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Verizon Wireless Government Employee Discount

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Verizon Government Employee Discounts In The United States

Verizon Exclusive Discounts52+ Best Verizon Coupon & Discounts For Business, Fios, Wireless, Visa

Verizon Federal employee discounts vary according to the branch of the government you serve. Also, the location that you live in may affect the discount you can get. So, you must be able to locate your employers or organizations discount. To help you, we have this list of the best Verizon Wireless Government employee discounts.

How Do I Sign Up For The Employee Discount

If you’re eligible for a Verizon mobile discount, you must register on our Discounts by Verizon program page. On the Discount page, click the choice that applies to you: Already have a Verizon Wireless account? or Not yet a Verizon Wireless customer?To learn more, visit our how to register for discounts page for more detail about signing up for our discount program.Note: Validating your discount doesn’t extend your mobile service contract. It just ensures you get the discount currently available under your organization’s agreement with us.

Federal Employee Discounts Verizon Upto 25%

Are you a public servant, a university student, or a big company in the United States? If so, we have fantastic news! Verizon Wireless provides you with more discounts on its various plans. This can come as a surprise, as neither Verizon nor the U.S. government would like to market these savings. In most cases, you might not have heard it before. It is time for these secret discounts to shine the light and save you some of your money.

Verizon Wireless offers a range of discounts in most of their plans. Most of them include up to 25% off monthly telephone plans and accessories. There is a chance of obtaining $15 off one line, $35 off two, and $40 on three. You can also get the $40 on multiple lines for Go, Beyond, and Above unlimited plans. This means you can save up to 25% on your personal monthly telephone or Internet cost. However, it depends on what you do and where you work!

So, to know more about these Federal Employee Discounts by Verizon, read this article till the end. We hope it will help you if you fit in the above categories. Also, note that all these discounts vary in different states.

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How To Register For Discounts: First Responder Military Nurse Teacher Student Employee

You may be able to get discounts on certain Verizon Wireless plans, features and accessories if you’re:

  • A first responder
  • A military member, veteran, cadet or Gold Star family member.
  • A nurse or respiratory therapist
  • A teacher
  • A student actively enrolled in a U.S. secondary educational institution of higher learning, including undergraduate, graduate, and/or vocational school or institution.
  • An employee of, or affiliated with a company or organization that has a mobile service agreement with us.
  • Note: Retiree eligibility depends on your company’s agreement with us. Check with your company or contact us to find out.

This program doesn’t include senior discounts, but you can check our shopping and deals page for other opportunities.Visit these FAQs to see which plans are eligible for your discount type and view discount details:

Follow these steps to validate your status and sign up for your discount:


When you’re registering on our Discounts by Verizon Wireless page and your work email doesn’t validate your employment or affiliation, we ask you to upload 1 validating document.The information you provide is only used to validate your employment or affiliation status. We value your privacy and don’t use the information in any way other than the stated purpose.

Discount Type
National Provider Identifier number, pay stub*
Teachers Pay stub.* Note: Certain states may require that you provide a teaching certificate. If it’s needed we’ll let you know during validation.

Corporate Employee Discounts On Mobile

 Does Verizon Offer Discounts For Government Employees ...


After registering with our discount program, you may be eligible to get the employee discounts below. Which discounts and the discount amount depends on your companyâs agreement with us. You may be eligible for a discount on account-level access fees of $34.99 or higher with these plans: Shared Data Plan – 5GB. Shared Data Plan – 10GB.

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How To Register For Discounts: First Responder

Once validated, you’re automatically sent to the Discounts by Verizon Wireless page. Choose Already with Verizon or New to Verizon and follow the prompts to sign up for your discount. Note: works with all web browsers except Internet Explorer. Corporate Employees: Visit our Discounts by Verizon Wireless page.

Corporate Employee Discounts On Mobile Accessories And Plans Faqs

Verizon offers discounts to employees of companies that have an agreement with Verizon. Find out if you’re eligible to save on data plans and accessories.

  • These are discounts to employees of companies that have an agreement with Verizon. Depending on your companys agreement, you may get discounts on mobile plans or accessories.Other discounts we offer include:

  • To be eligible for the employee discount you must:

  • Be the Account Owner or the Account Manager of the Verizon mobile account.
  • Note: An Account Manager’s eligibility can be applied to 1 account that’s not in the Account Manager’s name.
  • Be employed by a company or corporation that has a discount agreement with us.
  • Be on a qualifying Verizon mobile plan.
  • Your company should let you know if you’re eligible for a Verizon mobile discount. Or you can check your eligibility by entering your work email address on Verizon’s discount program page.If you’re:

  • Eligible – You see a confirmation that lists your discount amounts.
  • Not eligible – You can check with your company for more information.
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    Verizon Employee Discount: Who Qualifies And How To Get It

    Here are the Verizon employee discounts that I know about so far. State Employees from California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Texas 15% off voice/data plans and 25% off accessories. Allstate 22% off voice plans. American Express 20% off voice/data plans.

