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Training Courses For Government Employees

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If you didnt know, Coursera just started offering Professional Certificates, which can help you get job-ready in less than a year in a high-demand field. You can get a career credential, use what youve learned in real-world projects that show off your skills to employers, and get help with your career.

Advance Your Career With Our Live Webinars Ondemand And Online Government Employee Training Courses

Smart, proactive government employees know making training a priority is one of the best ways to advance their careers while continuing to deliver a high caliber of work. While your job may not be inherently political, the climate of austerity present in many agencies today demands that employees show results and demonstrate a commitment to efficiency and accountability. An investment in training whether its on your own initiative or as part of a group is one that will deliver returns in the form of increased productivity, fewer compliance issues and a number of other benefits.

Lorman Education Services offers exclusive online government employee training for federal, state and municipal workers. Browse our catalogue using the links on this page or sign up for a course today.Training Options for Government Employees

At Lorman Education Services, we understand that busy government agencies cant afford to lose key staff members for extended periods of time. Thats why we offer several convenient training options, including:

Our Military & Government Leadership Development Experts

Bill Adams

Leadership Solutions Partner

A former U.S. Army officer and West Point faculty member, Bill has more than 25 years of experience leading government teams and more than 10 years of experience teaching psychology, performance enhancement, and leadership. He works as a Leadership Solutions Partner at CCL.

Chris Beckert

Leadership Solutions Partner

A former U.S. Army officer and Army War College faculty member, Chris has more than 30 years of experience leading government teams and more than 10 years of experience in delivering programs in executive and strategic education, and in teaching strategic leadership and strategy.

Tracy Thomas-Roberts

Strategic Business Partner

Tracy is co-lead of our government practice, with 20+ years of experience partnering with public sector and military clients. She holds a bachelors degree from the University of Virginia, a masters degree in International Management & Finance, and an MBA in Global Business.

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Develop A Pipeline Of Leaders Who Can Collaborate Together Effectively While Balancing Regulations And Budget Constraints

Working in a government agency or military and defense organization means facing unique and complex challenges.

Cross-boundary collaboration can be difficult for public sector workers. Leaders are bound by tight government budgets and regulatory roadblocks, and financial constraints often require a creative approach in motivating employees. Societal pressures and institutional changes mean government leaders must be agile, innovative, and resilient in adapting to change.

To address these and other challenges unique to leading in the public sector, we offer government leadership development training and have decades of experience developing public sector leaders.

We can deliver government leadership training solutions for leaders of all levels in government, aerospace, and defense agencies, departments, and organizations.

Were a pre-qualified vendor on the GSA Training Schedule and can work directly with you or partner with others who share our passion for government leadership training.

Alcohol And Other Drugs

14+ Employee Training Schedule Template

TrainSmart Australia is in charge of the course Alcohol and Other Drugs.

It is one of the free government courses you can take online and get a certificate for.

The online course teaches people how to assist addicts to make better decisions and quit.

Anyone in the world can take this online government course to learn about counseling and rehabilitation.

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Instructors Who Bring Federal Experience To Their Teaching

Learn from expert instructors with real-world knowledge of the topics they teach. Our instructors value teaching and public service, and they enthusiastically share their expertise with you.

Whatever your area of focus, we offer the training and education options you need to strengthen your skills as you advance your career and support your agencys mission. Our government-focused services include quality courses, certificate programs, leadership development, and more.

A New Capability Development Strategy

Even in companies with strong leaders and healthy cultures, discrete units require distinctive roles, responsibilities, and relationshipsand distinctive capabilities to function in them. Moreover, each unit is probably at a different stage in its development. So CEOs and their HR chiefs must be sensitive to local variables when defining an integrated change agendaone that simultaneously addresses performance improvement and capability development. To do that, they should answer the following questions, first at the top and then in each major unit:

  • Is the leadership team aligned around a clear, inspiring strategy and set of values?
  • Has the team collected unvarnished employee feedback about barriers to effectiveness and performanceincluding senior managers own behavior?
  • Has the team redesigned its organization, management systems, and practices to address the problems revealed by that diagnosis?
  • Is HR offering consulting and coaching to help employees learn on the job so that they can practice the new attitudes and behaviors required of them?
  • Do corporate training programs properly support the change agenda, and will each units leadership and culture provide fertile ground for it?

If your answer to any of those questions is no, your company is probably overinvesting in training and education and failing to put talent development in its proper strategic change context.

Harvard Business Review

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Leadership Development : Third

This is third level of steward training. The participants will continue with problem-solving techniques and contract enforcement. They will be engaged in practical exercises on negotiation and arbitration.

Length: 4 days

Prerequisites: Leadership Development 10, 11, and 20s. Only available to stewards, members of negotiation committees/bargaining councils, provincial council members, sector and local table officers.

