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Federal Government Of Workers Compensation Appeals Board

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What Is The Structure Of The Workers Compensation Appeals Board

Important decision of the court regarding salaries || Important Update Regarding Pay Protection

Each state has its own workers compensation appeals board , and each states WCAB is different. Generally speaking, however, a WCAB is a judicial body, and it has members who are tasked with hearing challenges to workers compensation denials. The members of a WCAB are typically appointed by the states governor and confirmed by the states legislature. A WCAB may also have other staff members who handle scheduling, filings, and other matters.

Am I Covered By This Act

If you are a civil officer or employee in any branch of the Government of the United States, including an officer or employee of an agency completely owned by the United States you are covered by this Act. Special legislation provides coverage to Peace Corps and VISTA volunteers Federal petit or grand jurors volunteer members of the Civil Air Patrol Reserve Officer Training Corps Cadets Job Corps, Neighborhood Youth Corps, and Youth Conservation Corps enrollees and non-Federal law enforcement officers under certain circumstances involving crimes against the United States. Employees that do not fall into these categories should contact their state workers compensation board.

Do I Need A Lawyer To Go To The Workers Compensation Appeals Board

Technically, you dont need a lawyer to go to the workers compensation appeals board. If you want to, you can try to file an appeal on your own. However, while you dont need to hire an attorney to file your appeal, it is strongly in your best interests to get help from a lawyer at this stage. You need to do everything you can to make sure your appeal is successful, and this starts with putting an experienced lawyer on your side.

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You Learn The Outcome

Workers Compensation Appeals Boards can often take several weeks to make a decision, so you might not learn the outcome of your appeal right away. But, you should receive an outcome relatively soon after your hearing and, once you do, you can decide what steps to take next.

This is just a general overview of the workers compensation appeals process. Specifics vary by state, and the process is different if you need to file a federal workers compensation appeal with the ECAB. To learn about the specific steps you need to take to appeal your workers compensation denial, you should consult with a local attorney through promptly.

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What Do I Need To Know About The Employees Compensation Appeals Board

The Employees Compensation Appeals Board is part of the U.S. Department of Labor . It hears challenges to the denial of employees claims for federal workers compensation benefits. Filing an appeal with the Employees Compensation Appeals Board is a unique and complicated process, and it is extremely important for employees who have federal workers compensation claims to seek experienced legal representation when filing an appeal with ECAB.

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Wage Earning Capacity Decision

The ECAB board in the case of A.J. and the United States Postal Service, 61 ECAB 10-619 decided June 29 2010, tried to clarify and set forth reasonable rules concerning Loss of Wage Earning Capacity decisions. The decision is an excellent analysis of the evidence. The decision should be followed by OWCP as the definitive statement of Law. We shall see what OWCP does.

A.J. and the United States Postal Service, 61 ECAB 10-619 decided June 29 2010

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Appealing A Denial Of Benefits

You can appeal a denial of benefits to the federal Employees’ Compensation Appeals Board. You must file your appeal within 180 days of your denial. A panel of judges will hear your arguments and issue a written decision. A workers’ comp lawyer can help you present the most persuasive arguments possible to the appeals board.

What Benefits Am I Entitled To

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Wage loss is generally compensated at the rate of 66.67%, but if an employee has dependents, the income replacement is increased to 75%. An employee is eligible for up to 45 days full pay for traumatic injuries. Employees with occupational disease claims are not eligible to receive continuation of pay.


If the employee requires medical treatment because of a work-related traumatic injury, the supervisor should complete the front of Form CA-16, Authorization for Examination and/or Treatment, within four hours of the request. In an emergency, where there is no time to complete the form, the employer may authorize medical treatment by telephone and then forward Form CA-16 to the medical facility within 48 hours. Retroactive issuance of Form CA-16 is not allowed under any other circumstance. An employer may refuse to issue a CA-16 if more than a week has passed since the injury.

Vocational Rehabilitation

A program may include classroom training, on-the-job training, or both. The costs may include tuition, books and supplies, and maintenance up to $200 a month. Employees are expected to cooperate with vocational rehabilitation efforts. If an employee refuses to take part in the early stages of vocational rehabilitation , OWCP assumes that vocational rehabilitation would have resulted in return to work with no loss of wage-earning capacity, unless there is evidence to the contrary. Thus, OWCP reduces compensation to zero.

