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Training For Local Government Employees

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Harvard Kennedy School Executive Educations Leadership Organizing And Action: Leading Change

Local School Employees Undergo A.L.I.C.E Training – News Conference

Leadership, Organizing and Action: Leading Change program may not be aimed solely at government employees, but it is a unique opportunity for a long, deep dive into community organizing via a collaborative online learning environment. Over 14 weeks, Professor helps participants learn how to organize communities to mobilize their resources to create the power they need to make change. It is not a passive training. Participants lead an organizing project, write reflection papers, receive coaching, and coach each other. The program is designed for emerging and established leaders from civic, social, or political organizations. Admission is competitive.

The program is offered a few set times during the year, and costs $2,100. The deadline to apply is December 5, 2017.

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The Local Government Customer Service Program

Those who interact with citizens or co-workers in the office, on the phone, in the community, or in the field will find new ways to approach both internal and external customers more professionally. Your staff will be known by citizens for their high-quality service.

We provide courses in four areas listed below:

  • Communication Excellence in Local Government
  • Customer Service Excellence in Local Government
  • Dealing with Angry Citizens and Difficult People
  • Public and Private Partnerships to Effectively Serve the Citizens

Completing the Local Government Customer Service Program is easy: each attendee completes all four ½-day onsite workshops over a 2- to 8-month time period.

What Is Local Government 101

This interactive online certificate program immerses you in the special challenges that confront the local government manager today. Taught by experienced managers and local government experts, it is designed to impart real-life experience, best practices, and sound advice in the areas most important to a managers day-to-day role.

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American Management Associations Doing More With Less: How To Motivate And Reward Your Overworked Staff

Most workers would change jobs if they had the opportunity. To keep people motivated and engaged, leaders must apply creative engagement strategies. In Doing More with Less, HR and leadership trainer and author Paul Falcone shares how to remotivate your team and get them in sync with your organizations overall mission and strategic focus so top performers will want to stay at your organization. After completing this course, you will be able to apply proven methods of employee motivation, develop plans for more effective team motivation, set clear and defined goals as part of the motivation process, and identify specific challenges of workplace motivation and learn how to address them.

The 90-minute webinar is available on demand for $199.

Choose Your Own Learning Track

Make the Right Hire

There are two learning tracks available so you may choose the one that best suits your needs:

Track 1: Local Government Fundamentals Plus Equity and Inclusion15 90-minute modules

  • Course 1: Effective Local Government Manager
  • Course 2: Equity and Inclusion
  • Course 3: Human Resources and Staff Effectiveness
  • Course 4: Managing Local Government Services
  • Course 5: Becoming an Effective Leader

Track 2: Local Government Fundamentals Plus Disaster Preparedness

  • Course 1: Effective Local Government Manager
  • Course 2: Disaster Preparedness
  • Course 3: Human Resources and Staff Effectiveness
  • Course 4: Managing Local Government Services
  • Course 5: Becoming an Effective Leader

More Info/Register for Track 2

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Leadership Skills Training: Leaders Helping Others Be Leaders

Leadership skills training gives managers a possibility to improve their ability to inspire and motivate employees and teams to achieve outstanding business results. This program not only inspires the managers to focus on their becoming better, faster and smarter but also to find ways to make everyone on their team better, faster and smarter. This is the mindset that good leadership training provokes.

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The Union Of British Columbia Municipalities Commemorative Scholarship Program

This provincially-funded scholarship program commemorates UBCMS 75th anniversary and provides financial assistance to persons working in a municipality, regional district, improvement district and First Nation with membership in the UBCM in the province who:

  • Are taking courses leading to Board of Examiners’ certification
  • Wish to upgrade their professional skills through post-secondary studies or other courses relating to local government administration

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Association For Talent Developments Essentials Of Attracting Growing And Retaining Gen Y

To become a magnet for early career talent, your organization needs your help to tdevelop strategies for transforming your organization and attracting, developing, and retaining the best from younger generations. Essentials of Attracting, Growing, and Retaining Gen Y shows you how to apply the latest research to successfully recruit and keep young talent longer. Youll learn the components of an integrated career development strategy and how to create a thriving organizational climate designed to release the talents and energy of younger workers.

The 3-part training costs $495 for ATD members and $850 for non-members.

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Supporting Agents Of Change

OPM Virtual Benefits Training – Federal Employees’ Dental and Vision Insurance Program

To serve constituents more effectively, public sector teams are evolving how they operate. This means change to large scale operations involving people, strategy, and work. To support public sector clients, Strategy Execution incorporates those domains in our training programs, whether it is contract management or project management.

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The Local Government Leadership Academy

Many municipalities and counties/parishes have discovered already that its getting harder these days to find and train the next generation of leaders who need guidance and skills to lead in perhaps the most difficult time in history.

Courses include: .

