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NUANS Business Name Search. Federal Incorporation in Canada

There are two national databases that each cover most of the jurisdictions you may want to search in Canada. Search one or both of these depending on where you want to set up your business.

  • Canadian corporate names and trademarks database

    Nuans reports list similar provincial/territorial corporate names and trademarks.

  • Update Your Company Information

    Changes to information can be made by filing a Notice of Change:

    • directly with the government online for free:
    • a company key is required:

    To update information for an existing business or not-for-profit corporation, please use the Company Key Request Form for a secure company key that will provide you the access you need.

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    Find Out If The Name Is Taken

    In most cases, if someone is already using a name, you cannot legally use it. By law, the name of your business can’t be the same as or very similar to an existing corporate name or trademark. Even when it is legal to use an existing business name, it can be a disastrous marketing mistake. There are a few places you should check to see whether a name is taken:

    Amending Or Cancelling A Registration

    Domain Name Search

    To ensure the Public Record is accurate, you must notify the Central Production and Verification Services Branch when the information in your registration has changed. Changes in address, business activity or partners , must be filed on the Ministry form within 15 days after the change. There is no filing fee. However, changing the name of your business registration is considered a new registration and the relevant fee applies. Changing the type of registration, e.g. a partnership registration to a sole proprietorship, or changing all the partners in a partnership, is also considered a new registration.

    If the business ceases to operate, you should cancel your business name registration. There is no filing fee for the cancellation of a business name.

    The amended or cancelled registration can be submitted to the Branch by mail or in person at the Public Office in Toronto. Alternatively, the registrant can amend or cancel a business name registration online through the ServiceOntario website at The registrant will receive confirmation of the changes by mail in approximately three weeks.

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    New Hampshire Business Name Search

    How to do a business name search in New Hampshire:

  • Visit:
  • Select Starts With, Exact Match, Contains, or All Words.
  • Enter all or part of your business name in the Business Name box. It may be useful to also tick the box that says Show me similar sounding business names.
  • Complete the reCAPTCHA and click Search.
  • Youll see a list of all the registered businesses in New Hampshire that use the words you entered as part of their business name. Youll also see the status of each business, such as whether its in good standing or dissolved.

    LLC Fees and Forms:

    325 Don Gaspar, Suite 300Santa Fe, NM 87501

    325 Don Gaspar, Suite 300Santa Fe, NM 87501

    Are You Having Trouble Finding A Particular Business

    You can try these search tips in the fields above:

    • If you are looking for a company called, ‘Fun and Gamez Inc.’ but you aren’t sure exactly how to spell their name, search for ‘game.’ You could also search for ‘gamez’ or ‘fun’ but if you search for ‘games’ no results will be found.
    • Search fewer words as the registry will look for any string of characters that exactly matches your keyword or phrase entered.
    • Do not use special characters or quotation marks.
    • The search is not case sensitive.
    • You must search by the official business name. If the business operates under another name, you will not find it.

    After the three-year registration cycle, all companies registered to conduct business in PEI will be listed in our new online registry database. Until then, thank you for understanding. If you cannot find the business you are looking for contact or 902-368-4550.

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    Does Registration Protect My Business Name

    The Business Names Act does not protect the exclusivity of a registered name. You may be able to protect your business name by registering a trademark under the Trade-Marks Act . It may be useful to talk to your lawyer or contact the FedDev Ontario – Small Business Services for more information on trademarks.

    The Business Names Act does not prohibit registration of identical names, but if you decide to use a name that is the same as or confusingly similar to that of an existing business, it could result in a lawsuit. The person registering the name also assumes full responsibility for any risk of confusion with an existing corporation, business name or trademark.

    You may also wish to do some research to see if incorporating is a better alternative for your business. Identical corporation names cannot be incorporated in Ontario. If you incorporate and carry on business under the corporate name set out in the Articles of Incorporation, there is no requirement to register under the Business Names Act. However, if the corporation is operating with a name that is different from its corporate name, the operating name must be registered under the Business Names Act.


    Central Production and Verification Services Branch staff cannot provide specific advice on name selection. If you are not sure about the use of a name, you should consult a lawyer.

    Penalties for not registering

    Choosing a business name

    Restrictions on business names

    Central Production And Verification Services Branch

    Business Name Search Reports NUANS in Canada

    Business names may be searched and registered in person from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on regular business days at:

    Central Production and Verification Services BranchMinistry of Government and Consumer ServicesSecond floor, 375 University AvenueToronto, ON M5G 2M2

    To reach the Central Production and Verification Services Branch Public Office, take the escalator from the lobby of 375 University Avenue to the second floor.

