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How To Do Government Contracting

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Are You A Hubzone Business

How Does Government Contracting work?

The Small Business Administration’sHUBZone Program is designed to promoteeconomic development and employmentgrowth in distressed areas by providingaccess to more federal contractingopportunities. HUBZone is defined as a”Historically Underutilized BusinessZone”. Certified small business firmswill have the opportunity to negotiatecontracts and to participate inrestricted competition limited toHUBZone firms. To determine if yourbusiness is located in a HUBZone, or toapply online, clickhere.

How To Get Government Contracts As A Consultant: 3 Steps

By MBO Partners | June 30, 2021

Have you ever wondered how to work with the government as an independent contractor? The federal government engages more contractors than any other organization in the world, which presents many opportunities for independents. Each year, billions of dollars in contracts are set aside for small businesses, women, minorities, and veterans.

Many independent consultants look to government contracting as another option for growing their business. Follow these three steps to understand the processes, requirements, and resources needed to get government contracts as a consultant.

Market Directly To Agencies

If youâre in a very specific industry or know exactly which government agency your small business is most suited to contract with, you can market your firm directly to either targeted agencies or prime contractors. To do this, you would use and SUB-Net to identify existing procurement needs. Then, you can communicate directly to those agencies why your company is the right choice to fill that.

Opportunities to connect with agency decision-makers are available through procurement conferences, industry events, and even contract matchmaking events.

Even if an agency doesnât have a current contract opening, taking advantage of direct marketing opportunities will help your business establish its name among the government contracting community as a key âcontract playerâ in your line of work. Check out the website for your local SBA district office to find trainings and events in your community that involve your target agencies.

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The Pros And Cons Of Contracting With The Government

The United States government spent $835 billion in contractual services in 2018, making it the world’s largest employer for contract work. If you or your business can meet the government’s requirements, you could end up with a healthy revenue stream. But every job has its pros and cons, and government contracting is no different.

Whether you choose to become a government contractor could involve a mixture of circumstance and personal preference. There are some who swear by this type of work and others who wouldn’t touch a government job if offered one. Still, others have more government work than they can handle and long for something else.

While government contracting can be an excellent way to start or sustain a business, it’s not without its downsides. As with any risk, you must evaluate all factors to determine if the reward is worth the effort. Here are some of the pros and cons of contracting with the government.

Procurement Policies In Support Of Enterprise And Growth

How do I find government contracts?  Tenders Direct Blog

The government has set a new target for a third of central government buying to be with small businesses by 2020. Achieving this target will mean an extra £3 billion per year going to small firms directly or through the supply chain.

Government has taken major steps to ensure business gets the most out of procurement opportunities, whilst still securing value for money by implementing the following reforms:

  • simplifying processes by abolishing Pre-Qualification Questionnaires for contracts below the EU threshold and mandating the use of a standard selection questionnaire above threshold contracts

  • making contract opportunities easier to find by having them accessible on an improved single online portal Contracts Finder

  • ensuring small firms are treated fairly by mandating prompt payment terms throughout a public procurement supply chain

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Procurement Assistance And Support

  • Veteran Institute for Procurement is a training and assistance program established by the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce to help Veteran-owned businesses to access government contracts.
  • helps companies to identify, bid and perform on government contracts with federal, state, and local government.

Help From Counseling Services

If you need more personalized, ongoing assistance and advice, you can get it through government-sponsored or commercial counseling services. You can also get answers to questions and problems your business may be facing by joining a professional association.

Valuable resources available to a small business include Procurement Technical Assistance Centers , which may be found all over the country. They are frequently associated with educational institutions. Commercial counseling services can also provide, but be sure you understand the economics of using one. There is also a government-backed membership organization called the National Contracts Management Association.

Procurement Technical Assistance Centers. The Procurement Technical Assistance Program started in 1985 to help the Department of Defense place contracts in areas of the country that needed an influx of federal dollars. Although it has never been called an economic development program, it works like one to some extent.

Through cooperative agreements, the federal government enters into a cost-sharing arrangement with a state or local government or not-for-profit organization to provide general counseling services to businesses seeking government contracts. Its original purpose was only to help with military contracting and with areas of high unemployment, but over the years it has expanded to provide assistance to businesses wanting to do or doing business at the federal, state or local level.

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Are You A Small Disadvantaged Business

A small disadvantaged business isdefined as a firm that is 51% or moreowned, controlled and operated by aperson who is socially andeconomically disadvantaged. AfricanAmericans, Hispanic Americans, AsianPacific Americans, Subcontinent AsianAmericans, and Native Americans arepresumed to qualify. Other individualscan qualify if they show by a”preponderance of the evidence” thatthey are disadvantaged.Learn more about this.