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Ecab Electronic Filing System Resources

EFS is the Department of Labor’s integrated web portal for electronic filing and serving of documents with DOL and parties in the cases. Specifically, this web portal provides parties electronic capability to file new appeals, briefs, motions, receive electronic service of Board issuances, and check the status of existing appeals. The current implementation of EFS supports DOL adjudicatory agencies such as the Administrative Review Board, Benefits Review Board, Employees’ Compensation Appeals Board, and Office of Administrative Law Judges.

Why Choose Our Federal Workers Comp Doctors

We are committed to the best interests of our patients. We are not intimidated by the federal workers compensation claims process, nor are we intimidated by your employing agency. We make sure you receive all the medical care, treatment, and physical therapy you need before sending you back to work. We do not cave to the pressures of your employer.

We provide excellent care, treatment and therapy. Our skilled physicians and medical personnel are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to federal workers compensation and occupational medicine. They offer comprehensive care and treatment to every single one of our patients.

Our customer service is outstanding. Our team is dedicated to providing the very best in patient care and customer service to everyone who comes to our clinic. We work hard to make sure our patients never feel dismissed, neglected, unheard, or unassisted.

We offer free claims assistance by expert OWCP case managers.If you file your OWCP incorrectly you could lose the benefits that are rightfully yours. Let our case managers walk you through the process so that you can be confident in your claim and receive your federal workers compensation as soon as possible.

We handle the DOL-OWCP claims promptly and efficiently. When it comes to the paperwork of DOL-OWPC claims, DOL doctors will have the experience to complete the process in a prompt manner. We understand how important it is that you see the support you deserve when going through an injury.

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Federal Workers Compensation Lawyer Representingus Government Employees Across The United States

Federal workers compensation is administered by the Office of Workers Compensation Programs . The OWCP is a division of the U.S. Department of Labor. Federal workers compensation is not subject to state law and is universal throughout the nation. This enables The Devadoss Law Firm, P.L.L.C., to help injured federal government employees anywhere in the U.S. obtain the federal workers compensation benefits to which they are entitled.

Are you a federal employee who has been injured at work? Talk to our experienced OWCP lawyer today at to arrange a free evaluation of your injury claim. At The Devadoss Law Firm, P.L.L.C., we are committed to helping federal workers secure full benefits and maintain disability coverage until they can return to work.

If you have been injured on the job, it is important to report the injury to your employer. This is true for traumatic injuries as well as occupational injuries, such as repetitive stress. You are entitled to benefits that include wages, payment for medical care and vocational rehabilitation, if necessary. Medical benefits include surgery, hospital stays, supplies for treatment and transportation.

Getting Questions Answers And Bringing Facts To Light


We share your need to know why your federal workers compensation claim was denied. When the OWCP will not give you the answers you need, we will advocate on your behalf to get those answers. The smallest oversight on their part may have led to the denial. They may have even failed to review vital medical information.

Whatever mistake was made or step that was not taken, we will aggressively bring that information to light and seek reconsideration in the form of a workers compensation appeal.

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Let Us Help You If Youve Been Injured On The Job

We take our work very seriously because we know how important it is to your quality of life and your recovery. Dont hesitate to call 713-695-6200 today so we can answer any questions you have. Well guide you through every step of the process and keep lines of communication open at all times. Were here to make life a little easier during this tough time and get you back to feeling good. Are you an APWU member? We have treated several American Postal Worker Union members throughout the Houston area. Call us today!

What Is The Difference Between A Traumatic Injury And An Occupational Disease Or Illness

Whether an injury is considered a traumatic injury or an occupational disease or illness can affect the employees benefits, including continuation of pay.

A traumatic injury is a wound or other condition of the body caused by external force, including stress or strain. The injury must occur at a specific time and place, and it must affect a specific member or function of the body. The injury must be caused by a specific event or incident, or a series of events or incidents, within a single day or work shift. An example of a traumatic injury would be falling from scaffolding while working on a job.

An occupational disease or illness is a condition caused by the work environment over a period longer than one workday or shift. The condition may result from infection, repeated stress or strain, or repeated exposure to toxins, poisons, fumes or other continuing conditions of the work environment. An example of an occupational disease would be repetitive stress injury resulting from typing on the same computer over a long period of time.