Training For New Arrivals

Overview of the Federal Service Labor Management Relations Statute, PT1

Whenever new employees come on board it is vital that they get off to a good start in their new position. They need to understand their role in the organization as a whole, learn the expectations of their supervisor, and practice the basic elements of the job. Their experience in the first few weeks will have a significant bearing on their level of commitment and ability to become productive quickly.

It may be self-evident that new employees need to be trained, but it is all too rare that managers provide carefully designed training programs that give new arrivals what they really need. A well-rounded training program should have three elements:

  • a broad orientation about the organization where the employee is newly assigned
  • a training manual and/or the offices Standard Operating Procedures and
  • a training checklist that addresses the nuts and bolts of what the employee needs to know in order to do his/her job. The first two are fairly common training checklistswhich are the most important to a new employees ability to get up to speedare somewhat rare.
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    Introduction To The Course

    Welcome to the Department of Health and Human Services “Ethics Training for Special Government Employees.”

    This course has been created specifically for Special Government Employees and satisfies the Office of Government Ethics’ requirements that SGEs receive Initial Ethics Training and Annual Ethics Training that are interactive. Anywhere in the course where the term Agency is used that means HHS.

    You don’t have to be an SGE to take this course, but if you are looking for ethics training for Regular Government Employees , you might want to look at the OGE web site or ask the ethics officials in your agency.

    Let’s examine some of the benefits of taking this course…

    Training That Enhances Agency Productivity And Builds Careers

    Graduate School USA is where the government goes for training. Since 1921, government has relied on GSUSA to deliver the solutions that the federal workforce needs for mission success.

    Agencies come to GSUSA because our federally focused courses and programs provide practical tools that can be used as soon as you leave the classroom. We provide relevant, responsive services in support of both organizational and personal achievement. Committed to supporting our clients with practical, real-life applications that assist you in doing your job, our courses are mapped to federal core competencies and are taught by instructors with real government experience. So, you get training that is relevant to the challenges you face every day.

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    Expected Results And Performance Measures

    Adoption of this framework is expected to deliver measureable results in the short, medium and longer-term, at both a departmental and system-wide level.

    Deputy heads will be expected to set specific objectives for their leadership development activities, arrayed in terms of the short, medium and longer term.

    Those objectives should be:

    • Closely linked to integrated business and HR planning
    • Measureable, particularly in terms of impact on programs and activities
    • Meaningful both to the senior management team and to individual employees
    • Regularly updated to reflect changing priorities, circumstances and needs.

    Objectives set for a large department may well be very different from those set by the management team of a small agency. But the principles underlying what each organization is trying to achieve should reflect the principles and goals set out in this leadership development framework.

    Performance measures should be evidence-based and closely related to business objectives and results. That is to say, the focus should be on assessing the impact on the unit or organization , rather than on the perceived needs and experiences of the individual employee.

    Leadership Development : Second Level Steward Training

    Litigation Skills for Legal Staff

    Our LD 20 course is second level steward training. Its comprised of three parts and teaches you more about collective agreements, conflict resolution and grievance handling. The participants will practice problem solving techniques, preparing and presenting the grievances, at step 1. They will understand Duty of Fair Representation and representing workers as well as building on their skills in investigating and responding to members concerns in a timely fashion.

    Length: 20A 20 B and 20 C

    LD 20A- Grievance handling This course helps stewards to understand different types of grievances, determine what is discipline , grievance procedures etc. Participants will practice note taking and filling out grievance forms. They will continue to further develop their investigation and interview skills.

    LD 20B- Resolving workplace conflict- This course trains participants on skills used to resolve conflict. Participants will engage in simulation exercises and learn about different types of conflict, recognizing biases, being empathetic, using effective communication techniques in different situations, principles of conflict and steps to conflict resolution.

    Prerequisites: Leadership Development 10 and 11. Priority will be given to stewards .

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    Our Clients And Partners

    • Charles Hodges

      Senior Director, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

      ” Simplilearn has proven to be a trusted education partner for Hiring Our Heroes, greatly adding to the success of our Corporate Fellowship Program while we scale it nationally. Simplilearns industry-aligned professional certification training equips our Fellows with the skills they need for embarking on their new mission: achieving high value digital economy careers. “

    • Robert White

      CEO of VETTED

      ” VETTED is proud to partner with a force multiplier like Simplilearn. Their comprehensive blended learning program provides the convenience of online training with the personal attention of live virtual instruction, maximizing engagement for VETTEDs special operations professionals who are transitioning to new roles in the digital economy. This is the kind of agility and forward thinking we look for in strategic partnerships. “

    The Complete Web Developer Course 20 On Udemy

    The popular Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 starts with the fundamentals for working quickly and efficiently with web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and Python. Then youll learn how to build your own responsive websites using more advanced techniques such as iQuery PHP 7, MySQL 5, and Twitter Bootstrap. Before long, youll move on to developing blogs and sites with WordPress, and learning smart ways to add dynamic content, using APls to connect to sites such as Google Maps and Facebook.