Bid On Government Contracts: Step

Government Contracting – 5 Things You Need To Know
  • Find the contract opportunity that you are interested in. It may be in the form of an RFP, an RFQ or an IFB. Each of these solicitation methods requires vendors to provide a different response make sure that you follow the guidelines when responding. Here is some information about the differences between RFPs and IFBs.
  • Make sure that you can provide the products or services needed. Many vendors make the mistake of bidding on contracts that arent a precise match with the services they offer, or try to take on a contract that is simply too big for them to handle. You can improve your chances of winning a contract by bidding only on the ones that you are absolutely sure you can handle.
  • Read the proposal submission guidelines closely and follow them to the letter. Government agencies will reject any bid proposal that does not conform to the submission guidelines. To avoid being rejected, make sure that your bid follows every rule of the agencys submission process and get your proposal in before the closing date and time.
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    Forecast Of Contracting Opportunities

    It’s easy to find small business contracting opportunities thanks to the Forecast of Contracting Opportunities Tool.

    The Forecast of Contracting Opportunities Tool provides information on expected federal contracting opportunities. The tool assists with acquisition planning by helping vendors learn about potential prime contracting opportunities early in the process. Users can easily filter the data by agency, location , NAICS Code, contract type, and more.

    The Forecast Tool Factsheet provides tips on how to use the tool and take advantage of its features.

    What Types Of Contracting Opportunities Are There

    There are 4 main types of contracting opportunities available through the federal government:

    • Micro-purchases are government purchases under $3,000. These opportunities dont require a competitive bidding process.
    • Sealed bidding is the competitive buying process for contracting opportunities with specific and clear government requirements. These contracts range between $3,000 $100,000 and are awarded to the lowest bidder that fits the needs of the respective government agency.
    • Contract negotiations are used for contracts that will exceed $100,000 and when highly technical products and services are being sought.
    • Consolidated purchasing programs are for contracts that can be awarded to multiple vendors and can be used by multiple agencies.

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    Appendix E Federal Contracts For Building Services In The Province Of Ontario

  • Federal contracting authorities are required to observe the intent and follow the provisions of the Ontario legislation concerning the protection of jobs and the level of benefits of workers who work primarily at one specific site to provide building cleaning, food and security services.
  • Upon request by the building owner or manager, an employer providing the specified services shall provide the following information as set out in Ontario Regulation138/96:
  • the name, address and telephone number of each employee
  • the classification, wage rate, benefits, average weekly hours and initial hire date of each employee
  • the number of weeks worked in the preceding 26 weeks or a longer period if services were temporarily discounted or an employee was on pregnancy or parental leave and
  • a statement indicating which employees were not primarily employed at the premises during the preceding 13 weeks or during and employees most recent 13weeks of active employment.
  • Building owners or managers are required to give this information, excluding the names, addresses and telephone numbers of employees, to prospective bidders upon request.
  • Building owners or managers must provide the full list, including names, addresses and telephone numbers, upon the request of the successful bidder.
  • Such information shall be used only for the purposes of complying with the Employment Standards Act and shall not be disclosed except as authorized by the Act.
  • Terms And Conditions Of Contract

    How long does it take to award a government contract?

    You should use the model terms and conditions, as follows:

    The Model Services Contract was introduced in March 2014 on the basis that all departments should use it for IT and Business Process Outsourcing contracts with a through life contract value of £10 million or more.

    The Short Form Terms and Conditions were issued in April 2014 for low value procurement of goods and services.

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    Is Learning How To Get Government Contracts Limited To Your State

    There is a huge debate among government contracting agencies on this topic. The politically correct answer is generally NO.

    Federal contracting is a federal program and not state. The facts show that government contractors from one state have been awarded government projects in totally new states. Prudent government contract lawyers should look at the constitutionality of favoring in state companies versus out-of-state contractors with no compelling reason.

    Many government agencies and SBA offices create policy that you can only apply for work within your particular state. This has yet to be seriously challenged. Other government proposals will state that bidders must posses a certain state license to bid on the particular federal contract. Read about best small business ideas for getting federal government contracts.

    These strategies at some point will be challenged successfully. While it is true that small businesses must use the SBA Office in their specific region, this is a far cry from saying that you must only look at contracts within that specific state.

    If you need information on how to get government contracts to create more revenues for your business, call our government contract consultants at 1-866-601-5518.