  • The Effective Local Government Leader
  • Communicating as a Municipal Leader
  • Setting the tone Your Attitude
  • Managing your Time & Setting Priorities
  • Strategic Municipal and County Goal-Setting
  • Building a High-Performance Customer Service Team
  • Ethical Excellence

Intro To Computer Science On Udacity

In this Intro to Computer Science course, youll learn and practice key computer science concepts by building your own versions of popular web applications. Youll get hands on with Python, a powerful, easy-to-learn, and widely used programming language, and youll explore computer science basics, as you build your own search engine and social network. The courses seven lessons cover writing programs to do repeating work, managing data, responding to queries, and the future of computing.

The course is free. Udemy estimates it takes 3 months to complete the course.

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Nership For Public Services Building A Culture Of Engagement

Building a Culture of Engagement is a 3-day virtual training series to help frontline supervisors and managers boost employee satisfaction in their agencies. Participants take away low- and no-cost strategies to use appreciation, communication, and empowerment to build their workforce. This series uses research-supported methods, which have been successfully applied across government, to help address real-time challenges. In addition to developing a useful set of tools, participants also hear from a panel of experts, including former government executives, who will discuss their experiences and offer suggestions to effectively improve workforce engagement.

The series is offered several times a year, and costs $250.

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State & Local Government Services


Our unparalleled solutions for professional development, online learning and virtual training help you better align learning with strategic objectives, preserve institutional knowledge and close the skills gap among a your new generation of state, county and municipal employees. Additionally, our mass notification solution provides a fast, reliable way to communicate with members of your community.

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What Is Employee Development

Employee training and development are terms often used interchangeably, across sectors, and encompass various employee learning practices. More specifically, employee training involves programs that enable employees to learn precise skills or gain knowledge to improve job performance. Employee development is a process whereby the manager and employee work together to create a development plan. This plan identifies areas to develop or enhance, and ascertains what actions or activities need to be taken to acquire and embed that learning. This development plan is aligned with the organizations goals and ultimately serves as a template showing skills that the employee requires and how they can go about acquiring them. Now, more than ever, owing to the impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the COVID-19 pandemic, learning and development in business is taking top priority in the workplace.

One of the biggest challenges faced by business leaders driving the adoption of disruptive technology, is insufficient internal skills when combining technology with technical proficiency. As industries innovate so new technologies emerge, which has a profound impact on education and development. The ability to merge new technology with creative learning methods will ensure that teams learn new skills or reskill dynamically, through a future-oriented approach.

Discover the five skills your team will need by 2025

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Training For Federal Employees

We offer training for managers and employees throughout the federal government on:

  • Contracts and Acquisitions

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No results could be found for the location you’ve entered.

Rates for Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Territories and Possessions are set by the Department of Defense.

Rates for foreign countries are set by the State Department.

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The Complete Web Developer Course 20 On Udemy

The popular Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 starts with the fundamentals for working quickly and efficiently with web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and Python. Then youll learn how to build your own responsive websites using more advanced techniques such as iQuery PHP 7, MySQL 5, and Twitter Bootstrap. Before long, youll move on to developing blogs and sites with WordPress, and learning smart ways to add dynamic content, using APls to connect to sites such as Google Maps and Facebook.

This multi-part course costs $200 on Udemy.

Training For New Arrivals

Proposed change would take local control away from Michigan Works! offices

Whenever new employees come on board it is vital that they get off to a good start in their new position. They need to understand their role in the organization as a whole, learn the expectations of their supervisor, and practice the basic elements of the job. Their experience in the first few weeks will have a significant bearing on their level of commitment and ability to become productive quickly.

It may be self-evident that new employees need to be trained, but it is all too rare that managers provide carefully designed training programs that give new arrivals what they really need. A well-rounded training program should have three elements:

  • a broad orientation about the organization where the employee is newly assigned
  • a training manual and/or the offices Standard Operating Procedures and
  • a training checklist that addresses the nuts and bolts of what the employee needs to know in order to do his/her job. The first two are fairly common training checklistswhich are the most important to a new employees ability to get up to speedare somewhat rare.
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    Kristy Daltons Social Media For Government On Lyndacom

    The Social Media for Government course explores the powerful ways social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be used by government. Kristy Dalton of Government Social Media discusses the importance of engaging the public online, how to write a powerful social media strategy, how to deal with negativity, and how to set the right tone. Youll learn about various laws and requirements that involve online government communications, and how to create social media policies for your agency.

    The course is included in a membership in, the price of which starts at $19.99 per month.

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    Local Government Staff Learning And Development

    Local government staff can access professional development and certification through programs offered by the Board of Examiners.

    The Board of Examiners is established by legislation and is comprised of representatives from the B.C. government, the Local Government Management Association and the Union of British Columbia Municipalities .

