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At&t Government Wifi Program

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Id Like To Get At& t Internet

AT& T offers affordable internet through a federal program

Learn what services are available at your address.

Strengthen connections for all you do

Get fast, reliable internet to power your life, including:

  • Speeds up to 5 GIGs
  • No price increase at 12 months, no annual contract, no data caps, no equipment fees
  • AT& T Internet Security with ActiveArmorSM 24/7 proactive security that helps stop threats before they get to you1
  • AT& T All-Fi®, a next-generation Wi-Fi® experience for your devices2

Which Internet Service Providers Offer No

Many internet service providers have programs for helping low-income families. This number increased during the COVID-19 outbreak, when many more joined the FCCs Keep Americans Connected initiative, which asked companies to continue service, waive fees, and make their Wi-Fi hotspots publicly available. Although the FCCs initiative has ended, many ISPs still offer programs for those in need of low-cost and no-cost internet connections.

Check to see which internet service providers are available in your area.

At& t Fixed Wireless Plans

If you live in a location where fiber is not available but you still want an AT& T plan, their fixed wireless internet plans may be another good option. These plans offer an average download speed of 25 Mbps. This is perfect for older adults who want to connect with their family on social networks, download music, or stream movies and television on one or two devices. Again, the speeds available will vary depending on your geographic location, and prices start at $69.99 per month. In terms of value, AT& T’s fixed wireless plans are on the pricey side. However, they’re still a solid option if AT& T is the main provider in your area.

Savings Tip:AT& T offers a $10 discount on their fixed wireless plans when you bundle with a qualifying postpaid AT& T wireless plan.

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The Affordable Connectivity Program Can Help Pay For At& t Services

Among other things, the Affordable Connectivity Program allows qualified households to lower their internet or wireless costs by $30 per month, or by $75 per month if they live on Tribal lands. AT& T is participating in the program, and the Affordable Connectivity Program can help qualified customers pay for one of multiple differentAT& T InternetandAT& T Wirelessservices.

What Are The Different Bandwidth Available Under The At& t Access Program

How to Get AT& T Wireless Free Government Phone?

Here is a list of different bandwidth under the AT& T Access internet program that is available subject to the customers zip code.

  • 10 Mbps, at $10 per month
  • 5 Mbps, at $10 per month
  • 3 Mbps, at $5 per month
  • 5 Mbps, at $5 per month
  • 768 Kbps, at $5 per month

AT& T will connect the fastest available bandwidth depending upon the service area.

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Am I Eligible For The Program

To be eligible for the subsidized internet service from AT& T, it is a must to check off specific requirements determined by AT& T under the FCC Lifeline Assistance Program. The household must have at least one resident member participating in:

  • Supplemental Nutritional Access Program
  • Supplementary Security Income for California residents
  • National School Lunch and Head Start programs
  • Income threshold

Plus, there must be no outstanding debt with the AT& T internet service within the past six months or under the Access program.

The Access program requires you to verify your eligibility on an annual basis. Its called recertification. AT& T will update you in advance of your recertification date. If you follow all the required steps by the deadline, you will continue to reap the benefits of the program. But, if you fail to recertify by the specified date or fail to update AT& T with your intent to terminate the service, the ISP will cancel your program discount, and charge you at the prevailing standard rate.

Its also important to note that only one discounted internet connection is allowed per family/household.

What Are The At& t $10 Internet Qualification Criteria

You may qualify for the AT& T Access program if you fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  • There is at least one person in your house who is a part of the U.S. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • The address must lie in the AT& Ts 21-state service area, where AT& T wireline home Internet service is available
  • There is no outstanding debt of the applicant towards AT& T in the last 6 months
  • There must be no outstanding debt in the AT& T Access program
  • For residents of the state of California, at least one person in the family is a recipient of Supplemental Security Income benefits. The SSI eligibility criterion is considered equivalent to the SNAP in other states

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How To Get Low

Xfinitys Internet Essentials program is available for $9.95 for those who qualify, which is an incredible value. Comcast has also increased the speed available to the Internet Essentials program in response to the pandemic, a change which will be permanent.4

Comcast also offers teachers who sign up for Xfinity a $150 Visa® Prepaid Card to help offset the cost of the first few months of service. This offer is available until January 21, 2022.

Find Out If You Qualify

Federal Government Announces AT& T To Build Wireless Network For First Responders

There are three different ways to qualify for the ACP benefit. You are eligible if you meet any one of the three qualifications below:

  • Your income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines
  • You or someone in your household participates in one of these other programs:
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program , formerly known as Food Stamps
  • Medicaid
  • Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit
  • Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch Program or School Breakfast Program, including at U.S. Department of Agriculture Community Eligibility Provision schools
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Lifeline
  • Certain Tribal assistance programs, including Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Head Start , Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families , and Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  • You meet the eligibility criteria for a participating broadband providers existing low-income internet program.