    This multi-part course costs $200 on Udemy.

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    Proven Government Training Success

    Helping our government clients implement scalable, meaningful eLearning tracks that produce measurable results is our top priority. We understand the challenges our government customers face educating their teams, from succession related skill gaps to compliance and professional development to advancing technology, all within demanding time constraints. Keeping up is the name of the game. Our methods are proven, our training vetted and accredited, and were section 508 compliant. Well even help you market online training internally and evaluate program success. Were with you every step of the way, every subscription, every day.

    How The Office Of Chief Human Resources Officer Supports Organizations

    GSA Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) Delegation Training

    Departments are primarily responsible for leadership development programs based on specific needs identified in their business plans. The Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer offers a variety of programs and services to support leadership development at all levels of the Public Service:

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    Transforming The Workplace Using Artificial Intelligence

    The goal of the AI course Transforming the Workplace with Artificial Intelligence is to teach participants how to work with AI and take advantage of its huge potential.

    This course is important because as AI becomes more accepted around the world, it will change the way businesses and industries work, and people will have to find a way to fit in ethically.

    Leadership Skills Training: Leaders Helping Others Be Leaders

    Leadership skills training gives managers a possibility to improve their ability to inspire and motivate employees and teams to achieve outstanding business results. This program not only inspires the managers to focus on their becoming better, faster and smarter but also to find ways to make everyone on their team better, faster and smarter. This is the mindset that good leadership training provokes.

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    What Is A Customer Service Program

    In Module Five, you will learn how to maintain happy customers, follow up, address complaints, what customers do not want to hear, the L.E.A.R.N. model for handling complaints, turning difficult customers around, and recovering from a service breakdown.

    In Module Six, you will learn in-person customer service, dealing with at-your-desk requests, and the advantages and disadvantages of in-person customer service.

    In Module Seven, you will learn to give customer service over the phone, telephone etiquette, handling complaints by phone, and the advantages and disadvantages of telephone communication.

    In Module Eight, you will learn to provide electronic customer service , the advantages and disadvantages of electronic communication, understand netiquette, tips and tricks, and how to eliminate electronic ping pong.

    How do you deal with someone who is not satisfied with your customer service?

    In Module Nine, you will learn how to recover difficult customers, steps to effectively handle difficult customers, de-escalating anger, establish common ground, set your limits, and manage your own emotions.

    In Module Ten, you will learn to understand when to escalate, deal with vulgarity, cope with insults, and deal with legal and physical threats.

    This course is offered for each level of customer service:

    Compliance Training: Safety Over All

    HR Training and Development Services Tinton Falls, NJ

    Beside Orientation training, theres Compliance training another type of training which may be needed in some departments for more specific training.

    Compliance training educates employees on the laws and regulations of their job function or industry. These laws aim to maintain the safety of the workplace and to prevent poor conduct from employees. A good compliance training program helps to minimize risk, provide a better environment for employees to work in, and maintain a good reputation.

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    Are Google Certificates Free

    Coursera charges $39 per month for a subscription to the IT Support, User Experience Design, Project Management, and Data Analytics Certificates.

    The training for the Google Associate Android Developer Certification is free, and the $149 fee for the official exam is paid to Trueability, which is in charge of giving the exam.

    American Management Associations Doing More With Less: How To Motivate And Reward Your Overworked Staff

    Most workers would change jobs if they had the opportunity. To keep people motivated and engaged, leaders must apply creative engagement strategies. In Doing More with Less, HR and leadership trainer and author Paul Falcone shares how to remotivate your team and get them in sync with your organizations overall mission and strategic focus so top performers will want to stay at your organization. After completing this course, you will be able to apply proven methods of employee motivation, develop plans for more effective team motivation, set clear and defined goals as part of the motivation process, and identify specific challenges of workplace motivation and learn how to address them.

    The 90-minute webinar is available on demand for $199.

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    Trust Building Through Effective Communication

    Communication has always been an important part of our daily lives, but its even more important in business.

    Team leads are in charge of building trust in their team and between their team and other teams.

    One of the free online government certifications you can use to improve your communication skills is Trust Building Through Effective Communication.

    Participants learn how to build successful teams by improving their ability to communicate with each other and by building trust within and between teams through communication.

    Director Of Talent Management

    Overview of the Federal Service Labor Management Relations Statute, PT2

    We have many training needs starting with IT, desktop PC and business skills training. Weve worked with ETS for almost 10 years to provide training opportunity to new managers, and field staff. The training provides valuable continuous learning opportunities. The eLearning course registration system allows us to broadly offer training to county employees on a first come first serve basis, so were not over buying and paying for seats we dont use. ETS has consistently been a vendor that we can rely on to provide needed training and support it with attentive service. I recommend them as a vendor.

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