    List Of Verizons Employee Government And Corporate Discounts:

    EXP Verizon Discount

    If you know of a discount thats not posted here or theres an update to a listing just send us an email or tweet us the message. As noted before, when taking advantage of an employee discount you will need to provide proof that you are an employee or a member of the organization. These numbers above may not be exact or up to date so always double-check before signing an agreement with Verizon or Verizon Wireless.

    We also have an entire section for Verizon promo codes above if you cant find a corporate discount that works. The promo codes on the page range from $100 off new phones to deals weve found for cheaper plans. You will also want to check out our specific pages for student and military discounts available from Verizon. We also have a student discounts for Verizon Fios page to help you save on your internet and TV.

    Popular Ways To Save At Verizon Wireless

    If you still cant find a deal to save on Verizon Wireless then let us know below. We will do our best to help you find the best discount available on both your phone and plan.

    Also Check Out:

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    What Accessory Discounts Can I Get

    When you’re registered for an employee discount, you may be able to get discounts on eligible accessories when you buy them through your My Verizon account . Your discount is applied at checkout.Important: The accessory discount is not available when you buy the accessory in a retail store, on the phone through telesales or Customer Service or through a bill pay kiosk.Discount eligible accessories are:

  • Mono headsets
  • These are not eligible for discounts through this program:

    • Waterproof cases
    • Smart Accessories
    • Portable power
    • Memory cards
    • Stereo headphones
    • Other / Home solutions

    Employee Perks And Discount Program

    Verizon Connections Exclusive Employee Discounts. Save up to $330 when you order new Fios service online. Get more streaming and sharing with Fios Home Internet or add the employee discount to your current service. Check eligibility Gigabit Connection Ideal for a virtually seamless entertainment experience. Up to 940/880 Mbps. $89.99 $84.99

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    Requirements For One To Qualify For A Discount

    You can call Verizon if you qualify or would like to verify your eligibility for any of the savings. Verizon will need your work address. Additionally, you can contact customer service if you are a state employee.

  • Members of the active military need only to show their status by providing proof of evidence. This includes a military-issued email, military paystub, and military enlistment DD Form 4. They can also provide SCRA Status Report. Once you provide this, you will be eligible for these discounts.
  • If you are a Military Veterans, you can present a DD Form 214 or Veterans Identification Card. Other documents are Military Retiree Account Statement or a Veterans Advantage VetRewards Card.
  • People eligible for the First Responders discount have to provide some documents. They can be a paystub, pension stub, and volunteer identification. You can also provide a Statement of Volunteer service.
  • For you to qualify, you will need to have a company email for verification. Unfortunately, your company may not be having a company email for verification. If you are a victim of such, contact Verizon customer support for help. Once you submit your verification, they will apply the discount immediately. Additionally, you will also get modifications to your monthly bill.

    Below are some of these discounts that Verizon offers

    United States Military Discount

    Veteran Discounts

    United States Postal Service

    Federal Employee discount

    Educator Discount

    First Responder Discount

    Wireless Employee Discounts At& t Mobility

    Verizon Government Employee Discounts List 2019

    human resource office for the IRU discount code. When you register, if you are asked to select your agency and your particular agency isnt listed, select VITA. nTelos Wireless Verizon Wireless State employees receive the following discounts: 15 percent off of monthly access 25 percent off the purchase …

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    How Do I Get The Discount

    Go to the Verizon Connections Site: Youll enter your work email address, last name, and your state of residence. Well send an email back to your work email address that includes an embedded discount token via a link. You must enter the site through the link in the email. You should receive the email from us within 10 minutes. If you havent received it, check your junk email folder.

    *Please Note: Employees must enroll through the Verizon Connections website to receive any applicable discounts. Orders placed by phone or any other method do not qualify for this offer.