    The Board of Examiners offers certification and scholarship programs to improve and recognize the professional skills and education of B.C.’s local government staff and build their administrative capacity.

    On this page:

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    Browse Our Catalog Of Continuing Education Live Webinars Ondemand And Online Local Government Training Programs

    Local governments today face a number of challenges, including the need to ensure accountability and transparency with minimal resources. As municipalities around the country struggle with budget crises, it is essential that citizens maintain confidence in local government institutions. Skilled, proactive employees are the best way to ensure this.

    Lorman Education Services offers a variety of local government training courses that will help managers run more effective organizations and help individual civil servants advance their careers. Our programming covers topics of interest to municipal bureaucracies of any size, as well as the contractors and professionals who work closely with them.

    Convenient Training for Busy Professionals

    Weve designed our training programs to be accessible to anyone, even those with a busy schedule or with on-site responsibilities that make attending classes impossible. Live webinars offer all the benefits of conventional training, without the need to travel. Content is available online direct from our secure server to your computer or mobile device. No additional hardware or software is required.

    Who Can Benefit

    Available programming includes:

    • GASB 34: Financial Reporting Requirements for State and Local Governments
    • Municipal Debt: Methods for Restructuring
    • Make Strategic Decisions with Performance-Based Budgets in the Government Sector

    Supervisory Program For The Government Sector

    Top Ten Local Government Innovations of 2017

    Poor supervision practices can have major financial implications. The result is reflected in low employee productivity, client and employee dissatisfaction, and high turnover. A proven supervisory training program can provide critical techniques necessary for your supervisors to gain confidence and competence in their role.

    Join with local cities in implementing our supervisory program and take the next step in ensuring that your supervisors are well prepared for the challenges ahead. We are committed to your success and are devoted to working continuously with local cities to ensure the quality of our program.

    We strongly believe that our Local Government Supervisory Program can provide your employees with the tools necessary for them to become effective supervisors.

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    The Local Government Training Initiative

    The Golden LEAF Local Government Training Initiative helps North Carolinas qualifying local governments invest in their mid and entry level talent. The Initiative offers three categories of professional development opportunities.


    The Initiative will be open to municipal and county governments in Tier One counties across the state those specified by the North Carolina Department of Commerces 2020, 2021, and 2022 County Distress Rankings. Check here for a current list of qualifying counties. Eligible individuals in these counties include:

    • Mid and entry level public professionals those working at the department director level and below.
    • Local elected leaders from municipalities with mayor-council forms of government. Check here for a list of qualifying municipalities.

    For More Information

    Sign up for the Golden LEAF Local Government Training Initiative to receive additional information and announcements about upcoming courses and scholarship opportunities, check our Frequently Asked Questions, or with questions about how your local government can participate.

    Access To Information And Protection Of Privacy Guide For Municipalities

    This Guide will provide direction on how to handle various access and privacy issues. This Guide has been developed to support municipalities in following the ATIPP Act, 2015. A further update will be provided to municipalities when a standard for public disclosure for municipal governance is enacted within the Municipalities Act, 1999 as recommended by the ATIPPA Statutory Review Committee.

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    Compliance Training: Safety Over All

    Beside Orientation training, theres Compliance training another type of training which may be needed in some departments for more specific training.

    Compliance training educates employees on the laws and regulations of their job function or industry. These laws aim to maintain the safety of the workplace and to prevent poor conduct from employees. A good compliance training program helps to minimize risk, provide a better environment for employees to work in, and maintain a good reputation.

    Gain Your Competitive Edge

    San Antonio, Bexar County exploring legal options for requiring local government employees to g…

    Local Government 101 helps new and mid-career managers, assistant managers, and even career-changers new to local government gain the competitive edge in leading their communities and advancing their careers. This five-course, 15-session program provides the basic skills you need to do an outstanding job for your community and make yourself marketable in the increasingly competitive field of local government management.

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    It Prepares Employees For Higher Responsibilities

    Training programs can also help prepare employees who are moving into higher roles and taking on more responsibilities in an organization. These programs will help them learn the skills that are required to function effectively in their new positions. For example, they may be trained in leadership skills or in a specific software they will use in their new role.

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    Manage Your Members Certifications

    Vector Solutions’ online training management platform features a secure records management solution to alert members of expiring certifications or deadlines and digitally stores certificates and licenses. Online records management makes important files accessible and easy to produce in the case of an incident or audit saving you time and money.

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    Proven Government Training Success

    Helping our government clients implement scalable, meaningful eLearning tracks that produce measurable results is our top priority. We understand the challenges our government customers face educating their teams, from succession related skill gaps to compliance and professional development to advancing technology, all within demanding time constraints. Keeping up is the name of the game. Our methods are proven, our training vetted and accredited, and were section 508 compliant. Well even help you market online training internally and evaluate program success. Were with you every step of the way, every subscription, every day.

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