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Types Of Free Phones You Can Get

You can get amazing discounts on branded smartphones like iPhone, Samsung, LG, and Motorola through the AT& T Lifeline Program.

However, expensive phones dont come for free. But you can get discounts and monthly installments . For example, you need to pay $5 a monthly installment to get a Samsung Galaxy device. On iPhone 12, you can receive up to a $700 discount.

There are also trading options available to enhance the discounts. Therefore, you can easily choose your phone from these options.

Who Is Eligible For The Affordable Connectivity Program

According to the FCC, a household is eligible if a household member meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • Has an income that is at or below 200% of the federal Poverty Guidelines
  • Participates in certain assistance programs, such as SNAP, Medicaid, Federal Public Housing Assistance, SSI, WIC or Lifeline
  • Participates in Trible specific programs, such as Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Tribal TANF or Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  • Is approved to receive benefits from the free and reduced-price school lunch program in the 2019-2020, 2020-21 or 2021-2022 school year
  • Received a Federal Pell Grant during the current award year
  • Meets the eligibility criteria for participating provider’s existing low-income program

To learn more about eligibility, visit the ACP website.

Harris said approval for the program can take a few minutes to a few days, depending on how much information requires manual review.

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At& t Rolls Out Free Internet Program

West Michigan customers who qualify can receive free internet services from AT& T as part of the communications giantâs efforts to bridge the digital divide.

The free option is made possible by combining a new plan from the companyâs low-cost Access from AT& T program with federal benefits from the Affordable Connectivity Program .

ACP lowers the cost of internet service by $30 per month, which makes the new $30 Access from AT& T plan free for eligible customers.

All households that qualify for ACP also will qualify for Access from AT& T.

Those wanting to determine eligibility can visit acpbenefit.org to learn more and apply for ACP through the federal government.

Once approved, customers can call 220-5211 to enroll in Access from AT& T. Customers also can choose to apply the $30 ACP benefit to AT& T Prepaid or Cricket Wireless service, as well as other AT& T internet plans.

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Internet Service Provider Programs

Free Government Cell Phone Unlimited Talk And Text

Many ISPs also offer their own assistance programs for families with low income or other needs that wouldnt otherwise be able to afford internet access. If you dont qualify for Lifeline or prefer to use the benefit for phone service, this can be a great option.

First, find out which providers service your area:

Altice runs both Optimum and Suddenlink, and customers with access to either ISP can sign up for Altice Advantage Internet, which offers internet speeds up to 30 Mbps for $14.99 per month for those who qualify.

The Altice Advantage Internet program is available to those who have a child recipient of the NSLP in the household, receive Supplemental Security Income , or are US military veterans who receive public assistance.

Visit the Altice Advantage Internet webpage to see if you qualify and apply.

AT& Ts Access program offers internet speeds up to 10 Mbps to eligible low-income families for $5$10 per month. To qualify for Access, customers must have at least one family member who participates in the SNAP program.

Visit the Access page to fill out an application and see if you qualify.

Internet Assist costs $14.99 per month and offers faster speeds than Xfinity Internet Essentials. But the ISP charges an extra $5.00 per month if you want WiFi.

To apply for Spectrum Internet Assist, call Spectrum at .

To apply for Xfinity Internet Essentials, visit the Internet Essentials website.

  • National School Lunch Program
  • Public Housing

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Free Internet For College Students

If youre a college student, look into free public Wi-Fi hotspots and internet services with free intro periods. Read our article Cheap and Free Internet for Students for an in-depth look at these options.

And if youre a community college student in Colorado and Illinois, you may be able to get Internet Essentials from Comcast with documentation from your financial aid office.

One last thought: sometimes internet providers offer deals for students. Check out this months deals to see whats available right now.

Affordable Connectivity Program Providers

Thebelow list of internet serviceproviders includes both providers that have electedto participatein the Affordable Connectivity Program and those that elected to participate inEmergency Broadband Benefit Program. Contact your preferred provider directly to learn more about their plans for participating in the Affordable Connectivity Program and the services they may offer as part of the program.

Learn more about the Affordable Connectivity Program by visiting fcc.gov/ACP.

Definitions:Fixed broadband services are provided to your home, or a single location. These include cable, fiber optic, DSL, and fixed wireless services.Mobile broadband services are device-based and available throughout the service providers cellular coverage area, similar to cell phone services. To view participating providers in your state or territory, click on the name of your state or territory below.

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How Do I Take Advantage Of Free Internet

First, confirm that you are eligible for the ACP benefit and get approved with the federal governments National Verifier at acpbenefit.org. Then, call 1-855-220-5211. AT& T will verify your ACP approval and set you up on a plan with the ACP benefit.