    Registrations submitted to the Branch should be addressed to:

    Central Production and Verification Services BranchMinistry of Government and Consumer Services393 University Avenue, Suite 200Toronto ON M5G 2M2

    The Ministry fee for registering a business name:

    • Through ServiceOntario, electronically $60 by mail $80.
    • Through the Service Providers $60 however the Service Providers charge a separate service fee. Contact the Service Providers directly for information about the fees they charge for the immediate online service they provide.
    • In person at the Branch or by mail is $80.

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    State And Federal Online Business Registration

  • Tax Exempt Bonds
  • If you need a business registration number from one of the states listed on this page, all you need to do is click on one of the links below. You will leave the IRS website and enter the state website.

    If you are from one of these states and you also want to get a federal Employer Identification Number , you may obtain both your state and federal information in one session. Heres how it works!

  • Provide the requested information in the state application.
  • Youll then be directed to the IRS websites online EIN application.
  • Provide any additional information necessary to assign your EIN.
  • Close the IRS websites browser after obtaining your EIN.
  • Enter your new EIN in the state application.
  • Why Does The Uspto Use Design Search Codes

    When examining your trademark application, we must determine whether a consumer is likely to confuse your mark with a registered mark or a mark in a previously filed application. To make that determination, examining attorneys and the public must be able to thoroughly and efficiently search the expansive USPTO database for marks that are similar to yours.

    To focus the search, we assign a numerical design search code to each design element of your mark when we receive your application. A design element can be any component of your mark that is not a word, such as a depiction of a star or flower.

    If your mark resembles another mark too closely in sound, appearance, or meaning, we will issue you a likelihood-of-confusion refusal.

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    How Does The Uspto Determine Which Design Search Codes To Assign

    The USPTO tries to assign design search codes for every significant element of your mark. Our major considerations are:

    • If you were visually scanning a collection of marks, which features would help you pick out your mark?
    • If you were visually scanning a collection of marks, which features would help you pick out a similar mark?

    We also consider the description of the mark from your application and other statements you submit. It is important that you accurately and completely describe all design elements of your mark.

    After we review your application and assign design search codes , we will send your application to an examining attorney. Your examining attorney may add or delete design search codes if he or she determines that doing it will more accurately account for the all the design elements in your mark.

    Business Name Searches And Availability: Your Questions Answered

    Www sos ca gov business be name availability htm ...

    Every business formed in your state must have a unique business name. This name cannot be similar to any other business name in the state.

    Typically, the following factors cannot be used to say your business name is different from another business name:

    • Suffixes, such as Corporation, Company, Incorporated, Incorporation, Limited, Corp., Co., Inc., Ltd., LLC, etc.
    • Definite articles like A, And, An, & , The, etc.
    • The singular, plural or possessive forms of a word
    • Abbreviations, punctuation, symbols, fonts, typefaces, etc.

    The following rules typically apply across all states for naming a business:

    • Your entity name needs to be unique and should not be similar to or confusable with another business name in the state.
    • Your name must contain certain words, depending on the type of entity youre creating.
    • If your entity is an LLC, it must contain the words Limited Liability Company or an abbreviation.
    • If your entity is a corporation, it must contain a word like Incorporated or Corporation.
  • The name should not imply an association or connection with a state entity, agency or body.
  • The name should not imply you are carrying out a service or business operations that you are not legally able to provide.
  • Additionally, most states will have other, more specific naming rules. You can find those on the individual state business name search pages above, or in our state-by-state guides to LLCs and corporations.

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    Is Your Company Information Up

    It is the responsibility of the business or not-for-profit corporation to keep their information on the public record accurate and up-to-date. Find out more and update your information now.

    Please note that all information filed on the Ontario Business Registry, such as registered office or other address information, will be placed on the public record and publicly available for searches under the business statutes. Administrative information such as contact information for the filing and the official email address is not shown on the public record.

    Check Trade Names In Other Provinces And Territories

    After searching the national databases, you may also want to search registered trade names to see if they’re used in other provinces and territories if you ever plan to do business there. However, registering a trade name at the provincial and territorial level does not give a business exclusive rights to use that name at the federal level. Proper consent may be requested for the use of a name that is identical or similar to any kind of existing trade name or trademark . It’s in the best interest of a business to use a name that is not already being used by another business or corporation.