The length of exposure, not the cause of the injury or the medical condition which results, determines whether an injury is traumatic or occupational. For instance, if an employee is exposed to toxic fumes for one day, the incident is considered a traumatic injury. If the employee is exposed to toxic fumes for two or more days, the incident is considered an occupational disease.

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Reporting On Injuries By Employer

It is the responsibility of employers to ensure that employees are aware of their rights to workers’ compensation. Personnel officers must ensure that all occupational injuries or illnesses involving lost time or requiring medical attention are reported to the Federal Workers Compensation Service within three days of occurrence in order that claims may be checked for accuracy and completeness, countersigned and forwarded to the appropriate provincial workers’ compensation authority.

Personnel officers are also responsible for the development and communication to employees of appropriate directives and instructions concerning the details of reporting occupational injuries and illnesses to their employer. First aid records should be maintained in cases where the injury does not require the services of a medical doctor. First aid cases should be reported to the Federal Workers Compensation Service only where a doctor’s services are required at a later date.

Workers Compensation Appeals Board

Today Notification and News for Government Employees l Big Relief of Provincial Govt l Employees Tv

The Workers Compensation Appeals Board exercises all judicial powers vested by the Labor Code in a reasonable and sound manner and provides guidance and leadership to the workers compensation community through case opinions and regulations.

The Workers Compensation Appeals Board, a seven-member, judicial body appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate, exercises all judicial powers vested in it by the Labor Code. Its major functions include review of petitions for reconsideration of decisions by workers compensation administrative law judges of the Division of Workers Compensation and regulation of the adjudication process by adopting rules of practice and procedure.

Alternative Filing during COVID-19

In light of the continued state of emergency in response to the novel coronavirus and pursuant to the Appeals Boards en banc order issued on April 6, 2020, documents intended for the Appeals Board, Office of the Commissioners may be sent to .

Petitions for reconsideration, removal, disqualification and answers should be filed in EAMS or with the district office having venue.

For information about sending documents subject to a statutory time limit by email to a district office, please refer to the en banc order and to the District Office page for more information.

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Protecting Your Rights In Workers Compensation Appeals

If your claim for federal workers compensation is denied by the Office of Workers Compensation Programs , your case is far from over. This denial is not the final decision and you are entitled to file a workers compensation appeal.

If you are a federal employee who suffered a serious work-related injury, only to have your workers compensation claim and subsequent scheduled award denied, the attorneys at The Devadoss Law Firm will help you with the complex process of appealing that decision.

Who Is Covered By Federal Workers’ Comp

FECA covers civilian federal employees, including postal workers , TSA agents, Border Patrol agents, and almost all other civil officers or employees in any branch of the U.S. government.

The only federal employees who are not covered by FECA are railroad employees, , black lung coal miners, and members of the U.S. military, all of whom are covered by separate laws for compensating injured employees.

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What Is The Federal Employees Compensation Act

FECA is the federal law that applies to federal employees with work-related injuries or illnesses. The Act is administered by the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Workers Compensation Programs . FECA requires that compensation benefits be provided to injured federal employees. These benefits include medical expenses, compensation for wage loss, and payment to dependents of employees who die from work-related injuries or diseases. For partially disabled employees returning to work, FECA provides vocational rehabilitation .

The Employees Compensation Appeals Board

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The Employees Compensation Appeals Board was created in 1946 by statute to hear appeals taken from determinations and awards under the Federal Employees Compensation Act with respect to claims of federal employees injured in the course of their employment. The Board has final authority to determine the liability of the Federal government with respect to the disability or death of employees injured in the scope of their employment. There is no further administrative or judicial appeal of ECAB decisions. The Board, by statute, consists of three Members appointed by the Secretary of Labor, one of whom is designated as Chairman of the Board and administrative manager.

The Boards mission is to hear and decide cases on appeal from decisions of the Office of Workers Compensation Programs in an impartial and expeditious manner. The decisions of the Board are made in accordance with its statutory mandate, based on a thorough review of the case record as compiled by OWCP. Injured federal workers have the opportunity for a full evidentiary hearing with OWCPs Branch of Hearings and Review prior to review of the record by the Board*.

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