You can choose to apply your ACP benefit to the Access from AT& T plan, or you can apply it to most of AT& Ts existing plans. Check out which AT& T internet plans are available in your area at .

How At& t Internet Customers Can Qualify For The Affordable Connectivity Program

AT& T, Verizon agree to delay 5G wireless plans after US government request

The federal governments National Verifier determines who is eligible for the program, but you may qualify if any of the following apply to you: Your household income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. You participate in a qualifying federal assistance program. At least one person in the household is in the free and reduced-price lunch program or the school breakfast program . At least one person in the household has received a Federal Pell Grant in the current award year. At least one person in the household can participate in their broadband provider& rsquo s existing low-income program.

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See Features & Benefits

  • Mobile hotspot 10GB5 in U.S. only
  • 5G accessAT& T 5G requires compatible plan and device. 5G not available everywhere. Go toatt.com/5Gforyoufor details.
  • 100GB personal cloud storage includedUsing AT& T Personal Cloud app
  • Stream HD video6
  • Unlimited talk & text to Mexico & Canada
  • Use talk, text & data in Mexico & CanadaRoaming may be at 2G speeds
  • Unlimited text to over 230 countries
  • Fraud call blocking & spam alerts4
  • 2

Households Receiving The Emergency Broadband Benefit Do Not Need To Take Immediate Action

According to AT& T, those receiving EBB will continue to receive the benefits until March 1. Households may be contacted to reverify eligibility.

The new ACP program does provide different benefits than EBB. The maximum monthly benefit will change from $50 per month to $30 per month, with an exception for households on qualifying Tribal lands, which will remain at $75 per month, according to the FCC.

Those who qualified under the EBB COVID-19 temporary loss of income criteria will need to reverify eligibility under different criteria before March 1. These households received information about taking these steps from the program’s administrator or their internet service provider in January.

To learn about participating internet providers, use the ACP Companies Near Me search.

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$65b For Improving Broadband Access

You may qualify

The 2021 income limit for the Emergency Broadband Benefit program increases with the number of people living in the same household. Others who have experienced a substantial loss of income since the pandemic started in 2020 may also qualify.

Persons Income limit

8 $60,291

The $14.2 billion Affordable Connectivity Program is just a part of the $65 billion in the new law earmarked to improve broadband access.

Some of that money will go toward what Kahsai calls digital equity. The new law allocates $2.75 billion for digital literacy training to make sure that everyone regardless of language, ability or age has the skills needed to take advantage of their connection to the internet.

Some $42.5 billion is being allocated to bring high-speed internet to unserved areas often rural areas where population density is low and mountainous areas that can be challenging for companies to reach that will benefit families of all incomes. This new service must have speeds of at least 100 Mbps for downloads and 20 Mbps for uploads, speeds that match todays needs for multiple users in one household and increasing desire for streaming video.

Each state will start out with $100 million from that pot of money and will be able to get more based on a states unserved and underserved needs.

With the new law, we have an opportunity to put a dent in the digital divide, Kahsai says.

The Affordable Connectivity Program Benefit Can Help Pay For At& t Internet Plans


The ACP is a federal government program that can help eligible customers pay for their home internet service. Through the ACP, eligible customers can reduce their AT& T Internet bill by up to $30 per month*, or up to $75 per month if they live on qualified Tribal Lands. *Terms, conditions & restrs apply.

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Can I Receive Both The Affordable Connectivity Program And Lifeline Benefits

Yes. You can also combine these benefits with other state and local benefits where available. They can be applied to the same qualifying service or separately to a Lifeline service and an Affordable Connectivity Program service with the same or different providers. For example, an eligible household could have a Lifeline-supported mobile phone service and a separate home internet service that is supported through the Affordable Connectivity Program.

What Is The At& t Wireless Free Government Phones & Lifeline Program

The program started when the federal government wanted to provide free or affordable mobile phones. Several companies participated in this program. AT& T is a reliable option for getting one of the phones even with a low household income.

When customers are eligible for the lifeline program, they can get a free government smartphone. Even if they cant get a free phone, they can still get discounts on phone bills and internet bills.

However, the customer cant get both internet and phone discount facilities. He has to choose one of them. And also, theres one discount per household. The carrier can get low-cost internet service in his house if he participates in some assistance programs like supplemental security income or supplemental nutrition assistance program .

Know-How to Get Senior Citizens Cell Phone Plans Free?

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Free Internet For Senior Citizens

Data effective as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. Taxes and fees may apply.*Home must have a student in K-12 to qualify.

Internet Essentials from Comcast accepts the widest range of government programs to qualify for low-income internet.

To see if Xfinity or any of the other providers above offer internet near you, enter your zip code below. We respect your privacy, so we dont save your zip code or share it with anyone else.

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