    Use these links to search the provincial and territorial databases:

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    Form 6 Ontario Limited Liability Partnership Extra

    • Limited Liability Partnerships must register the firm name and can carry on business in Ontario only under the registered firm name. An LLP is a partnership with special characteristics related to liability, and may be formed only by professionals whose governing legislation permits LLPs to practice the profession. Currently in Ontario, only lawyers, chartered accountants and certified general accountants may form a Limited Liability Partnership. The words limited liability partnership or société à responsabilité limitée or the abbreviations LLP, L.L.P. or s.r.l. must appear in the name of a limited liability partnership.
    • Extra-Provincial Limited Liability Partnership must register the firm name to carry on business in Ontario, and can carry on business only under the registered firm name. An Extra-Provincial LLP may carry on business in Ontario only if it practices a profession that Ontario LLPs are authorized to practice.
    • Extra-Provincial Limited Liability Companies must register the company name to carry on business in Ontario. A limited liability company is an unincorporated association, other than a partnership, formed under the laws of another jurisdiction that grants its members limited liability. There is no statute to establish an Ontario LLC.

    South Dakota Business Name Search

    Delaware Secretary of State Business Search

    How to do a business name search in South Dakota:

  • Enter all or part of your business name in the Search Name box.
  • Choose either Starts With or Contains and click Search.
  • Youll see a list of all the registered businesses in South Dakota that use the words you entered in their business name. Youll also see the status of each business, such as whether its in good standing or dissolved.

    LLC Fees and Forms:

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    What If I Am No Longer Using An Assumed Name For My Business

    If you have filed an assumed name certificate with either the secretary of state or with a county clerk and you are no longer conducting business under that assumed name, you may file a statement of abandonment.

    The statement of abandonment must include the following:

  • The assumed name which is being abandoned
  • The offices with which the assumed name certificate was filed and the date of filing
  • The office where the statement is being filed and
  • Each registrants name and residence or office address.
  • The secretary of state has a statement of abandonment form that may be used to file an abandonment of an assumed name certificate recorded with the secretary of state. If you filed an assumed name certificate with the county clerk, and want to file an abandonment of the assumed name certificate, do not use Form 504. Different execution requirements apply when filing a statement of abandonment on the county level.

    County State And Federal Business Registration

    Before you establish a business, please consult with a Corporate/Business Law Attorney or Certified Public Accountant , who specializes in your industry, for advice about what type of business entity will meet your business needs and what your legal obligations will be. The type of business entity you choose will depend on three primary factors: liability, taxation and record-keeping. Additional information may also be obtained from the U.S. Small Business Administration or SCORE Chicago.

    Once you have consulted with a licensed business formation professional, and determined the most appropriate business entity for your needs, then you, or your licensed representative, must register your business entity with the proper government agency:

    • Sole Proprietors and General Partnerships, operating under an assumed name, must register with the Cook County Clerk’s Office.
    • All other business entity types , Limited Liability Partnership , Limited Liability Corporation , Corporation, or Not-for-Profit Corporation ) must register with the Illinois Secretary of State.

    Accordingly, you, or your licensed representative, must also register for your business taxes with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and Illinois Department of Revenue . The City of Chicago business tax registration is part of the business license application process. For additional information about business and tax registration, please review the chart below:


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    New York Business Name Search

    How to do a business name search in New York:

  • Enter all or part of your business name in the Entity Name box.
  • Select either Active Only businesses or All businesses.
  • Choose Begins With, Contains or Partial.
  • Complete the reCAPTCHA by typing the words or numbers you see in the image.
  • The system will produce a list of the registered businesses in New York that have the word or words you entered as all or part of their name.

    LLC Fees and Forms:

    600 E Boulevard Ave Dept 108, 1st FloorBismarck ND 58505-0500

    600 E Boulevard Ave Dept 108, 1st FloorBismarck ND 58505-0500

    Should An Assumed Name Certificate Be Rejected If There Is A Certificate Already On File For The Same Or A Similar Name

    Www sos ca gov business be name availability htm ...

    No. Chapter 71 of the Texas Business & Commerce Code does not authorize rejection of an assumed name certificate on the basis of a name conflict. Therefore, there may be multiple assumed name certificates on file with the secretary of state for the exact same name. An assumed name certificate provides information about the underlying businesss identity and location. It does not give the registrant any right to use the assumed name in a way that violates the law, infringes on the rightful use of the name by others, and it does not prevent anyone else from filing the same assumed name or using the name to form a new entity with the secretary of state. It is up to each business entity to protect its name and good will.

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