    Iii: Emergency Contracting Limit

  • Notwithstanding the contracting limits provided in Part I and Part II of this Directive, any contracting authority may enter into and amend a contract up to a total value of $1,000,000 in response to a pressing emergency on condition that a report be sent to the Treasury Board Secretariat within 60 calendar days of the authorization or beginning of the work. Departments are encouraged to use this expanded contracting authority to enter into lower dollar value contracts to address the emergency and then, if necessary, to amend them once the scope of the work involved is better defined.
  • Notwithstanding Section 1 of this Part and the contracting limits provided in Part I and Part II of this Directive, the Minister responsible for the Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development may enter into a contract for an international development assistance program or project to a total value of $4,000,000 in response to a pressing emergency on condition that a report be sent to the Treasury Board Secretariat within 60 calendar days of the authorization or beginning of the work.
  • An emergency contracting report should include the following:
  • detailed information about the circumstances of the emergency situation
  • the type and total value of the awarded contract
  • the reason why the bidding requirements were not practical or permissible
  • the department or agencys delegated contracting authority level at which the emergency contract entry was approved.
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    Government Contracts Favor Small Businesses

    Of the approximately $500 billion that the U.S. government spends annually on federal contracts, its also their goal to allocate 23% of those funds to small businesses. Now, that might not sound like a huge figureâbut in what other bidding scenarios do you have any sort of guarantee that the prospect will choose a small firm like yours over a much bigger company? In private industry, thatâs virtually unheard of.

    Whatâs more, through the Federal Procurement Data System, you actually have the ability to identify government agencies that arenât yet meeting that 23% target. If you respond to a request for a proposal from an agency in this circumstance, youâre almost guaranteed preferential consideration over non-small business firms.

    Do Business With The Military

    Government Contracting – How To Win Your First Government Contract – Win Federal Contracts

    Find out how your business can search and compete for contracting opportunities within the military.

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    Criminal Code The Financial Administration Act And The Trade Agreements

    12.5.1 The Criminal Code of Canada, Section 748, Sub-Section 3 prohibits anyone who has been convicted of an offence under:

    • Section 121, Frauds upon the Government
    • Section 124, Selling or Purchasing Office or
    • Section 418, Selling Defective Stores to Her Majesty,

    from holding public office, contracting with the government or receiving a benefit from a government contract, unless the Governor in Council has restored these capabilities to the individual or the individual has received a pardon.

    12.5.2 As stated in article 4.2, Related requirements, contracts are subject to the screening requirements of the Security Policy of the Government of Canada. The contracting authority is responsible for ensuring compliance. Contract administrators, therefore, must ensure that any necessary security clearances and/or reliability checks are carried out so that contractors and their employees, where applicable, are acceptable under the policy .

    12.5.3 As required by the Prime Ministers Conflict of Interest and Post Employment Code for Public Office Holders, September 1985, contracting authorities are to ensure that all requirements are met. These include inserting clauses, approved by Treasury Board, into every contract entered into by the Crown. They are contained in Appendix G.

    Format Requirements For Submission To Treasury Board

    The Treasury Board Secretariat should have copies of all supporting documents referred to in the submission. In some cases, a summary of the essential details of a document may suffice. The Treasury Board Submissions Guide provides general information on the format, structure and processing of submissions to the Treasury Board. It also provides guidance on some of the content requirements. For complex, urgent or sensitive issues, discussions with the Secretariat analyst, prior to finalization of the submission, may shorten the time required for approval.

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    What Happens Next

    After the settlement proposal is submitted, the TCO will examine each associated subcontract settlement to determine if subcontract terminations were necessary because of the termination of the prime contract. The TCO will also determine if the contractors settlement proposal was developed objectively and reasonably, the associated proposed prices are fair and reasonable, and the proposed prices are allocable to the terminated portion of the contract.

    In considering the reasonableness of any associated subcontract settlement, the TCO will generally be guided by the provisions relating to the settlement of prime contracts and will comply with any applicable requirements of FAR 49.1071, Audit of Prime Contract Settlement Proposals and Subcontract Settlements, and FAR 49.1111, Review of Proposed Settlement, relating to accounting and other reviews. After the examination, the TCO will notify the contractor in writing of approval, ratification, or the reasons for disapproval of the contemplated settlement proposal.

    As shown in the table below, the FAR contains numerous termination clauses that apply to specific contract types2:

    • 52.249-1: Termination for Convenience of the Government
    • 52.249-2: Termination for Convenience of the Government
    • 52.249-3: Termination for Convenience of the Government
    • 52.249-4: Termination for Convenience of the Government
    • 52.249-5: Termination for Convenience of the Government
    • 52.249-6: Termination
    • 52.249-8: Default
    • 52.249-9: Default
    • 52.249-10: Default

    What Is The Non

    4 Things to Do Before You Submit &  How to Bid for ...

    The non-competitive approach is only used in certain special circumstances:

    • The need is one of pressing emergency in which delay would be injurious to the public interest
    • The estimated expenditure does not exceed:
    • $25,000 for goods or $40,000 for services and construction contracts
    • $100,000 for architectural, engineering and other services required in respect of the planning, design, preparation or supervision of the construction, repair, renovation or restoration of a work
    • $100,000 for the Canadian International Development Agency service contracts related to international development assistance programs or projects
  • Only one person is capable of performing the work, such as when a supplier owns a copyright or a licence
  • The nature of the work is such that it would not be in the public interest to solicit bids .
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