

This latest rating was given to them in February of 2019. These ratings have been provided by A.M. Best on Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company since 1954.

What Is Government Personnel Life Insurance Company

OPM Virtual Benefits Training – Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance FEGLI 2021

A companys history is a great way to start a review because looking at ones past can foretell the future. Length of time in business, challenges, and triumphs are part of many successful companies and individuals. I think GPM Lifes story is a fascinating one.

In the 1930s, the U.S. was between two world wars. At the end of WWI, Colonel Peter J. Hennessey recognized that all insurance carriers have a provision that excludes them from paying a death benefit if the insured died from an act of war. He tried proposing many insurers eliminate this exclusion, but none agreed. He set out and established his own life insurance company to protect the families should their loved ones die as a result of a war.

In 1934, GPM Life was a unique first company to serve military personnel and their families. In 1938, Colonel Hennessey passed away unexpectedly, and Blanche Hennessey was chosen President of the company, the first woman in U.S. history to become a leader of an insurance company.

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Gpm Medicare Supplemental Plan N

Medigap Plan N is one of the most affordable plans that GPM has available. With this plan, youll get the same basic benefits you get with Plan G except for added copays and no coverage for the Part B deductible and Part B Excess Charges.

With Plan N youll be able to get a great plan with an affordable monthly premium that can save you money in the long-run.

Learn more: Medicare Supplement Plan N

Gpm Life Company Overview & History

Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company or otherwise known simply as GPM Life was founded in 1934. This was when the United States found itself between the two major world wars, and WWI had left a lot of families devastated.

It was then that Peter J. Hennessey, a retired Army Colonel realized that all the life insurance policies during that time seemed to exclude paying kind of benefits if the one insured had been killed during an act of war.

Those who thought they were doing the right thing by buying life insurance then found themselves without any benefits if they had a loved one killed during WWI.

Peter Hennessey then went around to various insurance companies with his idea of getting rid of this war exclusion. None of them agreed with him that this was important. This helped him decide to start up a new type of insurance company and one that would provide insurance protection even if someone died during a war.

So, in 1934, he founded Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company, which became the first to serve the needs of military personnel and their families.

Just four short years later, Colonel Hennessey died very unexpectedly, and his wife Blanche Hennessey was elected to be the president of the company.

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Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company Q& a

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Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company Reviews

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State: TX Zip Code: 78265-9567 Telephone: 938-4765 Fax: 701-3869 A.M. Best Rating: A.M. Best A-.

164 Records Mississippi Insurance Licensing Search Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company. Company License #:, 7700179. NAIC ID: 63967.

facts and statistics about GEICO Government Employees Insurance Company. County Mutual, and GEICO Secure Insurance Company) enjoy high ratings in

Feb 19, 2020 A.M. Best affirmed the A- financial strength rating and the a- long-term issuer credit rating of Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Co

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