    What Data Plan Discounts Can I Get

    After registering with our discount program, you may be eligible to get the employee discounts below. Which discounts and the discount amount depends on your companys agreement with us.You may be eligible for a discount on account-level access fees of $34.99 or higher with these plans:

  • The Verizon Plan Shared Data Plans – Note: These plans are no longer available to add to accounts.
    • Discounts are deducted from your account’s monthly account-level access fees.
    • Discounts don’t apply to line access fees.

    These plans aren’t eligible for discounts through this program:

    • Unlimited consumer data plans
    • Prepaid plans, already discounted plans and promotional plans

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    Best Sites About Federal Employee Discount Verizon Wireless

    Customers who hunt for federal employee discount verizon wireless at Coupons Doom will get up to 60% OFF. Expired vouchers are exchanged on a regular basis with new codes and hot deals. We have a lot of massive coupon codes with big discoun ts to celebrate our customers on special occasions such as Boxing Day or Christmas Day.

    Verizon Government Employee Discounts List For The Usa

    VETERANS – Verizon Wireless 15 % Per Month Discount – Very Simple

    Verizon Government Employee Discounts List For The USA

    Government employee pricing through Verizon varies based upon what part of the government you work for and where youre located. Therefore, youll need to be able to find your employer or organizations discount. Thats why I am providing you with the top Verizon Wireless Government employee discounts.

    If you believe you qualify or want to check if you qualify for any of the discounts listed, you can notify Verizon by entering your company address or asking customer support, if you are a state employee. If you happen to be active military, you can provide proof by using a Military -issued email, Military paystub, Military enlistment DD Form 4 or SCRA Status Report. Military Veterans can provide a DD Form 214, Veterans ID card, Military Retiree Account Statement or VetRewards Card from Veterans Advantage. If you believe you qualify for the First Responders discount you need to provide a paystub, pension stub, volunteer ID, or Statement of Volunteer service. If you need to use an email address for verification, but your company does not have one, you should contact Verizon customer service.

    United States Military Discount

    Veterans Discount

    The discounts do not stop once you retire from the military, the 15% off applies to veterans as well. The discount provides some financial relief to those citizens who have since retired from active duty, and as a result, from a regular military salary.

    First Responder Discount

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    Does Verizon Offer Government Discounts

    Verizon offers monthly discounts for many government, corporate and education employees as well as up to $40/month off unlimited plans for active service military members and veterans. Does Verizon give employees phone or phone plan discounts …

    Best Sites About Verizon Wireless Government Employee Discount

    Take advantage of verizon wireless government employee discount at CouponsDoom before it expired! If you find the exact code, you can ou can get a discount of up to 30%. We’ll do whatever we can to provide users with free, secure and verifi ed coupon codes, as well as the most up-to-date discounts and deals on the market. We always make every effort to maintain the high level of service that our customers have come to expect.

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    Discounts For Military Government Corporate Employees


    Up to $115 cash back · Verizon’s 4G LTE network covers over 98% of Americans. Sign up for Verizon Wireless service below and enjoy the benefits of your organization’s discounts on Verizon. If we have your employer’s email domain on file, we’ll send you a confirmation with a link to start shopping!

    Correct Answer: Employer Discount


    Member. 10-02-2021 05:46 PM. I have the old GUDP and was receiving a 17% employer discount on the $39.99 access feature as well as a 17% discount on the $49.99 data feature. That all ended back in April and I have called Verizon every month since and finally received an answer that my plan is not eligible for an employer discount.

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    Welcome Boeing Employees And Retirees

    Get connected and stay connected with the following offers to Boeing employees and retirees from Verizon Wireless: Great News! Monthly access discount has increased from 20% to 25%! Activate new service, upgrade existing service or register your line to receive this increased discount. Activation Fees, taxes and other charges apply (Minimum 1 …

    What Do Employers Offer Discounts On Verizon Wireless

    List Of Verizon’s Employee and Corporate Discounts:AARP – No advertised discount.Allstate – 22% off voice plans.American Express – 20% off voice/data plans.Amtrak – 15% off voice/data plans and 25% off accessories.Apollo Group – 20% off voice/data plans and 25% off accessories.Bank of America – 20% off voice plans and data plans.Best Buy – 25% off voice/data plans and 20% off accessories.More items…

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    Verizon Wireless Discounts Employer

    On this page, you can find Verizon wireless discounts employer pages. This list is build manually with all the relevant results available on the web. You can click on any of the link and it will take you directly to the page you’re looking for.

    You can also use the search option if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Our database has millions of web pages and the most relevant links according to your query. You can also request to remove any not working or irrelevant links on our website. You can use the contact us page to request a web page that is not uploaded on our website.

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